Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 149

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 After leaving the castle with Bluerin, Nea and I headed straight for the rescue squad.

 The streets of the Kingdom of Ringle, the road leading to the rescue squad, the lush trees surrounding the area leading up to it—everything I saw was nostalgic.


“I wonder how everyone is doing. Well, of course they’re going to be fine.”


“I see I see, so you’re glad to be back too?”


 While patting the head of Bluerin who was walking next to me, I turned my attention to Nea on my shoulder.

 She’d tried to escape earlier, but realized it was pointless in front of my reflexes, and now she’s being unfaithful and quiet.


“Well, the rescue squad isn’t as bad as you might imagine.”

“…… I can tell when you’re lying.”

“I’m not lying. It’s just that almost everyone who belongs to it is too unique.”

“Would you stop talking as if you’re not unique? I don’t know anyone who’s more unique than you.”


 That’s rude.

 I’m pretty sure I’m at the bottom of the list.


“No, no, no, there are monsters in the rescue squad, and the leader is far more dangerous than I am. If I had to choose between fighting the wicked dragon and the leader, I would choose the wicked dragon without hesitation.”

“No, there’s no point in trying to scare me with that! I can’t believe you would even choose the wicked dragon!”


 From my point of view, I wouldn’t want to deal with Rose, who surpassed me in almost every aspect.

 Unlike the Wicked Dragon, she could use small techniques or push her way through, and even now that I have the gauntlet, I can’t imagine any vision of being able to fight Rose.


“Well, I guess we’ll find that out when we meet. Oh, but I’ll have to introduce you to the rest of the team as well. The tough guys, Ferrum, Knack ……, and Olga-san and Ullr-san at the infirmary.”

“Ferrum, you mean the demon race that was summoned by Falga’s magic in Mia Rak?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


 It’s been almost a month since then, but I wonder if she’s calmed down a bit.

 No, I don’t think she’s calmed down because she’s that girl. I’m worried about her getting along with Nack, but with Rose there, I guess she’s okay there?


“I wonder if I’ll be able to do it. …… The members are already so dense, I’m starting to worry if I’ll fit in well.”

“Haha, you’re pretty much the same, so I think you’ll be fine.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that!”


 Nea is a mix between a vampire and a necromancer, an owl, a screw-up, and many other things, and even if the rescue squad is full of idiots, she can’t lose in terms of personality.

 No wait, if you ask me, she might be able to win.

 I’m not sure if my words were convincing or not, but as I walked along, soothing an angry Nea, I finally saw the rescue squad quarters.


“Yes, it’s surprisingly normal looking. I thought they’d have torture equipment or something.”

“You’re overreacting, ……. This is a place to help people. There shouldn’t be such a thing ……?”


 It was then that I noticed something lying in front of the dormitory.

 A black-haired boy named Nack and a silver-haired demon girl named Ferrum.

 The two of them were in tatters and had fainted while reaching for the door of the dorm as if they had run out of strength.

 When Nea noticed after me, her face turned pale and her voice trembled.


“Hey, hey, Usato. You say that this place is to save people, but there’s two people lying over there ……”

“This is just routine for the rescue squad. It’s not unusual at all, so don’t worry about it.”

“I’m going back to the village!”



 I immediately caught Nea as she attempted to flee.

 I speak in a flat voice to Nea, who moves her wings frantically.


“Hahaha. Are you homesick now, Nea? Don’t worry, this is going to be your new home.”

“Why do I have to live in a place where it’s normal for people to be lying in front of their house! How bizarre of a group are you!”

“This is the only place you can go back to. This is the only place you can go. I won’t let you choose any other place.”

“How badly do you want to drag me into this?”


 To be honest, I was afraid that they would be angry with me for tearing up the group uniform.

 I thought that if one of us, Nea, knew what was going on, it might ease Rose’s anger a little.

 I don’t think it would have much effect, but it’s better than nothing.

 With Nea in my grasp, I walked over to the unconscious Nack and Ferrum.

 Ferrum is …… useless, she’s completely blank-eyed.

 Nack is—-


“……Eh.. Usato….san is here. ……”

“Nack! Are you okay?

“Heh, heh, heh…… the leader’s training is hell…… after all.”

“Nack! Hey, get a grip! Nack ……!”


 I turned my face away from Nack, who was fainting from exhaustion.

