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 It seems that Nea’s existence was much bigger than I had thought for senpai.

 I had thought that she would be confused, but I didn’t expect her to be that distraught, but thanks to my quick thinking and Nea’s dedication, I was able to bring the situation under control.


“This woman …… how dare you play with me so much ……! Sniff, I will definitely get my revenge for sure…..!”


 Nea, who has escaped from senpai’s clutches in human form, hides behind me, wiping her eyes and saying such bitter things.

 On the other hand, senpai is wringing her hands and nipping at me.


“Come ‘ere~ Don’t be afraid. …… I’m not scary, come here ……!”

“Don’t talk in your sleep! There’s something evil about you!”


 How can a hero be called evil? ……

 Well, from my point of view, senpai now is just a weirdo.


“Usato-kun. Give Nea-chan……..”

“No, even that’s a little too—–“

“Never! Even if you’re both weirdos, I’d rather have Usato! Please don’t abandon me, Usato!”


 I don’t agree with being treated like a freak.

 But when I saw Nea having her first infantile regression in a while, I realized that I had gone a little too far.

 Rather than that, isn’t senpai’s love for demons too great to push Nea this far?


“Ha?! That’s too bad!! In the first place, the contract between me and Usato is a very special one, so it won’t be easy to break! We’re under a contract until he dies!”


 When I hear it again, “contract until death”, it sounds really bad, doesn’t it?

 In reality, it’s no different than a normal familiar contract.


“……Wait? A lifetime with …… Usato-kun?”

“Ah, there’s a bit of a situation …… about this. Well, anyway, please calm down, senpai. Senpai right now is a bit of a pervert, to say the least.”

“P-Pervert you say!?”


 I guess I was too blunt, but senpai was flustered as her cheeks turned red.

 Then, as if to push her over the edge, Kurumia-san put her hand on senpai’s shoulder.


“Suzune-san. If you are persistent, you will be disliked.I’m also curious about the situation, but it’s not something we need to pursue right now. Usato-sama, Arc-kun, let’s discuss our future plans for now.”

“Ah, yes.”

“I understand.”


 Nodding one to both mine and Arc-san’s replies, Kurumia-san pulled senpai’s hand and walked towards the knights who were waiting some distance away.

 Leona-san, who looked at the back of senpai, opened her mouth with a somewhat awkward expression.


“Like the wind, it comes and goes?”

“She’s actually a kind person, you know? It’s just a shame that she’s a bit of a disappointment in some places.”

“She’s your friend. I have no doubt that she is a good person. In fact, I’m relieved that she’s so human.”

“What do you mean by that……?”


 Did you think senpai has no feelings?

 …… No. I can’t imagine it at all. She’s too much to be one!


“To be honest, she was not at all the hero I imagined her to be. I was imagining someone more like this …… person who doesn’t have any weaknesses as a human being.”

“Haha, that’s the furthest thing from what she is.”


 Maybe senpai in the past would be close to that.

 A perfect person who everyone admires, who can do everything, and who has no flaws whatsoever.

 If she had not been summoned to this world and reality had continued as it was,……, she would have continued to live her daily life with her true self pushed aside.

 …… What would have happened to us if we had not been summoned to the Lingle Kingdom and had been able to return home without incident?

 The first thing that would have happened would have been that I would have been attacked by my classmates.

 Would I have made friends with Kazuki?

 He was in the same class as me, and although we were awkward at first, we would have been able to talk to each other normally in class.

 So what about senpai? 




“Huh, I’m sorry. I was in a bit of a daze.”


 There’s no point in thinking about what ifs.

 What I’m thinking about now is not “what if”, but “now”.

 After taking a glance at the place where senpai walked off to, I try to consult with Arc-san and Leona-san about the future.


“Arc-san. It’s fine that we were able to meet up with senpai, but do you want to get off the ship like this?”

“It’s roughly …… a day from here to Lingle Kingdom, so it should be fine if we get off the ship now. Do you mind if we do that, Leona-dono? I’m afraid you’re going to have to finish your escort duties halfway. ……”


 Leona-san shook her head at Arc-san’s words.


“Don’t worry about it. As long as you guys return to the Lingle Kingdom safely, that’s all that matters. I’m sure the captain will be satisfied with that.”


 It might be rude to think this way about a woman, but she’s so manly.

 Anyway, we have to bring back the luggage, Bluerin and the horses that we left on the ship. At that time, we should say thank you and goodbye to the captain.

 After deciding what to do for now, we left to discuss with senpai.



