Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 158

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 It’s not the first time I’ve had to use a new technique on the spot.

 The Accelerated Healing….And also Healing Acceleration Punch

 This is an application of the healing bursting punch that gives me a change in my movement. If I can utilize this, I should be able to reach Rose with my fist.

 Clenching my fists tightly, I ran as fast as I could through the woods to reach the training grounds.

 I look up to see Rose waiting for me with her arms folded.


“I’m going to give it everything I’ve got! Nea!”

“I get it already!!”


 My left arm is resistant to blows.

 I concentrated the restraining spell on my right arm with the gauntlet on it and approached Rose.

 When Rose saw me, she had a somewhat dumbfounded expression on her face.


“I thought you would have a plan, but you’re just going to barge in like you did before?”



 As soon as I was about ten steps away, I squeezed my right arm back and at the same time burst the magic power from my elbow.

 After gaining tremendous acceleration, I added a step to my momentum and slammed my accelerated right fist into Rose.

 I retreated a few metres, only to be stunned by the arm, and Rose looked at me with wide eyes.



“I’m not like I was before! This time, I’m going to accelerate just a little bit!”


 This is the Healing Acceleration Fist.

 It’s a technique that uses the impact of a system enhanced bursting fist to create instantaneous acceleration.

 It consumes a huge amount of magic power, but now is not the time to worry about magic power, so I use it with all my might.


“Haha, interesting. Let me see more.”

“You don’t need to tell me that!”


 I was inwardly scared by Rose’s ferocious smile that would make a child cry if he saw it, but I was more than happy with the solid response.

 I try not to let my inner joy show on my face, and I burst out my magic power from my elbow again to get closer to Rose at once.

 Even if I swing my fist like this, it would be easily dealt with —– but now my punches can literally be accelerated by only one step!


“Healing, accelerated fist!”

“I see, that’s how it works ……!”


 Rose was surprised by the sudden acceleration of the fist, but she avoided the fist that slipped through her defense with a light gesture, and at the same time, turned around and threw a powerful back kick.

 I can’t avoid this! If I eat it I’ll be blown away! If that’s the case!

 This time, I released magic power from the side of my gauntlet and forced myself to push to the side!




 I managed to just barely avoid the spinning kick and get a little distance from Rose.

 The attack is still blocked, but I feel a different kind of touch than before.


“You were using a similar technique earlier, does that mean you applied it?”

“Yes. It would have been easy for you to deal with me if you had attacked normally, so I forced a change in my movements.”

“So that’s acceleration that can be applied to movement, attack, and evasion? Looks like you’re pretty handy.”


 I can tell from fighting her that she really doesn’t have half the insight or anything.

 She immediately notices what Nea and I are doing, and I didn’t expect her to understand the mechanism of the healing acceleration fist so quickly.


“Ha, you’re the kind of guy I can’t predict what you’re going to do. Are you really a healing magician?”

“I’m the one who wants to say that. What kind of physical abilities do you have?”

“From my point of view, I doubt either of you is a healing magician, let alone a human being.”


 I thought about the application of the accelerated healing fist based on the previous attack and defense, while ignoring Nea’s distracted words.

 Seeing me thinking, Rose twists her mouth in amusement and doesn’t move from her spot.


“…… You’re not going to attack me?”

“Do you want me to attack you?”

“No, not at all.”


 When I answered immediately, she smiled and crossed her arms to see what was so funny, and continued to speak as if teaching me.


“I don’t have time to think about it when I’m facing a superior enemy, one that’s really trying to kill me. But now, it’s allowed. Think about it, Usato. What do you need to do to fight a superior opponent like me? What should I do? What do I need to find out? If you can figure that out in this situation, you can deal with anything on your own.”

“On your own ……”


 As Rose’s apprentice, I was on my own.

 That meant a lot to me.


“Well, if you don’t understand that, I’ll just let you understand it with your body.”



 Think hard! It should be an absolute bonus that she’s gonna make me understand it with my body!

 The …… healing acceleration fist gave me instantaneous acceleration. Now it’s just a question of how to deal Rose’s blow.

 The defences can be exceeded but avoided with dismay.

 Moreover, Rose will respond quickly, so you can’t show the healing acceleration fist again and again.


“Since we’re going to do this, I guess we’ll have to hit her with an attack she can’t avoid.”


 What I have is less than Rose’s physical ability, less than Rose’s reflexes, less than Rose’s amount of magic power, and Falga-sama’s gauntlet and the techniques that apply them. And also Nea’s magic.

 The first half of …… was so miserable that I almost fell apart, but this is my current situation, so I can’t help it.


“What it lacks in strength, it makes up for in other strengths. Nea, I’m going to do something pretty crazy now, will you follow me?”

“What are you talking about crazy now?”


 Nea, on my shoulder, raises her wings in dismay.


“I’m your familiar. If you want to do this, I’ll go along with you as much as you want.”

“Thank you. Let’s go, then.”


 Preparing myself, I turned my gaze toward Rose.


