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Amako was rescued and Jinya-san was stopped.

 Just when everyone thought that all the commotion had come to an end, the square we were in was isolated by a wall of flames. At the same time, a man of the demon race appeared.

 He called himself Koga Dingal.

 I knew he was a strong man, but I didn’t expect him to be the commander of the Demon King’s Second Army.

 As I recall, the information the second and third legion leaders provided when Ferme was in jail said that the third legion leader was a swordsman who used fire magic, while the second legion leader used the same dark magic as her.

 …… I shouldn’t provoke them.

 If a dark magic user were to run amok in a place like this, it would cause a lot of damage.

 I don’t want to fight in the first place, either.


“Lingle Kingdom of the Rescue Squad. Usato Ken.”


 At any rate, now that you’ve said your name, I’ll say mine.

 Perhaps he didn’t expect to be addressed honestly, Koga rolled his eyes in surprise.


“Oh, I was aware that you were quite hostile to me. …… Oh right, your name is Usato. What a distinctive name.”


 That’s right, people from here would probably think my name is strange.

 In fact, even in my original world, the name Usato was rare.

 I quickly changed my mind and asked Koga.


“Why are you doing this? Don’t tell me you’ve just come to Jinya-san’s aid?”

“No, not at all. I have two purposes. The first purpose is …….”


 As soon as he said that, Koga crouched down and slapped the unconscious Jinya-san on the cheek to wake him up.

 I’m not sure if the less powerful healing fist was enough, but Jinya quickly regained consciousness. As soon as he grasped the people around him and the situation he was in, he immediately looked up at Koga and asked for help.


“Koga-dono, I would like to ask for your help. With your help, we can restore our plans.”

“You mean the strongest soldier with precognitive magic?? Well, that certainly sounds appealing to us.”


“But no.”


 Jinya-san let out an exasperated sigh.

 He looked at Koga, who cowered in surprise.


“What do you mean, no?”

“Just as you said. We, the Demon King’s Army, will cut off our hands from you, the Beastmen Nation.”

“You’re the one who negotiated with us in the first place! And now you’re telling me—–“

“Sorry to deceive you, but we didn’t come here to negotiate. We’re here to see if you’re worthy of being “fang”.”


 ”Fangs”? I’m sure it’s not a physical thing, but what the heck does Koga mean by “fangs”?

 While I was wondering this, and Jinya-san looked dumbfounded, Koga looked around widely and finally opened his mouth.


“This is a nice country.”

“What about ……?”

“It’s rich in nature, there’s plenty of food, and the sun is out for a long time. Everything is so different from our country. The best thing is that I was able to take a good amount of time off work. It was the right decision to come here.”

“What are you talking about?”


 All of a sudden, I was confused about what he thought about living in the land of beasts.

 I wondered what he was trying to say.

 Jinya-san’s words made Koga serious.


“Everyone here is a beast with fangs missing. …… No, maybe they never had fangs to begin with. After living here with you until today, and seeing the fights that took place today, I have finally determined who you are. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that these people are useless in a fight.”


 After saying that much, Koga waved his hand to the side in a huff.


“It’s not that I’m looking down on the beastman race. The reason we can’t fight them is because they understand peace, and are living in it right now. Unlike us, there is no reason for them to invade other countries. So, if it comes to a fight, the beastman race, which has no reason to fight, is useless.”


 …… A plausible reason, perhaps.

 According to Hayate-san’s story, the beastman tribe has tried to cut off relations with humans and lead a peaceful life in the forest. It was unthinkable that they would voluntarily take up arms to retaliate against humans.

 I myself was touched by the kindness of the beasts in the hidden village, and I know they are not the kind of people who like to fight.


“The rest is …… right. Soldiers with precognitive magic. That one’s no good either.”


“Yeah, that’s something that most people will grow out of. Too much useful power makes them weak. Besides, even if you can see the future, what good is it if you can’t handle it? I’m sure you’ve experienced that firsthand.”


 Jinya-san couldn’t argue with Koga’s point, and could only grit his teeth.

 However, he was still not convinced and glared at Koga.


“But even if that’s the case, we have our own reasons to fight. ……!”

“You mean your hatred for humans? You think we’re only fighting because of our hatred for humans? I don’t think so. …… No, wait. …… Sorry, there was at least 30%.”