 After packing up our luggage on the boat and waking up the sleeping Bluerin, we made our way to the riverbank and after greeting the captain and his crew, we got off the boat.


“Thank you for getting us here, Leona-san.”

“We’re the ones to thank. I haven’t been able to relax my shoulders for a while now. I’m glad I followed Falga-sama and Norn-sama’s words.”


 When Leona-san came to see me off, I thought of Falga-sama’s image.

 I could understand Norn-sama, but it was a bit surprising that Falga-sama ordered it as well.


“Falga-sama asked for this escort too?”

“He told me I was being too hard on myself.”


 …… Maybe Falga-sama and Norn-sama gave the order for the escort because they wanted Leona-san to rest. She would be forced to work for the reconstruction of the city.


“This was my first time traveling like this. Until now, I’ve only been on missions, like going on expeditions with my fellow knights.”

“Was this trip different in any way?”

“Yes. The short trip I took with all of you was …… difficult to describe, but it was noisy, lively, and very …… fun.”


 After saying these words, Leona-san, who had been meditating for a few seconds, looked a little bitter.


“Perhaps the next time we meet again will be in a battle. Still, I’ll be with you and …… you guys again …….”


 Perhaps she was referring to the battle against the Demon King’s army.

 Certainly, the next time we meet, it could be in the middle of such a situation.

 I smiled at Leona-san, who had stammered.


“I’m also looking forward to the day when I can meet you again, Leona-san.”

“—-!……… aaaah yes!”


 After a bit of surprise, Leona-san finally smiled at me.

 Shortly after that, Amako, Nea, Arc-san, and also Bluerin said their farewells to Leona-san.


“See you later, Leona-san. But don’t drink too much, okay?”

“Don’t be reckless like what you did before~”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Leona-dono.”


“Yes, thank you so much. It was really good to meet you guys.”


 Leona-san was seen off by us and went up to the ship.

 But for some reason, she stopped in the middle of it.


“Uh, Usato.”



 Without looking back at me, Leona-san called my name.

 I wondered what was wrong. Did she forget to say something?

 As I tilted my head, she said in a slightly raised voice.


“I think I’m going to make an effort …… to be worthy of being a hero for you.”


“So, then!” (TL Note: My kokkoro!)


 Leona-san said and took a short run to the ship.

 What you just said is a reply…… to what I said to Leona-san when we left Mia Rak, right? What can I say, there’s something embarrassing about it when you do the same thing to me.


“…… I have to work hard, too.”


 But I’m glad Leona-san got the message.

 If it was my mistake, I would have been so embarrassed.

 As I sit on the boat, waving back to Leona-san and the crew, I feel a slight shock on my cheek and hip.


“…… Hmm? What’s up? Nea, Amako.”

“Usato, didn’t you lose your sensitivity to humanity in the rescue squad?”

“Or did they correct you so that all you can think about is your training? With that in mind, it makes sense that my charms don’t work either.”

“What is it, guys? Did I do something wrong?”


 The goggle-eyed owl and the little fox gave me an unwarranted accusation.

 I can’t deny that I’ve changed when joining the rescue squad. If they said that Rose had corrected my character, I would easily believe them.


“Aaaaahhhh, she’s done it, hasn’t she? Suzune-san.”

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what should I do, Kurumia? I can’t believe this happened while Usato-kun was out of sight. ……!”



 When I turned my attention from the ship to the direction where senpai was, I saw senpai and Kurumia-san looking at me with a somewhat shaken look while whispering in conversation.

 What’s going on? Is senpai going to go out of control again?

 Putting her hand over her mouth in a panic, senpai let out a voice that made me tremble more than ever.


“M-My dependable heroic trait will be taken away!!!!!!!!!!!”

“…… huh?”


 I couldn’t understand the meaning of her outlandish statement, so I could only reply with such a foolish reply.

 Your hero trait? You’re worried about your character being covered? I don’t think you need to worry about that because senpai is a proper hero.

 I’m going back to the Lingle Kingdom with her now, but I wonder if she’ll be okay.



 With senpai and her guard, we walked under the sky that was turning madder red.

 They mainly travel by horse, but now they are getting off their horses to walk with us, and I feel a little sorry for them, but I look sideways at senpai who is pulling the horse.

 …… I never thought I’d be able to meet up with senpai, so it’s kind of a strange feeling.


“Mm, Usato-kun. Have you been wondering about this guy?”



 Noticing my gaze, senpai happily patted the horse’s mane.


