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 Usato catches me as I jump from ‘Towa’.

 I was just relieved to know that Usato had saved my life. However, as soon as Usato landed on the ground, he jumped to the side to avoid me.

 In the next instant, a single-edged sword slammed into the spot where he had been, sending a large cloud of dust into the air.


“Amako, hold on to me, ……!”

“I’m already holding on.”


 Seeing me clinging to him with my hands around his neck, Usato, who had his right arm free with the basketry deployed, flicked his fist at the tip of the sword sticking out of the dust cloud.

 A sharp slash across the neck followed, but Ustao instantly burst the magic from his gauntlet and retreated with the momentum.


“He ran away!? No, not yet!”

“It’s coming!”


 Jinya, who had been struck by surprise, swung his sword at Usato with a small movement that did not fit his large body. It’s an attack that uses precognitive magic to anticipate Usato’s movements, but I’m in his arms now.

 I anticipate the attack with a precognition that surpasses Jinya’s movement and passes it on to Usato.


“Cut up from the lower left, kick the sand, blind him, and you’ll be fine to counterattack …….”


“Extra maneuver ……!”


 At my words, Usato unleashes a fist laced with healing magic without the slightest doubt.

 His fist was blocked by Jinya’s defensive arm, but he slid backwards across the ground. Finally, taking a breath, Usato lowered me to the ground and turned his attention to Jinya.


“It really came out of nowhere, didn’t it? From the fact that you attacked without even pretending, it looks like you don’t like the situation you’re in.”

“……Why are you here! You should have just run away quietly!”

“Because we have our reasons for not doing so.”


 Usato replied, glancing behind Jinya and frowning.

 Behind Jinya, a kinsman soldier was lying bleeding. He was trying to seize …… Jinya, one of the Kingsguard soldiers manipulated by Nea, but was probably cut down by his sword.

 When Usato saw this, he created a healing magic bullet and threw it at the fallen soldier. The healing bullets that hit the fallen soldier spread throughout his body, and his face, which had been contorted in pain, became calm.

 Jinya had been silently watching Usato’s action, paying the slightest bit of blood on the sword in his hand.


“That’s very kind of you. It makes me want to puke.”

“…… He’s one of yours. You could have knocked him out without hurting him.”

“I don’t need a limpet controlled by the enemy. I don’t care how I treat my people, I don’t need you, a stranger, to tell me what to do.”



 Usato’s eyes turned more and more swarthy.

 …… Jinya’s behavior was the one thing Usato seemed to hate the most, so it was understandable that he was angry.

 Jinya held up his own weapon, completely oblivious to Usato’s mood.




 Just as Usato was about to raise his fist in silence as well, Hayate was dressed in armor and came out from the chaotic surroundings. Behind him, Arc-san was using his sheathed sword to hold off a soldier who was about to attack Hayate.


“So it’s you this time, Hayate.”


 After regaining his breath, Hayate opened his mouth, wiping away the sweat.


“Jinya, give up now. Your plan has been crushed.”


 With my rescue, Jinya’s plan has been foiled.

 In the first place, it was almost as if it had been decided that it would end in failure when Nea took control of the researchers who were the key to the plan.

 However, Jinya’s answer to Hayate’s words was cold to the core.


“I refuse.”

“You look at this and don’t think anything of it!!!”


 Hayate indicated behind him with his arm, and there was a scene of his men and the soldiers here fighting. However, there was no such thing as anger on the faces of the soldiers, just feelings of sadness and hesitation.

 A senseless conflict with their own kind.

 And depending on the outcome of the conflict, it would determine their fate to form an alliance with the demon tribe to fight against the humans. For the beastmen who had been living peacefully in the depths of the forest, this would not be a good thing.


“This is a battle that I’ve caused! Still, I have to say it! Jinya, everyone here doesn’t want you to fight! So if only …… you would give up on fighting, …….”

“That’s a stupid question. I’m here to accomplish what I’m meant to do.”

