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 In this world, the existence of elves is similar to that of beastmen, but slightly different.

 Unlike the Beastmen, who cut off all relations with humans out of fear and hatred, the Elves are a race that has always kept a certain distance from humans and lived in hiding.

 As such, their culture is quite different from that of humans, and according to one theory, they have established a lifestyle that places more emphasis on magic and magical tools.

 You can be sure that it must be a very lucky thing to be able to meet such elves by chance.

 ……Also, when it comes to fantasy, you can’t go wrong with an elf girl, and I’m already soaring beyond words.


 Kazuki-kun introduced me to an elf girl, Flana.

 With shoulder-length, fluffy cream-coloured hair and long ears typical of elves, she was much more soft-spoken and sensible than I had imagined.

 She followed Kazuki-kun alone from the elven village, and as expected, she was a hoot for him. At one point, I feared that a shouting match with Seria the princess of the Lingle Kingdom might develop, but that didn’t happen.


“Fufufu, what did you do then, Flana-san?”

“Hmm? Well, I didn’t want to get covered in mud, so I ran away at once. Then the boar got really angry, and it was really tough.”


 There’s no such thing as a fight between Seria and the elf girl Flana, who is currently chatting in front of me in the garden of the castle in the Kingdom of Lingle.

 In fact, they seem to be good friends.

 Did anything happen between them the other day? I casually asked, but the answer came back.


[It’s a secret between ladies♪]


 The answer came back mischievously.

 I’m also a girl, but I wonder if I should have pursued the matter …….



“Ae? Heh? What’s wrong?”

“Oh no, you look like you were kind of in a daze. ……”


 Oops, I must have got lost in my thoughts.

 There are only three of us here, Seria, Flana and me. Kazuki is not here because he is working on his own training at the training grounds.

 At their gazes, I smile, hurriedly to hide my thoughts.


“Kazuki has often told me that the people of the ‘White Healer’ live in a different place from the castle, right?”

“You mean Usato-kun and the rest? Yes, and what did Kazuki tell you about him?”

“He told me that he’s his best friend, and he seemed so happy about it that it made me jealous, so I was wondering what he’s like.”


 Once Seria asked, “Does Kazuki-sama like Usato-sama?! I-I don’t think it’s right for two men to be together!?” But I assure her that this is not the case.

 And if that were the case, Kazuki would be my archenemy.


“…… Hmm, it’s better to meet him in person to know him better. …… Do you want to go there? To the rescue squad where Usato-kun is.”

“Eh, if you don’t mind? But Seria is …….”


 Flana looked at Seria awkwardly, but she smiled at her.


“I was going to go towards Kazuki-sama, so you don’t need to worry about me.”

“I see… …… I see, then… I think I’ll go to …….”


 With Seria’s approval, Flana and I headed to the rescue squad where Usato-kun was.

 We got ready to go out for now, and as we moved to the front of the castle, I noticed that Flana, who was wearing a robe, had her hood pulled up tightly over her eyes.


“I know the people here aren’t the kind to discriminate or anything, but I don’t really like being the center of attention.”

“Does it bother you that people look at you or something?”


 She nodded with a troubled expression at my words.

 I guess being an elf is unusual and attracts a lot of curious glances.

 As we continued walking in the direction of the rescue squad, Flana looked at me and put her finger to her mouth as if she was remembering something.


“I was surprised when I first met Suzune too. You suddenly said, ‘Are you the elf girl in question?” And then came at me with glittering eyes.”

“Uuuuu, I’m sorry about that.”

“No need to apologize. I’ve heard from Kazuki that you’re not a bad person….but someone weird.”


 I couldn’t help but blush at Flana’s imitation of my voice.

 I admit that the tension was a bit strange at the time.


“Kazuki is a serious person and you are a very cheerful person. I was wondering what kind of person Usato would be like as he is friends with the both of you.”

“Kazuki-kun didn’t tell you about his personality?”

“Well, to be honest, I’ve only heard half the story.”

“Oh, why?”


 Flana looked a little troubled when I asked her that.


“Because, based on common sense, it’s …… a little too unrealistic for healing magicians to be fighting and punching. In addition, even though he is a healer by divination, it is more natural to think that he has a special power other than healing magic to overthrow the wicked dragon.”