 I’m not sure if there is.

 I can’t help but pout inwardly, but for me as a human, it’s not at all funny to hear that they hate me.


“But, you know, the other 70% is for survival.”


“Well, I’m not convinced you’re on the Lingle Kingdom side. But you don’t have to be convinced. For your country, our actions to invade are unreasonable.”


 The Demon Lord’s army is also invading for a reason. 

 You don’t have to think about it to know that they wouldn’t commit an act of aggression without a reason.

 But I tried not to think about it too much.


“That’s why I don’t need your help. I’m not going to help you.”

“Don’t fu—–“

“Out you go.”


 Koga slammed his fist into the pigeon tail of the enraged Jinya-san.

 After looking down at the white-eyed, crumpled Jinya-san with pitying eyes, Koga threw him straight to the far side of the square, then turned his gaze to us.


“To be honest, I didn’t like that guy’s methods in any way. No, the means themselves aren’t cowardly or anything, but ……it’s too much, and he underestimated the people he should be most wary of.”


“In the first place, when the first prediction failed, he should have eliminated you instead of locking you up. But he didn’t do that because he stubbornly refused to acknowledge your strength, your human strength.”


 Indeed, Jinya-san had looked down on us from beginning to end.

 With a vulnerable human being.

 That we were easy to kill.

 Even the success of the mission was due to Jinya-san’s disregard for us.


“It’s true that humans are physically weak beings. But we’ve been defeated by such humans in the distant past, and twice now. No matter how much we are superior in physical ability, there is something about humans that overrides that.”


 That’s what Koga said as he looked at me.

 We exchanged glances and a silence fell over the place.

 I was then horrified to see that Koga had not uttered a single word, and he suddenly lost his expression as he clapped his hands once to switch the scene.


“Well, so now the beastman race doesn’t have to participate in the war.”

“…… Saying like it’s something easier said than done. Are you okay with that?”

“That’s the Demon Lord’s order, you know. Something along the lines of, if they can’t bear their fangs, throw them away.”


 The Demon King.

 I’ve never even seen the king of the demon race.

 I finally recognized the existence of the Demon King as a certainty thanks to Falga-sama’s story, but I still didn’t have a very real sense of him as my greatest enemy. 


“Well, now that the first business is done. Let’s get down to business, shall we?”


 With those words, I came back to myself and turned my attention to Koga.

 I had a bad feeling about this.

 Specifically, because he’s stretching and stretching his arms and legs.


“I told you earlier, didn’t I? That I was never originally supposed to come out here right now.”

“…… Yeah.”

“To be honest, the words I said to Jinya earlier were supposed to be told in secret. That’s why I didn’t have to cut it out at this point, and I didn’t have to do anything that would send him to the bottom.”


 If he hadn’t planned to come out at this point, why did he come out?

 I’m thinly aware of that too, but I don’t want it to hit me.


“To put it simply, I’ve got a reason to do it. You already know that, don’t you? The reason I came to you.”

“…… Huh, so it is me.”


 Koga nodded with a smile.

 I had a bad feeling from the moment he said he was interested in me, but I didn’t think it would come to this.


“I’ve been watching you fight. I heard that Rose was an insane person to the Demon King’s army, and you, his disciple, was the same. I’ve been watching you fight. And even so, no one has ever been killed. And to top it all off, the battle with Jinya.”


 He pointed to Jinya-san who was passed out behind him.

 Did he see me fighting somewhere? I had a suspicion that he might be around somewhere, so my flashy move might have been a bit of a bypass.


“He was never weak. If he hadn’t done a poor job of pissing you off, the game would have lasted a little longer, but …… you ended it so dismally.”


“I saw that, and I wanted to fight you. There’s no better reason than that. But for me, that’s enough—-!”


 That’s when the tension began to rise, and Koga, his black robe fluttering as he took up his stance with a bang, gave me a belligerent smile.


“Come on, let’s fight, Usato, the healing magician! That’s what I’m here for!”

“Ah no, I don’t want to fight. ……”




 Silence took over the scene.

 I’m sorry to say that I’m in a groove, but I have absolutely no intention of fighting Koga.

 I don’t want to fight such a dangerous guy in general.