“Why is that, ……? What drives you to fight so hard ……?”

“I’ll ask you the opposite. Why do you persevere?”


 Jinya tilted his head with a blank expression, a complete change from Hayate’s raised voice. Hayate’s reaction was too much for him, and he was immensely disappointed.


“Humans have been oppressing my species. For a long, long time, that is, for a long time now, beastmen were treated like livestock to humans. Nowadays, the slave trade in beasts is rampant, and people are stoned just for being a beast. How can you put up with …… such treatment?”

“It’s true that there are beastmen who are treated badly by humans. …… But that’s no reason to take away the lives of Kanoko and Amako. Do you understand what you’re saying? What you’re doing is the same as what the people you’re looking down on are doing.”


 Jinya replied to Hayate’s point after a few seconds of silence.


“Precognition magic is a magic that should be used in battle. Have the successive generations of ‘Time Chanters’ done anything significant so far? No, they haven’t. That’s why we should end the useless ‘Time Chanters’ and use it in a more meaningful way.”

“…… Ahh, I finally got it.”


 It’s true that the time chanters haven’t achieved much. But that’s because we’ve been living in peace without any major disasters befalling the beastman race.

 Forgetting that, and trying to twist the way things are, is not right in any way.

 Hayate held his eyes as he stood dazed.


“I finally understand why you’re so obsessed with precognitive magic, and why you’re so adamant about fighting. You …… just want to use precognitive magic and wield its power. You think it’s the right thing to do, and you’ve given a good reason for it. That’s why the conversation between you and me is so, so distant.”


“Jinya, I’ve been talking about the people all along. But you, from the beginning, have only talked about fighting. Are the people you’re supposed to protect nothing but tools to you?”


 At Hayate’s words, Jinya remained silent.

 Taking this as an affirmation, Hayate looked up and strained his voice in quiet indignation.


“Jinya, you’re just a kid showing off a toy you stole from people called precognitive magic. You brought everyone around you into it just to show it off. Do you have any idea how selfish and stupid that is?”

“Are you finished with what you’re saying?”

“…… Oh, I’m all done. I can no longer call you my friend.”


 Just because someone is in a superior position doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want.

 But even that word doesn’t work with this person anymore. He’s convinced that he’s right, and he doesn’t realize how selfish his actions are.

 I’m sure that Hayate’s words haven’t reached him in the slightest.


“It’s not over yet. If we can cut down all the traitors and return Amako to ‘Towa’, that will be all.”

“…… Do you think I’d let you do that?”

“I’ll kill you. I’ll stop you myself.”


 As Jinya showed his willingness to fight no matter what, Hayate looked down sadly and then put his hand on Usato’s shoulder.


“Usato, I’m sorry. This was my last chance to stop Jinya, but I couldn’t stop …… him.”

“It’s okay. It’s more that he’s going to fight to kill me. So please stay back so you don’t get caught up in it.”

“I’m really sorry. Amako, let’s move you to a safer place too.”


 Hayate-san says to me, but I shake my head.

 I’m sure this country is in chaos right now, and there’s no way I’ll be able to find a safe place anytime soon. I already knew the safest place for me.


“I’m with Usato. It’s the safest place for me.”

“…… I see. Okay, then. Usato, I’m going to go subdue the soldiers, and you’re going to beat the crap out of that know-nothing. I was his best friend, so I’m asking you …… to do me a favour.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”


 After seeing Usato nodding his head, Hayate left.

 The only ones left are Nea, who controls the people she made into her servants on the ‘Towa’, me, Usato, and Jinya, who has his sword at the ready.


“Amako, are you sure? Stay close to me.”

“It’s okay. I believe that Usato will never lose.”

“Haha, I see. Well then, I can’t lose now.”


 After exchanging some light words, I move behind Usato.

 Glaring at Usato, Jinya is even sharper and more intimidating than before.


“I will kill you and complete the ‘Towa’. With the strongest unit that will be completed at the end of it, I will sanction all humans.”