 As expected of Rose.

 Even though a healing spell has already been cast and there’s no room for healing, the mental damage alone is enough to knock him out.

 There’s nothing I can do about it.


“Let’s just call it …….”

“I just got a glimpse into the daily life of a crazy rescue squad.”

“Guuu …….”


 I let the unconscious Nack and Ferrum lie in a nearby field, letting Nea and Bluerin’s gazes flow.

 Maybe they’ll wake up in an hour or so.

 It would be better for them to rest for an hour than to wake up now.

 That’s what I thought when I was training.


“Alright, I guess we should get Bluerin to the stables first.”



 I walked to the stables with Bluerin, who let out a single cry.

 The stables near the dorm still had a lot of straw piled up, and Bluerin dived into the bundle with all his might, falling asleep with a sigh in a matter of seconds.


“Good work, Bluerin. Keep up the good work.”

“You must have been so tired, ……. Well, it’s no wonder.”


 Nea, who had returned to her shoulder, muttered to herself as she looked at Bluerin.

 At that moment, a small black shadow jumped out from behind the straw in front of us, aiming at us.

 I immediately noticed the shadow’s identity and tried to catch it without taking a stance, but somehow the small shadow went not towards me, but towards Nea on my shoulder.


“What? What’s going on, bugooo?!”


 In her owl state, Nea was hit by a body blow, and the shock caused her to revert to her black-haired, red-eyed human form.

 In the place where Nea had been a moment ago, Rose’s pet Kukure, a Noir Rabbit, was moving its distinctive ears with a smug look on its face.


“You’re still the same as always. How have you been? Kukuru.”



 He looks very cute, but he’s a dossy rabbit just like his master.

 Basically, his job is to deceive people with his appearance and knock them down to the bottom of despair.


“You damned rabbit! You’ve got some nerve suddenly knocking me down! Usato! What the hell is this guy!

“This guy is the leader’s pet, the name is Kukuru. He’s a rare demon just like you.”


“I don’t care how rare it is! That’s mine!”


 Transforming into an owl again, Nea charged at Kukur.

 However, Kukuru, who had avoided Nea with a light movement and moved to the other shoulder, gave Nea a sneer as if to say, “That’s sweet.”

 When she returned to her original position, Nea’s body shook with anger.


“Usato, what the hell is this guy? He’s getting on my nerves!”

“Well, well, calm down. Anyway, Kukuru, is the leader in the quarters?”


 I asked Kukuru while calming down Nea, and he nodded his head.

 So, let’s go straight to the quarters, shall we?

 I left the stables and entered the quarters, feeling like a tamer, with Nea on my right shoulder and Kukuru on my left.

 I’m afraid that if Inugami-senpai sees me now, she might lose her mind and attack me.


“…… I don’t see any of the tough guys. Are they training this time of day?”


“Huuuh? What are you looking at? You goddamn rabbit.”


 At any rate, I’d rather they didn’t fight over my face.

 Sighing, I look around the interior of the quarters and get deeply moved.


“I guess the leader is in …… her office.”


 If she’s waiting for me, that’s the only place I can go.

 She probably already knows that I’m coming back. Then, I should head straight for the office without any hesitation.

 Determined to do so, I walked up the stairs and stood in front of the door of the office where Rose was.


“Fuuuuuuuh …… Here goes nothing.”


 I made up my mind once again and knocked on the door of the office.

 The word “enter” came back shortly, so I nervously put my hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

 The first thing I saw was Rose sitting on the chair with her arms crossed.

 When she recognized me, she smiled with a fierce smile that was the same as the day I last saw her.


“Well, …… there are a lot of things I want to say, but …… we’ll get to that later.”


 Not caring that I was speechless, she continued to speak.


“I’m glad you’re back. Usato.”



 I try to hold my chest as tightly as I can, suppressing the feeling of being overwhelmed by her words.

 I try to say it out loud, firmly.


“I’m back! Leader!”


 At this moment, I realized that I had finally come “home”.



 After that, I was in the office briefly explaining to Rose about the events that had happened during my trip so far.

 Unlike senpai, she listened to the story of the wicked dragon and Falga-sama without moving an eyebrow, and was a little disappointed.


“Quite well, it seems you’ve had a delightful journey.”