 In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever fought anyone I didn’t like.

 Without saying a word, Koga released his stance and scratched his head. The look on his face was not one of anger, but of conviction.


“…… No, you’re right. That’s normal. I would have said the same thing if I had been challenged like this.”


 …… He agreed with me.

 I really don’t understand this guy. I thought he was some kind of battle junkie, but he showed me a different side. I’m not sure how to talk to him.

 He crossed his arms thoughtfully, oblivious to the fact that Nea and Amako were looking at him as if they were looking at someone strange.


“But I want to fight you ……, then I guess I’ll have to do some dirty work to get your approval.”

“You know I have no intention of fighting you, right?”

“Hmm, I guess I’ll need a souvenir to take home from my trip.”

“Oi, listen to me——“


 As soon as I said that, my body was already in motion.

 When Koga held out his hand, something black flew towards Amako.

 It flew straight at Amako and I flicked it away with the gauntlet. It was like hitting iron against iron, and it returned to the hem of Koga koga’s outfit.

 Shadows manipulated by dark magic, as Ferme used to do?

 I quickly looked at Amako, but she seemed to be amused by the unexpectedness of the situation, which was so out of context.


“For example, that precognitive girl over there. And that vampire? She doesn’t seem to be a regular vampire either, based on her senses. …… Oh, I suppose I could take you to the Demon Lord. I’m sure you’ll get all sorts of interesting responses.”

“…… You.”

“I’ll give you one piece of advice. Don’t think I’m a man who understands. I’ve got a terrible personality, if I do say so myself.”


 What am I going to do? The fight might be more inevitable than I thought.

 Should we take Amako and Nea and try to escape?


“There’s no point in trying to escape, okay? The one who built this wall of flames belongs to my man …… who was in charge of the Third Legion. You may be fine, but that girl won’t be safe.”

“What, the Third Legion Commander?


 If I can’t find anyone who looks like that on the inside, then the person who built the wall is most likely outside the wall. Well then, Arc-san, Bluerin and Hayate-san and the rest of the team will be at ……!



“You’re going to fight that guy right ……!”

“No, you’re going to go with Arc-san and Bluerin.”

“Huh? But then how about you…….”

“It’s hard for me to fight against that guy this time while protecting you.”

“——-Tsk, right. I understand. Don’t you dare die on me!”

“Yeah, I’ll try my best.”


 I said this with a glance at Koga, and Nea, sensing the situation, transformed into an owl and soared high into the sky and over the wall.


“Amako, I’m sorry. You need to stay back again.”

“Yeah. But that guy, I don’t think he’s really going to kidnap you.”

“…… I know.”


 But I can’t say that he won’t. As long as that possibility existed, my option to not fight was gone.

 Maybe Koga knew that and said it. …… Yeah, you’re right, he has the worst personality.

 I let Amako fall back and turn to face Koga again, and take a deep breath. Just as I was about to turn my attention to the man in front of me, I caught sight of Koga about to unleash a jumping kick.



“Here we go!!”


 The stinging kick hit my left shoulder, and I frowned at the dull pain — but I quickly twisted my body to escape the impact, and at the same time, I slammed a healing punch into Koga’s stomach and punched him away.





 Koga was knocked to the ground and collapsed in a heap.

 I was impatient and a little scared as I healed my shoulder with healing magic. It’s true that I was caught in an opening. But instead of avoiding it, I could only channel the attack.

 If I had reacted just a little bit later, my bones might have been crushed. This fact convinced me that the title of Second Legion Commander was not a lie.


“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Hahahahahaha!!!”



 Of course, I don’t even think I could have beaten him with that.

 Lying on the floor in a big heap, Koga laughed a crazy high-pitched laugh, and I steeled myself more than ever.

 This guy is dangerous. It’s not like he’s a battle junkie or anything, but he has a way of fighting that doesn’t bring any rules to the game.


“Yes, that’s it. This is how a fight should be. I’m glad I believed in you. From the bottom of my heart, I really do.”


 After muttering that, Koga got up with an indifferent face.

 At the spot where my fist had struck, multiple layers of what looked like black bands wriggled eerily. Koga’s black clothes and the shadows beneath his feet distort as he smiles uncontrollably in response.


