Level 1 Guy: Chapter 471 – Orc King

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 The two, the ticket and the seed, were glowing as if in resonance.

 I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t have time to think about it.


 Both the ticket and the seed disappeared, and a monster appeared just as it had when the ticket was alone.




 What appeared were monsters that I had never seen before.

 First of all, a tank.

 It was not a tank as a modern weapon, but a chariot-type, pulled by several horses.


 Riding on top of the chariot was an orc.


 At first glance they look obese, but in fact they are muscular and sturdy.

 He has the physique of a sumo wrestler.


 On top of his body is a pig’s head.

 The monster, which you can tell at a glance is an orc, is riding on top of the chariot.


“It’s a good thing Sakura’s not here.” (Ryouta)


 She’s definitely the one who gets very excited and starts saying some inappropriate things.


 The orc was not just any orc.

 On the top of the pig’s head was a sort of crown, and a cloak was visible on its back.

 I wondered if it was the king of the orcs, the Orc King.


“Whoa!” (Ryouta)


 As I stared at it, an Orc chariot rushed towards me.


 There were three harpoons sticking out of the end of the chariot.


 I quickly dodged it.

 The harpoon went straight into the wall of the dungeon.

 In an instant, the wall was half destroyed.


“What power!” (Ryouta)


 The chariot dexterously turned around, pointed its harpoon at us again and rushed forward.


 While dodging its rush, I fired a series of normal bullets to check it first.

 Then, with a deft flick of his whip, the Oak King flicked off every single bullet.


“How about this!” (Ryouta)


 The normal bullets didn’t get through, so I fired a higher-grade growth bullet.


 The Oak King tried to raise his whip, but stopped halfway.

 Instead, he turned his chariot around and struck the growth bullets with his harpoon.


 The harpoon clashed with the bullet.

 They made a high-pitched metallic sound, and sparks flew wildly.


“You have some moves.” (Ryouta)


 More chariots rushed me.

 This time I didn’t dodge.


 The harpoon was on a collision course with an iron bullet.




 The sound and sparks were greater than before, and the chariot was stopped by the ironclad bullet.




 The Orc King’s face was clearly tinged with astonishment.

 The look on his face says he didn’t think for a minute that the rush would stop.


 There’s an opening!


 I stepped in, got behind the chariot, and fired an ironclad shot as well.

 It’s the same kind of ironclad shooting from the front and back as I did when I broke through the stone cracks.


 The chariot made a creaking sound and was pinned down, unable to move.


 I quickly followed up.

 I fired a barrage of Homing Bullets to create a barrage of cover as they closed in on the Orc King.

 As the whip was being struck down by a series of homing bullets, I hit it with a body blow as hard as I could.


“Wow you’re tough!” (Ryouta)


 The moment I hit him, I felt as if I had hit a big rock or something.

 But that didn’t mean it didn’t work.


 The orc was not blown away, but he wobbled on the chariot, his face contorted.


 The whip flew in a counterattack.

 I kicked the chariot and dodged it by jumping back nearly five metres in one go.


 As soon as he landed, he charged again.


 It’s a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news.


 The Orc carriage is still stuck, and the Orc King is momentarily distracted by trying to move it.


I take advantage of the moment and shoot a Speed Up Bullet at himself as soon as he pounces.


 The world accelerated.

 I punched the Orc King on top of the carriage in rapid succession.


 The Orc King was so hard that my fists were tingling, but he responded well enough.


 But after about ten punches, I was flung away.


 There was still time to accelerate, and I tried to pursue, but the Orc King’s body was surrounded by light.


 I fired my revolver and hit him even closer.

 All the attacks were ineffective.


 I had no choice but to keep my distance and be vigilant, but the light grew brighter and brighter, and then the carriage melted away and the light was sucked into the Orc King.


 Almost as soon as the acceleration died down, the light on the other side subsided.

 He landed on his two feet and the Orc King was far more present than before.


“Transformation with invincibility time?” (Ryouta)


 Somehow those words came to my mind.

 There are many monsters that need to be defeated in two stages, with an invincibility period in between.

 The Orc King must be one of them.


 The Orc King raised his whip.

 It’s not like he was hurling it at me, but he raised it up towards the sky as if he was conducting something.


 What was that?


 For a moment, a sense of unease enveloped me.

 I was thinking so fast, my body was barely moving —– only very slowly.

 The Orc King seems to be moving very slowly too.


 The accelerator should have worn off by now —- no, if it was an accelerator, why wouldn’t my body move?

 Just as I was thinking that this was all strange, my eyes caught sight of something.


 There was a ball of light at the end of the Orc King’s thrust.


 The ball of light was expanding so fast that it looked like it was about to fill the dungeon.


 A chill went down my spine.


 A runway, and possibly an attack by the Orc King.

 What does that indicate ……?




 The next moment, a pain hit me as if all the blood in my body had boiled.

 The pain was unprecedented and went through my whole body.


“Ah!” (Ryouta)


 After the light subsided, I fell to my knees.


“Guh…… Gaaah!” (Ryouta)


 Just before the light enveloped my body, I quickly used the Absolute Rock stone to go into absolute defense mode, but the light did enough damage to penetrate it.


 If I hadn’t used the Absolute Rock stone, I would have died instantly. The damage is so severe that I am convinced of it.

 My whole body hurts, here and there.


 I’m afraid to even look at what’s happening to my body.

 That’s how much damage has come.


 With trembling hands, I loaded the recovery bullet and shot myself.


 In the beginning, I could not catch up with the recovery even if I shot repeatedly because of too much damage.


“Phew ……” (Ryouta)


 Somehow I managed to recover.

 When the pain disappeared, I could finally see myself, but most of my clothes were gone, and only a few sorry rags were stuck to my body.


 If you were to tell me that my clothes were like this, I would believe you if you told me that half of my body was blown off before I recovered.


 The Orc King was surprised and swung his whip at me.

 The whip wriggled like a living thing, though its trajectory reminded me of that of an expert, or even a master.


“I’m relieved.” (Ryouta)


 I spotted the tip of the whip, which was probably faster than the speed of sound, and grabbed it tightly.

 Compared to the instant death of light, the whip is quite manageable.




“That light doesn’t seem to be able to fire continuously.” (Ryouta)


 I was relieved that I had a chance to win.

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