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This is the second story update.

This time it will be a side story from Suzune’s point of view.



 Our journey has come to an end.

 In the last country we visited, the Kingdom of Thundera, I had a lot of fruitful experiences.

 It was good that I handed over the letter, but the king doubted my ability to call myself a hero, and imposed a test to see if I had the ability to be worthy of being a hero.

 It was to defeat the light-cloaked demons that lived in the mountains located far away from the Kingdom of Thundera.

 This demon attacks people with light and has caused many casualties.

 We knew it was dangerous, but in order to defeat the demon, we went into the mountain where it lived.


“Well, I didn’t expect that the light that I was clad in was actually lightning. Moreover, I didn’t think that the true identity was that of a legendary demon.”

“That was an undeniably powerful enemy. If it weren’t for Suzune-san’s quick thinking, we might have been the ones who lost.”


 Kurumia agrees with me as I mutter ponderously.

 After safely overcoming the ordeal and receiving the willingness to cooperate from the Kingdom of Thundera, we had completed our mission and were riding our horses back to the Kingdom of Lingle.


“I was also prepared to die from the quicksand.”


 A demon that understands human language.

 It was fortunate that I had encountered a demon that could understand human speech, but the one I had encountered was no good.

 It looked down on all life other than its own, and whether it was hostile or not, it had the cruelty to try to slaughter it.

 It was a thunder beast, right?

 A man-eating tiger that reaps the life out of its prey by moving so fast that it could be mistaken for lightning.

 It was a powerful enemy that even I, who possessed the magic to control lightning, had a hard time with.


“But the moment you met him, the first thing you said was ‘Could you be my familiar!’ I was stunned.”



 The words that he slammed down with mockery had no respect whatsoever.

 When I first met her, she said, “You must be Suzune-sama! I’m honoured to be on this journey with you!” But now it’s like this.


“Sigh… Why are all the demons I encounter so ferocious? Even this time, I had the makings of having an absolutely adorable familiar tiger who has the ability to talk. …… Already, the fact that it’s cruel and inhumane is ruining everything. ……”

“Why don’t you just use Hoot Bird?”

“I want my own personal familiar!”

“Then you have your beloved horse that you’re riding now. What was it again? Was it Sanho-kun of Thunder Horse? You have a wonderful naming sense. I can’t help but laugh.”

“It’s not even a demon! Besides, I won’t even allow you to say anything bad about Sangho-kun!”


 Making fun of my beloved traveling horse, Sangho-kun, is something that even Kurumia will not tolerate.

 As I said this while stroking Sanho-kun’s mane, Kurumia smiled cheerfully at my anger.


“I’m not bad mouthing Sangho-kun.I’m bad mouthing the owner.”

“It’s more unforgivable!”


 This escort knight, what does she think I am?

 It’s true that I asked you to be less uptight, but I didn’t expect you to be so rude.

 But she’s the friendliest person I’ve ever met on this trip, and I hate the fact that I can count on her when I need her.

 I can’t win a verbal fight against her, so I let out a sigh and droop down.


“Oh, I bet it would be fun if the familiar could talk.”

“A talking familiar demon is unheard of. Smart demons basically don’t show themselves to people, and they’re usually too powerful to go down to people in the first place.”

“I guess that’s true. It’s not that dreamy, is it? That tiger definitely didn’t have the personality to fit in with humans. ……”


 I suggested this to that thunder beast, but he usually snickered at me.

 Speaking of familiars—–


“Usato-kun, I hope you’re okay. ……”


 Before I knew it, Usato-kun had an owl on his shoulder.

 He is currently stepping into the realm where the beastmen live.


“According to the kingdom, he hasn’t been heard from since leaving Mia Rak.”

“That’s because the destination is the beastman’s country. It’s a place that Hoot Bird can’t reach, so even though it can’t be helped, I’m still starting to worry.”


 The land of the beastmen is an unknown territory for humans.

 I wonder how Usato and the others who went there to save Amako’s mother are doing now?

 I wonder if they saved her mother safely. ……


“I’ve just been informed that Kazuki-kun has safely completed his mission and is on his way back, just like me. …… Now we just have to wait for word from Usato-kun.”


