Level 1 Guy: Chapter 462 – Level Infinite, but still not strong enough

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 I took out my portable K-I-A board from the pocket of my Grand Eater and held it out to Sakura.

 In a lily-livered position, almost hugging Eve, Sakura took the Portable K-I-A board and looked at it closely.


“What’s this?” (Sakura)

“It’s an item from this world. If you use it, you can check your status.” (Ryouta)

“Use an item? Can’t you just use status open or something?” (Sakura)

“I’ve tried that in the past, but it didn’t work.” (Ryouta)


 I replied with a wry smile.

 Like my first reaction, she’s adapting so much.

 Well, that’s good, because it helps.


“I see, I’ll use it then.” (Sakura)


 She listened to the explanation and used the portable K-I-A board as it should.

 Then, her status comes up.



Level: 1/∞



Strength F

Stamina F

Intelligence F

Mentality F

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck F




Plant F

Animals F

Minerals F

Magic F

Traits F



 The abilities were all F’s ——- but it was my first time looking at a level like that.

 ∞ (Infinite)


“What does this …… mean nanodesu?” (Emily)


 Emily looks at ‘∞’ and tilts her head.


“It means infinite.” (Ryouta)

“Does that mean there’s no upper limit to your level desu?” (Emily)

“I think so. That’s how it’s written.”


 I nodded, and Emily’s eyes widened in surprise.


“I see, so that’s why Eve-chan said ‘high level’.” (Ryouta)

“High level lo~ve.” (Eve)


 Eve rubbed her cheek against Sakura some more.


“…… Come to think of it, the only people Eve’s called firmly low-level are me and, very occasionally, Alice. She doesn’t say it to the people in town around there or anything.” (Ryouta)

“I see, so she meant the upper limit, not the current level.” (Celeste)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)


 I nodded.

 With the advent of Sakura, I felt that for the first time I understood the real meaning of what Eve called “low level”.


“But is it really infinite? Doesn’t it have to stop rising at some point?” (Celeste)

“I’d like to try it.” (Ryouta)

“There are lots of experience crystals in the mansion desu.” (Emily)

“We’ve been accumulating them since Margaret’s time.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, we can use them as we please desu.” (Emily)


 I nodded.


“All right, let’s go back to the house. Wait here for a moment.” (Ryouta)


 I turned back the way I’d come and ran into the transportation gate.

 Once swept by the Fermium, the room becomes a safe zone where no monsters appear at all until you re-enter.


 We headed back that way and returned to the mansion —— Vanadium dungeon.


 I find Vanadium in the Salon, playing with Cerberus.


“Vanadium”. (Ryouta)

“…… (nod nod)” (Vanadium)


 The vanadium (and Cerberus, by the way) ran up to me.


 He grabbed me by the hem, nodded her head and smiled.


 It was a welcome home gesture.


“I’m back. I need you to do something for Vanadium.” (Ryouta)

“……?” (Vanadium)

“I need to get one person into the dungeon here. A girl who’s from the same place as me, and I’ll take care of her no matter what.” (Ryouta)

“…………” (Vanadium)


 It was the first hesitation in a long time that Vanadium, whose mental health has been calming down for a while now, showed.


 It lasted for about five seconds.

 After a good five seconds of hesitation, Vanadium nodded slowly.


“Thank you.” (Ryouta)

“…… (chuckles).” (Vanadium)


 I thanked her by patting her on the head, and she smiled happily.


 I used the transporter gate again to fly to Fermium to greet everyone.


 Everyone was waiting for me when I emerged.


“Sorry for the delay.” (Ryouta)

“Did Erieri give the approval?” (Alice)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, let’s go!.” (Alice)


 Alice was the first to jump into the transport gate.

 She was followed by Celeste, then Emily, and finally Eve, arm in arm with Sakura, entered the gate and I stepped in with her.


 In an instant, we were back in the Vanadium again from the Fermium.


“Wow, this is a mansion, isn’t it? You’re good, you’ve already got the mansion.” (Sakura)

“It’s not just a mansion. It’s in Elysium, a dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“Really? You’ve remodeled a dungeon?” (Sakura)

“No, it’s not a dungeon, it’s a …….. I’ll explain everything about it later, including how this world works.” (Ryouta)


 I tried to change the subject, as if it was more important than that.


“Where are Emily and Celeste?” (Ryouta)

“They’ve already gone to get ready. They’re going to the usual place where they do the tests.” (Alice)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 I asked, since they were already gone when I came back at the gate, but apparently they had moved on quickly.


 I grabbed Sakura and we went into the testing room, which had been made to look like a basement.


 Shortly afterwards, Emily and Celeste came pushing a magic cart.


 They dumped the contents of the cart on the floor of the room.

 A lot of crystals came out.


 These were dropped by the dungeon master in Nihonium.

 It was a ring that was supposed to give you experience in the form of crystals, and I had been making and saving them for years.


“What’s this?” (Sakura)

“It’s an item that gives you more experience when you use it. I’ve been hoarding them for a long time, since everyone’s maxed out on their level cap.” (Ryouta)


 Sakura is convinced, and I explain to her how to use the experience crystals.


 One by one, her friends bring in the crystals they’ve been hoarding since Margaret did it once, and Sakura uses them.


 The process went on and on for several hours.

 After all the crystals were used up, the status was checked again on the portable now board.



Level: 147/∞



Strength F

Stamina F

Intelligence D

Mentality D

Speed F

Dexterity F

Luck F




Plant F

Animals F

Minerals F

Magic F

Special Item F



“””Oh …… oh?”””


 After a cheer, the cheer died down in a half-hearted way.


 The level had risen to 147, which seemed truly infinite, but the ability had not risen as much.


“…… I see how it is.” (Ryouta)


 I kinda got the bigger picture after looking at her stats.

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spare · 28th June 2021 at 1:30 AM

No limit but incredibly slow growth, she could probably become stronger then Ryouta given enough time and if there’s no cap on the stats. But she would die of old age long before that could happen if she doesn’t get a lot of help.

SFcipher · 28th June 2021 at 6:17 AM

He grabbed me by the hem, nodded her head and smiled. -> She grabbed me by the hem, nodded her head, and smiled.

Thanks for the treat.

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