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 The final destination of the journey, Hinomoto, the Land of Beasts.

 What was waiting for us when we visited Hinomoto to save Amako’s mother, Kanoko, was the fearsome plan of Jinya, the chief of the Beastman tribe.

 With the help of Assistant Chief Hayate and his subordinates, we managed to stop Jinya’s plan and the situation seemed to be under control, but then the demon Koga, who calls himself the leader of the Demon King’s Second Army, appeared and we had to fight him.

 As a result, we were able to get him to admit defeat and leave, but in reality, it was as if he missed us.

 After that, we succeeded in returning the precognition magic that had been stolen from Jinya-san by Nea to Kanoko-san and awakening her, and we left Hinomoto to return to the Lingle Kingdom after staying there for three days.


“Hmm… Did such a thing happen in the Land of Beasts?”



 Currently, we had left the beastman’s realm and were headed to the third country we visited, Miarak.

 Norn-sama greeted us as if she had anticipated our arrival, and after sending a Hoot Bird to the Lingle Kingdom, she invited us into the underground cave where Falga-sama was.

 There, she first told Falga-sama about what had happened in Hinomoto.


“That was a close call. If the Beastmen were to team up with the Demon race, this would have been the first place they would have targeted. Even if it was just a matter of that, if they attacked us when we hadn’t rebuilt yet, we wouldn’t have been able to survive.”


 Norn-sama seemed relieved after hearing my story.

 It’s true that Jinya-san would probably try to attack Miarak first.

 It didn’t happen because Koga decided that the beastman tribe couldn’t fight, but if I hadn’t stopped Jinya-san’s outburst like that, it might have happened sooner or later.

 When I think about it, I’m glad I was able to stop him.


“Precognition magic is a magic that, if in the hands of a greedy person, will lead to ruin. Forgetting the present and thinking about the future, one day even the present will become invisible. That man Jinya can’t even accept the reality in front of him, and he’s come to fear even the future that will eventually come. It is well said that …… too much power will destroy you.”


 After muttering this, Falga-sama now turns his gaze towards us.


“But another user of dark magic. I was able to take a peek at the memories of your gauntlet just now, and it seems that you have a moderately troublesome temperament.”

“That’s right, ……. I’ve been spotted by a really nasty person: …….”

“……You may be destined to attract such people, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, …….”

“I’m kidding.”


 I’m not laughing at the joke.

 Or rather, I don’t think Falga-sama’s joke is a joke at all, but he doesn’t change his expression or anything at all.


“Wait, that wasn’t a joke?”

“Yeah, it actually is the truth.”


 Behind me, the little fox and the vampire are whispering something, but I ignore them.

 I’m never going to admit it. ……!

 Even though there are a lot of things that come to mind when I think about it: ……!


“But I see that your journey has finally come to an end.”

“……Yes. Now we can finally return to the Kingdom of Lingle.”


 It’s been about three months and a half.

 It feels surprisingly short, but the events that happened during that time were all shocking.


“It seems that your friends, the heroes, were also involved in disturbances in various places. ‘Man-eating thunder incarnate’ and ‘forest-eating evil monster’, both of which were defeated by the two heroes.”

“…… W-wow, seems like they’re fighting against something that sounds dangerous …….”

“Both of them are dangerous calamities in a different way than the wicked dragon. The female hero, Suzune, fought the “Incarnation of Thunder”, a demon that kills any living thing that steps into its domain. A mutated demon with …… advanced intelligence and lightning as its weapon of choice.. But the most dangerous thing about it is that it is no less cunning and brutal than the Wicked Dragon.”


 Did Inugami-senpai fight it? It’s lightning vs. thunder, so maybe they were a good match.

 …… If it were me, I wouldn’t want to fight such an opponent. I’m not sure I would want to get a shock all over my body.

 It’s both troublesome to run away from it or to face it head on.


“The “evil monster” that Kazuki fought was a dark demon that came from the depths of the forest. The current hero, the young man, has sealed the forest where the elves are living, and the forest has been protected by them however……It seems that the seal has been loosened with the return of the Demon Lord. Fortunately, it seems to have been defeated by the heroes before it regained its full power.”

“Regain its power, ……?”

“It will devour an entire forest in a single night, turning into a voracious eater.”

“Uwaa …….”


 Behind me, Nea let out a grunt of disgust, but I felt the same way she did.

 The two of them must have been fighting some pretty serious opponents.


“When you think about it, the commotion that happened to me doesn’t seem like a big deal. ……”

“Don’t kid yourself”

“That’s not the case.”

“I’m sure it’s not.”

“You’re just as bad as them.”

“From what I’ve heard so far, that’s about right.”


 I received a reprimand from Amako, Nea, Arc-san, Falga-sama, and Norn-sama in that order.

 The expression on their faces twitched with a certain déjà vu.

 Why are they denying me all at once like this? Is there no one on my side?

 As I slumped my shoulders in response, Falga-sama, the corners of his mouth twisted in amusement, opened his mouth.


