Level 1 Guy: Chapter 472 – Defeating the Orc King

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 I grabbed the whip and stuck a muzzle full of growth bullets into it.


 If I know that you’re going to do an instant death attack, I don’t have time to waste.


 A click.


 There was a dry, unmistakable sound.


 Click, click.


 The cylinder was spinning and the hammer was firing air.


 I was confused by the fact that I couldn’t fire, and the Orc King took advantage of that moment to push me away and pull out his whip.


 I was pushed out of range, into the middle distance where the whip is best.

 The squirming whip attacks me.


“Argh!” (Ryouta)


 I jumped to the side and dodged the tip of the whip, while checking my revolver.

 There is nothing unusual about the revolver or the bullet.

 But when I pull the trigger, the bullet doesn’t go out.


 While making evasive maneuvers, I quickly gave up on the growth bullets and reloaded with normal bullets of the same nature and fired them repeatedly.


 The bullets shot out in unison.


 Half of the bullets were repelled by the whip, but the remaining half hit the Orc King.

 I thought to myself, “If it’s a normal bullet, it’ll work, then I’ll use it for a quick attack.”


 Leaving one normal bullet in the chamber and loading the other with an enhanced bullet to increase its power.

 One shot with more power—–




 The aired shot was fired again.

 I thought I could do it, but I reacted too late and the whip hit me hard.


 If I get hit by one, I’ll get hit again and again.

 I have to escape from the attack by firing recovery bullets.


 I find nothing wrong with the revolver.

 But why can’t I fire it?


“…… Don’t tell me.” (Ryouta)


 I thought of a possibility and pulled out the enchancing bullets and only used noraml bullets.

 I pull the trigger, the bullet fires and flies to the Orc King.


 I put in one enhanced bullet, which also worked.

 Two rounds in, I can still shoot.

 Three shots —– I can’t shoot anymore.


 One shot out, two shot out as well, it’s as though I can use it again.


“Does he disable heavy damage, or cancels it.” (Ryouta)


 I’m starting to get the idea.

 I also tried to use the high firepower blue flames, but I still couldn’t shoot.

 On the other hand, I was able to shoot ironclads and homing bullets without any problems.


 I can also shoot the restraining bullets without any problem and stop the movement of the Orc King.


 It’s as if he has a special ability that disables or cancels anything that would cause a certain amount of damage?


“Which means …… Repetition can’t be used as well.” (Ryouta)


 I laughed bitterly while keeping in time.

 It is a magic that kills monsters instantly once they are killed.


 It’s the most powerful magic, but the nature of it may not be as good as it could be.


 It’s not a problem if it’s treated as a status abnormality like a restraining bullet.

 But if the damage is so-called “9999” damage, or “100%” damage, it is likely to be considered a ‘big damage’ and thus invalidated.


“No, no, no.” (Ryouta)


 It may or may not work, but that’s a story for another time.

 For now, let’s focus on defeating the enemy in front of me.


 If the damage is weak, it will work then.


 The first thing I did was to shoot myself with a Speed Up bullet.

 I used Vanadium bullets together with the Speed Up Bullet, entering a pseudo-time stop.


 I approach the Orc King, who has stopped moving altogether, and shoots ironclad bullets all over his body.


 Up, down, left right, basically covering all four of the corners.


 And then time began to move.

 The wall slowly approaches, and the Orc King can not move at all.


 Slowly, slowly, slowly.

 The Orc King is squeezed ——- and in the end he collapses with an ear-splitting scream.


 Lots of items dropped where the Orc King had been.


 First, a ticket.

 Two of the very same tickets that had summoned the Orc King were dropped.


 And gold.

 All sorts of banknotes and coins, tens of thousands of piro were dropped in total.


 Finally, there was one ring that I had never seen before.

 There was a rainbow of light coming from the ring, forming a pillar of light pointing straight up to the ceiling.


 I picked up the ring and looked at it closely.

 It must be some kind of special effects equipment.

 I knew from experience that this was the case.


 I put the ring on and tried it on.


“Whoa?” (Ryouta)


 An uncomfortable sensation in my body, a feeling of, somehow, weakness.


 I took out my portable now-board and tried to use it, but it hadn’t changed in all my SS status.


 Is it my imagination? So I load up normal bullets and shoot them at the wall.


“What is this? (Ryouta)


 What a surprise, I only fired one shot, but two bullets flew out.

 The power was weaker than usual, but the two bullets clearly flew out.

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