Level 1 Guy: Chapter 465 – And then there’s mama

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     I held my chest, the damage done, as I was about to cower.

     I look at Sakura with pleading eyes.


    “Please don’t do that, the effect of an oji-san with a kid is too horrible to think about.” (Ryouta)

    “But she called you papa? Besides, oji-san is oji-san.” (Sakura)

    “Ugh …… Yuki, could you go back to your form?” (Ryouta)

    “Okay papa.” (Yuki)


     After Yuki nodded honestly, her whole body melted down.

     The pretty dress was also a part of her body —– a kind of “skin”.


     Yuki was instantly transformed into her original form.

     The unique monster Slime appears.


    “What is this?” (Sakura)

    “You see? Yuki is not a human, but a slime.” (Ryouta)

    “Heh, I see.” (Sakura)

    “That means Yuki isn’t my daughter, and I don’t have a baby.” (Ryouta)

    “No, I still don’t get it. It could be a child that oji-san gave birth to after being turned into a nursery by slime.” (Sakura)

    “Stop thinking like that, it doesn’t please anyone!” (Ryouta)

    “I’ll be pleased!” (Sakura)


     Sakura said with a great swagger in her chest.


     Ah, right, that’s the kind of hobby you have, isn’t it?


     I didn’t mind, but the mention of ‘oji-san’ made me think of something I hadn’t seen since Femini.


    “Anyway, it’s different.” (Ryouta)

    “I see. But why is she calling you papa then? Is that how you like it?” (Sakura)

    “You seem to want to brand me as a pervert to no end, you know. There’s a lot going on there, and I’ll tell you about the unique monster thing.” (Ryouta)

    “That sounds complicated.” (Sakura)

    “Well, the way this world works, it’s very complicated.” (Ryouta)

    “Oh, that sounds interesting.” (Sakura)


     I smiled at her.

     We’ve only known each other for a short while, but Sakura’s personality makes that kind of thing easy to understand.


     For better or worse, I thought, she’s a delightful girl.




     It was no use standing around in the test room, so we moved to the salon.


     Me, Sakura, and Eve, who clung to Sakura as a “high level love~” and wouldn’t leave her side.

     Then there was Alice, Celeste, Vanadium and Yuki.


     There were a lot of people who hadn’t come home yet, about half the usual number.


    “I still can’t believe it, but are we really in a dungeon?” (Sakura)


     Sakura, looking around the inside of the salon, which looks like some nobleman’s mansion, asked the obvious question.


    “That’s because of this girl —– Vanadium.” (Ryouta)

    “Vanadium? That doesn’t sound like a girl’s name.” (Sakura)

    “Well, she’s number 23 in the periodic table.” (Ryouta)

    “What do you mean, periodic?” (Sakura)


     Sakura tilted her head.

     It’s not that she doesn’t know about the periodic table itself, but she doesn’t seem to know all the details of it either.


     Then that’s fine.


    “In the dungeons of this world, there is always one spirit of the dungeon. The spirit can change the structure of his dungeon as they like. The reason this place doesn’t look like a dungeon is because Vanadium has become one of us and has listened to our requests.” (Ryouta)

    “…… (smiles)” (Vanadium)


     Vanadium smiled happily at my side.

     It’s more like she wants to say thank you.


    “Great, a dungeon I don’t know much about? So we’re about the middle to the end of the story.” (Sakura)

    “Normally, yes.” (Ryouta)


     I chuckled a bit, then asked her again.


    “So, what do you plan to do now?” (Ryouta)

    “Hmm. Hey, are there any goblins or something in this world?” (Sakura)

    “Goblins and orcs? Well, there were goblins. And orcs —– yeah, I fought a mini-orc once.” (Ryouta)

    “Right, right, so we can have Goblin X Orc” (Sakura)

    “What?” (Ryouta)


     I said, my eyes rolling back in my head.

     What is this girl saying out of the blue?


    “Oh, I can forgive most of them, but I don’t want to be reborn with this combination. I think it’s important to keep in mind that orcs are strong on their own and goblins are weak on their own.” (Sakura)

    “No, I don’t understand what you mean.” (Ryouta)


     It’s not that kind of story, either.


    “A good orc and seven goblins fighting over a princess knight who kills—-” (Sakura)

    “I’m not saying that, I’m just saying, are you going to stay here forever?” (Ryouta)

    “Stay here?” (Sakura)

    “I mean, Will you find a way home or something.” (Ryouta)


     Sakura fell silent.

     My friends were silent and didn’t say anything.


     There was a moment of silence, and Sakura made a thoughtful face.


    “Hmm, let me think about it. This place looks interesting, but I can’t decide right now.” (Sakura)

    “I see. Yeah, I guess you’re right.” (Ryouta)


     I know how you feel.

     I’ve been in this world for a while now, and at first I didn’t have time to think about it, because I was too busy living and returning the favor to Emily, but now that I’m in this fascinating world, it’s a little hard to decide not to come back right away.


    “Oji-san is not going back?” (Sakura)

    “…… I’m not sure I’m up for it.” (Ryouta)


     I smiled.

     Celeste and Alice looked at me strangely.


     Now that I’ve grown up with my friends, I have no intention of going back.

     It’s not just that my days over there were so shitty, but more than that, my days with my friends were so great that I don’t feel like going back.


    “I see.” (Sakura)


     Sakura nodded, still with a mysterious look on her face, as if she sensed something from my expression.


     Then silence flowed again, and there was a knock on the door, and Emily came in, pushing a wagon.


    “Here you are nanodesu.” (Emily)


     On the top of the wagon was a steamy cup of tea and a colourful array of cakes, cookies, and other sweets.


    “Oh, this is amazing. Everything looks so good.” (Sakura)

    “It’s delicious, after all, it’s Emily’s homemade.” (Ryouta)

    “Your cheeks are going to fall off.” (Celeste)

    “It’s so comforting to eat.” (Alice)

    “You should eat the carrot cake first.” (Eve)


     The rest of the group, who had been watching the proceedings in silence, all praised Emily’s homemade sweets in unison.

     Emily’s cheeks were flushed, as usual, and she had a happy, shy smile on her face.


     Emily handed Sakura, who was still half a customer, a plate and a cake with a fork.

     Sakura dexterously used her dessert fork to take a bite of the cake – and then.


    “I’ll stay here forever!” (Sakura)

    “Huh?” (Ryouta)

    “I guess I can call you mommy!” (Sakura)


     Emily’s cooking instantly brought Sakura’s pending question to an answer.


     We were puzzled for a moment, but soon we were like, “Oh, well, I guess that’s that”


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