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 After reporting on our trip, we had moved to the training grounds in the castle grounds to train with Kazuki and Flana.

 When I went to the training grounds with Amako, Nea, Kazuki and Flana, fortunately there were no people there.

 It must be the time of day when the other knights are not training. It was quite convenient to be able to train in a spacious area without worrying about the surroundings.


“What kind of training do you always do, Kazuki?”

“Strength training, sword swinging, and basic magic training, I guess.”


 I asked Kazuki, who was doing the preparatory exercises with me, and in a way I got an unexpected answer.

 I was a little surprised at how solid the training was.


“According to Welshy, training the basics is the best way to go! Is what he suggested.”

“The basics of magic, huh …….”


 I’ve learned healing magic almost entirely by gut feeling, so I don’t really understand the basics of magic.

 …… Through today’s training with Kazuki, I might be able to get something out of it.


“What kind of training does Usato do?”

“Huh? I uhh…… just run and do strength training.”

“Amako, you heard what they just said.”

“Yeah. They’re almost completely different.”


 You’re making me nervous, you little animals back there.

 I glare at Amako and Nea, who are sitting in the field under the shade of a tree.


“I see, so we’re the same! No, you’re Usato, so you’re training even harder than I am!”

“I-I guess so. ……”


 I’m kind of embarrassed.

 Oi! The ones behind! I can hear you! I don’t think Kazuki is brainwashed!

 As I was silently letting the pressure fly behind me so that Kazuki wouldn’t notice, Kazuki was calling out to Flana-san next to him.


“Flana, what’s wrong with you?”

“Haeee! No, I’m fine.”

“…… Really? If you’re not feeling well, ask Usato to–“

“See I’m fine! I’m so energetic I can run for miles right now!?”

“Oh, is it?”


 Kazuki was surprised to see Flana-san look up and start stomping her feet with a big smile on her face.

 However, after laughing at her, who immediately blushed and turned over at her statement, Kazuki spoke to me in a hushed voice.


“She’s only known Usato for a short time, so maybe she’s having trouble with distance.”


“Because she didn’t know the outside world, in a good way or a bad way. I think she’s afraid of what she doesn’t know.”


 In other words, Flana-san has a kind of fear of me?

 I’m a little shocked, but considering how she reacted when I first met her, I have an idea.


“Well then, what should I do? ……”

“You can just act as you usually do. Even if you mend it strangely, she’ll just misunderstand you. That’s something …… I don’t like either.”


 I smile shyly at Kazuki, and suppress a pang of embarrassment.

 Lately, I’ve had so many times where I’ve been rejected or not even treated like a human being, that this kind of exchange feels new to me.

 While I was inwardly happy, Kazuki had finished his preparatory exercises and called out to me.


“Well, now that we’ve finished our prep work, I’d like to start training, but what do you say, Usato? I’m sorry to ask you to fit in my training regime …….”

“How about some magic training? I have some thoughts about my own magic.”


 I’ve only been thinking about combat-oriented techniques since the battle with Koga, haven’t I?

 This is the place to go back to the drawing board. …… No I can’t. It would take me back to the days when I was in training hell, where I had to keep healing myself.

 It is also possible to face my own healing magic again, as if searching for a new world.


“Magic. Would you be okay with that, Flana?”

“I’m fine with it.”


 Kazuki got Flana’s approval and stepped into the training area.

 I follow him and move to a large area where we can practice magic.

 In the training area, there are targets for practicing magic and bow and arrow shooting, and it’s a moderately large area, so it looks like we can use magic to our heart’s content.


“First, let’s show each of us our magic. We can’t train if we don’t know each other’s magic.”

“I guess that’s true too. Well then, I’ll show you my magic first.”


 Nodding at Flana-san’s words, Kazuki moves about ten meters away from me.


“…… Okay, let’s do this.”


 Taking a slow, deep breath, Kazuki flooded his hands with glowing white magic.

 The magic power, shining as faintly as fireflies, gradually formed into magic bullets about the size of a dozen ping-pong balls, floating fluently above his hands.

 Without looking at his hands, Kazuki looked up at the sky and launched the magic bullets in his palms all at once.

 The launched magic bullets lined up in the air in circular and star shapes, each one moving like a different creature to form various shapes.




 What’s great about this is that Kazuki, looking up at the sky, looks like he’s literally doing nothing.

 He is just gazing up at the sky, his hands are down, and his shoulders are relaxed.

 He was manipulating a dozen or so magic bullets as if they were his own limbs, as if this was a natural process.