 I’m glad that he was able to finish his mission safely too, Kazuki.

 There was some disturbing information in the letter, such as that he had accidentally found a hidden village where elves lived in the forest he had wandered into, but I tried not to pay too much attention to it in order to maintain my mental stability.


“But well, I’m sure Usato-sama can handle being attacked by a beast race. That person’s physical ability is inherited from Rose-sama, so I don’t think there are many people who can manage it.”

“Indeed, you’re right. In Mia Rak, he fought against a hero who turned into a dragon man, and it wouldn’t be strange if he also grew up during the trip.”


 No, it was rather unthinkable that he would miss training, as he had become more stoic since joining the rescue squad in this world.


“More importantly, Suzune-san, isn’t it going to be hard when you meet Usato-sama again?”

“Ugghhh …… I’m trying to do something about it too, but…”

“While your face is red, you can only send a warm gaze when you try to deny it.”

“Th-that’s because ……”


 When it came down to it, when I was asked a question with an article in my hand, I didn’t know how to answer and clammed up, but I was still tortured by the will to deny properly, and I ended up feeling like I was denying in a deceptive way.


“Suzune-san is even more of a slacker than we all imagine.”


“She gets carried away easily.”


“She can’t help it because she’s hopelessly bad at romance.”



 The raging three-pronged attack pierced my heart and I felt like I was going to collapse.


“But you should at least apologize to Usato-sama…”

“I-I know that already. I wonder if he’ll hate me …… though!”

“I’m sure you know that better than anyone.”


 Kurumia shrugged her shoulders.

 Usato-kun would be angry, but he wouldn’t hate me. But the thought of what if makes me feel terribly uneasy.



“There’s so much I want to talk to him about ……, I can’t wait to meet him.”


 What happened on the trip, what I experienced.

 Both Usato-kun and Kazuki-kun must have had a very difficult journey.

 Rather than ……, Kazuki was participating in some sort of tournament, and Usato was fighting the dragon people in Miarak, so we know it’s tough at that point.

 That’s why I’d like to talk to them about our respective journeys.


“Well, as for getting caught up in the commotion, I’m pretty much the same. I’ve also been able to power up my magic.”


 Rather, why do I only encounter ferocious demons?

 When I held my head in my hands, I said, “Isn’t it because we’re just like each other?” I could see Usato’s face in my mind, smiling and spitting venom at me.

 Kurumia, who may have heard me talking to myself, put her index finger to her lips and looked at me as if she remembered.


“Huh? As I recall, Usato-sama was wearing an unfamiliar gauntlet and carrying an owl, wasn’t he? Isn’t Suzune-san, whose appearance has not changed in any way, already defeated at that point?”


“Oh, please don’t do that. I’m against violence. Please don’t slap me!”

“You’re such a jerk! You’re such a jerk!”


 I was trying so hard not to think about it!

 From my horse, I stretched out my arm and slapped Kurumia on the back.


“I think you’re aiming too hard with that owl! You already know how cute they are! And yet, you put it on your shoulder for all to see. ……! And it’s so chubby and round, I’m jealous of you ……!”

“Ara, that, could it be that Suzune-san is crying?”

“No, I’m not! I’m not crying!”


 I’ve decided.

 If I meet Usato-kun, I will first apologize sincerely. I’ll gladly accept any kind of retaliation or abusive language.

 After that, I will definitely ask him to let me touch his owl.

 In order for this to happen, I myself must return safely to the Lingle Kingdom.

 After suppressing my worries and anxieties about Usato-kun, I proceeded on my way back to the Lingle Kingdom with a firm resolve.


Author’s Note:


I was going to write Kazuki’s point of view as well, but it would have been the same as Suzune’s, so I decided to leave it for when they meet again.


In Volume 7, they don’t get involved any more and go home as usual.

It’s a kind of pause for the next story, so it may have more gags than before.

The theme will be “Reunion”.


The next story, Chapter 7, Episode 1, will be updated tomorrow morning at 6:00.

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