“Then I’ll stop you as a rescue squad.”


 Jinya reacted a little surprised at the word rescue squad that came out of Usato’s mouth.


“…… Rescue squad? Well, there was something stuck in my mind when I heard that you were a healing magician from the Kingdom of Lingle. …… Oh right, you’re one of that country’s group of weirdos. It’s a real hardship for you to come to this place.”

“…… a group of weirdos…… Yeah, we are a group of weirdos, indeed.”


 With the sober and depressed Usato at his back, Jinya released his stance and smiled lightly.

 What the? I paled at the thought of what was about to happen, as I made a deep prediction.

 I’m going to be in a lot of trouble.

 I have to stop him before he does something stupid.


“Usato, don’t listen to him!”


“There were heroes in the Lingle Kingdom, weren’t there? Two brave heroes who are reputed to be quite strong, too.”



 Usato’s eyes widened at Jinya’s mention of Suzune and Kazuki.

 Thinking that he’s been caught, I try to stop him, but Jinya continues to speak as if I can’t interrupt him.


“Hero” is a word that means a lot to us beastmen. After being persecuted by people and forced to fight against the demon race, the hero saved the beastman race. Such a hero has now become a decorative title for the humans.”


 Jinya cowered in sadness as he said this.

 Usato’s expression intensified at the move that seemed to strike a nerve in people.


“Is this what you mean when you say you’re sick of it? You guys forget about your own deeds and turn your hands to worship the heroes. I don’t understand how ugly, stupid, and irredeemable that is.”

“…… Now that would be different.”

“No, it won’t be different. It’s always the same. Power beyond the imagination of man is only fear to the ordinary man. Envy turns to fear, and fear turns to exclusion. It is human to make the same mistakes over and over again.”


 Jinya’s words were not wrong in this regard.

 The tragedy that happened to the previous generation of heroes was exactly the same.

 However, what he said from now on was not good.


“Those who pretend to be a hero are only fools who don’t know what they’re doing. What kind of a hero are you when you are not even close to being ready or strong enough?”


 A creaking sound came from Usato’s right hand.

 In his mind, the image of the ice-manipulating hero who fought with him in Mia Rak must have flashed through his mind.

 Usato was quietly angered by the way he was talking to him, as if he was disgracing him who had suffered and struggled and finally found the path he should take.


“The kingdom of Lingle, which is being invaded by the Demon King’s army, and the two heroes who belong to it. I’m sure they are very important to you, aren’t they?”



 Jinya let out a faint smile at Usato’s upset reaction.

 Convinced of something, he said the decisive words in a tone that was almost pretentious.


“When we attack the Lingle Kingdom with the Demon King’s army, the first thing we’ll do is decided.”



 That’s not good.

 Don’t say anything else.

 Jinya’s words and actions were so outrageous that I panicked and tried to look at Usato —— but it was too late.


“To kill two people who pretend on the name of a hero in a bloodbath and kill them cruelly—–“


 Usato was already gone when he turned to look. Instead, a dull sound and an inarticulate scream echoed from ahead.

 I looked forward fearfully, and what jumped into my vision was the sight of Usato with his fist twisted in Jinya’s stomach, carelessly crushing the sword he was holding.



It was the first time he had ever seen such a thing.


 He saw the prediction and knew immediately that it was a ploy to get Usato angry, to take away his calm and make his movements monotonous.

 Probably even a soldier belonging to the Lingle Kingdom would be furious if he was humiliated by Suzune and Kazuki.

 But the miscalculation for Jinya was that the two heroes are Usato’s best friends.


“Gah, gah …….”


 Even with his eyes wide open and a blue streak standing out on his forehead, Usato grabbed Jinya’s collar in the form of an expressionless face, and it was obvious that he was angrier than I had ever seen him.

 Even so, he was still using his healing magic, which was probably his innate kindness, but Jinya was not happy about it. At any rate, his own endurance was too strong for him to remain conscious.