“Oh, sure, that’s what people usually think. ……”


 I would have to actually see Usato-kun in person to believe it.

 At this point, a bit of mischief started to form in me. If I didn’t tell Flana about Usato-kun here, she would be surprised when she found out about him.


“I’d recommend that you meet him anyway.”

“Yeah, that would be the best thing to do.”


 …… Honestly, one of the reasons is that I’m not confident that I can explain her the truth and have her believe me.



 Then we came to the front of the rescue squad quarters.

 Flana muttered with deep emotion as she looked around at the green landscape that had changed from the castle and castle town.


“I’m surprised. I can’t believe there’s a place like this in the kingdom. ……”

“This is the dormitory of the rescue squad Usato-kun belongs to. Maybe that’s Usato-kun training. ……”


 I look around in front of the dormitory, and find a single figure a short distance away.

 A figure a little smaller than me ——– Nack, the boy I met in Lukvis before, came running towards us when he noticed me and Flana.

 On the way back from the trip, I had heard from Usato that he had joined the rescue squad, and I was relieved to see that he seemed to be doing well.


“Suzune-san. You’re here to see Usato-san?”

“Yes, I did, but …… he’s in training?”

“Yes. A while ago, he went running into town with the rest of the group except me. Let’s see, is that person ……?”


 Nack-kun gives a quizzical look to Flana, who has her hood up deeply.

 Since it’s troublesome to be misunderstood in a strange way, I think about what to do after having Flana briefly introduce herself.


“So, Usato-kun went for a run? Do you think he’ll be back soon?”

“Haha, no way. There’s no way the rescue squad’s run-in will be over that quickly. They won’t be back for at least half a day.”



 Flana who was behind me, let out a voice that sounded like she was in a daze.

 It was unbelievable, but this was common knowledge in the rescue squad Usato-kun belonged to.


“Would it be faster to go to the city then?”

“I guess so.”


 Now the city.

 If that’s the case, it would be more efficient to wait for Usato-kun to pass by somewhere.

 Thinking of going towards the castle town, I suddenly remembered the demon girl who was put into the rescue squad. A demon tribe, the Black Knight, who was taken prisoner during the battle against the Demon King’s army.

 If I’m not mistaken, Usato-kun did mention that her name is Ferrum, right?

 I wondered how that girl’s doing now. I was curious, so I asked him. Nack-kun looked toward the city and smiled.


“Oh, if it’s her, she’s gone with Usato-san and the others.”

“…… Eh, is that fine?! Even though she’s a demon, ……”

“They were wary of her at first, but now they don’t even care. Everyone seems to be convinced that it’s because we’re the rescue squad.”

“Oh, if you say so, I’ll be convinced too.”


 Behind me, “You’re convinced by that ……?” Flana muttered in a tone of disbelief.

 As for me, I think it’s a bit premature, but if Rose has given her permission, then I guess I can rest assured.


“You didn’t go with him, did you?”

“Ferrum-san recklessly went along in an attempt to compete with Usato-san, but I can’t keep up with him at all now. It’s not that I want to get in the way, but I do want to train with them……. I’m just going to be me and make sure I do the training I can do now.”

“…… I see.”


 You’ve grown so much you look different.

 Physically and mentally, he’s not the same person he was when he left Lukvis.

 He’s becoming an adult too.


“Well then, I guess we’d better head towards the city. I’m sorry for interrupting your training.”

“No, no, oh, by the way, that confession thing——“

“Good luck with your training! Let’s go. Flana!”

“Whoa! Hey. Suzune?”


 Flustered by the unexpected question, I grab Flana’s hand and walk away. When the dorm was out of sight, I let go of Flana’s hand and wiped my forehead.

 T-That was dangerous, I didn’t expect to be pursued about that article …….


“Suzune, you said something about demon race earlier, is there anyone else there that you’re worried about?”

“That’s the demon girl I took prisoner during the last war.”


 There was no particular reason to hide it, so I revealed to Flana about Ferrum.


“She seems to be fitting in quite well here. …… Is that fine?”

“She used to be a user of dark magic, but now she has a magic tool to contain her magic, so it’s safe.”


 In addition, she is capable of driving me and Kazuki-kun to the brink of death, even if only temporarily—– but let’s not say that.