“Sorry for catching you off guard, I couldn’t resist either. Well, I wasn’t expecting you to get hit like that, so what’s the harm?”

“That’s not good at all. My heart can’t take it.”

“Ha, don’t lie to me. Let’s do it right this time.”


 With his words, the shadows and clothes wrapped around Koga’s body as a belt.

 The same dark magic as Ferme. A dangerous one that only the demon race can handle, which makes the user wear a dark robe. The sash that covered his head was transformed into a mask reminiscent of a hawk, and his body into something too biological and black to be armor.

 Koga, clad in a magic so bizarre that it seemed to be different from Ferme’s dark magic, shouted to me with a raised voice.


“Come on, let’s get started! Let’s have a real battle!”


 The fight was even more deadly than Karon-san’s.

 Facing Koga in his black mask and biological armor, I tightened my fists with determination.



 Usato-dono succeeded in stunting Jinya and retrieving Amako.

 The situation had come to a head, and we had finished subduing the soldiers who had lost their will to fight, so we were about to head for him when a wall of fire from the sky blocked our way.

 Hayate-dono’s subordinates hit it with magic, but the wall of flames did not falter.

 The wall of flames was created with dense magic power.

 In response, I put magic power into my hands and raised my voice.


“My flames should be able to break through. Hayate-san, I’ll create the entrance!”

“Arc ……? Yeah, got it!”


 After calling out to Hayate-san, I put magic power into the sword I pulled out of its sheath. When the sword was red hot and emitted sparks, I swung it wide and caught my breath.

 The flaming sword can easily melt even iron.

 With this, I should be able to cut into the wall of flames. ……!


“Hah ……!”


   I swung it down with great force.

 However, just as the sword swung at the wall of flames, someone appeared as if falling from the sky and interrupted in front of me, catching the flaming sword.


“I didn’t expect someone to be able to cut through this.”



 The person who intervened was a demon woman with red hair that touched her shoulders and twisted horns. She also has flames on her sword and is catching my sword.


“You stopped it! Ggh!”


 My sword is flicked back with force and I’m forced to retreat.

 I hold my sword without letting my guard down, but the woman in front of me keeps her grip on the sword and doesn’t want to take a stance.

 She is a red-haired demoness. She was one of the demons who visited Usato-dono when he was locked in the prison. Probably the one who created this wall of flame.


“So you’re a knight of the Lingle Kingdom. You’re well-trained.”

“Sorry but I’ll have to go through there!”

“I can’t let you do that.”


 I swung my sword, which was covered in flames, but it was also blocked by the flames on her sword, just like mine.

 I have the better control in power, but she’s even better at handling flames than I am!

 I decide that an unreasonable suicide attack would be dangerous and step back.


“Oh, I found you, Arc! Wait, you’re already fighting!”


 Just then, Nea, the owl that flew over the wall of flames, spotted me and screamed.


“Nea! What’s happening and how about Usato-dono?”

“He’s inside fighting some guy called the Second Legion Commander. And this person is one as well! Isn’t that bad?”


 A legion?

 I knew she was no ordinary person, but I had no idea there were two legionary generals here ……! If that’s the case, Usato-dono is fighting that guy inside!?

Looking at the woman in frustration, she is somehow holding her forehead and letting out a big sigh.


“That idiot, why must he drag me into this ……? Hahaha, an idiot who opens his mouth without thinking about the consequences is really ……! How can someone like that be the head of the army ……?”


 …… Apparently, there’s a lot going on over there.

 The woman looked up indignantly and thrust her sword into the ground, blocking our path.


“I won’t let you go on from here. Even if it’s from my stupid, brainless, mindless boss, I’ll have to follow orders.”

“What’s the purpose of ……?”


 When I asked this, the woman crossed her arms in slight distress, but quickly opened her mouth, as if it didn’t matter.


“To destroy the cooperative system with Hinomoto, the Land of Beasts.”

“Abrogation? !”


 Hayate-dono’s astonished voice, his men were also upset by the suddenness of the situation.

 The woman continued to speak without changing her expression, as if she had nothing to say about it.


“I will not explain it further. And the other purpose is the fight against the healing magician that my superior wanted.”

“To fight Usato-dono ……?”