 After listening to the whole story, Rose crossed her arms thoughtfully and then said something like that.

 Pleasant is …… she easily summed that up.


“Haha, well …… yes.”

“I ain’t complimenting you, idiot. You’re sticking your nose into people’s problems. It’s a good thing that it all came out right in the end, but you need to think before you act.”

“Yes, I’m sorry …….”


 It’s true, so I honestly admit my fault.

 I can’t help that she got angry here, but there’s one more matter that might make her angry.

 Fearfully, I try to broach the subject with Rose.


“Um, it’s about the uniform: ……”

“You’re talking about how you were ripped to shreds by the second commander. Let me see it.”


 I take out the cloth-wrapped uniform from my luggage and hand it to Rose.

 She unfolded the uniform, and after a few seconds of staring at the hole that had been cut and made by Koga, she turned her gaze back to me with a somewhat grim expression.


“Let me tell you straight up, I’m not that angry.”



 She looks ridiculously grumpy.

 Rose held her forehead in her hands at my reaction.


“This thing is for your protection. There will come a time where it will be torn to pieces. Which means you’ve done what you were supposed to do, right?”

“But this is the rescue squad’s …….”

“This thing is just a slightly more durable outfit when you get right down to it. The only thing that matters is you.”



 I was a little perturbed by Rose’s words as she carefully folded the group uniform and placed it on the desk.


“I can remake this thing as many times as I want, but there’s only one ‘you’. I don’t need to compare who I prioritize more, you or this group uniform.”

“L-Leader ……!”


 To care so much about me…….!

 Oh no, I’m about to cry at her seldom kind words.


“Well, on the other hand, I would have blasted you if you had come back in a neat little state.”



 The tears retracted.

 I was a little thankful for Koga.

 Once I was done talking about the group uniform, the next topic of conversation was about Nea.


“So, that black one over there, is that your familiar?”

“Yes, her name is Nea. She’s in owl form now, but she’s a demon in human form.”


 I motioned for Nea to turn into a human.

 Rose sighed lightly, a little surprised to see Nea in human form with the light.


“You’ve got a brat who’s a healing magician, and now you’ve got a familiar who’s a magician. You’re not mistaking us for a group of street performers, are you?”

“Well, we’re all in the same boat, including youuuuuuooooooooo!?”


 It hurts so much that I feel like my face is going to be crushed!

 Rose grabbed my face so fast that I couldn’t react, and the fear that I had almost forgotten came back.

 As I scream in anguish, Nea looks away and just shivers, but Rose looks at her.




“If you’re Usato’s familiar, you’re formally in the custody of the rescue squad. I’m not going to give you any special treatment just because you’re a demon, okay?”

“Oh, no, that’s… ……”


 Nea slumped, unable to answer.

 I can’t help but feel defensive in front of the leader.

 I’ll answer for her.


“She seems to be fine with it.”



 Nea looks at me with a look of disbelief.

 When I told her not to worry about it, she punched me on the shoulder with tears in her eyes, but it didn’t hurt or itch, so it was just a pleasure.


“I see. Well, I guess we’ll have to check how much you’ve grown along with her magic.”

“What do you mean, ‘check’?”


 I asked with a vague feeling of fear, and Rose smiled thinly.


“You both will be my opponent.”

“…… Yes, we’ll die you know? Both me and Nea.”

“I’ll go easy on you, don’t worry.”


 Even if you take it easy, there’s nothing but despair.

 With vacant eyes, I smile at Nea next to me.


“Then we’re safe. We did it, Nea. Our lives are spared.”

“Goodbye Usato! It’s been fun so far!”


 I don’t move, I just meditate on Nea as she tries to escape for the umpteenth time today.

 I know it.

 I know that there is no way I can escape in Rose’s territory in this situation.

 Rose’s hand shakes for a moment, and something explodes in Nea behind her, and she goes quiet with a shrill cry.


“…… Leader. Are we doing this today?”

“No, I’ll give it a few days. I’m sure you’ll be busy with your reports too. As for today, since you’re back, Alek and the others are preparing a place for dinner.”

“Olga-san and Ullr-san are coming too?”



 That means all the members of the rescue squad will be here for the night.

 I have a lot to talk about with Nack, and I’m looking forward to it.

Author’s Note:

The flag for the battle with Rose has been raised, but only a little further.

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