Level 1 Guy: Chapter 480 – Goblin King

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“Alright, I have confirmed the withdrawal of 50 million.” (Ena)


 Smiling, Ena did the processing procedures.

 She’s been entrusted with most of the account’s affairs since they were at the original “Swallow’s Repayment”.

 Now that they are independent and officially part of the family, they are even more in charge.


 Even now, they know more about my accounts —- and my assets —- than I do.


 I mean, I don’t even know how much money I have anymore.

 For every case or client I solve, I continue to receive a sustained stream of income, tax and share.


 When the money started coming in every week, or even every day, without me having to do anything, I gave up trying to keep track of it.


 So I don’t even know if Ena has really withdrawn it.


“That’s good to know.” (Ryouta)

“Yeah …….” (Ena)


 Seeing how happy the best friend duo looks, I’m pretty sure they were withdrawn.


“What are you going to do now, Ryouta-san?” (Elza)

“I’ve got a ticket from Cell, then I’m going to go to the dungeon with it.” (Ryouta)

“Do you need any help?” (Elza)

“Don’t worry about the dungeon. It’s more this stone. I think I’ll ask you again when the prices have settled down, so keep an eye on the market.” (Ryouta)

“Okay. Leave it to me!” (Elza)


 I said, seeing them off from the “Money Tree”.


 I walked through the town of Hasemi and then via Calcium to return to the house.


“Mmm?” (Ryouta)


 The moment I enter the dungeon, I notice something strange.


 The inside of my pocket started to glow without any warning.

 I stick my hand in my pocket and take out the glowing object.


 It was the crack stone that I had just bought from Elza and Ena, and the ticket that I had bought in advance to use.

 The two were glowing.


“…… Don’t tell me.” (Ryouta)


 The stone is quite an expensive item …… that cost 50 million.

 I decided to take a chance on the possibilities in front of me.


 Once out of the dungeon, I headed to the Dungeon Association in the city of Hasemi and met with Aaron, the head of the association.


 I offered to let me use the Calcium dungeon for a little while, even though it would be a bit of a nuisance.


“Ryouta-san is the saviour of this city, please do as you please.” (Aaron)


 He gave me permission quite easily.


 He asked for 30 minutes to notify the adventurers, so I waited for 30 minutes, wandered around the city, and then went back into the dungeon.


 In the deserted dungeon, I used the ticket and the stone.


 Then the same thing that happened with the Orc King happened, and monsters appeared.


 This time there were a lot of goblins.


 More than 200 goblins in the dungeon.


 Among them, there was one goblin that stood out above the rest.


 The goblin was larger than the rest, and wore a glittering crown.


“This time it’s a Goblin King?” (Ryouta)


 Are all the monsters summoned by this stone “kings”? No sooner had I pondered this than the Goblin King gave the order and a whole host of goblins attacked at once.


 Each goblin is not that big of a deal, but when 200 of them come at you at once, you feel the pressure.


 I pulled out my revolver and, as usual, loaded it with normal bullets first.


 Because of the Orc King’s special ability, I was cautious and pulled the trigger towards the goblins.


 The first two goblins in the lead were hit between the eyes by bullets and burst into pieces.

    And now, five of them jumped at me at once, and I fired normal bullets at them.


 It’s just a normal bullet, the weakest of the bunch.

 But still, one shot, one kill, and the goblins were defeated.


“Weak—-” (Ryouta)



 The Goblin King shook the club he was holding up and down violently.

 Then more goblins were added to the area around the Goblin King.


 The number were —– seven.


 The number of goblins was exactly the same as the number of goblins I had killed.


“……” (Ryouta)


 I looked at the spot where the goblins I had killed had disappeared.

 I saw the same number of newly summoned goblins.


“So he can summon goblins infinitely?” (Ryouta)


 Somehow, I thought I understood the Goblin King’s special ability.

 This was a hunch, but I was certain it was.


 The goblins don’t drop when you kill them, but they summon the same number of additional goblins as you kill.


 It’s a pattern that usually results in an infinite number of summons.


“Let’s give it a try.” (Ryouta)


 I took a deep breath as I raised my two revolvers.

 I concentrated and fired wildly.


 A wild shot with extreme accuracy.


 Every bullet I fired was a headshot right between the goblin’s eyes.

 Each shot, each kill, is done at high speed to reduce their numbers.


 The number of goblins dwindled at breakneck speed, and the 200 goblins were quickly reduced to just a few around the Goblin King.

 But the Goblin King waved his club.


 And the goblins were summoned again.

 The numbers were back to normal.


 The goblins that I defeated down to single digits returned to their original number of 200.


 I went along with it, and kept shooting.

 I switched the bullets to infinite Thunder Bullets.


 I adjusted my position so that I could kill more than one with a single shot.


 And so it went —— one set, two sets, three sets …….


 The Goblin King continued to summon goblins without any change at all.


“I’ll give you props, in a normal war of attrition, you don’t stand a chance.” (Ryouta)


 The infinite bullets are the only thing keeping this together, without them I’d be overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

 If you’re a normal adventurer, you’re screwed if you can’t attack fast enough.


 When the number of goblins killed exceeded 1,000, I thought, “that should be enough.”


 It’s probably infinite, there’s no need to test anymore.


 Next, I decided to try attacking the Goblin King.


 I fired an infinite thunder bullet at the Goblin King.

 In its path, another goblin intervened and took its place.


 He fired again, and still the goblin threw himself down to protect the king.


“That’s reasonable.” (Ryouta)


 I chuckled, but was a little impressed.


 If you can summon an infinite number of goblins, it makes sense to use as many as you can and throw them away.


 At the same time, I knew that I had to defeat the Goblin King —— if I didn’t, it would never end.


“If you’re gonna use them as cover———how about Homing Bullets?” (Ryouta)


 I loaded the two revolvers with homing bullets and fired them all at once.


“—-!” (Ryouta)


 Surprisingly, the bullets did not go towards the Goblin King.


 They all went to the goblins around him and shot them.


“Well then!” (Ryouat)


 This time I shot the Speed up bullet at myself.

 In the midst of the accelerating world, I fleshed out the Goblin King and fired a headshot at zero distance.


“Muu!” (Ryouta)


 I was surprised.


 The headshot hadn’t worked at all.

 The moment the bullet flew to the Goblin King, it lost its power and fell to the ground in a plop.


“……Which can only mean.” (Ryouta)


 I was glad that I was using a Speed up bullet.

 I began to shoot wildly.

 As before, a high-speed multi-head shot.


 From within the accelerating world, a barrage of normal bullets exceeds the summoning speed and wipes out the goblins!


 And then —– a homing bullet.


 The homing trajectory of the bullet, this time heading for the Goblin King —– and striking him in the chest.


 The Goblin King staggers, falls then disappears.


“I see, it’s a pattern where you have to wipe out everything around it before dealing the final blow. And with its infinite summoning ——- that’s tricky.” (Ryouta)


 It wasn’t flashy or strong, but it was definitely a tricky monster.


 I waited.

 There was a little time left for acceleration, and the Goblin King was still in the process of disappearing.

 I waited for a while, and almost as soon as the acceleration was released —– something dropped.


“……The shape is different.” (Ryouta)


 The drop was a ring that had a different shape than before.

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