Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 156

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 Looking back, this may be the first time I have faced Rose head-on.

 I’ve been spanked before, and we’ve yelled at each other before, but that doesn’t apply to fighting.

 That’s why I’m terrified of the idea of fighting Rose.

 But at the same time, a sense of elation was welling up in me now, wanting to know how much of my power could get through to Rose.


“Nea, don’t look like you’re in despair. It’s not like I’m going to die, you know.”


 After breakfast, on the way from the rescue squad to the training grounds, I spoke to Nea, who was giving off a gloomy aura of despair.


“It’s not the same. With someone who has higher strength and healing capabilities than Usato…….. Knowing you so well, I can only despair.”

“Well, if you’re asking me if I can win a head-to-head fight, I’d say no. And if I were to use some trickery, it would be of no use either.”


 The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t do anything about it.

 There it is. The simplicity of the combat method makes it hard to know how to win.


“She’s fast, she can puch well, she can avoid, it’s really outrageous, isn’t it? Hahahaha.”

“You should tell that to the people who have fought you before. I’m sure they’ll all say, ‘As if you can say that!’.”


 Rose and I have different degrees of that. ……

 It’s not that I hadn’t been thinking about it before today. I’ve been thinking about how to deal with Rose and how I can use Nea’s magic to stop her from moving.

 After all that, the conclusion I came to was…


“I’ve stopped thinking about how to fight.”


“No, I thought about it before I went to bed, but since none of the strategies seemed to make sense, I concluded that it would be best to just be me.”

“Uwaa, that’s a new way of using that muscle brain of yours …….”


 The difference in ability was obvious from the start.

 If that’s the case, then let’s give it all we’ve got before we get blown away.

 As I made up my mind to do so and was walking forward, I noticed two figures approaching from the castle town.

 The smaller figure was Amako, and the one with her hood pulled up tightly over her eyes was Flana-san, the girl who had trained with Kazuki and senpai the other day.


“Hmm, she’s here. Usato.”

“Ah, come to think of it, you said you were coming to the rescue squad before.”


 But I didn’t expect her to come today of all days.

 From the looks of it, she didn’t use any precognitive magic, so it’s probably just a coincidence, but …… today huh …….


“Why are you here, Flana-san?”

“Amako asked me to come. Did …… that bothered you?”

“No, no. I thought that …… you were avoiding me.”

“Ahhh, that’s because …… Usato has worked hard to acquire that ability, and I thought it was …… very selfish of me to avoid you based on my common sense scale.”


 Removing her hood, Frana-san made an apologetic expression.


“That’s why I came here today to apologize. I’m sorry……, Usato.”

“Oh, don’t apologize. I’m not that bothered either…….!”


 She is a disciplined, yet serious person.

 It would be awkward if I made her apologize, so I decided to change the subject.


“Anyway, why are you with Amako? I heard that you asked her out. ……”

“Flana-san and I see each other quite a bit.”

“Yeah. We’re both from far away countries, and we’re both alone. More than anything, it’s easy to talk to her.”


 When you think about it, Flana-san, the daughter of the chief, and Amako, who was a ‘time chanting’ of the beast tribe, are in a slightly similar position.

 It seems like an unexpected combination, but they have a lot in common, don’t they?

 Amako seems to be happy to have a friend.


“Usato, are you training now?”

“What? Uh, …… yeah.”

“Can I watch? I’ll try not to get in the way.”

“I’ll have to check with the Leader about that. ……”


 Today, all the members of the group except for me and Nea went for a morning run, so I thought there would be no one to watch the game? Was what I thought but if they want to watch us fight and train, that’s fine with me.

 But I’ll have to check with Flana-san beforehand.

 I don’t want to shock her by showing her a shocking scene when we’ve finally resolved our differences.


“Flana-san, we’re about to have a mock battle with the Leader…… and I’m planning to do something that’s beyond common sense, so I recommend you don’t watch.”

“This guy is so blunt.”


 If I showed her the fight between me and Rose, Flana-san would be more than confused.

 While Amako looked horrified, Flana-san, instead of being surprised by my advice, smiled calmly and put her hand on my shoulder.


“Don’t worry. I’ve heard from Kazuki, Suzune, and the people of the city how great you can be. I believed it and accepted it. I’m not going to be foolish enough to think of you as common sense anymore.”

“…… Flana-san.”

“Besides, Kazuki’s been praising you so much. That alone is reason enough to believe.”


 He’s too good ……!

 Then it would be uncalled for to say any more.


“Where’s Amako?”

“I’m coming. I’m a little scared, but I’m interested.”


 Amako seemed to be coming to see the show as usual.

 Unexpectedly, there were two more spectators.