 Although I have my own thoughts on the matter, it’s not what I want to create a rift by citing it.


“A user of dark magic is …… how could you take someone like that prisoner?”

“It wasn’t easy. I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for Usato-kun’s healing magic. ……”

“Oh, with healing magic? Why is there healing magic here?”

“Well, the simple explanation is that the weakness of dark magic is healing magic.”


 Just the thought of Usato-kun not rushing over to me at that moment sends a chill down my spine.

 If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here now.

 …… I’m getting into a little bit of a gloomy mood. Let’s head to the city quickly.


“Dark magic and healing magic? What do you mean? How can healing magic, which has no offensive power to begin with, be the weak point of dark magic? ……”

“What are you muttering about, Flana? Let’s get to the city.”

“Uhh, okay ……”


 I said to Flana, who was tilting her head, and turned my gaze towards the city.

 I wonder where would be the best place to wait for Usato-kun. I think I know of a place so I won’t just stand there in a random place.

 If I’m going to wait, I’d at least like to be in a place where I know someone, though. ……


“…… Huh?”


 I don’t know many people in the castle town?

 If it’s people from the Kingdom of Lingle, there are some familiar faces, but I don’t even know their names.


“No, wait.”


  There’s only one person I can think of …….



“So that’s why Suzune came to me? How did you find this place?”

“Haha, …….”


 In the castle town, in front of one of the stalls, Flana and I were meeting a girl.

 She is Amako. She’s a beastman girl who had been traveling with Usato-kun. I found her sitting on a chair, tending to her store, and took advantage of the opportunity to talk to her.


“It wasn’t hard to find you. After all, this is where you are.”

“Yes, it was. I’m aware that I stand out.”


 Amako’s existence is known to many people in the Kingdom of Lingle.

 If she’s a cute beast girl who works as a store keeper, it’s probably natural in a way that she attracts attention.

 Flana is surprised to see Amako working as a shopkeeper, exposing her ears, a characteristic of beastmen.


“I’m surprised. There’s a beastman girl, too: ……”

“I’ve never met an elf before either, so I was surprised.”

“Huh, you can tell?”

“Yes. I’m a user of precognitive magic. Nice to meet you, Flana. I’m Amako.”


 I chuckle at Flana’s eyes widening at Amako’s magic, and we introduce ourselves to each other.

 Flana, who has regained her composure after taking a few deep breaths, looks at me as if she wants to say something.


“I didn’t hear that you’re a user of precognitive magic. …… My heart is taking too much damage.”

“Haha, sorry.”

“Besides, a demon and a beast person, …… Suzune’s friendships are very strange.”



 I ask the word companionship and tilt my head.

 Amako and I are certainly friends, but I’m not the one who has deep ties to her.


“If anything, Usato-kun is the reason why I got to know Amako. And Ferrum, Usato-kun took her prisoner during the battle.”

“……I don’t know, every time I hear about it, I feel like Usato is a hell of a person. ……”


 Flana holds her forehead and Amako tilts her head as if to say, “What are you taking for granted?” Amako tilts her head instead.

 As much as I’d like to say so, she won’t believe me until she actually meets Usato-kun.


“Amako, do you know where Usato-kun is running?”

“Usato ran through here with the rescue squads on his back with Bluerin a little while ago at ……. He’ll be coming through here again soon?”


 He’s also carrying Bluerin on his back?

 Then maybe I’ll get a chance to pet Bluerin.

 Today is the day I want to be able to fondle that blue fur to my heart’s content.


“Then you don’t mind if I wait here, do you?”

“That’s okay. Besides, we’ll have more customers when Suzune is here.”


 She’s such a strong girl.

 Admiring Amako, I waited until Usato-kun came running down the street.

 Then, Flana tilts her head, as if some part of our earlier conversation had caught her attention.


“Hey, I believe you said he was running for training, right? What do you mean he’s carrying Bluerin on his back?”

“Bluerin is his pet demon. He’s very cute.”

“Wow, what kind of demon is it?”

“It’s a blue grizzly. He’s just a kid, though.”



 Flana tilted her head with a smiling face, as if she didn’t understand.

 After a few seconds, she finally comes to an understanding, and with a drawn-out expression, she closes in on me.


