Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 135

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 After successfully escaping Hinomoto, the land of the beasts, we met up with Hayate-san’s men, who had also left the country and were a short distance away.

 Being wary of ambushes, I asked Arc-san and Linka to stand by while the more mobile Bluerin and I followed Hayate-san, but fortunately there were no traitors among Hayate-san’s men, so we were able to join him without difficulty.

 I heard that Hayate-san’s subordinates numbered about 30. Originally there were more, but the other subordinates stayed behind to hide in the country and send information to us.

 We left Hinomoto and headed for the hidden village where Linka’s grandfather, Kagari-san, lived.

 When we returned to the hidden village early in the morning with Hayate-san, Kagari-san was very surprised to see us, but when he heard what had happened in Hinomoto, he was just as angry as Hayate-san and Linka.

 Hayate-san, who had been looking at Kagari-san with a strange expression on his face, said something shocking with a determined look on his face.


“I’m going to pull Jinya down from his position as …… chief. The current Jinya is only focused on fighting. I will not leave my beloved family and …… people in his hands.”


 I felt his words were very heavy.

 The next time he looked at us, he bowed deeply and asked for our help.

 Normally, as outsiders, we were not supposed to cooperate with Hayate-san.

 However, in this case, it was no problem since Jinya-san was trying to antagonize the humans in the first place. Rather, as a person from the Kingdom of Lingle, it’s no exaggeration to say that we have the best cause to lend our support to Hayate-san, who is trying to stop us from intervening in the war against humans.

 After discussing it with Arc-san, I agreed to Hayate-san’s offer.

 I would stop Jinya-san and rescue Amako.

 After that, I would save Kanoko-san, the ultimate goal of my journey.

 Recognizing the above objectives, I decided to do what I could until the day Amako was reclaimed.



“…… Fu……”


 After arriving at the hidden village and taking a short nap there, I was training in healing magic in front of Kagari-san’s house, who had taken care of me again.

 I had done all the physical training, but as a healing magician, I still had to practice healing magic. I know I shouldn’t be doing that with Amako in captivity.

 It would be a shame to waste the time until the strategy meeting, so I’ll do what I can while I can.


“Healing Punch.”


 A technique used to stun an opponent unharmed.

 A fist covered with healing magic is thrust out.

 The sound of wind rushing through the air is unpleasant.


“Healing Magic Bullet”.


 A technique used to heal an opponent at a distance.

 Then, throwing the magic bullet generated in the palm at the tree in front of me.

 The released magic bullet bursts and disappears with a green flash.

 After confirming this, I unfolded the gauntlet in my right hand and weaved it with magic power.


“Healing Magic Random Bullet”.


 A technique to heal the wounded who are injured in a group.

 I release a diffusing magic bullet at the same spot as before.

 The magic bullet splits and disappears with a sound like sparks.


“Healing Magic Bursting Palm”.


 A technique used to save an ally in distress.

 From the palm, it shoots out an explosion of magic power that uses system enhancement.

 With a bang, it bounces off the leaves and air on the ground.


“And system enhancement.”


 The depths of healing magic.

 Concentrating my consciousness, I generate azure magic power in my palm, a systematic strengthening of healing magic.

 It’s a double-edged sword that causes the user to lose recovery power at the cost of an explosive increase in recovery power for others —– that’s systematic enhancement.


“So these are the techniques I can use for now.”


 This is the basic technique, though there are derivatives such as healing throw and healing blindness.

 If I use it in combat, all of the techniques will upset my opponents, but I can also use it to help allies.


“I’d like to have another way to do that.”


 You can never have too many techniques.

 In my case, I have to anticipate all kinds of situations, so I need a technique for each situation.


“Healing magic bursting palm with directionality: …… Healing magic bursting fist!”


 The image is a turret.

 The healing magic bursting palm, which was intended to be released by the whole gauntlet, is at once condensed into a fist and unleashed.

 And then, boom! A tremendous sound resonated from my fist.

 The impact was greater than I had imagined, and I fell back unconsciously.




 Looking ahead, I saw a tree trunk that was clearly gouged into the size of my fist.

 I could immediately understand how the gouged surface had been created by the smoky residue of healing magic, as it scattered wood shavings.

 The distance was only a little more than ten meters, but I had overcome the weakness of not being able to unintentionally send a magic bullet.