 Rose would be waiting for us at the training grounds. I don’t want to make her wait too long, so we should head there as soon as possible. 



 In the center of the training ground, Rose was standing there with her back to us.

 She had green hair and a spotless white uniform.

 She still exuded a disturbing atmosphere, but when she noticed that we had arrived, she turned to us.


“Oh, you’re here.”



 I stood at the edge of the training area with Nea, who was stiff with fear and nervousness.

 Behind me, Amako and Flana-san are looking at Rose with a defensive look.


“And, the ones at the back?”

“They want to observe……. Do you mind? If not, I can send them off.”

“No, I don’t mind. Amako and Kazuki’s fellow elf, …… wasn’t it, Flana? If you want to watch, do it away from here. Unless you want to get involved.”

“Alri- …… I understand. Let’s go, Flana.”

“Oh, yeah. …… Involved? Wait, are we getting involved…..?”


 Flana-san muttered as if wondering, but Amako immediately guessed and pulled her hand to leave.

 It’s going to be a battle of unknowns for me as well, so I’ll feel safer if you two move away from me.

 After confirming that the two of them had moved to a remote location, I faced Rose, who was silent with her arms crossed.


“Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, I’ve done my prep work in the morning.”

“I see…….”


 When I got to know her, she had a tremendous presence.

 It’s partly because I’m mentally convinced that I can’t win, but even without that, I can’t help but feel that any attack will be met with a swift counterattack.


“You know what this mock battle is about, right?”

“To see how good me and Nea are right now…… is it?”

“Yeah. But today, I was able to confirm …… one more thing, no, I was able to determine.”



 What are you trying to find out about me? Rose gave me a biting smile as I puzzled over what she meant, and uncrossed her arms.


“You don’t need to worry about that right now. All you have to do is fight me with everything you’ve got. Don’t let your guard down, okay? Because the moment you do, I’m going to reap your consciousness?”

“…… Ha, you seem to be underestimating us a lot. I’m going to do it like I’m going to blow you up, and I’m going to do it with that in mind,…… was what Nea said.”



 Oh shit, my mouth moved on its own reflex.

 Rose smiles belligerently, and Nea on my shoulder half-screams and slaps my cheek with her wing.

 I smile awkwardly too and look at Nea on my shoulder.


“I guess there’s no turning back now. Let’s do this together.”

“Don’t you mean let’s force me to go with you?!? Why do you like to push yourself so hard!”

“Nea, restraining spell on my fist. I’ll do my best to outrun the Leader’s attack. If an attack is about to hit you, use your …… energy to avoid it.”

“Mu, don’t be absurd!”


 I turned away from Nea, who was shaking her head, and deployed my gauntlet and took a stance.

 She thrusts her right arm, which is the starting point of her defense, forward and draws her left fist back. My right leg is half-stepped out, as is my right arm, and I am half-armed, ready to respond immediately to any attack.

 This was the stance I had developed during my journey.

 Rose is still staring at me without making a stance.


“The boy who was whining and whining about training not so long ago has become …… much more presentable.”

“That’s all thanks to Leader.”

“No, it’s not. You’ve surpassed the ordeal I put you through.”

“That ordeal was too unreasonable, though. For me, they were all so irritating that I questioned my sanity.”

“…… Sigh, you still love to talk a lot.”


 After a few seconds of silence at my words, Rose covered her right eye with her palm and said that.

 In the next moment, I feel the air change with my skin.


“After overcoming so many hardships in his journey, This little shit has certainly grown stronger.”


 Each word is laden with weight.

 Sweat comes to my face, even though the battle hasn’t even started yet.

 Not wanting to miss Rose’s every move, I stare into her eyes and see that she has lowered the palm that was covering her right eye and is shooting at me with hawk-like sharp eyes.


“However, I did praise you for having ‘grown stronger’ after the journey, but don’t think I won’t be any less lenient on you.”

“…… Meaning?”

“You know what I mean.”


 A moment later, Rose’s figure, which she had been watching so closely, disappeared and appeared in front of me with her fists raised.


“Let’s see what you’ve improved on right here.”


 The fist swung at me with a sound of wind.

 That was the signal for me to begin my fight to the death, which I was sure to lose.



 It was the fist of speed that had been pounded into my body dozens and hundreds of times before I set out on this journey.

 But now that I had gone through so many training sessions, I was able to completely catch the movement of that fist.




 I took a half step back to avoid the fist that was closing in on my abdomen.

 The next moment, however, a backward kick with centrifugal force comes at me, trying to reap my neck.

 While my smile twitches at the kick that is clearly trying to reap my consciousness, I crouch down to avoid the follow-up attack.


“Don’t let your guard down.”