“What? You give up?”


 I chuckled and held up my fist to Rose, who said it as if it was a joke.


“Huh? You still don’t know me, do you? I’m a very competitive person, Leader.”


“That’s why, no matter how strong you are, I’ll always get up and fight you.”


 Rose’s eyes widened.

 She showed slight agitation, but in the next moment, she let out a smile.


“Ah, that’s why. I’ve been convinced of this for a long time now. …… Well, I’m glad it was you who found me that day.”


 Rose muttered quietly and lowered her hand, the expression underneath it was a fierce smile that was somewhat happy, yet even scared.


“Show it to me, Usato. I’ll beat your full strength head on.”

“Then I’ll go beyond it.”


 I activated my Healing Acceleration Fist from my right arm held as if I were drawing a bow, and used rocket-like acceleration to flesh Rose out in one fell swoop.


“Healing Acceleration Fist!”


 I slammed I fist straight into Rose with all the acceleration I could muster, but she defended me with her arm.

 But this time this punch is different!

 I immediately burst the magic from my fist and pulled my arm back at high speed with the momentum, I burst the magic from my elbow as before and slammed my fist into Rose again.

 Rose’s smile grew even stronger as she flicked her right fist with her arm, almost without pause.


“If you can’t do it fast enough, can you do it with your hands? That’s fine. I’ll take you up on it.”



 Rose moved back as she dealt with the fist, and I accelerated and slammed my fist forward without sparing any magic power consumption.

 Still, her guard doesn’t waver in the slightest.




 This is a series of attacks without pausing for breath that can only be made successful by accelerating the magic power in two stages: drawing the fist and slamming it.

 If I had to name it, I’d call it the Healing Rapid Strike Fist.

 It’s a terrible technique that can be used in conjunction with Nea’s restraint magic to put the opponent in a state of intermittent restraint, but the cost is great: a large amount of magic power and a large load on the right arm that is being overworked.


“Not yet!”


 I accelerated the gauntlet further and swung my fist.

 My right arm screams from the strain of the movement and fatigue, but I didn’t care about that and moved forward, slamming my right fist into it.

 I’m not stopping yet…….!

 There’s no way I’m going to stop!

 A broken arm or a torn muscle is no reason for me to stop!


“Not yet!”


 At this moment, I have to show it!

 I have to show you how much I’ve grown!

 I’ve been trained by you, and I’ve come back stronger than ever!

 You can say that it’s ridiculous to get serious in a mock battle, but it’s okay! This battle means a lot more to me than a mock battle!


“It’s not over yet! It can’t end!”


 Every time I shook my fist, it brought back memories of my training with Rose so far.

 It was tough.

 It was hard enough to kill me.

 I might have died once before I even knew it.

 It was already an unbelievable hell.

 However, it gave me a reason to be in this world, as I was confused about what to do in this other world.

 They gave me a place to stay called the Rescue Squad.

 I was able to make strong and trustworthy friends.

 I was just an ordinary high school boy with a competitive streak, but I was able to grow up to this point because of my mentor, you.

 So, that’s why I…


“In order to repay that debt of gratitude!”


 I slammed my right fist, which had been accelerated with all my might, into Rose’s arm as if to scoop it up and break her guard.





 I burst magic power from my fist and pulled it back faster than Rose can move.

 Finally, I pried her guard open! The only thing left to do was to strike the body that seemed so far away!

 I let out a roar and unleashed an accelerated fist with a burst of magic power!




 A fist at top speed.

 But just before it hits Rose, her hand, which reacts with unusual speed, grabs my wrist.


“That was close, but—–“

“No, not yet!”


 I haven’t shown her everything I’ve got!

 I put my left arm on the gauntlet and shouted with all my might.


“Accelerate the punch!”


 This is the true blow!

 I unleash all the remaining magical power in my body from my fist at once!


“Healing Punch!”



 The moment a dull sound like a cannon sounded from my fist, Rose’s body retreated backwards with great force.

 I’ve been looking at Rose, who has retreated, gouging the ground with the residue of healing magic from her abdomen, and I fall to my knees, exhausted and lacking in magic power.


“………Hu- haah haah, I finally… dealt a blow..”


 I’m not sure if it’s because I made her behave unreasonably, but my entire right arm is in extreme pain.

 I don’t have the magic power to use healing magic, so I hold my shoulder with my left hand and endure the pain.


“I got most of my magic power from the restraint spell, too. Rather than …… a technique that only thinks about beating up an opponent like that with a gauntlet, it’s not even close to being gruesome. ……”

“Hahaha, guess I have to seal this, just like the Continuous Fist technique”


 I replied to Nea’s words without effort, and looked at Rose fearfully.

 She puts her hand on the part of the fist that was directly hit by the Continous Fist and looks down silently.


“Hey, hey, Usato. I’m kind of scared.”

“That’s odd, I’m scared too.”


 Is it possible that I’ve offended her?

