Level 1 Guy: Chapter 476 – Shared Property

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“Go, Ryou-chins!” (Alice)


 Alice pulled out her ring and gave a command.

 The three Ryou-chin began to move at once.


 The original —— three of the exact same specs as me.

 The moment they started moving, they scattered in three directions.


 To the left, right and up.


 Three of them scattered in three different directions at the same speed as me, which one should I chase and which one should I deal with?

 As we were on the same level, I was lost.


 And in a fight between us, even that blink of an eye would be fatal.

 I found myself with a revolver to my temple, my back and my heart.


 It was a crushing defeat.

 It’s the best defeat I’ve had in a fight since I was transported to this world.


“That was quick desu, the next moment and Yoda-san has lost desu.” (Emily)

“I think Ryou-chin did something.” (Alice)

“Yeah, when they jumped their hands were shaking so fast, so I think they did something.” (Ryouta)

“He was showing off all his bullets.” (Eve)

“You saw that, Eve-chin!” (Alice)

“Only half …… Low level but acting all cheeky.” (Eve)


 The friends were talking about the fight.


 As Eve spoke, Ryou-chin took out all kinds of bullets on his way to jump on me and showed me a glimpse.

 A huge number of options, which was one of the reasons why I was slow to make a decision.


 In the meantime, Ryou-chin’s summoning time had passed, and all three disappeared at the same time.


“It’s rare for Ryouta to lose.” (Alice)

“Well, even for Ryouta-san, there’s nothing he can do when there are three of the same exact power level facing you.” (Celeste)


 Celeste offered a helping hand.


“……” (Ryouta)

“So, Ryota-san, I don’t think you need to worry about it.” (Celeste)

“Huh? Oh no. I don’t mind losing.” (Ryouta)

“Then why are you thinking with such a difficult face?” (Celeste)

“The problem is this just happened. And this might happen somewhere else in reality. So I’ve been thinking about what to do in that case.” (Ryouta)



 If there were three of them, or even more, with exactly the same abilities as me, I might as well be the first to go, or the last to go altogether.

 When you get to that point, it’s better to push your options to the extreme.


 Moving first, I might want to start by reducing the numbers as best I can. …… As I was thinking this, I noticed that my friends were quiet and staring at me.


“What’s with you all?” (Ryouta)

“It’s just like Yoda-san to be thinking like that desu.” (Emily)

“Well, that’s the strongest thing about you, Ryouta-san, that you can think about the possibilities there ahead of time.” (Celeste)

“Sasu-Ryo? Is this a Sasu-Ryo?” (Sakura)


 Sakura blends in very naturally with the rest of the group, but with an unwanted joke.


 I wanted to say something, but I thought it was okay because they seemed to be having fun.


“Now that we know…… what the ring is capable of, we have a general idea. It probably varies from person to person, but it’s something everyone can use.” (Ryouta)

“It’s a bit difficult for me desu.” (Emily)


 Having said this, Emily put on the ring, swung the hammer she had brought with her, and hit the floor of the empty space.


 The floor vibrated, and even though she had hit the floor once, the tremor came twice.

 However, the tremors were less powerful than the usual ones, so that they were clearly visible.


“The number of shock waves increased. The occurrence and damage are almost simultaneous, so I guess it’s not possible to instantly replace it.” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu.” (Emily)

“What about Eve?” (Ryouta)

“I’ll try.” (Eve)


 Eve put the ring on.

 Now I wondered how that hand knife would change —– and for some reason she took out a carrot.


 And Eve stares at the carrot.


“…… I don’t think that’ll work because it’s not a technique?” (Ryouta)

“No. Carrots are part of bunny.” (Eve)

“Even if that were the case, wouldn’t that mean it’ll just taste worse even if it increases in volume?” (Ryouta)

“Returning it.” (Eve)


 In total clarity, Eve took off her ring and held it out to me.


 Well, Eve and Emily are the same type of carnivalesque characters.

 It would be hard to make use of this ring like Emily who does hand-to-hand combat.


“All right, ……, I know what the ring does for now. For now, it is valuable. Until there are more of them, we leave them in the house, and whoever wants to use them takes them and uses them. After use, please return to its original place.” (Ryouta)

“I agree~” (Alice)

“No objection.” (Celeste)


 My proposal was easily accepted.


“Hey, Oji-san, I’ve got something for you.” (Sakura)

“Something good?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, this.” (Sakura)


 Sakura held out something to me, smiling proudly.


“Is this …… me?” (Ryouta)


 What she offered me was a swinging doll whose head moved rhythmically from side to side.

 It was a swinging doll in my shape.


“Yes. I made it with Genesis.” (Sakura)

“Wow, you’re good.” (Ryouta)

“That’s not it, try smashing it.” (Sakura)

“Are you sure?” (Ryouta)

“Yeah.” (Sakura)


 I wondered why……Nor did she ask to do so without a reason, having created it with Genesis.


 I did as I was told and slammed the doll on the floor.


 It cracked with a bang, and then there was a light.


 When the light subsided, there were no more pieces of the doll, but instead a ring.


“What? Ah, no.” (Celeste)


 Celeste is surprised when she finally receives the ring from Eve.

 She didn’t have the ring she had been holding, but instead she had a doll.

 The doll that she had smashed was not broken, it was in Celeste’s hand.


“What’s going on here?” (Ryouta)

“See, everyone uses a cart, right? You know, the ones that teleport.” (Sakura)

“Yeah, the magic cart.” (Ryouta)

“I was trying to figure out if I could use magic to teleport like that, and this is it. If you use it, you can swap it with whatever you want to set.” (Sakura)


 Sakura said, and cast more Genesis.

 A large number of identical dolls appear from the sketchbook she has started to carry around.


“Here, for everyone.” (Sakura)



 We shouted in unison.


 If we have this doll, we can use the ring whenever you want.

 It’s an item with that kind of ability.

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