Level 1 Guy: Chapter 460 – Deja Vu

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    “Wait, Emily! You can’t do that!” (Ryouta)


     The killing spirit swelled up in front of Emily, who opened her arms to block the way.

     But Emily didn’t move her legs, she was slightly suspended in the air, and she rushed towards me as if she was slipping.


    “Look out!” (Celeste)


     I heard Celeste’s voice, and the next thing I knew, Emily had slipped past me.

     I closed my eyes and didn’t realize what had happened.


     But I turned around and followed her.


     Emily glides down, towing a lingering shadow.

     As soon as she got close to a C, she swung her hammer and crushed them one by one.


    “You’re not supposed to be alive D E A T H(desu)!” (Emily


     Emily’s tone of voice has changed, and she moves with even more sophistication than usual, sweeping up the C’s single-handedly.


    “Should we leave her be?”

    “Um, …… yeah, well.” (Ryouta)


     I chuckled.

     From my previous (C-Slime) experience, it’s not like it went well.


     Then, as with the C-Slimes, before we had time to do anything, Emily wiped out the C’s and came back to me.


    “What? What’s…….what happened to me desu?” (Emily)


     Emily tilted her head at the interrupted memory.

     We exchanged eye contact.


     It’s as though that whole ordeal did not happen.


     All of us —– even Eve —— were in agreement, as was everyone else.


    “It’s nothing. More importantly, you’ve dropped your ticket.” (Ryouta)

    “Seven in total” (Celeste)


     Celeste counted as she picked them up.


    “Seven. That’s the worst number I’ve ever seen when it comes to distribution.” (Ryouta)

    “If it wasn’t for people like our family, it’d be hard.” (Celeste)


     Yes, it would.

     Well, some …… people will bring in a full headcount and pay separately.


     This was common in the internet games that flourished about ten years ago.


     The Ryouta family is not going to be in a situation where they have to compete with each other because they can’t split the tickets up.


    “Well then. Let’s move on.” (Celeste)


     Celeste said, looking at the open door to the next room.


    “Yeah.” (Ryouta)

    “Well, we’re done with the bad stuff.” (Celeste)

    “What bad stuff desu?” (Emily)


     Emily tilted her head and we said “nothing” as we walked into the next room together.


    “Is that even possible!!” (Ryouta)


     I shouted as soon as we entered the room.




     It was the second room in a row, with the exact same army of C’s as before.


    “…………-stroy!” (Emily)


     Emily was out of control again.


     Boom! And then there was a gust of wind, dozens of times louder than a baseball bat.


     I managed to hold my ground.

     Celeste lost her balance and Alice was about to be blown away, but she quickly grabbed the huge body with a Gaugau summoning (which she quickly summoned) and held on.


     Then Emily disappeared.

     The next moment, she appeared on the other side of C, as if she had been transported instantly.


     And there she was again, “Boom! and she swung her hammer, which turned into a huge fan and created a gust of wind.


     And then she disappeared —– and reappeared —– and waved her hammer.


     Back and forth, left and right.


     The gusts from all directions gathered the scattered Cs into the centre of the room.


     And then Emily takes a giant leap.

     She dives at the mass of C’s and swings her hammer down.


     A huge splatter sound was heard.


    “Ufufufufufu!” (Emily)


     With a creepy smile, she grinded the hammer further on the crushed C.


    “Uuuuhhh, …… Emily.” (Ryouta)

    “Isn’t she kind of …… stronger in this state?” (Alice)

    “She’s about three times stronger than normal?” (Celeste)

    “Bunny hates them because they look like they can’t be used to cook carrots.” (Eve)


     We all have our own opinions, as if we had given up halfway.

     And that’s how I give up.


    “Huh?” (Emily)


     When all the C’s have disappeared, Emily reappears, looking around in a dazed state of complete unconsciousness.


     Because when the C’s disappear, she comes back.


    “Whoa, now there’s eight.” (Celeste)

    “That’s one more than before.” (Ryouta)

    “I guess it’s better to party here than solo!” (Alice)


     Me, Celeste and Alice went off on a quick tangent.


     Emily tilted her head, but for the moment, she seemed to be fooled.


    “Well them …….” (Ryouta)


     I said, and looked at the door to the next.

     I gulped.


     Everyone but Emily understands the meaning of “Well then ……” and has the same serious look on their faces.


     What happens twice, happens three times.


     What can I say, I definitely feel that the next room is also going to be a C.


    “Should we stop?” (Ryouta)

    “Yes, that’s for the best.” (Celeste)

    “Bunny is hungry, bunny wants carrots.” (Eve)


     I suggested that we should pull out now that we’d collected some tickets, and one by one, my friends agreed with me.


    “I’d like to move on desu.” (Emily)

    “What?” (Ryouta)


     Emily is unusually and strongly insistent.


    “I’ll go with you to the next room desu.” (Emily)

    “No, but…” (Ryouta)

    “I’m so happy we’re all going on this adventure together desu! But… I don’t remember any of it desu…….so that’s why” (Emily)


     We’re going to the next room.

     And then Emily looked straight at us.


     We looked at each other, lost, and furrowed our brows.


    “Should we ……?” (Ryouta)

    “……I suppose so.” (Celeste)

    “…… It’s better if we go together as well.” (Alice)


     After a brief hesitation, we nodded at each other.

     Then we walked through the door together and into the next room.


     C was there.


    “I’m not surprised any more —– and they’re flying!” (Ryouta)

    “It’s a rare species!” (Celeste)

    “At a time like this!” (Alice)


     It’s the first time I’ve encountered a rare C, and it’s terrifying to see its huge body flap its wings and fly away.


    “—-” (Emily)


     Three times, runaway Emily.


     This time we didn’t know what she said, and it’s doubtful she said anything humane, so she swings her hammer and intercepts the flying C.


     To our surprise, the C was crushed in mid-air.


     Just when I thought the hammer was getting more powerful.


    “What? There’s a human being nanodesu ……” (Emily)


     The C disappears and a girl appears.


     It’s a human drop——Now this is a familiar sight.


    TL Note: That just triggered my fear. I’m going to wash myself after this.

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