“……, the heroes are already on their way to the Lingle Kingdom ahead of you. Safely, of course.”

“Oh, I see, I’m glad …….”


 We were in Hinomoto for a long time, so the time for us to return was delayed.

 Both senpai and Kazuki travel by horse, so they’re faster that way.

 As if sensing what I was thinking, Falga-sama opened his mouth while giving Norn-sama a look.


“I’m having the ship you guys are on ready. Norn.”

“Yes. We were making preparations before you arrived, so you can leave today.”

“Thank you so much for everything …….”

“Fufufu, that’s not even close to enough.”


 I wonder how long it would take us to get there by boat?

 After all, it’s faster than a horse, so we might be able to reach the vicinity of the Lingle Kingdom in two or three days.

 The return trip might be really easy.



“Yes? What is it?”

“For the last time, it’s about the hero’s weapon.”

“It’s Senpai and Kazuki’s ……, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell you right now that creating a weapon from scratch will take quite a bit of time. Perhaps we won’t be able to make it in time for the invasion of the Demon King’s army. I want you to keep that in mind.”

“I understand. I’ll relay that message to the two of them.”


 I dare not ask about Falga-sama’s body.

 He knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it. It would be rude to stop him.

 The weapon of the hero created by Falga-sama. I wonder what sort of shape it will form when they hold it.

 ……..For some reason, I can kinda imagine what senpai’s weapon will be like.



 Having finished our conversation with Falga-sama, we returned to the surface with Norn-sama.

 Later, after we had said our goodbyes to Norn-sama, we were escorted by a familiar maid to the boat that would take us to our destination.

 We took the horse and Bluerin that had been waiting outside the castle and proceeded through the streets of Miarak.

 As usual, I was subjected to strange stares since I had Bluerin with me, but I was used to it and didn’t mind.


“The city is recovering nicely huh?”

“Yes. It’s not in full swing yet, but we have diplomatic relations with other countries, so it looks like we’ll be able to regain the lively atmosphere of the city in the near future.”


 As I looked at the streets of Miarak while being guided around, I saw a bustling landscape there, different from the first time I visited.

 Truly, I’m glad I was able to help Karon. …… Speaking of which, I wonder how Karon and Leona-san are doing.

 Maybe I should ask the maid.


“Excuse me. How are Karon-san and Leona-san doing?”

“Karon-sama is busy with paperwork at the castle. After Usato-sama left for the Beastmen Country, there was a lot of discussion about his punishment, but thanks to Norn-sama revealing his origins and persuading everyone, a heavy punishment was avoided.”


 If he explained Karon-sama’s origins, does that mean the people of this city now know that Karon-sama is a descendant of Falga-sama’s …… dragon?


“Karon-sama himself wanted to be punished heavily, though. Due to the effects of his dragon personification, he couldn’t walk without a cane, and Norn-sama gave him the position of directing the reconstruction work of the city.”

“I didn’t know that. ……”

“…… This is a secret, but he was trying to sneak out of work when he heard Usato-sama was coming, you know? He was then tied to a chair by Mistress, though.”

“Heh, heh …….”


 I twitch a smile at the maid who lets out a giggle.

 Is that it? He’s being tied down by the butt.

 Well, I’m glad to hear he’s doing well.


“I’m sure Leona-sama will recognize …… soon.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”



 Puzzled by the meaningful words, I followed the maid and arrived at the edge of the city, at a harbor with many ships lined up in chains.

 As if in a quandary, most of the ships were not moving, but there was one ship that was crowded with people.


“Oh …….”


 As for the size of the boat, it was probably about two times bigger than the fishing boat in my original world.

 The boat was just right, not too big, not too small, and I could see a few sailors carrying in their cargo and the back of a blonde woman I recognized.

 Spotting her, the maid called out from behind her in a somewhat good mood.



“…… hmm? What’s up? Something from Norn-sama–“

“I’ve brought Usato-sama and his party.”


 Leona-san froze at the sight of us.

 Tilting my head at the sight, I greeted her.


“It’s not like it’s been a long time ……. Hello, Leona-san. How have you been?”

“…… yeah, ah …… yeah, you look well.”


 Why is she behaving so suspiciously?

 Was she unconsciously imitating Rose? As I put my hand on my cheek in worry, the maid opened her mouth with a smile.


“Leona-sama. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Ah, oh.”

“Then, gentlemen, have a good trip.”


 The maid bowed deeply to us as well, and left the place.

 Leona-san, who was left behind, moved her gaze impatiently, but looked at me as if she had made up her mind.


“I’m going to accompany you on this boat trip as your escort.”

“You are?”

“Is the castle going to be okay?”


 She shook her head in response to my and Arc-san’s questions, as if she didn’t need to worry.


“Don’t worry about that. I have a man who is working for me right now, whining and whining. I’m sure he’s just as happy to be working with his wife watching over him.”


 Ka-Karon or …….

 It seems that even though the dragon man’s case is over, his ordeal is not over yet.