 Is it because I used a physical technique that has nothing to do with healing magic? No, wait, it was an accident, it was never my intention—–





 Rose suddenly burst into laughter, and Nea and I let out a pathetic scream.

 While brushing her hair up, she looked up and shifted her gaze to her own palm as if she was deeply moved.


“Who would’ve thought that I’ve been attacked. I haven’t been hit since …… “him”?” 


 Him? Who the hell is that?

 What kind of monster would be able to hurt a human-sized space monster like this?


“…… Ugh.”

“Oh, no, Usato!”


 My vision wobbles.

 I was so weak that I couldn’t tell if it was the intense pain running through my right arm or the lack of magic power, and I almost collapsed on the spot —– but just before I fell to the ground, Rose supported my body.


“Seriously, it seems that the lack of forethought has not changed over the years.”


 Rose muttered in a dumbfounded, yet somewhat happy tone of voice, and cast a healing spell on me.

 In my fading consciousness, I made eye contact with Rose who was looking down at me.


“Usato. You’ve become stronger. You’ve surpassed even my expectations.”



 I couldn’t get the words out.

 I can still speak, but I don’t know how to put these feelings into words.

 Not caring that I couldn’t say anything anymore, Rose continued to speak.


“You’ve done well to get this far. You are a full-fledged healing magician that I recognize.”


 After hearing that much, my consciousness fades away.

 Rose was saying something else to me, but I couldn’t catch it all.

 But one thing I do know is that I am truly recognized as a healing magician of the Rescue Squad.




“Oh, you’re finally awake.”


 When I woke up from my consciousness, the sky was already the colour of sunset.

 The first thing I saw was the familiar ceiling of my room and the orange light coming in from outside. At any rate, I looked around and noticed that Amako was looking into my face with concern.


“Usato looks so normal when he’s sleeping, doesn’t he?”

“Wait a minute, don’t make it sound as if I look weird when I’m not sleeping.”


 How can she say to someone who wakes up from sleep?

 I felt half the shock of being hit by Rose hit me in my spirit.

 For now, I should wake up and check my physical condition. Thanks to Rose’s healing magic, all the pain and fatigue in my body have been cured.

 My magic hasn’t fully recovered yet, but I can walk well enough.


“What happened after that?”

“Nea was resting in her room, and Flana went back to the castle with a somewhat enlightened look on her …… face, and then Rose said she was going to the Leader’s office to talk to Usato later.”


 Flana-san …… No, I won’t say it.

 Anyway, the Leader’s office. After that mock battle, maybe it’s important to talk about it.

 …… Oh, that’s right. Speaking of important talk, …….


“Amako, I might have to go to Lukvis in the near future. ……”


 Discussions in Shikoku, including the Kingdom of Lingle.

 Lukvis was chosen as the place for that meeting, and that I might be heading there.

 Hearing this, Amako put her hand on her chin and thought about it, as if pondering a bit.


“I’d like to follow you, but we’re going to have an important discussion at ……, so it’s probably best if I don’t go.”

“I’ll ask if you can come with me when that discussion comes up. I’m sure Kiriha and the others would love to meet you.”


 Well, I still don’t know if I’m going to get that offer or not.

 I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the chance, but I think it’s quite likely. At any rate, I gave Samaria a letter as an emissary, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he ordered me to accompany him as a bridge to the meeting.


“Hey, Usato.”


“How was your fight with Rose?”


 …… My fight with Rose, huh?

 I crossed my arms as if thinking for a moment, then said what I was thinking.


“I’m still not as good as the Leader. I feel frustrated, but I’m also a little …… happy because my master is even more amazing than I imagined.”


 I can say with certainty that Rose was completely responsive to my attacks from start to finish.

 The last blow I applied was only equivalent to a surprise attack, but I don’t think the same technique will work anymore.


“I’ll have to train harder. ……”


 It was nice to be recognized by Rose as a full-fledged fighter.

 But now that I’ve reaffirmed the magnitude of my goal of strength, I feel like ‘I need to work even harder’.


“How can you say that after a match like that? Well, it’s just like Usato to be like that.”

“Hahaha, what’s so typical of me?”


 Was I being too stoic?

 Laughing at Amako’s words, I shifted my gaze to the scenery outside, which was slowly beginning to darken.

 Today had been a short, yet very long day for me.

 In my first head-to-head fight with Rose, I was able to find out what I was missing and how to fight in a new way.

 To tell the truth, I was fighting with a lot of fear, but I can say that this fight was very meaningful for me.


Author’s Note:


A few of Usato’s techniques that he used in this fight can be found below…….


Healing Acceleration Fist

This is a technique that uses the gauntlet to temporarily accelerate a person.

It can be applied to attack, evasion, and movement, but it consumes a lot of magic power.


Healing Speed Fist

This is the second forbidden technique, after the Healing Fist, in which the fist is accelerated twice, once when it is released and once when it is withdrawn, forcing the speed of the fist to increase.

This is the second forbidden technique after the healing fist.


Continuous AttackAccelerated Healing Punch

This is just a series of healing punches, shouted on the spot.

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