Level 1 Guy: Chapter 464 – Oji-san and papa

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    “What kind of magic did you learn?” (Ryouta)

    “Let me see, heal and …… genesis.” (Sakura)

    “Heal, so that’s recovery magic.” (Ryouta)


     I turn around and look at Celeste.

     Celeste nodded, her eyes meeting mine.


    “It’s a rudimentary recovery magic.” (Celeste)

    “I see.” (Ryouta)


     I nodded and scratched the palm of my hand with my thumbnail.


     Red blood slowly oozed out of the wound, which was gouged at right angles to the life line.

     Checking it, I then speak to Sakura again.


    “Can I ask you a favour?” (Ryouta)

    “……..By the way Oji-san.” (Sakura)

    “It’s time you stop calling me oji-san. And what is it?” (Ryouta)

    “Now, you didn’t hesitate at all, did you?” (Sakura)

    “No, of course not. ……” (Ryouta)


     So what? I nodded my head and asked Sakura back.


     Sakura looked a little taken aback and mumbled, “You’re a mad man.”


     Then she sighs again and holds out her hand to me, palm up.


    “Well, ……, what do I do?” (Sakura)

    “Just a basic reminder. You can use it by imagining that you are collecting ‘something’ from the ends of your body and channeling it to where you need it.” (Ryouta)

    “Is it that easy?” (Sakura)

    “Only if it’s magic you’ve learned.” (Ryouta)

    “Oki–” (Sakura)


     She nodded again and chanted “heal”, this time with a crisp face.


     A soft light shone from Sakura’s hand and enveloped my palm.

     The scratches that I had scratched with my fingernails began to close up, until I was left with a strange picture: no scars, only blood.


    “It’s been healed.” (Ryouta)

    “I like it, I can use magic too, I like it here.” (Sakura)


     Sakura looks at her hands and is in a good mood.


     I remember it too.

     That feeling of gradual excitement as you learn more and more about this world.

     It’s like I’m looking at the person I once was, and it makes me smile a little.


    “The other one is called …… Genesis, right?” (Ryouta)

    “Yeah.” (Sakura)

    “I’m not sure about this one, I wonder what kind of effect it has on magic.” (Ryouta)

    “It’s a kind of summoning magic.” (Celeste)

    “You know it, Celeste?” (Ryouta)

    “Oh, so you’re in that position.” (Sakura)


     I’m impressed, and Sakura is impressed in a different way to me.

     In the midst of all this, our walking encyclopedia (Celestopedia) nodded once, and then began to explain.


    “It’s a kind of summoning magic.” (Celeste)

    “The same kind as my All Might?” (Ryouta)

    “What the heck is that? A magic that summons an American comic book hero?” (Sakura)


     Sakura snapped again.


    “Ame–rikan? What’s that?” (Celeste)

    “Oh, so it’s not?” (Sakura)

    “No, it’s a magic that summons Ryouchin.” (Alice)

    “Ryouchin?” (Sakura)

    “Yes! I’ll show you… Ryouchin!” (Alice)


     Alice, as usual, thrust her hands up in the air and chanted the magic.

     The next moment, a rip appeared in the space, and from the space beyond the speckled colour, Ryouchin appeared.


    “Oh! –What is this, an oji-san stuffed animal version?” (Sakura)

    “As I said stop calling me oji-san.” (Ryouta)


     I explained, bitterly smiling.


    “The magic All Might is a magic that summons the ‘strongest’ being the user is aware of.” (Ryouta)


     I was about to say something when I looked at Celeste and Alice for confirmation.

     Both of them nodded clearly.


    “But well, that ‘strongest’ person would be me for now.” (Ryouta)

    “Huh. That’s interesting magic.” (Sakura)

    “Did you say summoning magic, Celeste?” (Ryouta)


     I turn back to the conversation and look at Celeste.


    “Yes. It’s a magic that actually summons a painting in the user’s handwriting.” (Celeste)

    “Summoning a painting? You mean a …… living painting?” (Ryouta)

    “That’s what I’ve heard.” (Celeste)

    “Really?! Can I have a pen and paper, please?” (Sakura)

    “Yeah.” (Ryouta)

    “I’ll get it desu.” (Emily)


     This time Emily ran out of the room and came back quickly with a pen and paper.

     Sakura took it and placed the paper against the wall and ran her pen over it.


    “It’s done! Let’s see, …… Genesis!” (Sakura)


     Then she chanted a spell and the picture flipped and something popped out of it.


    “Oh.” (Ryouta)

    “It’s Yoda-san!” (Emily)


     Emily was suddenly very excited.


     Sakura had written and summoned me —– but it was not me, it was Ryouchin.


     To be more precise, it was a deformed version of me, a Ryouchin, and then something more “broken” Ryouchin-like.


     If you want to compare it to a child’s drawing of Doraemon, it’s like that.


     And it moves.


     It’s a bit awkward, but it works.


    “I like this, I like this a lot.” (Sakura)

    “It’s a magic that materializes what you draw. It seems to be very versatile.” (Ryouta)

    “Is it safe to defeat this?” (Alice)


     This time Alice asked Celeste.


    “Yes, it is. It’s a feature of Genesis that if you summon it and then call it back, it becomes a picture, and you can still summon it from the picture state.” (Celeste)

    “Heh——ah, you’re right.” (Sakura)


     Sakura made the Ryouchin went back into the paper.

     It was a little interesting to see how the summoned one was sucked into the paper, turned into a picture again, and then re-summoned.


    “But if you get knocked down or destroyed while summoning—– -” (Celeste)


     Celeste said, and manipulated her three bicorn horns +9 with a string, shooting the Ryouchin mock-ups from all directions.


     The Ryouchin is burning in flames.

     He struggled a little, but was soon reduced to charcoal.


     At the same time, the paper Sakura was holding rotted and crumbled into tatters.


    “Just like this, everything’s going to come to poof.” (Celeste)

    “I see.” (Ryouta)

    “And what about drawings from others?” (Sakura)


     Sakura asked, as if it was a normal question, as if she knew Celeste was such a character.


    “No, you can’t do that, you have to draw it yourself.” (Celeste)

    “Well, what about the ones that you summoned …… and then added to and modified after you brought them back?” (Sakura)

    “That’s …… I’m not clear.” (Celeste)


     Once Sakura understood the basics, she started to worry about the applications.

     Celeste looked apologetic that she didn’t know that, as expected.


    “Then let’s try it now. Let’s see, first of all—–” (Sakura)


     With paper and pen in hand, Sakura ponders.

     I guess she’s going to summon it once unfinished and make further additions and corrections. She pondered on what to do with it.


     At that moment when she is pondering.


    “Papa!” (Yuki)


     A familiar voice came from outside the room and Yuki jumped in.


    “Welcome home, Papa.” (Yuki)


     Yuki stood in front of me, looking happy.

     The pretty, daughter-like girl made me wince a little —— but then she said.


    “I didn’t know Oji-san had a child!” (Sakura)

    “Uggghhhh!” (Ryouta)


      The combination of the two techniques caused me a lot of damage to my heart.

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