 As I watched in fascination, Nea, who had transformed into an owl, jumped onto my shoulder.


“After all, heroes have extraordinary strength, don’t they? I knew at first glance that you were different from normal people, but …… this is really not human work.”

“Is that what it looks like to you?”

“Yes, he’s a monster in a different way than you.”


 I, for one, will not allow you to treat Kazuki as a monster.

 As I was protesting this to Nea on my shoulder, Flana-san was talking to Kazuki.


“You’re as beautiful as ever, aren’t you? I mean, Kazuki’s magic.”

“Hmm? Really? From my point of view, it’s just dangerous magic.”


 Kazuki replies to Flana-san.

 He kept his gaze fixed in the air, but the movement of the magic bullets did not disturb him at all even when he was talking normally.

 This isn’t about concentration or anything like that anymore.

 When I was just admiring him, Kazuki came up to me with a huffy expression on his face. The expression on his face seemed to be somewhat tense.


“H-How was it? My magic.”

“Oh my gosh, I can’t find any words other than awesome. How do you …… do it like that! How can you control your magic so naturally?”


 I found myself getting uncharacteristically excited.

 With a reply like that, Kazuki held his head in embarrassment and brought the magic bullet that kept moving above his head back to him.


“What I’m conscious of when I handle magic is to be natural.”

“Being natural?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to ‘manipulate’ the magic, I want to move it like a limb.”


 With that, he combined the multiple magic bullets in his palm to form an elaborate sword.


“Welshy called this technology a ‘new form of magic. It’s not that big of a deal, though. …… Hahaha.”


 If system enhancing is the secret of magic, then Kazuki’s is probably a form of magic that has been mastered.

 He is a hero, and he has acquired this skill by working hard on the basics.

 ………Awesome, that’s so cool.


“What else can this technique do?”

“You can put it on a sword to strengthen it, or surround an enemy and launch it. …… You can do a lot of things with it.”

“Not many, but anything, right? I still remember the one where you turned the cronies of a ravenous monster into charcoal in an instant in a fit of rage. Well, I got a bunch of scars on my arms from it. ……”

“Hey, don’t say that in front of Usato! I wasn’t really supposed to use it in such a dangerous way!”


 If he wanted to, he could do some pretty nasty things.

 But did Kazuki attack in anger? There doesn’t seem to be any scars left on his arm where he says he was injured, but …… it must have been a pretty tough situation.


“What did Kazuki do at that time, Flana-san?”

“He clothed his left arm in light magic and unleashed it just like that. It was different from Kazuki’s usual magic, but it was really shining, wasn’t it?”


 Releasing magic power.

 It is not strange in itself, but the problem is that Kazuki’s light magic damaged himself, the user.

 One possible answer is …….


“Kazuki, did you use system enhancement?”

“Oh, uh …… yeah, I did. I was still practicing, but it was a dangerous situation if I didn’t use it. ……”

“No, I’m not mad at you. I’m the one who’s in danger when it comes to system enhancing. From the looks of it, you didn’t even leave a scratch on your arm, so I’m relieved.”

“Usato ……”


 I’m not in a position to say anything about system enhancement.

 In fact, I’m sure they should be angry at me instead.


“You- You’re finally aware that you’re doing something dangerous??”

“That’s right. He’s done more dangerous things than you can ever imagine.”


 What dangerous things? I don’t know, I have too many and I lost count.

 While I was ignoring the words of the small animal on my shoulder and behind me, Flana-san spoke up.


“Could it be, Usato, that you can use it as well?”

“I can use it, but my system enhancement isn’t that powerful. Rather, it only increases my healing power, so I don’t have any offensive power.”

“So you punch them instead.”


 With a smile on my face, I turned around and released a healing finger shot, but Amako, who had been in the shade of a tree earlier, had already moved about ten meters away from me.

 The tiny magic bullet I fired missed.

 Tsk, out of range, huh?


“W-What’s wrong? Suddenly turning around and ……”

“…… Hahaha, it’s nothing.”


 I laugh at Flana-san, who is surprised by my sudden action, and cover it up.

 You’re …… doing a good job, Amako, to agitate me after reading my movements with your precognitive magic.


“I’ve shown you my magic for now, what’s next?”

“Oh, I’ll show Usato my magic next. I’m sure it’ll be less interesting than what Usato is going to show.”

“I don’t think so …….”


 With that, Flana-san stepped forward and showed both of her palms for me to see.

