Level 1 Guy: Chapter 454 – Fermium

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     The next morning, I left the inn and once I entered Californium, I went to Plumbum’s place via the mansion using the gate that Eve had opened for me.


     After fulfilling the promised portion of my daily routine, I returned to the city of Actinides and headed for the dungeon of Fermium.


     Unlike yesterday’s dungeon in Californium, there was a line of adventurers outside the dungeon in Fermium.


     Cell said that the cause of the queue could be found once we were inside the dungeon.


    “Hey, look.”

    “That’s Ryouta Satou…….”

    “The strongest level one …….”


     The adventurers were buzzing at my appearance.


     I’m used to getting a lot of attention when I go out in places with a lot of adventurers, which is something that’s been happening more and more lately, but something about it made me feel a bit strange.


     It’s not that I’m an attractive person …… it’s the attention.

     It’s more about something else that’s making me feel strange.


     I got in line, trying to figure out what it was.


     I looked around and got in line.

     The line went smoothly, and eventually it was my turn, and I entered the dungeon.


    “Mwah!” (Ryouta)



    Level: 1/1

    HP SS

    MP SS

    Strength SS

    Stamina SS

    Intelligence SS

    Mentality SS

    Speed SS

    Dexterity SS

    Luck SS



     As soon as we entered Fermium dungeon, our stats appeared in front of us.

     It was a familiar status, full of SS, but there was one difference, the level was blinking, unlike the usual display.


    “Is the …… level fluctuating, or is this a level-restricted dungeon?” (Ryouta)


     I tried to imagine a few possibilities.

     The fact that it blinks means that there is something there.

     So it’s either a change or a restriction.


     Basically, the change is down, but there is also a pattern of up.

     I’ll know which it is later.


     More importantly—–


    “There’s no one here, huh?” (Ryouta)


     I look around the dungeon, there’s no one there.

     I turn my back, no new adventurers are coming in.


    “So it’s like Sulphur?” (Ryouta)


     I was clearly convinced that it was this one.

     It’s the Sulphur way, where you enter from the same place and are sent to different spaces.


     The difference between this and Aurum is that Aurum also flies adventurers who enter, but they are sent somewhere other than the entrance.


     Sulphur and this Fermium are right at the entrance.

     And yet no one enters, which means that they are in different spaces.


    “I see. ……” (Ryouta)


     Muttering and bracing myself, I head for the door.


     Not a door, but a gate?


     It has the shape of a door, but no door? There is no door.


     I’m not sure what to make of that.

     The room was crawling with giant spiders the size of light cars.


     But that’s not all.

     Beyond the swarm of spiders was a door, which was closed.


     I turned around and was surprised to see that it was the same shape.

     The door I had just entered was also “closed”.


     There was no part of the door, but it was closed.


    “…… First in line…” (Ryouta)


     I calmed down and pulled out my revolver.

     The first thing I did was to fire a normal bullet.




     What a surprise, the spider’s body bounced off the normal bullets.


     The bullet went up to the ceiling, and sparks flew.


    “Then!” (Ryouta)


     Fleshing out, I clenched my fist and punched it.

     First 50%, another small hit.


     The spider was blown away, but my hand zinged.


    “It’s hard.” (Ryouta)


     The beaten spider got up quickly, it didn’t seem to do much damage.


     It’s about 50%, but it’s Strength is SS.

     It’s not often that I can hit someone with that strength and not do much damage.


     The spider in front of me was quite hard —– and fast.


     I felt the spider wandering around.

     I quickly dodged by jumping sideways in the direction of nothing.


     I switched the revolver, from my normal revolver to my +10.


     I loaded the same normal ammunition and fired.


     The bullet didn’t bounce off, but it didn’t penetrate either.

     It just plunged into the spider’s flesh and lost its power.


        Even with the +10, normal bullets would not be enough.


     This time, with two revolver, I shot flameless bullets.


      A flame that is invisible and fixed in space is shot out and the spider is guided to hit it.


     The spider, its legs burnt off, recoils for a moment, but it doesn’t care, it charges forward.


     It was very hard and very tough.


     There are eight of them, one, two, three …… in all.


     This is tricky.


     They are hard and tough, numerous and strong, but they do not feel threatened.


     I take a deep breath, keep my distance and fire a barrage of +10 piercing bullets.


     I hit eight heads one after the other, but they were still coming at me.


     It’s not enough to just shoot them in the head.


     I thought if not the head, but I let my mind wander for a moment and was haunted by one of the spiders that was closing in on me.

     I was pushed down by a huge body and a kind of drool dripped from their mouth.


    “——!” (Ryouta)


     I twisted my neck and ducked, but the slobber —– the poisonous liquid —– dripped onto the ground and I heard a sickening “whoosh” sound.


     I kicked the spider away and shot it with a +10 growth bullet.


     The spider was so tough that it took two rounds of growth bullets to kill it.


     After they all fell, one of those entrance tickets dropped from each of them.


     And the front and rear doors open.


     I see.

     If you don’t annihilate the monster in each room, you can’t proceed to the next type.

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