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 Three days have passed since Kanoko-san woke up.

 Amako can often be seen working with Linka, who came to Hinomoto the day before yesterday.

 Nea and Bluerin are coasting through the night.

 The owl sleeping happily on my shoulder sometimes annoyed me, while I helped with the reconstruction work of Hinomoto with Arc-san.

 Hinomoto, thanks to Hayate’s efforts, was finally getting back to a peaceful routine.


“So, you’re finally leaving?”

“Yes. Thank you for your help, but if I stay too long, I might cause you trouble.”


 It was exactly the first week since I entered the Land of Beasts.

 Me and Arc-san …… along with Nea, who was sleeping on my shoulder, had visited Hayate’s room.

 When we told him that we were leaving Hinomoto and going back to the Lingle Kingdom, he had a sad expression on his face.


“You don’t have to worry about the stares of the …… soldiers, do you?”

“I’m used to it as far as that goes.”

“I-I see …….”


 The soldier who I seemed to have thrown away turned pale and moved away, or worse, half-cried his head off, saying, “I won’t do anything bad anymore!” I thought I had gone too far when he bowed his head, half crying, saying, “I will not do anything bad!”

 I’ve heard that there are some people who tell their children stories about being thrown to the Ogre if they do something wrong.

 What am I…..a namahage?


“Well, that’s all right. You’ve come here with a mission.”


“When do you think you’ll be leaving?”

“I’ve had a good night’s rest, and I’m hoping to leave tomorrow around noon.”


 If I stay any longer, I’ll cause trouble, and more importantly, I want to let them know that I’m going back to the Lingle Kingdom.

 Hinomoto doesn’t have a Hoot Bird that can be sent to the human realm, so I can’t wait to do something about the fact that he hasn’t yet informed us of our safety.


“Will Hayate-san be okay? I heard that you’re currently serving as a temporary chief.”


 Hayate-san scratched his cheek as if troubled by Arc-san’s question.


“At the moment, my assistant is in charge of the temporary chief, but if no one else is recommended at this time, I will be in charge of the chief for the time being. ……”

“I’m sure Hayate-san will be well-suited for it.”

“Haha, I don’t know. As for me, I think it’s a position that’s out of my stature. …… But I’m willing to work as hard as I can.”


 I’m sure this guy will be fine.

 Despite his modesty, Hinomoto was able to quickly rebuild thanks to his man’s efforts. There was no way the people who had been watching his actions would complain.

 Hayate-san smiled in annoyance, but his expression quickly turned dark.


“It’s about Jinya… ……”

“You’re talking about him being restrained, right?”

“Yeah. I’m still holding him because he took magic from Kanoko and was trying to start a fight with dangerous ideas, but ……”

“……What’s going on?”


 I sensed something unusual in Hayate-san’s stammering words.


“Jinya’s lost his precognition magic, and he’s become severely delirious. I think it’s because he’s been relying on precognition magic for the past two years, but he’s become terrified of the present where he doesn’t know anything.”

“…… Well, that’s kinda obvious.”

“Because it’s obvious, in my opinion. The future is something we don’t usually know, but Jinya reached for it. …… I know it sounds terrible, but maybe fear of the unseen future is Jinya’s punishment right now.”


 I can’t use precognition magic, so I don’t know how Jinya feels, but I think it’s really scary to be unable to see something that you’ve always been able to see. What he did was too much, but I sympathized with him on that part.


“…… Let’s change the subject. Since yesterday, as a temporary chief, I’ve been thinking about the letter from the Lingle Kingdom.”

“Huh? No, but ……”

“Of course, we can’t take it. We’re going to remain neutral. But ……”


 With that, Hayate-san raised his arm.

 Then, through the open window, two blue birds enter and stay on his arm.

 Hoot birds, bird-shaped demons that allow for long-distance communication.


“I’m thinking that it would be nice to establish a friendly relationship with you, without my position as a chief. Would that be okay with you?”

“! Yes, of course.”

“I’m sure no one will complain if anyone finds out about us with you guys. Well, I heard that Amako also signed up for this, so I guess the main thing that will go is a letter from Linka. Hahaha.”


 Indeed, it is impossible to form a cooperative relationship with Hinomoto.

 Rather, it was obvious that involving the beastman race in this mess would be bad for them and for us.

 But I’ll gladly accept it if it comes to this.

 I raised my arm, and two Hoot Birds jumped over to me. Once again, their dull eyes are so cute.

 I wonder what would be like when I put them on my …… shoulders.


“…… Huuuuh! I have a feeling that my position is in jeopardy!”

“What are you talking about?”