“This boy is called Sanho-kun, the Thunder Horse.”

“Heh, that’s a nice name. What can I say, he’s very charming.”

“I know right! I was sure Usato-kun would understand!”


 You seem quite happy.

 I just said what I thought was normal.


“Hey, Kurumia-san. Could it be that Suzune is also from ……?”

“Also, does that mean Usato-sama? Eh, that’s unexpected.”


 Amako and Kurumia-san are whispering behind me, but I can’t hear them.

 Guess I’ll let it pass.

 I guess senpai didn’t hear them because she happily introduced me to Sanho-kun.


“We’ve been together since Lukvis, you know. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’ve shared a lot of pain and suffering together.”

“Indeed, he seems to adore senpai very much”


 Sanho-kun’s eyes narrowed pleasantly as senpai stroked his mane.

 This might be the first time I see a non-human creature that doesn’t reject senpai.


“Ah, Usato-kun, how did you and Nea-chan meet?”

“…… me and Nea?”


 I’m not sure how to answer this abrupt question because my encounter with Nea was, in a way, one of the worst.

 After all, Nea had tried to trap us by disguising herself as a village girl to catch us. In the end, she revived a wicked dragon and caused a catastrophe beyond the level of annoyance.

 If you look at Nea who is casually standing on my shoulder, she is absent-mindedly sighing and doesn’t seem to be bothered.


“Nea, can I talk about it?”

“Fua. …… I don’t mind. It’s not like I’m going to go out of my way to hide it. ……”


…… It’s fine if she’s allowing it.

 I call out to senpai who is looking at Nea rubbing her eyes with her wings looking sleepy.


“It’s going to be a bit long, but do you want to hear it?”

“I don’t mind. The longer the better.”

“Well then, …… it begins a little after we departed from Lukvis—–“


 I’m going to start after we leave Lukvis.

 After rescuing a village girl from a zombie attack, we were invited to the village, and after some twists and turns, we ended up defeating the necromancer that was putting the village in danger.

 We were invited to the village, and after some twists and turns, we ended up defeating the Necromancer that was endangering the village. Necromancer! and “Necromancer!”, but they listened to me with excitement.

 However, when Nea’s true identity was revealed and the manipulated Mr. Arc was stopped, his expression changed to one of confusion.


“W-W-Wicked Dragon? A- Ah– Ah, ah, jaryun? That does sound delicious.”


 I couldn’t help but smile at senpai as she joked with me while moving her eyes impatiently.

 Even at a time like this, she never forgets to make a joke.

 You’re a good listener, senpai.


“It’s a wicked dragon. It was very difficult at that time. …… If we made one mistake, many people’s lives might have been in danger. I managed to defeat it, but it was absolutely impossible for me to do it alone.”

“Well, that’s good to hear ……. But how did you defeat it?”

“We, all of us, worked together to destroy the heart of the dragon. Well, to be precise, we just pulled out the previous hero’s sword that was stuck in the dragon’s heart.”

“Yuushano Katanaa?”


 Why the one word.

 Oh, that’s right, I’ll explain about the gauntlet while I’m at it.

 If I explain this one, I can save myself the trouble of explaining about the hero’s weapon that Falga-sama makes.


“In that one case, I recovered the sword of the previous generation of heroes, and in Mia Rak, it was reborn as my special armor.”


 I rolled up my sleeves and unfolded the silver gauntlet.

 It’s not as good as Kanoko’s, but I don’t forget to look smug.

 Senpai’s expression froze as she saw my elbow and beyond covered in silver with a kashan sound.


“This is the gauntlet that I got in Miarak, and I had it remade by Falg- …… renowned craftsman–“

“Hold on. Please, wait.”


 Senpai stopped and grabbed both of my shoulders intensely.

 I guess she was that surprised, because if I looked around, I saw that Kurumia-san and the knights guarding me were also looking at me with nervous faces.


“E- Eeeeh, which means that, you fought against the existence of the wicked dragon and got the sword of the previous generation of heroes, which you obtained at the end of the fight, and had it made into your own special ……, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“What’s the matter with you, you fought a wicked dragon? No, I’ll leave it at that, but that gauntlet! It’s so cool!”


 She pointed to the gauntlet on my right arm.

 Her eyes seemed to be moistening.


“I’ve been looking for your gauntlet on the way here, but I’m surprised you already have it on you. Does it automatically equip you?!?!”

“…… Uh, excuse me?”

“Don’t apologize! You’re making me even more miserable!


 What should I do? I’m getting more responses than I expected, and I’m confused.