“This, this, monster!”

“…… huh?”


 Jinya tried to cut Usato down with the dagger he pulled out of his pocket.

 He lets out an exasperated sigh and lightly brushes the dagger away with his hand. Kicking the dagger far away from Jinya’s hand as it fell to the ground, Usato gives Jinya a cold stare.


“M-My prediction is …….”

“If you foresee where to avoid and attack, it won’t be hard to respond if I keep reacting to it.”


 No, I don’t think that’s right.

 I mean, as soon as Jinya reads where Usato is going to avoid and attacks, Usato immediately responds to Jinya’s movements. The funny thing is that this is repeated dozens of times in a moment, and in the end, Usato is winning.

 Usato, who had easily subdued Jinya, who was two times larger than him, ignored Jinya’s attempts to lash out and was lost in thought alone.


“I can endure this because I have a bit of precognition. Is this the only way to stun him completely?”


 Despite his tone of calmness, there was no mercy in it.

 Grasping Jinya’s collar once more tightly, Usato threw him diagonally upwards as far as he could. Of course, Jinya wasn’t stunned by that, but rather he was trying to position himself for a good landing.

 However, the attack that Usato made after staring at Jinya was something that even I, who had seen it in my premonitions, did not understand.

 Looking up at the falling Jinya, Usato put magic power into his entire right arm, which was wrapped in his gauntlet, and pulled it down to his waist. But the distance between him and Jinya was more than ten meters, and there was no way he could hit her with his fist from that distance.

 However, he still fired his fist.


“If you’re in the air, what does precognition matter?”


 At the moment Usato thrust out his fist, Jinya’s body in the air was blown away with the sound of the wind exploding.



“Wha, gaaaaaaaah!”


 Jinya fell to the ground and rolled around two or three times.

 His abdomen was clearly marked with fist marks, from which the light of healing magic spread like smoke. I couldn’t help but let out a dumbfounded voice, but even seeing it in reality, I couldn’t understand what had happened.


“…… I see, so I should use it in this way with less power? I can’t just walk up to someone and hit them with this healing punch.. Let’s name the healing cannon …… flying fist …… healing flying fist.”

“Uh, Usato?”


 I called out to him fearfully, and Usato turned to me as usual.

 However, he immediately fell into a depression, holding his forehead in self-loathing.


“Haaaa ……”

“A-are you okay?”

“No, I’m not hurt. But it made me realize how immature I am for falling for such a cheap provocation. I can’t believe that I was so bloodthirsty that I couldn’t make a calm decision after being told about Inugami senpai and Kazuki. …… Even though the first blow brought me back to my senses, I hurt Jinya-san unnecessarily.”


 It wasn’t my fault that I doubted the fact that he had come to his senses after the first blow.

 Because his face looked like he was in full rage the whole time.


“Is Jinya, alright?”

“…… Even though the attack looks like it was blown up badly, it’s a failure after enhancing my strength, so the healing power is higher than normal healing magic. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah. I know that Usato is crazy.”



 But as it turned out, Jinya ended up blowing himself up.

 As a matter of fact, the steps Jinya tried to take were among the worst, so there was no need to force him to stop. It was only a matter of time before he got what he deserved.


“……,W-What was that? What the hell was that??”


 As if to represent my feelings, Nea, who had jumped down from ‘Towa’, crowded Usato.


“Did you just send something flying from a place where your fist obviously couldn’t reach? And it was so powerful that Jinya’s body was blown away!”

“This is the [Healing Punch First Form, Flying Fist]. Also known as [Healing Flying Fist]. Nea, this is a new technique, the flying healing punch.”

“You’re out of your mind! Why is it that whenever I take my eyes off Usato, he makes some strange moves? I mean, does the first form have a second and a third?”

“Well I did think of the rest and sealed it up right away, though. It was too dangerous.”



 Nea’s face turns pale.

 I feel the same way, but at this point I can say that it’s Usato, so it can’t be helped.