“Y-you’re kidding, right? A blue grizzly is a ferocious demon that several adults can’t even stand up to! It’s crazy to think that he’s carrying it on his back!”


 ……? I don’t think it’s right for a human to be carrying a bear on his back.

 As a matter of fact, Usato-kun was carrying it out, so my senses were paralyzed.


“I’m sorry, Flana. Normally, it’s not right to carry a bear on your back. I wasn’t considerate enough.”

“It’s not right either when there’s a ferocious blue grizzly in the kingdom!”

“Don’t worry, Bluerin won’t go berserk. Even if he does, Usato can hold him down.”

“Hold him down? A healing magician is?”


 Flana held her head at me and Amako’s words.

 Her expression was full of frustration, as if she was cornered by something.


“Could it be possible that I’m being shown illusion magic by someone ……? And I’m the only one with illusionary magic ……?”


 What should I do? Usato-kun’s story is so out of the ordinary that I’m beginning to think that the reality I’m seeing is a hallucination.


“…… Suzune.”

“Yea, what is it?”


 Flana, who stood up silently and shakily, grabbed my shoulders with great force and forced me to meet her gaze.



“Come back to reality! It’s only in fairy tales that a human can match a demon in arm strength!”

“No, there are exceptions to things, you know. ……”

“That’s a man who can hold a blue grizzly bear with his bare hands and run with it on his back? Such a …… monster of a man!!!!”



 I shuddered at the cry of Flana’s soul.

 It’s really amazing to hear it again from someone else’s mouth.

 I noticed that the people around us were all looking at us, but their gazes were somewhat warm.


[She’s right, that’s what people usually think.]

[She’s a sensible girl. I hope she continues to grow up like that ……]

[Nothing is more unrealistic than reality. ……]


 The pitying eyes of those who know the rescue squad.

 I’m sure the people who witness the rescue squad’s training every day are dazzled by the fact that Flana has common sense.


“Suzune. Humans can’t defeat demons without using magic. ……! The hopeless race difference will never be overturned ……”


 It’s an incredibly serious scene, but I can’t even laugh at the fact that there are two healing magicians who are overriding it with their arm strength.

 However, there is nothing that can explain Usato-kun’s power, so there is nothing I can do about it.


“Oh, Usato’s here.”



 At the sound of Amako’s voice, Flana and I both looked at the back of the street.

 Then, like Moses, the crowd cracked open, and we saw several figures coming from it.


[You guys! You guys must have relaxed while I was gone huuuuuh! You stupid bastards!!!!!]

[That should be my line, you bastard! Usato, aren’t you the one slowing down?]

[Who’s the one who’s slacking?!?]

[I can take that as a sign of a fight, huuuh!]


 The exchange of words is so loud that I can hear it from a short distance away.

 One of them sounds familiar, but it’s much rougher than I remember, and my mouth twitches.


[Then let’s up the pace you fuckers!]

[[Bring it on asshole!]]

[Why am I even here?]


 Flana and I saw in our field of vision five strong men and a huge figure running in the middle of them ——- or, to be more precise, Usato-kun carrying a blue grizzly with an unconscious silver-haired girl strapped to his back.


 Nea, the messenger.

 The demon Ferrum.

 The demon Bluerin.

 Usato-kun, a human.


 It’s not a trinity, it’s a tetrahedron.

 I don’t dare to comment on the fact that the owl on Bluerin’s head has somewhat vacant eyes.


“Oh, Amako and ……Senpai? Heeeey!”


 When he noticed us, he waved at us.

 The girl, Ferrum, strapped to Bluerin’s back with her clothes swaying, but now is not the time to worry about her because I have to deal with Flana, who just can’t even speak to the reality in front of her.


“Aaaa….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH T-THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, but all that….you must be lying to me …….”

“This thing called Usato-kun is …… really …….”


 But, Usato-kun. You always go far beyond my expectations. ……!

 It’s frustrating …… very much so! But that’s what I love about you too ……!


Author’s Note:


This time, it was the appearance of Flana, the common sense elf.

It’s a very valuable position for a genuine tsukkomi in this work.


In fact, I wanted to make it like the Bremen band with Usato, Bluerin, Nea, and Kukuru, but I had to restrain myself.

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