Chiyu Mahou: Side story – After the battle

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Author’s Note: 

This is the first update.

It’s a short one, since it’s a side story.


 This is the first time I’ve been able to find out what happened.

 As a result of the mission we received from the Demon King, we decided that the beastmen were not worth fighting for as our brethren. At that point, we should have returned to our home country, but due to the whim of the bonkers army commander, Koga Dingal, we had a little battle in Hinomoto.


“Whew, that was a hell of a thing to do.”


 Koga muttered such a thing as he remembered while we were on our way back after finally escaping the beastmen’s domain.

 From the fact that he was rubbing his belly, he might be remembering the blow he received back then.

 While being aware of my surroundings to stay alert, I asked Koger.


“I didn’t see the whole fight, but that’s as far as it went?”

“Yeah, it’s like the rumours say, ……. It’s not unusual for me to be up against the physical abilities that I’m raising with dark magic.”

“You knew that.”

“Well, yeah. But when we actually fought, it was full of surprises. Above all, his reflexes and defense with his gauntlet are outstanding, and it’s unbelievable that he can knock down almost any attack upfront.”


 It’s not like the black knight’s dark magic specializes in physical combat.

 When fighting, the dark robe that covers his body moves according to Koga’s will, strengthening and assisting his superior physical abilities as a demon.

 It seems unassuming, but it is similar to the magic-clad profundity that his master created.


“You saw that last one, right? It’s even worse than it looks, you know? It forces the attacker to penetrate the defense, and the healing magic makes it hard to tell if it hurts or not. Scary, right?”

“Can I call that …… healing magic?”


“Why you’re smiling is beyond me, though.”


 From a distance, but from the side, it was a shocking sight, as unidentifiable impacts were repeatedly slammed into Koga’s body from his fists that were in close contact with his pushed out body.

 For a second, I thought for a moment that I was going to lose my shit and was about to leave.


“How did it go over there? You fought the knights of the Lingle’s kingdom, didn’t you?”

“…… Yeah, he was a good warrior.”


 A red-haired swordsman from the Kingdom of Lingle.

 I did not take it easy on him at all. I was wearing flames and swinging my sword with the intention of killing him. Even so, the fact that he survived and sliced through the wall of flames must have been because he had the strength and determination to do so.


“Wow, that’s surprising. I didn’t expect you to praise him.”

“Demons and humans. Even though they’re enemies, there’s more than just hatred there. His sword was magnificent. I was just speaking words of praise for that undeniable fact.”

“I see.”


 Koga crossed his arms and nodded his head.

 His reaction seemed to be somewhat petulant, and I opened my mouth with a frown on my face, a little annoyed.


“First of all, I was just going along with your little hobby.”

“Haha, you’re right. Well, as for me, I was satisfied, so it’s fine. Now, how should I explain this to the Demon King? ……”

“…… I guess you’ll just have to be honest.”


 This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

 Moreover, I, who was originally in a position to admonish him, also lent a hand.


“At worst, I’m prepared to kill myself.”

“What? Why are you talking like that?”

“You’re acting outside of orders. Moreover, if it’s a battle with the people of the hostile Lingle Kingdom, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“No, no, there’s no way the Demon King would want that. Moreover, that would involve me too, right?”


“No comment! You’re going to take me down with you? Stop it, you. I’m sure the Demon King won’t get mad at you for that. He’d rather laugh and forgive me. No, he’s not laughing, but…”

“What do you know about the Demon King?”



 When I opened my eyes and stared at Koga, his expression twitched.

 He didn’t understand the gravity of the situation at all.


“I acted outside of his orders, and even went into battle for such a stupid and brainless boss. …… It’s no use. I have no choice but to cut myself.”

“Sometimes, your loyalty is so heavy that I really can’t keep up with you. And don’t you despise me too casually? I’ve been told I’m a terrible person. …… Oi, you guys should say something to her.”


 Koga silently calls out to his men, who have been following behind him.

 Then, with clenched fists, they turned their determined eyes on me.


“If Amira-dono is going to do that, then we will also ……!”


“If it’s for the sake of Amira Onee-sama, I’m willing to let my body rot away ……!”


“It has been my honour to share this journey with you, however brief.”

“Since when did you talk like that?!?!”


 My tear glands slackened as my men threw such words at me one after another.

 Holding the corners of my eyes, I turn to face forward.


“You guys ……! All right, I’ve received your determination! Then follow me!”



 We left the stunned Koga behind and walked all the way to the Demon King’s territory.


“Wait a minute, why is Amira more popular than me! I’m the leader of your army! Oi wait a minute, don’t leave me here!”


 It’s the difference between working and not working.

 However, as soon as I finish this assignment, my temporary position as assistant corps commander will be dropped. When that happens, we will be running together on the battlefield as comrades on the same page.

 Preparations for the battle are steadily being made.

 We have increased the strength of our forces and improved the quality of our soldiers.

 Cavalrymen who control ferocious demons as familiars and devour the battlefield.

 The commander of the Third Legion, who was newly assigned to take my place.

 And the commander of the First Legion, who boasts to be the “strongest” in the Demon King Army, is going into battle.




 This time, the decisive battle will be different from the first and second.

 Of course, the Kingdom of Lingle won’t just be beaten. They’ll be forming a coalition with neighboring countries to intercept us.

 Competent people from each kingdom.

 Fierce people with the title of heroes.

 Hereos summoned from other worlds.

 The rescue squad from the infamous Lingle Kingdom for us.


“I guess the day of reckoning may not be that far away.”


 I didn’t dare to put into words whether it would be a battle between humans and demons or a resolution to my fate.

 One thing I did know was that the next battle would be more deadly than ever.

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When your second in command has more popularity among your men than you.
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