 While wondering about Nea who said something unintelligible in her sleep, I signed a simple messenger contract with the Hoot Bird.

 Even though it was a contract, it was easy because all I had to do was touch the HootBird’s head with my fingertips and mutter a few predetermined words.

 After that, Nea was chasing Hoot Bird away with her wings, looking desperate.


“This is my place! Back off! Shoo shoo!!”


 Since when did my shoulder belong to you? It’s definitely in place, though.

 And so, Arc-san also finishes his contract with Hoot Bird.

 After watching the Hoot Bird leave through the window, Hayate-san suddenly turned his gaze towards me as if he remembered something.


“Speaking of which, did you tell Amako about this?”

“Ehh, uhhh…… yes. She asked for more time, but maybe she’ll stay here with her mother. If that happens, please take care of that child for me.”

“That, of course, I will. But are you sure?”


 I hesitate a little at Hayate-san’s words, but quickly answer back.


“I’ll leave it to Amako’s choice.”

“…… Yeah. Then I won’t say anything more. Let’s switch gears then. I was thinking of having a banquet today to send you guys off, what do you think?”

“What? What do you mean, a banquet? ……You don’t have to make it a big deal.”


 Hayate-san, you’re smiling so much.


“It’s a party to dispel the gloomy atmosphere we’ve been in lately, so you don’t have to worry about it. Besides, we beastmen love to have parties. We beastmen love to party, and we’re happy to participate, so there’s no need for you to hold back.”


 Come to think of it, the party we had in the hidden village was just like that and the beastmen are cheerful and fun people, aren’t they?

 After confirming with Arc-san, I turned to Hayate-san.


“If that’s the case, I’ll be happy to participate.”

“Alright, it’s decided! Then let’s arrange for everyone to be informed!”


 With a smile, I chuckle at Hayate-san’s instructions to his subordinates, and think back to my words from earlier.

 Would Amako go to the Lingle Kingdom or stay in Hinomoto with her mother?

 Normally, she would stay in Hinomoto, where her mother had been sleeping. I’m sad to say goodbye, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to see her forever, and I can keep in touch with her through Hoot Bird.

 But I have to be prepared to say goodbye to the friends I’ve been traveling with.



 I was lost.

 Should I return to the Lingle Kingdom with Usato and the others, or should I stay in Hinomoto with my mother?

 If it had been me a long time ago, I would have said to stay here without hesitation.

 However, now that I have completed my long journey, Usato and the others have become as important to me as my mother.

 When it was decided that Usato and the others would return to the Lingle Kingdom, Hayate organized a party to send them off. Unlike in the hidden village, the party was big in scale and everything, but everyone ate, drank, and laughed.

 Since mother was too sick to eat richly flavored food, she sat in a position where she could watch the party, and I looked around with Linka.

 In the meantime, I saw that Usato had given the Hinomoto children the impression that humans = Usato, as he had beaten off a succession of Hinomoto men, including Daitetsu-san in an arm-wrestling match with a blown-up face, but I quickly forgot about it.

 Anyway, it was a noisy and fun party.



“U-Usato-kun, thank you, thank you very much. ……”

“Ah, haha.”

“Mother, why couldn’t you resist?”


 The morning after the party, Mom had a stomach ache.

 I wondered what was going on, and after calling Usato, I asked her why…


“Because it looked so good.”


 Please praise me for not saying it out loud in a tone of voice like Usato.

 What is this person saying at the age of thirty-four? It was only at this moment that I felt a little ashamed to be her daughter.

 It all started because my mother, who couldn’t stand to watch the party, got involved with the food.

 According to Usato, she hadn’t eaten solid food properly for two years, and her internal organs were so startled that they hurt her.

 After Usato’s healing magic had managed to heal her, Mother bowed her head in tears, but he was in awe.


“Usato, I’m sorry. Even though you’re getting ready to leave ……. Aaah mother, you look like a natural kid…….”


 I apologized to Usato in front of the room where my mother was, and he chuckled and waved his hand to the side.


“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s more important if something happens to Kanoko-san. So, Amako, have you …… decided?”

“…… I’ll decide soon.”


 He nodded slowly at the words after a few moments of silence.

 Inwardly, I was disgusted with myself for not being able to make up my mind, but after watching his back as he went to get ready, I went back to my mother’s room.

 As I entered the room with a sigh, I saw my mother sitting upright on the futon in front of me, staring at me.




“You don’t have to worry about me.”

“You’re saying that after that disgrace you just did??”

“D-d-d-d-disgrace …….”


 The words were a little harsh, and Mother put her hand over her mouth in shock.