 I’m sorry, but I’m disappointed with it.

 It’s not the kind of healing magic that you can unleash on people.

 I thought it would be nice if I could make it fly like a rocket punch, but it turned out to be a much more vicious technique than I expected.


“Okay, let’s seal this technique!”


 This is not a healing magic bursting fist, it’s a healing magic bom……, or a healing magic cannon, or maybe a healing magic shrinking cannon. Anyways, let’s not use this technique at all in the future.

 Even if I assume every situation, there is no way someone won’t be injured using it. In fact, it would be a technique that would end up killing the injured person.

 Okay, let’s forget about this technique and get to Hayate-san’s place!

 With that in mind, I turned around and—–


“…… Huh…uhhh, Usato?”


 My eyes met with Linka’s, who had opened the door and was looking at me with a shocked expression.

 She looked at my face and the gouged tree in turn, then turned around and said.


“G-Grandpa! Dad! Usato gouged the tree with his fist…..pressure alone?”

“No no no no wait a minute! It’s healing magic! It’s a healing spell!”

“You’re lying! There’s no way there’s any healing magic that can break bones and then blow them up! Fist pressure is still more believable! Have some common sense!”


 A fourteen year old girl questioned me about common sense.

 Kagari-san and Hayate-san had a very hard time excusing themselves because they could believe Linka’s words as normal.

 I’m glad that Nea wasn’t there, because I think she would have said something..



 There was a bit of a commotion, but I managed to get through it, and I was having a strategy meeting with Hayate-san and his troops, along with Arc-san.

 According to the reports from the remaining people in Hinomoto, the Towa would be completed by tomorrow afternoon. Jinya-san plans to start planning to put Amako on Towa as soon as it is completed.

 If Towa is completed and Amako’s precognitive magic is transferred to Jinya-san and the Kingsguard soldiers, the beastmen will have the power to fight the humans, and participation in the war will be inevitable.

 Hayate-san’s ultimate goal is to stop this and pull Jinya-san down from his position as chief.

 In conducting the operation, I first told them about Nea.


“Right now, my familiar is increasing the number of allies from inside Hinomoto.”

“You mean her, right? But what do you mean, more allies?”

“She’s sucking the blood of the soldiers and imploring them to join her.”


 When I said that, everyone froze except for me and Arc-san.

 It was the reaction I had expected, so I didn’t mind and continued.


“My familiar is a vampire. Normally, I have told her not to use her powers, but for …… this time, I’ve lifted the ban. She estimates that she can have a quarter or a third of the soldiers on her side by tomorrow. We can’t directly target Jinya-san with the quicksand, though. ……”

“Yeah, that’s still good enough for me. ……I see. She was a vampire, wasn’t she? A demon that I’ve only heard of in literature, but I can’t believe that it …… actually exists and that you’re using it …… as your errand boy. Even Jinya-san can’t recognize her, this is …….”


 The truth is that she’s mixed with a Necromancer.

 I don’t want to say that because it would draw more attention to me.


“But we’ll still be outnumbered …… and then we’ll have to figure out how to—-“

“We’ll help you out.”



 At the sound of the third party’s voice, Hayate-san turned his gaze to the entrance of the meeting hall, where Kagari-san-san and Dietetsu-san, the tiger beastman with whom we had arm-wrestled before, stood arm-in-arm.


“Dad, isn’t that you and Dietetsu-san! What the hell is going on?”


 Hayate-san shouted in surprise, as if he knew who Dietetsu-san was.


“He’s saying that our young people are going to be your allies.”

“I know that. But it’s not like you guys are going out of your way to get involved in danger. ……”

“Don’t be so watery about it. We’ve heard what happened from the chief. I’m not sure what the chief was thinking when he decided to go to war. But I do know that it’s wrong for an adult to sacrifice Amako or a child to gain power for that purpose.”

“Dietetsu ……”


 Dietetsu-san also has a son.

 With that in mind, his anger was justified.


“I bet, once you make a sacrifice like that, it becomes the norm. You can’t do that, though. A child who should be protected should never be sacrificed.”

“Are you serious, ……?”

“Yeah, I’m convinced of all 20 of the men who are proud of their arms. Now it’s up to you to decide.”


 At these words, Hayate-san nodded and instructed his men to prepare chairs for Dietetsu-san and Kagari-san.