 Purple magic power was released from her palms, enveloping both arms.


“Purple magic power? I’ve never seen that before. ……”

“That’s a little weird. It doesn’t seem like magic that would be used for attacking.”


 Nea and I each give our own impressions.


“My system magic is illusion. It’s a magic that allows me to show my opponent illusions.”

“Show illusions? Like a magic eye to show people illusions…….?”

“Haha, it’s not that powerful, but it’s a lot more useful. My illusionary magic shows illusions to anyone who is hit by my magical attacks.”

“Hmm? Hmm?”


 Show illusions to those who are attacked by your magic?

 You say as if I understand what that means, but I don’t.

 I’m a little frustrated that Nea is reacting as if she understands something.


“Haha, you’re confused in a good way. Well then—-“

“Ah, Oi. Flana!”


 Just as Kazuki was about to stop me, Flana-san put her hand on my shoulder.

 Instantly, magic flows from her and scrapes away before a shadowy figure appears …… in front of me.


“……Hmm? Something appeared, but then disappeared?”

“Eh, didn’t you see that?”

“The shadow appeared for a moment, but then it disappeared.”

“Hmm? That’s weird, …… if you’re in a defenseless state, you’ll get it easily. ……”


 Did you just suddenly try to show me an illusion? It’s not that I don’t like the fact that you’re trying to cast a spell on me, but you should have at least said something.

 From the looks of it, it’s supposed to give illusions to those who are touched by the purple magic.

 But why wasn’t I affected?

 As I was wondering, Nea spoke to the dismayed Flana-san in a casual voice.


“It’s just that his mental capacity is a monster. At the very least, in normal times, this guy can nullify a normal mental attack.”

“Why is his mental power so out of control? This person?!”

“He was able to withstand the mental attacks of hundreds of souls. There’s no way an individual’s illusion will work now.”


 Kazuki crossed his arms in admiration at Nea’s words.


“It’s amazing, isn’t it? I can’t believe Flana’s illusion didn’t work. I was so surprised the first time I got hit. ……”

“Kazuki, notice it! Normal people don’t unconsciously resist mental attacks!”

“You mean Usato is more than normal, right? He’s also been through that much bloodshed, so it’s not strange.”

“What’s with this unusual trust? I’m a little scared, Kazuki!”


 A slightly teary-eyed Flana-san protests, but Kazuki just nods his head.

 I didn’t think a mental attack from the souls of Samaria would come in handy here.


“Flana-san, somehow, I’m sorry.”

“An-anyway, I’m going to show you an illusion, okay? Don’t get defensive, just relax.”

“Okay, okay, …….”


 It’s not every day that someone can make you relax in order to show you an illusion.

 I take a light deep breath to calm my mind and a black figure appears in front of me again. As the figure slowly becomes clearer, I have a bad feeling about it and call out to Flana-san, who is desperately trying to cast a spell on me.


“By the way, what kind of illusion are you trying to show me?”

“Well, what do you think is the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?”


 Scary? Horrible ……?

 I thought of the wicked dragon, ghosts, Karon, and Koga, and then my defensive instincts kicked in just as the figure in front of me was about to change into a long-haired woman.



“Ahh! My magic has been drowned out again!”


 I put all my energy into my body and drowned out the illusion before the figure in front of me could reveal its full form.


“Why are you resisting!”

“My body has refused to see the illusion …….”

“I-I sent all my magical power into it and everything…… is this person really human……?”


 I’m confident I can still keep my composure if it’s an wicked dragon or a ghost or something, but not Rose.

 Moreover, the vision I was about to see was definitely Rose on the verge of a serious breakdown.


“Usato, why don’t you let the illusion take you? It’s not that bad.”

“Nea. What would you do if the leader suddenly appeared in front of you in a state of seriousness?”

“I’m sorry. I guess that can’t be helped then.”


 I’m glad you understand.

 I nodded to Nea, whose face had turned pale.

 For now, Kazuki and I decided to cheer up Flana-san, who was losing confidence, and have her show us another vision.

 The vision they showed me was one of my favourites.

 The result was ……, and I found out that my training had seeped into my deepest consciousness. I didn’t expect the tools used for training and Bluerin to appear.


“So, I guess it’s my turn at the end. It’s a little plain, but I think I’ll try system enhancement.”


 I guess the goal is to shorten the time it takes for system enhancement to activate.

 The shorter the time it takes to activate, the more it can make up for the gap caused by the decrease in healing power against me, which is the disadvantage of healing magic’s system enhancement.