 I don’t know what to call it without calling it a disgrace. In fact, I was more embarrassed than she was.

 But judging from what she just said, she must have been listening to what Usato and I were saying.

 But I’m still worried about mother. She can’t walk well yet, so I have to stay with her.


“You’ve grown up, Amako.”


 That word brought me back to my senses and I looked at mother.

 Mother’s expression had changed to one of kindness with a smile on her face, not the distracted one I had seen earlier.


“You didn’t grow much in height, but your mind is getting more mature.”

“…… Cut it out with my height.”

“Fufu. I’m sorry.”


 Mother pats my head as I was frustrated.

 Her hand is weak, but reassuring and warm, and I feel comforted by it.


“But it’s okay that you’re still a child.”



 I’m taken aback by the unexpected words.

 Not caring about me, mother continued to speak.


“I wanted you to live freely. I want you to live a happy life, forgetting about the time chanting and everything else.”


“That’s why, you don’t have to worry……Is what I like to think, but the actual future was different..”


 Mother closed her eyes as if she regretted it.


“My words, on the contrary, tied you down. You didn’t want a peaceful life, and you did everything in your power to help me. Of course, I’m really grateful to you, but I’m …… not a good enough mother to have made you feel painful and lonely for two years.”

“No, you’re not. That’s not true.”


 I denied my mother’s words clearly and met her eyes firmly.


“I’ve certainly had some hard times in the past two years, but I’ve never been lonely. Because, just like mother said, I had a lot of people who accepted me.”


 Good people living in the Kingdom of Lingle.

 Sarla-san, who let me live there when I had nowhere else to go.

 There were so many people who took me in that my hands were full.

 My mother rolled her eyes and hugged me gently.


“You really want to go with Usato and the others, don’t you?”

“…… Yeah.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to worry about it. Just be a child and be selfish and trouble me lots.”


 Mother smiled as she told me to do so.

 Be a child.

 I hadn’t thought of it that way before.

 In order to survive, I couldn’t be a child forever, and I didn’t have the personality to be spoiled by others.

 But with mother’s words, I finally made up my mind.


“Mother, I’m …… going to the Lingle Kingdom with Usato.”


 I still want to be with Usato and the others.

 Even if it’s under the threat of the Demon King’s army, the Lingle Kingdom is my second home.


“That’s fine. I was wondering what I would do if you used me as a reason to stay. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of tying up a girl of your age all the time.”


Mother let go of me and let out a sigh of relief.

 However, she quickly returned to her straight face to brace herself and held up her index finger, opening her mouth in a serious tone of voice.


“Before you set out on your journey, I have one piece of advice for you.”


“Don’t let your prey get away.”



 Prey? Prey? What’s that?

 No, I immediately knew who my mother meant by prey, although it was frustrating.

 But I don’t think it’s normal to broach the subject in this vein. ……!


“He doesn’t seem to think he’s being liked. He’s the most annoying type, but once you’ve made him aware of your feelings for him, the rest is easy. But it’s best to play it short. There are probably other assassins out there who want him..”

“……, huh?”


 I couldn’t keep my mouth shut as the words came out one after another.

 This person is really, really ……!


“In other words, it’s the act of seduc——“




 Before my mother could finish her sentence, I slammed a light hand knife into her brain.

 I turned my back to her and tried to leave the room quietly, as she collapsed with a strange cry, rolling her eyes.



“See you later, Amako.”


 These words stop me in my tracks.

 I feel an inexplicable emotion welling up in me, but I manage to suppress it and respond.


“Yes. I’ll be leaving.”


 This is the second time we parted.

 The first time, I left in despair, but now it’s different.

 I have people here waiting for me to return. This country has become a place for me to return to.



 Amako’s choice was to go to the Lingle Kingdom with us.

 I don’t know what kind of talk she had with Kanoko-san after that. But if that was Amako’s choice, I would just accept it without saying a word.

 After making all the preparations for our journey, we exchanged goodbyes with Hayate-san and the others in front of the Hinomoto exit.


“Usato, how does the cloak feel on you?”

“It’s a good size, and it fits me perfectly.”

“That’s good to hear. It was worth choosing it to fit your culture as much as possible.”


 The grayish cloak that replaced the torn uniform was easy to wear, though not as easy as the uniform.

 I was going to make it up with a cloak or something, so I really appreciated Hayate-san’s kindness.


“It’s sad to say goodbye, but I’m really glad I got to meet you guys. Let’s hope you guys are able to return to the Lingle Kingdom safely.”

“Thank you very much. Hayate-san.”

“Thank you for your help.”