 Well, he’s got his wife with him, so I guess he’s still happy. …… maybe.


“In addition, I have been instructed by Norn-sama. She said that she can’t let the person who saved Miarak from danger return without any kind of escort.”

“That’s why she sent Leona-san to …….”


 I’m not sure if it’s too much to ask for a guard, although at first glance she doesn’t have the “staff” of a hero. But she’s the most reliable escort I’ve ever had.

…… If Leona-san is working on Norn-sama’s orders, why bother to say no?


“Well then, please take care of the escort. Leona-san.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to be onboard. Then let me show you around the ship immediately. I’ll also have to introduce you to the captain and crew.”



 Leona-san urged me to go up to the ship.

 I was worried about whether or not Bluerin and the horse would be able to fit on the ship, but I didn’t have to worry about that because Norn-sam had thoughtfully placed a sort of hastily built stable in the back of the ship for Bluerin and the horse.

 There were about seven people on board, including the captain and crew, and they must have heard about us, because they introduced themselves and thanked us.

 As usual, I’m not used to being thanked, so I gave an awkward response, but ……. I was glad to get on the boat without any problems.

 As we were being led to our room after introductions, I noticed that Amako was looking at the lake surrounding Miarak that we could see from the ship.


“Is this your first time on a boat, Amako?”

“No, I think it’s my third time on a boat.”

“Hmm? I see.”

“Well, I snuck onto the ship when I was sneaking into Miarak and when I was leaving.”

“Oh, I see.”


 That’s right, the only way to cross the other shore from the beastman’s domain is to get on a boat.

 …… So does that mean this is the first normal boat trip for this girl?

 Hmm? Come to think of it, Nea had been cooped up in a village for a long time before she started her journey. ……





 When I saw Nea walking near Amako, she had her arms crossed and a disinterested expression on her face.

 However, although she was acting like she wasn’t interested, she was glancing at the surface of the lake frequently, so I could tell that she was curious.


“Nea, there’s no need to push yourself, okay?”

“Wha— N-no, I’m not pushing it.”

“The boat is unusual, isn’t it? I understand, everyone is excited when they first get on board.”

“Do I look like a child? Why do you always have to be so thoughtful?”


 As I looked at Nea, who was desperately trying to deny the truth, with a smile on her face, Leona-sa walking in front of me, turned to me.


“These two rooms are yours. It’s roughly two to three days from here to the vicinity of the Lingle Kingdom. Normally, we should be able to get there much faster, but …… there’s a danger of demons, so we’ll have to travel by boat while being cautious.”

“There will be demons?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry, they’re not that powerful. This ship is also loaded with weapons, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking.”


 If that’s the case, I’m relieved.

 The idea of a demon living in the water doesn’t bother me, but I’d rather not encounter one if I can avoid the danger.

 We stepped into our respective rooms, Amako and Nea, and me and Arc-san.

 As I was about to enter the room with my luggage, Leona-san called out to me, as if she had suddenly noticed something.


“Speaking of which, Usato. What happened to the uniform you always wore?”

“Oh, …… it got torn. I got into a bit of a tussle in the Land of Beasts …….”


 By the way, I was still wearing the cloak Hayate-san gave me.

 I always wore my uniform in front of Leona-san, so it was understandable that she was curious.


“What? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I got a bit of windpipe on my shoulder, stomach, and leg, but I was fine.”

“I don’t think that qualifies as okay though!! Wait wh-what did you say? Your windpipe?!”


 Leona-san touched my shoulders and stomach, flustered.

 For some reason, the fact that Amako, who had been looking at the surface of the lake earlier, was looking up at me with no expression on her face gave me a bit of a fright.


“You don’t have to worry about it, since it’s been cured by the healing magic.”

“Yeah, I see. …… But it must have been something serious for you to be injured. What kind of demon was it? Or were you caught in a landslide?”


 Why is it limited to demons and natural disasters?

 I don’t know how to answer this question, as if I’m unconsciously excluding the possibility that I was injured artificially.

 At any rate, it’s going to be difficult to explain right now.


“I-I’ll talk to you about this when I have more time.”

“…… I see. Oh, I’m sorry for calling you out.”


 Leona-san, who had hurriedly stepped back, cleared her throat once to regain her composure, then opened her mouth again.


“We’ll be leaving soon. It might be a little bumpy, so be careful. I’m going to go talk to the captain, so if you need me, feel free to call me.”



 Saying that, Leona-san turned her back on me and headed towards the direction of the captain’s office.

 After seeing her off, I was about to enter the room assigned to me and Alk when I suddenly turned my attention to the view outside the ship.


“……The long journey is almost over, huh?”


 It’s kind of a strange feeling, like I’m both happy and sad.

 Remembering my journey so far and feeling deeply moved, I put my luggage back on my shoulders and put my hand on the doorknob of my room.


Author’s Note:


Due to Norn’s meddling, Leona will be accompanying him on his escort.

It’s not too late for Inugami-senpai to make her full appearance in the main story……!

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