“Eh, that’s a bit plain for Usato. Are you sure you don’t want to show off that unconventional new technique?”

“A new technique that questions common sense……?”


 Flana-san, who must have heard Nea’s words, shakes her shoulders and backs away.

 Not good, if I make a healing flying fist here, not only Flana-san but also Kazuki may be affected by it.

 I smile at Nea on my shoulder.


“Nea, if you say anything unnecessary, I’ll get you involved in training.”

“Yes! I’ll shut uuuuuuuuup!”


 Good to know.

 After nailing Nea, I turn to Kazuki and Flana-san.


“Alright, then, I’ll try to do system enhancement.”

“To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve seen a system enhancement up close. I’ve never seen a user of it on the road on my journey.”

“Oh, I see. If it’s okay with you, I’ll show you as much as you want.”


 I have to be a good example for Kazuki to strengthen himself.

 With that in mind, I was about to focus my attention on activating system enhancement when I suddenly looked outside the training area.

 I felt a familiar voice calling my name.





 The next moment, there was a flash of lightning and shock that could have been mistaken for thunder.

 From the shadows that I could barely follow with my eyes, I understood who it was, and rather than being surprised, I was convinced that it was me.


“Senpai, can’t you come in a little more quietly……?”

“The moment I left, I was rejected! You can surprise me a little more!”


 Senpai who appeared with a gush of electric shocks rushed towards me, shivering at my reaction.

 The people behind me and Nea on my shoulder seemed to be speechless at senpai’s sudden appearance. To be honest, I was also surprised by senpai’s flamboyant appearance.

 She literally moved “like lightning” as I saw her.


“I was surprised to hear that you were coming to the castle when I asked from the rescue squad. If you were coming, you could have told me. ……”

“That doesn’t mean you have to make an appearance like this……”

“It didn’t seem like Usato-kun was staying in a particular position, so I rushed over.”


 It’s not that I’m in a hurry.

 Is that it? Do they think that I’m always on the move during the day?


“So, what are you guys doing here?”

“Training. At Kazuki’s suggestion, we’re going to do some magic training together …… Are you going to join us?”



 Wow, what a smile.

 I laughed at senpai as usual, and the four of us, including her, decided to train together.

 In fact, it hadn’t even started yet, so perhaps the timing of senpai’s arrival was just right.


“Suzune, how did you just get here? It looked like you were surrounded by some kind of electric shock. ……”

“Hmm? Oh, I came with my new technique, more like a fighting style.”

“Fighting style?”

“I invented it based on the thunder beast, but instead of manipulating lightning, I strengthen myself with lightning itself. It’s still a work in progress, though, and only works for about ten seconds.”

“Is that how you got here from the rescue squad? I think it was quite a distance. ……”

“I can run through that distance with ease! I don’t want to lose you, Usato!”


 I don’t want to hear you say that while you’re giving me a thumbs up.

 Rather, you’re wearing a tremendous technique, even if it’s limited to ten seconds. What’s more, it was created with reference to the Thunder Beast. …… What can I say?


“That’s cool.”

“I bet it is! I know! I’m secretly calling this the [Magic ArmourThunder Beast Mode]’, what do you think!”

“That’s sooo cool!”

“So you do know what I mean!! Kurumia snickered at me!”


 Senpai’s naming sense is too much of a bomb ……!

 I don’t know how you can come up with such a cool name like “Magic Armor Thunder Beast Mode”.

 I take my hat off to your naming sense. ……!


“Kazuki, Suzune? No way. ……”

“Oh, you know too? Actually, me too.”

“Wow, that Suzune is …… a little surprising.”


 For some reason, Flana-san let out a deep emotion while looking at me, Kazuki looked at me and senpai with warm eyes, and Nea and Amako looked at us with cold eyes.

 It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to enjoy the company of friends while being exposed to such stares.

Author’s Note:


It’s my own talent that I’m afraid of!


This is a god story that has almost nothing to do with the main story.


In this episode, Kazuki and Suzune show off the results of their journey. This time, it’s more like an unveiling of the fruits of Kazuki and Suzune’s journey.

Suzune has figured out how to use magic on her own, just like some ex-legion leader, and Kazuki has reached a new level after continuing to master the basics.


Flana’s illusion magic is actually quite a nasty magic.

But the person who she casted was just hopelessly bad (harsh).

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Are you sure usato is a healer tank build? Not a hidden boss that has high dps, tons of health, and ridiculous healing power with status ailments resistance?

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