 Me and Arc-san shook Hayate-san’s hand and said our goodbyes.

 As we continued, Linka appeared from behind Hayate-san and walked up to Amako, looking down.

 Amako stood a little taller and placed a hand on her head as Rinka fumbled with her mouth as if to say something.


“I couldn’t say it before, but I’ll say it right this time. I’ll see you again, Linka.”

“…… Yeah. I’ll write letters, lots of them. I’ll send so many that the Hoot Bird will fall over!”

“I’m sorry, but please don’t do that.”


 Linka wiped her eyes as Amako giggled.

 She looked up and her eyes were red and swollen, but she was still smiling.

 Then she said goodbye to us as well, and together with Hayate-san, she saw us off with a smile.

 Looking back at the distant Hinomoto, I felt deeply moved, and checked with Arc-san, who was pulling the horse, about our plans for the rest of the day.


“Arc-san, you’re going to head to Mia Rak right?”

“Yes. I have to send the Hoot Bird as well. Also, …… Norn-sama is going to lend us a boat to the Lingle Kingdom, so let’s get her on it.”

“If that’s the case, then the return trip will be easier than the way there.”


 The return trip would be by boat, and it would be a relaxing ride home.

 I’ve never been on a boat before, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been walking so far, so I’m sure I’ll see a different view.

 Thinking of this and remembering our journey so far, I felt deeply moved.


“I guess our journey is over.”

“So many things have happened, haven’t they?”

“Yes, really.”


 In the magic city of Lukvis, I trained Nack, who was bullied.

 I fought zombies and wicked dragons, and then Nea became my friend.

 In Samaria, the Land of Prayer, I freed the souls bound by sorcery and restored Eva’s existence.

 In the water city of Mia Rak, I fought with the hero Leona against Karon, who has the blood of a divine dragon.

 In Hinomoto, we saved Amako’s mother, Kanoko-san.

 And now that we’ve finished all of our objectives, we can finally return to the Lingle Kingdom.


“The Lingle Kingdom, huh? As for me, that’s a lot of fun. I also want to meet the heroes who were summoned to the other world.”


 Come to think of it, Nea didn’t know anything about the Lingle Kingdom since she became a part of it during her journey.


“Then I’ll have to introduce you to our leader.”

“Yeah, I’d rather not …… do that.”

“No, you can’t. When you’re my familiar, it’s no exaggeration to say that you’re already a member of the rescue squad. I’ll take you even if you don’t want to.”

“You know exactly what you’re saying, don’t you?”


 I laughed at Nea, who turned pale, probably imagining the image of Rose she had seen through magic in Mia Rak.


“Don’t worry. I’m here for you.”

“If the situation changes, the dialogue will turn freaky!”


 I can’t even imagine what they’ll do to me since I’ve already torn my uniform.

 Well, it still doesn’t change my desire to go home.

 In addition to Rose, the rescue squad also includes Orga-san and Ururu-san, as well as Nack and Ferme.


“I wonder if Senpai and Kazuki are returning safely.”

“Suzune seems to be in good health for some reason.”

“Haha, for sure.”


 Amako’s words make me chuckle as I recall the image of senpai in good health.

 …… Well, if we meet again, you know. I’m planning to get even with her for this, though.

 As I was inwardly making a boiling plan to toy with senpai, Amako, who was walking next to me, suddenly pinched me lightly by the hem of my cloak.


“What’s the matter?”

“The trip is over, but I’m still here with you.”

“…… Well, ain’t that obvious? You didn’t really think it was a relationship that could be severed that quickly, did you?”


 I didn’t travel to save your mother just because I was obligated or promised to do so.

 I wanted to, so I did.

 So even if that promise is fulfilled, I won’t cut ties with Amako or estrange myself from her.

 Amako’s shoulders slumped at my answer, but she quickly looked up and gave me a somewhat dumbfounded smile.


“That’s why you’re Usato, right?”

“…… What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, well, my mother told me about it. I heard that Usato is being targeted by assassins.”

“Huuuh? What does that even mean?!?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not your life they’re after.”


 Amako’s unintelligible advice made me panic.

 What? What does she mean by an assassin that doesn’t kill?

 Is something going to happen while we’re still on the road? I don’t want to be a quandary on the way back.


“Oh, I see, that’s why.”

“It looks like Usato-dono has a lot of work ahead of him.”



 Nea, Arc-san, and for some reason, Bluerin nodded with knowing faces.

 I don’t even know anymore.

 The return seemed calm.

 But fate did not seem to allow me to do so.


Author’s note:

After updating some side stories, I’ll start the return of the Lingle Kingdom.

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