Level 1 Guy: Chapter 456 – Party Disparity

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 I moved on to the next room.


“Geez!” (Ryouta)


 I shouted out.

 I had goosebumps all over my body and wanted to make a U-turn right now.


 The monster in the third room was ——-a “C”.

 There was a spider, then a butterfly, and then, C.


 It’s not an unintelligible story, and there are some minor quibbles, but why.

 Why must it be like that?


“You can’t do that ……” (Ryouta)


 It was such a huge C that I wanted to complain.


 The size is not that big.

 Compared to the spider, which was about the size of a car, the C is about the size of a Chihuahua, so it’s smaller.


 ……..Even if that’s the case, my mental health can’t take it.


 There were a lot of them too.

 They are moving around——no, it’s more like scurrying around everywhere!


 I pulled out my +10 revolver, loaded it with the most powerful growth bullet I could find and shot the nearest one.

 And then.


“Repetition! Repetition!!!! Repetition!!!!” (Ryouta)


 The most powerful instantaneous death magic was shot repeatedly, wiping out the C in the room.

 I think even Emily would want to get out of the room as soon as she could.


 Even I could feel it on my own face when I shot Repetition in sequence, that I’m getting desperate.


  C was wiped out and got one ticket for the same.

 Mentally it’s hard, but it looks no different to the room we’ve been in.


 I picked it up and went to the other side of the open door ——- and.


“Mwah!” (Ryouta)


 Instantly, I was blown out of the dungeon.

 I was sent to the entrance of the dungeon, where adventurers were lining up to enter one after another.


“Is this the end?” (Ryouta)

“Good work.” (Cell)


 I was called from the side, I turned around and saw Cell.


“You’ve successfully completed your first——ah.” (Cell)




 A figure-sized statue fell from Cell’s bosom.

 A figure of me with my hands out, chanting magic.


 You can tell from the effects that it’s a scene of me shooting the same thing over and over again ——— but.


“No, no, no, no that’s not cool at all!!!!” (Ryouta)


 I shouted at the top of my lungs, attracting a lot of attention.

 The cell that’s already made the one I’m firing at C.


 That’s fine, but it’s not this crisp and cool.

 I’m sure I looked pale and pathetic with three lines swooping down my face, earlier.


“I believe that history is made by the victors.” (Cell)

“That’s not a very nice thing to say!” (Ryouta)

“So, how many tickets did you get, Satou-sama?” (Cell)

“Don’t change the subject! Ehem…. Well, it was three tickets for three rooms.” (Ryouta)

“Hmm. Now let’s go together.” (Cell)

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


 I was wondering what was going on, but Cell walked briskly towards the entrance.

 I followed him and walked sideways into the dungeon.


“Are you sure?” (Ryouta)

“It’s not a good look for me to be standing in that line.” (Cell)

“…… Well, that’s true.” (Ryouta)


 It’s a bit disconcerting, but also understandable in Cell’s position.

 I swallowed it down and looked around the room.


“Now they’re butterflies.” (Ryouta)

“I’ve heard that the monsters that appear are random.” (Cell)

“I see.” (Ryouta)

“You’ll have to clear it out.” (Cell)

“Okay.” (Ryouta)


 I pull out my revolver and fire a series of Homing Bullets.

 Just like before, the bullets and dodging butterflies went round and round, though eventually they hit.


“Is it undefeatable?” (Ryouta)

“It gets a little harder when we’re in a party.” (Cell)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 I fired another Homing Bullet, and this time it went down without a hitch.


 The next time I shot a Homing Bullet, I cornered it with a well-aimed normal bullet

 The butterfly couldn’t dodge the homing and normal bullets at the same time.


“Oh, that’s great.” (Cell)


 I figured out a way to use the homing bullets to hit the other bullets as well, and used the normal bullets to measure the “hardness” —– or HP —– of the butterfly.


 It was about 1.5 times as hard as when I was solo.


 As I did this, the butterflies in the room were wiped out.

 Then the tickets dropped —— three of them.


“That’s a lot.” (Ryota)

“Mm. If you go in as a party, you’ll get about 1.3 to 1.8 times as many drops per person as solo.” (Cell)

“I see, three cards for two people, so that’s 1.5 times.” (Ryouta)


 If that’s the case, then it’s better to go in with a party —– that’s what I thought.


“Ah!” (Ryota)


 A scene came to my mind.

 Fearfully, I turned to Cell and asked him.


“Did you say 1.3 to 1.8 times?” (Ryouta)

“Yes.” (Cell)

“And 2x is ……?” (Ryouta)

“None.” (Cell)


 Cell said categorically.


“That’s right Satou-sama, you’ve already figured it out.” (Cell)

“…… ah.” (Ryouta)


 I furrowed my brow and nodded.


 When you form a party, the drop goes up.

 However, the fact that it does not double.

 If you have a party that needs to be distributed, you can’t distribute it evenly, and some people won’t get as much.


 Structurally, that’s a problem.

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SFcipher · 7th June 2021 at 6:31 AM

I guess “C” is a cockroach. However, the Japanese usually referred to it as “G”. Thanks for the treat.

    anon · 7th June 2021 at 11:05 AM

    Should be something else, after all Emily goes demonking mode just seeing one G he said “I think even Emily would want to get out of the room as soon as she could.” But Emily wouldn’t be thinking

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