 I came to my senses at that word and looked up to see a fist being thrust out with unusual force.

 The impact went through my body, and my feet left the ground as I was blown away.




 I was blown away about five meters and landed on the ground. I smiled as I unclasped my arms, which I had held up as quickly as I could.

 If it had been me before, I would have been knocked unconscious without being able to block even the second blow, but now that I’ve grown through my journey, I can handle it.


“Before, I would have been killed by this, but not now. ……!”

“Yes, you’re right. It looks like you’ve at least able to prevent this.”


 Inwardly, I’m really scared, but I don’t show it, and smile.

 I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a little scared, but I’m not afraid to say so. But seriously, what kind of monstrous strength does this fellow really have?


“Usato, I think I want to go home.”

“Nea, I’m counting on you.”

“I can’t do it this timeeee! Come on! First my vision suddenly shakes and next thing you’re being blown away! Why am I caught in the middle of this monster battle? Look over there! This is such a shock that Flana is trying to cancel it out by casting an illusion spell on herself!”


 I’m not going to distract myself from Rose even if Nea is speaking as quickly as Alfie-san.


“Okay, now you come first. If you don’t, I’ll blow you away as fast as I can.”

“You don’t have to tell me that ……! Nea, let’s go! I’ll give you blood and everything when I’m done!”

“……. Uhh AHHH FINE! Oh my god! You just want me to go right, Then let’s do it!!!!”


 Nea finally gets motivated and grants me a restraining spell on both of my fists.


“I’m coming with everything I’ve got!”



 I hold up my purple patterned gauntlet and squeeze my fists as I unleash my healing flying fist.

 A new technique that combines the binding spell and the healing flying fist, I call it——


“Restraint flying fist! Healing Punch!”



 With a dull thud, a fist-sized magic bullet was released at high speed.

 At the same time, as if chasing a magic bullet, I also ran towards Rose to aim for a follow-up attack.

 Rose’s expression was one of admiration as the magic bullet approached her.


“Interesting use.”


 She caught the healing flying fist with her palm alone.

 The magic power flashed, and the restraining spell that had been granted was stretched across Rose’s arm.


 I already knew. I know man but still, at least work a little or something.



“I know you can take it!”


 I approached Rose, who saw the pattern running down my arm, and slammed my healing restraining fist into her with all my might.

 When she noticed the pattern on my fist, she put her hand on her chin to compare it with the pattern restraining her arm.


“I see, so the magic that stops movement can also be used through you.”

“……! Look away–“

“It’s a good application, but the downside is that it’s fragile.”


 As soon as she said that, Rose put a lot of pressure on her arm and shattered the magic pattern with force.

 Are you kidding me……, even Nea should be able to use the restraining spell to increase her restraining power,……!

 No, I can’t waver right now!

 I forced my nearly stiffened body to move and attack Rose.



“There’s no more waste in …… movement?”


 In the beast tribe, the attacks that were able to incapacitate the beasts were easily fended off.

 My fists and kicks were easily bounced off by her hands and arms, and I didn’t feel like I could break through at all.

 It was as if she was telling me that I could avoid you if I wanted to, though she didn’t say it out loud.


The only thing that occupied my emotions was frustration. “Is my current technique not enough to hit the target?


 I can’t get past Rose’s defense with my gory and logical fighting style.

 One more push is not enough.

 If only there was that much of a change in my movements…


“What are you day-dreaming about?”


 Perhaps realizing that I was lost in thought, Rose met my right fist head-on. She also grabbed my left fist, which I had thrust out in agony, and naturally put me in a position where we were in a contest of strength.

 ……! It’s not going to come off! I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but what kind of arm strength does this person have?


“Damn, you ……!”

“Oh, you’re going to compete with me? That’s fun.”


 I didn’t mean any of that.

 It’s not that I’m not a fan of this kind of thing.

 The weight of the increased pressure and the load on her arms made me scream out to Nea.


“Nea ……! Cast a restraining spell on ……!”

“I’m already doing it!”


 Whuuu, so you’re saying she’s already bound by the restraints and she’s still comparing forces with me?

 She’s also fast.

 Her arm strength, including the restraints, is more than even with me.

 And she doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously at all.

 Seriously, how do I fight?


Author’s Note:

Q: Why did you bring in Flana, who you didn’t originally plan to have appear now?

A: Somehow.


So, the battle between Usato and Rose has begun.

In the next chapter, I hope to be able to describe it in more detail, since it’s still a bit of a test for Rose.


In the activity report, I wrote an announcement about the wrong way of using healing magic and volume 7.

 The cover of the seventh volume, featuring Leona, is now available on the official website of MF Books, so please take a look if you are interested.

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