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Author’s Note:

As requested, I’ve created character introductions for each chapter.

If you haven’t read Volume 6, I recommend you don’t look at it, because it would be a spoiler.



Introduction of the characters

Name: Amako

Race: Beastman (Fox)

Lineage: Prediction

A user of precognitive magic known as the Princess of Time.

She has the most outstanding ability of all the Princesses of Time, and depending on the situation, she can make others choose the future.

She used to live with her mother, Kanoko, before she ran away from Hinomoto.

Two years ago, Kanoko stopped waking up due to Jinya’s scheme, and she left Hinomoto alone to find a way to save her mother. After that, she hid her identity and moved from kingdom to kingdom, looking for a healing magician who could save her mother, but in the end she couldn’t find one and almost gave up. However, in the kingdom of Lingle, the place where she finally arrived, she met kind-hearted people and also met someone who changed her destiny.


His encounter with Usato, a healing magician unlike any other, was the beginning of a journey filled with turmoil.

The journey was hard and arduous, but what she gained from it was more than worth it to her.


Name: Rinka

Race: Beastman (wolf)

Lineage: Not yet introduced

A wolf beastman girl who lives in a hidden village.

She is cheerful and cheerful, and is one of the few friends she has, though she is in contrast to Amako who is the same age as her.

She has always been worried about Amako, who disappeared two years ago without saying goodbye, and when she found her after a long time, she tried to help her with all her might.

When he finds her after a long time, he tries to save her. As a result, he and Usato end up chasing each other.

When Amako was taken prisoner by Jinya, he tried to take the initiative to save her, but his father Hayate and grandfather Kagari stopped him, and he was waiting for news from them in a hidden village, unfaithful.


This was the second time he had to say goodbye to Amako.

The first time we parted without exchanging a word, but this time we were able to say a firm goodbye and promise to meet again.


Name: Hayate

Race: Beastman (Wolf)

Lineage: Not yet introduced

A male wolf beastman who lives in Hinomoto, the Land of Beastmen.

He has been entrusted with assisting the Chief, and is practically the number two in Hinomoto.

He has a mild personality, and is one of the few people who welcomed Usato and the others to the Land of Beasts with open arms. Perhaps because of his personality, he is well-liked by the residents of Hinomoto.

He is a childhood friend of Jinya, the chief, and Kanoko, Amako’s mother, and considers them to be his dearest friends. She was determined to watch over Amako, Kanoko’s daughter, in the shadows as her best friend’s daughter, apart from being the “Princess of Time Composition,” but her resolve was easily shattered by Jinya, her other best friend.


After the incident, he proposed to the people of Hinomoto that someone else be nominated as their chief in Jinya’s place, but at their insistence, he himself became their chief, albeit temporarily.


Name Jinya

Race: Beastman (Bear)

Lineage: Demon Eye (Precognition)/Unrevealed

A male bear beastman who lives in Hinomoto, the Land of Beastmen.

He is the chieftain of Hinomoto, and is also the one who took the precognition magic away from Amako’s mother, Kanoko.

Having acquired the powerful magic of precognition, Amako’s mother, Kanoko, is the one who stole it from him, and with her anger towards humans smoldering inside her, she plots a plan that has no regard for her own people.

His true motive was his hatred for the humans who had selfishly oppressed the beastmen and his desire to wield the power of precognition magic, and when Hayate confronted him about it, he did not utter a word of excuse.


After the incident, the precognition magic was returned to Kanoko, and Jinya, having lost the precognition magic, became afraid of the “unseen future” and the “unpredictable present.


Name: Kanoko

Race: Beastman (Fox)

Lineage: Magic eye (precognition)

A fox beastman woman who lives in Hinomoto, the Land of Beastmen.

She is the previous “Princess of Time Composition” of the Beastmen race, and Amako’s mother.

In Hinomoto, she was conducting research on transferring precognitive magic into magical tools and operating them. The reason she was working on this research was to avoid inconveniencing her daughter, Amako, and the users of predictive magic who would be born in the future.

However, in the midst of her research, she realized that her friend Jinya was planning to misuse the spell and tried to destroy it with her own hands, but failed. In the process, his own precognitive magic was transferred to Jinya, and Kanoko herself fell into a sleep that she never woke up from.


After the incident, with Nea’s help, Kanoko regained her precognition magic from Jinya and was able to wake up and reunite with Amako for the first time in two years.

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