Level 1 Guy: Chapter 455 – Pin Spinning

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 I went through the door, and when I entered the next room, the door closed without a sound.

 There was another door at a distance, which was also closed tightly.


 And then there was a huge monster.


 This time it was a huge butterfly, the size of an unfolded bath towel.

 The wings were red, and something very colourful was constantly spilling out of them as they flapped.


 Scales ……? was the first word that popped into my head, but the colour made it hard to be sure.


“First of all, as usual.” (Ryouta)


 I switch to my normal revolver and shoot normal bullets.

 Concentrating, I can maintain a near 100% hit rate in a circular dungeon with a well-trained revolver.


 Just before the bullet struck, the butterfly fluttered and the bullet missed.


 I fire again and again.

 The aim is a little wider, so that I can hit the target even if it’s normal, and cover the area it avoided.

 That’s how I shot.


 The monster flew in a fluttering, butterfly-like, erratic trajectory, dodging all the bullets.


“That’s a high evasion rate.” (Ryouta)


 I put my revolver away and kicked the ground to get closer to one of the butterflies.

 I then clenched my fist and fired a punch —– but.


 The wind pressure of my fist caused me to miss.


“It looks more like dandelion fluff than a butterfly.” (Ryouta)


I tried to grab it, but it’s too light and blows away just from the airflow when moving.


 The butterfly flaps its wings and the scales fly away.

 In a panic, I kick the ground and fly backwards to avoid it.


 The movement of the scales was completely aimed at me, which means it was some kind of attack.

 It’s a good idea to keep a large distance from them to avoid touching them.


 Fortunately, butterflies are butterflies.

 It’s an uncontrolled movement, and it doesn’t come at you all at once.


 Even so, all the butterflies in the room were coming towards me at once, slowly, but because they were a large group, a slow and heavy pressure was coming on.


“If it doesn’t hit you —— Then let’s try using the Homing Bullets.” (Ryouta)


 With a practiced hand, I reloaded the Homing Bullets and fired.

 The butterfly dodged the homing trajectory of the homing shot!


“You’re going to avoid that too! Ah.” (Ryouta)


 It plunged in, but it wasn’t finished.


 The dodged projectile swung round and flew back towards the butterfly.

 In addition, the butterfly dodged it again and the bullet turned around and headed again.



 The butterfly and the bullet continued to chase each other in circles, and eventually the circle narrowed, and as if it had reached the centre, the bullet caught up with the butterfly and shot it out.


“Nice one.” (Ryouta)


 I thought both were great.


 The bullet that followed the butterfly until it hit, and the butterfly that kept dodging until there was no way to avoid it.


 I pulled out my two revolvers and fired a series of follow-up shots.

 All the butterflies began to circle with the homing bullets.


 Seeing this scene, for some reason, I felt nostalgic.

 What is it? This nostalgia.


“…… Ah, this reminded me of the time I was playing with drawing pins during recess.” (Ryouta)


 I giggled as the memories all came together.


 I remembered when I was in primary school, there was nothing to play with in the classroom, especially on rainy days, so I would pull out one or two drawing pins to put up notices and spin them around like a top.


 I liked to play with multiple drawing pins on my desk, spinning them at the same time, fitting them into grooves in my desk, or into holes I’d made with pranksters (which I usually filled with eraser shavings).


 I remembered that time and watched the butterflies and homing bullets spin.

 It was nostalgic and fun, even though we were in the middle of attacking a dungeon.


 After a while, the bullets caught up with the butterfly one after another, and shot through.


 When all the butterflies had been shot, another ticket was dropped, and the entrance and exit doors opened simultaneously.


 Now, what do we have next?

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