 They all took their seats.


“Thanks to Usato and everyone in the village, I think we can manage the strength gap……. Now we just need to figure out how to infiltrate.”


 Then a meticulous plan for the operation was assembled.

 As for the terms of the plan.

 It must be for the purpose of stopping Jinya-san, not fighting him.

 We must avoid killing each other and seize him as much as possible.

 This condition was obvious, since it would be pointless to kill or injure one’s own people in order to stop them from participating in the war. The problem was that the soldiers on Jinya-san’s side might really try to kill us, but Hayate-san denied that.


“They’re not sure, either. They’re wondering if they really want to join the war, or if they have to go to battle. Many of the soldiers, as well as those here, joined the army with the aspiration of protecting the people. Sadly, only Jinya-san and a few others really want to fight.”


 His expression was sad as he added the words, “Sadly”.

 Then some strategy was formulated and the conversation moved on to the next phase.


“Amako is probably heavily guarded. It should be the same when Towa is activated. Jinya will also try to activate the magic tool as soon as ‘Towa’ is completed, so if you want to save …… Amako, this is the place for someone agile enough to get through the siege and rescue her.”

“Then I’ll go there myself as a wolf tribe.”


 One soldier with ears similar to Hayate-san’s came forward.

 But then Arc-san, who had been keeping silent like me, raised his hand lightly and opened his mouth.


“No, I think Usato-dono is more suitable for the job here.”


 We were all surprised by his words, which he had kept to himself until now, but Hayate-san put his hand on his chin as if troubled.


“He’s human, right? I know he’s on our side, but he’s not ……a beastmen.”

“No, we might as well let Usato handle this.”



 The troopers were surprised by his words, but Hayate-san put both palms out in front of him as if to admonish them.


“Alright, everyone. Listen to me carefully. He is not a human in our beastmen’s common sense. He tore off solid fetters with his bare hands and overpowered two soldiers in the middle distance in an instant. I saw it with my own eyes, and it was beyond the scope of …… humans.”


 Excuse me. I’d like to interject a great deal.

 I know you’re desperately trying to convince me, but there’s a human being in front of you who has something gushy stuck in his heart.


“Wah, wafu, I think so too!”



 The person who raised her hand there was the female soldier I had startled when I entered Hinomoto.

 She glanced at me, shook her shoulders, and then opened her mouth voluntarily.


“He may look like a normal boy now, but he actually has the face of a very terrif— …… I mean a brave warrior. I’m sure he will be able to save Amako-sama!”


 I’m sorry, did you just say “terrifying”?

 I’m glad you’re pushing me, but, um, why aren’t you making eye contact with me?


“Oh, don’t be fooled by appearances. After all, He’s beaten all the men in my village in arm-wrestling. He may look like a human, but I think it’s more accurate to say he’s an ogre.”


 As if to encourage me, Dietetsu-san said this with a happy expression on his face.

 Finally, when everyone’s eyes turned to look at me as if they were looking at some other creature, Hayate-san finally spoke up.


“Moreover, he has a vampire as his familiar, and he also has a pure bond with a blue grizzly. Why is that? Because he’s done just that. Isn’t that right? Usato.”

“Huh? Huh? Well, um…”

“Usato-dono. I know this is painful, but please be mature and affirm it.”

“…… Yes.”


 Ah, not even you Arc-san …….

 When I affirmed while dropping my shoulders to Arc-san who whispered to me, the people in my unit looked at me somewhat in awe.

 I’m sure it’s a good thing that I can go straight to help Amako, but I’m afraid that I’m finally not going to be treated like a human being anymore.

 But now the details of our plan were almost decided.

 Our goal is to rescue Amako.

 Hayate-san’s goal is to capture Jinya-san.

 If we can get it right, we can end this without any unnecessary conflicts, but with him having precognitive magic, it will be difficult.




 However, what crossed my mind at this time was not Jinya-san, but the man from the demon race that I had met when I was locked in the cage.

 ——In the near future, I might have to face that man.

 I had a vague feeling, without any certainty, but I didn’t like it.


Author’s Note:

Healing magic, Canon.

It was Usato-kun who created a crazy technique when I took my eyes off him.

By the way, the reason why there is no clear technique name other than Usato’s in this work is because I have a fatal lack of naming sense.

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