Level 1 Guy: Chapter 457 – Possibility of a challenge

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    “And then there’s another problem.” (Cell)

    “What problem?” (Ryouta)

    “Let’s start with the ticket.” (Cell)

    “Okay.” (Ryouta)


     I nodded and handed all the tickets to Cell.


    “So if I try to give to Satou-sama…” (Cell)


     With that, Cell held out the tickets.

     I put my hand out to receive it anyway —– and I was surprised.


     The moment I received it, the ticket disappeared.


    “What is the meaning of this?” (Ryouta)

    “You can only transfer it once, and if you try to give it to someone again, the ticket will disappear.” (Cell)

    “…… So what about the ticket I used yesterday?” (Ryouta)

    “I went into the dungeon with my escort, and after they defeated it, I picked it up.” (Cell)

    “So that’s how it is. If that’s the case, we can’t do any trading then.” (Ryouta)

    “That is correct. The adventurers held by the Stem family buy them directly and then go directly into Californium. This has led to a lot of runaways from impromptu parties, which were formed on the basis of increased drops. Furthermore.” (Cell)

    “There’s more?” (Ryouta)

    “At the stage of the ticket, there is no way to distribute it evenly, so one person receives it as a representative and redeems it, but if there is a hierarchy in the party ……” (Cell)

    “You end up with a black party, huh?” (Ryouta)

    “Something like that.” (Cell)


     I had a general idea of what Cell was trying to say.


     I’ve seen parties that are similar to many black companies.


     Everyone has their own reasons for forming a party, and this dungeon is no different.

     The structure of the dungeon is such that it encourages partying, and so adventurers form parties to conquer it.


     When this happens, a certain percentage of black parties are naturally spawned.


    “Can’t we just pick them up in order? Like room to room.” (Ryouta)

    “With normal adventurers, the number of drops is not consistent, sometimes they don’t even drop in the first place.” (Cell)

    “Ah ……” (Ryouta)


     So that’s it.


     The tickets that drop in Fermium, the rare monster challenge right of Californium, are probably influenced by the “trait” of the drop status.


     I’ve got an “S” drop, so it’s consistent and always drops, but most adventurers don’t.


     Even if you pick up each room in turn, if the number is unstable, it will cause more frustration and trouble.


    “…… So you’re saying that you really want me to take care of Fermium?” (Ryouta)


     Cell nodded firmly.


     Well, Fermium is also one of the dungeons for minting, because it is a dungeon for preparing materials, so to speak, for minting.


    “No ……?” (Ryouta)

    “……” (Cell)


     I looked at Cell.

     Cell looks back at me with his expressionless face.


     I know exactly what sort of expression that portrays.


     It’s the kind of expression that he’s trying really hard to maintain.


     What stuck with me was the fact that Fermium was supposed to be “not a minting dungeon”.

     That means.


    “Is it possible that this ticket could be used to buy something else…” (Ryouta)

    “……” (Cell)


     Cell is showing more of his expressionless features.

     Without a word, I could understand that it’s probably a no as well.


     Which can only mean one thing.


     If you take this ticket to another dungeon, you will find the same rare monster.


     I looked around to make sure there was no one else in the room.


    “So its the same as Phosphorus, huh?” (Ryouta)



     A bonus dungeon that drops gold directly to the adventurer with seemingly random and whimsical appearances.


     Even then, I crushed Phosphorus at Cell’s request.


     That’s why he asked.


    “Oh boy.” (Ryouta)

    “Hmm?” (Cell)

    “This is really piling up more trouble.” (Ryouta)


     Cell nodded as if he’d given up, sighed and mumbled.


    “I knew it was a double-edged sword, but I guess Satou-sama will find out in no time.” (Cell)


     He sighed more and more.

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