 I have to follow up on this at …….


“Well, even so, there are almost no special abilities in this. If I had to pick one, it would be an unbreakable gauntlet that is impervious to any phenomenon. All that’s left is to assist in manipulating magic power.”

“That’s enough! The only thing I’ve gained on this trip is the ability to deal with ferocious demons. …… It’s not much at all compared to yoouuuuu…….”


 Finally, she turned her head and became depressed.

 This is not good, so I called my friends for help, but Nea was asleep before I knew it.

 Amako, perhaps bored and expressionless, grabbed the strap of her luggage and twirled it around.

 The last person to ask for help, Arc-san, is watching over us with a smile on his face.

 Arc-san, do you want me to pacify senpai by myself? Alright, I’ll do it.


“I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of battles. How can it be that senpai had no big deal when you dealt with such a dangerous monster, the incarnation of thunder that eats people?”

“But, but ……”

“Please have confidence in yourself! I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that you’ve been able to protect many people from such dangerous demons and finish the mission successfully!”

“…… Yeah.”


 Okay, let’s just keep the momentum going and push it through.

 Senpai finally regained her composure and looked up, but she immediately noticed something and tilted her head.


“Wait a minute, how come Usato-kun knows about that thunder beast? Even though I only let the Lingle Kingdom know that it’s a lightning monster, ……?”



 As shit……!

 I have to keep Falga-sama’s existence a secret as much as possible. The existence of Falga-sama was a secret, even in Mia Rak, except for the Queen, Norn-sama, and her relations.

 There’s no way I can simply say something about an existing divine dragon.

 I have to deceive her somehow.


“It’s natural that I’m also worried about you and Kazuki, so I should at least know the recent situation of my precious best friend.”

“…… So, is that so? So you were worried about me. Ehehe ……”


 I’m worried that this girl might get cheated one day.

 What she said was true and genuine, but I didn’t expect her to fall for it so easily. ……


“Actually, I was going to tell you about this after we reach Lingle Kingdom first. …… Senpai.”

“Hehe …… eh, what is it, Usato-kun?”


 Is what I just said supposed to make you that happy?

 What I said was true and untrue, but I didn’t expect to be caught so easily. ……


“For senpai and Kazuki, the same …… armor as mine, or even better, will be made.”

“……What is it? …….”

“Yes, the armor of the previous generation of heroes. It’s the same one.”



 She was so shocked that she was speechless and her shoulders were shaking.

 You don’t need to explain to understand that it’s not sadness, but a tremor of joy.


“I’ll report the details of what happened in front of Lloyd-sama. For now, I’ll just tell you that the armor will be made for senpai and Kazuki as a hero. …… Are you listening?”


 I was worried about her shivering and not responding, so I was about to approach her when she looked up at me with a bang.


“Usato-kun! You’re my———–“

“Oh, Suzune, look out!”




 Amako’s luggage flew from the side and hit senpai’s head as she tried to open her arms.

 I hurriedly supported senpai, who collapsed with an unladylike voice, and questioned Amako who sent the luggage flying.


“What’s wrong with you suddenly, Amako?”

“I’m sorry. I was playing with it and it flew away. ……. But there were only clothes in my luggage. ……”

“You’re apologizing to the wrong person ……. Here, you should apologize to senpai.”



 Amako approached senpai with an apologetic expression.

 Perhaps the impact wasn’t too great, but senpai immediately got up and made eye contact with Amako.

 Amako moved so that her back was to me and bowed her head.


“I’m sorry …….”

“It’s okay. I was just a little startled, that’s all. But it’s dangerous to throw things around like that, okay? Don’t do it again, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. But, you know, …….”


 Amako looked up at her as if staring at her from below.


“Suzune is in the wrong as well, okay? You can’t just do something like that on the spur of the moment?”


 Senpai’s expression twitched as she met her gaze.

 What do you mean by that? Did senpai do something to Amako?

 The silence that had reigned in the room began to change when Amako, who had reclaimed her luggage, suggested that they start walking.


 In the end, when I asked Amako and senpai about what had just happened, they were just dumbfounded and didn’t give me an answer. But when I heard about it, I was struck by the smiling face of Amako and the pale face of senpai.


Author’s Note:


“Yushano↓, Katanaa↑?”

The pronunciation is roughly like this.


This time it’s Amako, having learned her lesson from the time she was done in by Nea when she was a village girl.

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 We were invited to the village, and after some twists and turns, we ended up defeating the Necromancer that was endangering the village

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