 So I’ve given up on this part of the story. I can’t keep up my end of the bargain.

 When I looked around me, I saw that the soldiers around me who were fighting had also stopped moving, because Jinya, who was the powerhouse of the country and a powerful man, had been beaten down so easily.

 Some of them dropped their weapons in relief, which reminded me that it wasn’t fighting for the best after all.


“Nea, what about the people you manipulated?”

“I put them all to sleep. Of course, I had to carry the people I knocked out.”


 Looking at the edge of the plaza, I saw the unconscious guards and researchers lying on the ground.

 Except for the kingsmen that …… Jinya had cut, there were no significant injuries.

 As I was inwardly relieved, I saw Arc-san, Bluerin and Hayate coming running from the direction of the entrance to the square.

 They must have heard that Jinya had collapsed and came to see me.

 Waving to them, I spoke to Usato.


“I’m really glad that Usato saved me.”

“That’s right, of course I’d help you. Because my precious friends were being held captive.”

“No, it’s not like that.”



 Usato tilted his head, and I chuckled as I recalled my memories from a few months ago.

 First, a savior who would change my future of despair.

 Next, a kind person who would listen to my requests.

 Next to that, someone who makes me feel at ease when I’m with him.


“The first day we met, I never thought I would feel this way, but …… I’ve really enjoyed traveling with Usato so far.”


 It was hard, and there were many inconveniences.

 But it was more fun than that.

 I, who had only known traveling alone, gained the joy of doing something with someone else. It became an invaluable treasure.


“That’s why I …… will continue to …….”


 I try to say the rest of the words, but I can’t get them right.

 Just when I managed to muster up the courage to speak out —— my words were interrupted by a sudden shower of flames that seemed to block us and Arc-san and the others.





 Flames that burned like a wall. It surrounded the entire square like a flowing stream.

 At the end of the flickering flames were Arc-san and the others, who had the same astonished expressions on their faces as Nea and I. Immediately, I tried to ask Usato to make a decision, and at that moment when I looked at his face, I realized that Usato was not looking at the flames, but at something else.


“Usato ……?”

“Yeah, I had a hunch on the inside. That I’d be seeing you again.”

“That’s odd. I was thinking the same thing. The truth is, there was no way we were going to intervene.”



 Out of the corner of Usato’s eye, the man was right near the unconscious Jinya.

 A man of the demon race, dressed in black. The guy naturally exchanged glances with Usato.


“Is this your doing?”

“No, it’s my man. Well, he’s stretched out here, and I had some business with you, so I asked him to buy me a little time.”


 The man said, pointing at Jinya and Usato.

 Usato looks sideways at the wall of flames.

 These are not ordinary flames. It’s a flame made of magic, and it’s also filled with a lot of magic power.


“Do you want something from me?”

“No, first of all, you need to introduce yourself for the second time, right? There’s no point in pretending to be something you’re not.”



 The man clapped his hands with a smile that was too vulnerable in the tense situation, and pointed to himself as if he was greeting a friend, as Usato narrowed his eyes in silence.


“Nice to meet you again, healing magician. I am Koga Dingal, Commander of the Demon King’s Army II. Now, tell me your name, will you?”


 At that moment, more than the word “commander”, the content of the prediction passed through my mind.

 It did not match the person in front of me from his appearance. But when I saw him in person, I was convinced that this man was the one Usato had been fighting.


Author’s Note:


This fight with Jinya itself is more like a prelude.

So Jinya couldn’t fight properly and until the end, he had to drop out without getting his way.


By the way, if he hadn’t stirred things up so badly, he could have shown off the Kannagi style of swordsmanship.


A supplementary explanation of how Usato broke the precognition magic.

Jinya uses precognition to predict where to evade → Usato immediately responds → predicts where to evade next → immediately responds → predicts → responds

This is repeated over and over in an instant, and in the end, Usato wins.

Isn’t that strange? I think so, too.


That’s the end of this update.

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