“Unfortunately, it seems I’ve fallen into her good graces. I had assumed that Rose’s disciples would be able to do something like that,……, so I was a bit surprised,……, but I was still able to keep my cool.”


 That man, the Second Legion Commander, had taken an interest in Usato-dono.

 Perhaps that was the reason why Usato-dono decided to fight?

 If so, then…


“What are you going to do with Usato-dono? ……!”

“I don’t know if he’s going to let him live or kill him. The worst that can happen is that he might die.”

“Then we can’t just stand here!”


 I wrapped my sword in flames and pointed the tip of it at the woman.

 The other party is an army commander. If I don’t do it right, I might die.

 I really wanted to run away….but I can never do that without a reason.


“I’m sure you’re not a daredevil who doesn’t understand the difference between our abilities. If you stay there and stay quiet until the game is won, you can pick up their lives. If you can’t do that, you’ll just die.”

“My friends are fighting! The person I swore to protect is fighting in there right now! There is no way I can abandon him in such a situation just to spare my own life!”

“It might end up being meaningless, you know?”


 It might.

 I have faith that Usato-dono will not lose.

 If Usato wins against the Second Legion Commander, this battle itself will be in vain. You might think that I should have just waited for him to finish his game.

 But what if Usato-dono loses?

 He is a human being.

 There is no such thing as a person who will never die.

 No matter how strong he is, no matter how many attacks he can avoid, he is still a human being.


“Even if it didn’t make sense, it’s not a reason not to confront him here! It’s got to be a lot better than not making a move here and regretting it!”

“Guru ……”


 Bluerin, lined up next to me, snarls to show his willingness to fight.

 As I’m about to set up my sword, feeling relieved that he’s fighting with me, Hayate-dono steps out from behind me.


“…… Yeah that’s right!”


 Hayate-san agreed with my words.

 Looking behind me, I saw that all of his men and Daitetsu-dono had their weapons at the ready.

 Seeing them, the woman tilted her head with a dubious expression.


“Why are you guys taking up arms? What’s going on right now is a conflict between humans and demons, and should have nothing to do with you.”

“It’s true, you’re right. But for us, Usato is a benefactor and a friend.”

“Yeah. He’s the kind of guy who would compete with us for power. But more than that, he’s a rare person who can get along with us normally. If we leave him here to die, I’ll never be able to face my son.”


 Daitetsu-san agreed with Hayate’s words.

 The soldiers also agreed with him.


[It was really scary to see him fighting, as if I was in a dream, but …… they were even more reliable.]

[When I was injured, he threw a magic bullet at me with a scary look on his face, but he healed my injuries. …… He’s a good guy.]

[He was throwing people around like they were balls, but they only fainted. …… He was a kind man, though he had a bad way about him.]

[His feet were so fast that I lost confidence in him as a wolf, but ……. Yeah, I’m really grateful to him for stopping Jinya-sama.]

[I have a feeling that healing magician has a lot of mixed reviews. ……]


 The woman’s cheeks twitched at the beasts’ assessment of Usato-dono, and I chuckled, “It’s the same Usato-dono I’ve always known,” but then I saw the woman’s expression quickly change to a smile, and I composed myself.


“Well, this is fun.”


 Instantly, flames shot out from the woman’s body.

 I hid my eyes from too much heat, and the next time I looked at the woman, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


“I take back my previous statement. Very well, knights of the Kingdom of Lingle, and brave soldiers of the Beastman Tribe. In honor of your fighting spirit, I will do my best to fight.”


 She is covered in flames.

 It’s not magic power, but the flames itself that it created, which it carries like armor.


“Assistant Commander of the Demon King’s Army II, Amira Belgret. It’s only a temporary position, but I’ll call myself that. And—-“


 She waved her sword, which was covered in flames, and held it wide.


“This is the ultimate in magic that my master, Nero Argento, has created. Savour it with your own body.”


 The heat of the air washed over us.

 I’m not sure if it’s a warrior’s shiver or fear that I’m feeling, but I’m gripping my sword tightly once again.


Author’s Note:


The name of Amira’s teacher is the first time it’s mentioned in the web version.

And finally, the battle of Arc, which I wanted to write.


The next story and the one after that are scheduled to be updated tomorrow morning at 6:00 and evening at 18:00.

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