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 After being rescued by Nea and successfully leaving the prison, we were walking up the stairs leading to the ground with Hayate-san, who still hadn’t grasped the situation.


“Nea, is everything okay with Amako?”

“Yeah, it’s night now so it’s deceiving. From their side, I’m just a familiar owl, so they don’t seem to think I’m that dangerous.”


 Hayate-san who was behind me let out a squeak of surprise at Nea’s comment about being a familiar.


“A familiar demon? Wait you mean that girl is a demon! Even humanoid demons are rare, but I can’t believe she’s a familiar demon. ……”

“I’m not going to go into the details, but I had Nea disguised as an owl to follow Amako.”

“I-I see, I guess they won’t suspect a thing if she’s an owl ……”

“That’s right.”


 A familiar demon on its own is not considered that dangerous.

 In addition, Nea naturally plays the role of a carefree owl that doesn’t seem to pose any threat, so it’s not obvious that she’s a powerful demon.


“But I don’t know what the plan is. What was the point of the conversation between you and Amako?”

“First of all, Amako told us that she saw a prediction that we were going to die. Even if it was a correct prediction, she’s not going to give up like that now.”


 The premonition that saw me being stabbed by Nea.

 Amako had absolute faith in her prediction, so she thought that the future would turn out exactly as she predicted. However, she learned and learned that you can’t understand the whole future, just one aspect of it.

 There was no way she could have said that she should give up because she saw the prediction.

 I’m sure she’d say with a straight face, “This level of prediction won’t kill Usato.

 In the first place, I knew it was a lie when she said all her friends, but didn’t include Nea.


“Moreover, I’m not sure how you’re going to die. You’re a monster that would fight a dragon head on. Let alone a human like Arc.”


 How dare she explain it like that to Hayate….. I’ll punish Nea later.

 Remember this when you return to the Kingdom of Lingle, I’ll give you to Inugami-senpai with your dog ears on. ……!


“And that’s the part where she said that she’s alone. First of all, Amako is not alone.”

“……, I see. Because Amako had this girl with her …….”


 There’s also Bluerin, though.

 She only dared to mention mine and Arc-san’s names in that place, so I noticed.


“The other thing is that …… Amako said she couldn’t come up with any ideas on her own.That’s the first inkling indicating that Amako was lying, so I decided that Nea had found the clue that would save Amako’s mother. Right, Nea?”


 I called out to Nea as she walked in front of me, and she turned around, looking a little surprised.


“Well, I’m not sure, but I did find one. But …… I’m surprised you came up with that idea. Are you really Usato? You’re kind of too perceptive and weird……. Oh, I’m sorry. I apologize, but please stop clapping your hands in my ear.”

“…… Huh. Because there’s no way you’d know about ‘Towa’ and not look into it.”


 My guess is that I knew Amako’s words were a lie in the first place.

 As for Nea, she’s been lurking in the background lately, but she’s always had a curious nature. It would be unnatural if Nea didn’t go to investigate after learning about the special magic tool called “Towa”.


“The thing I was most worried about was whether or not you would come to our aid. Well, I could have broken the shackles and the cage and escaped, but then the noise would have alerted them and caused a commotion. So I waited for you until the sunrise.”

“So that’s why you guys have been so quiet for so long……”

“It’s an act to make it look like we’re depressed.”

“Even Arc….?”


 Chuckling at Hayate-san’s words, Arc-san nodded, and he slumped his shoulders dejectedly.

 I guess he was worried about me.

 He must have been angry not only for Amako’s sake, but for ours as well.


“Nea, have you seen Blurin? If you know where he is, I’d like you to take me there.”

“Don’t worry about that. I brought him with me when I came here. I found him by accident at …… and she’s with me.”

“Her? Did you bring anyone else with you?”

“Uh, no… I guess it’s more accurate to say that I picked that up rather than brought it with me.”



 Nea says that with a subtle expression.

 As I was about to ask her about it, I noticed that the stairs ended and we were on the ground.

 The air felt like it had been a long time since I had been outside, and the moonlight was shining in from above. When I finally get outside, someone jumps at me from the side of the door.

 I thought, “Enemy?” but when I realized who it was, I didn’t dodge and just took it.


“Usato! Amako’s been captured! I tried to do something about it, but it was no use at all! The soldiers gave me sweets and sent me home!”



 I can understand why Nea would have an awkward expression on her face at this.

 She hugs me with a face soggy with snot and tears, so I hold her down so that my uniform doesn’t get dirty, and calm Linka down.


“I’ll definitely save Amako. So first, you need to stop crying.”

“Sniff…… okay.”


 Is this girl really fourteen?

 She’s the complete opposite of the mature Amako.

 I’m relieved when Linka finally stops crying, and Bluerin that Nea brought approaches from the direction she flew from.



“Bluerin, did they do anything to you?”



 The expression on his face was somewhat satisfied as he patted his stomach.

 Don’t tell me you got a lot of food from the beastmen?

 …… But well, I’m glad he’s okay.


“Linka! I’m glad to see that you’re safe! Did that bastard Jinya do anything to you?”


 Hayate-san who followed me outside, approached Linka with a relieved expression.

 Linka’s reaction to seeing her father again was more tepid than I expected.


“Ah. Dad. I’m glad you were able to come out. I’m fine.”

“Oh, what? Isn’t your reaction a bit too indifferent? I was thinking that you could be more …… happy.”

“Because you’re my father. Anyways we have more pressing matters like saving Amako!!”

“That’s terrible…….”


 A rebellious daughter. ……?

 Hayate-san is slumping her shoulders heavily at the at ease Linka, then regained his composure and turned to us.


“…… Usato, I’m going to call a HootBird now, do you mind?”


“Wait, if you use a HootBird now, you’re gonna alert them.”


 Is he going to send a letter to someone?

 Nea’s question was understandable, but Hayate-san seemed to have an idea, so let’s hear it out.


“Due to my position, I’ve been assigned to assist the Chief, and as part of that, I’ve been leading a security team to guard the country. So I’d like to tell my men to get out of here and meet up with you at a place away from the country. …… Can I not do that?”

“Your men? Oh you meant the ones who greeted me at …… when I arrived here?”

“Yes, that’s right.”


 You mean the beastman woman I scared away?

 I don’t know what to do, it seems a bit inadvertent to send HootBird here.


“Isn’t …… Jinya’s man or something mixed up in there?”

“I don’t think so. He’s been my subordinate since before I became his assistant, and more importantly, if he wanted to keep an eye on me, who often gives orders away from the field, he would have found a better place to do so.”


 I see.

 If he was the chief’s assistant, he must have a lot of work to do besides guarding.

 If that’s the case, it would be better to have him infiltrate a closer position rather than going to the trouble of watching Hayate-san with the security force.


“Besides, …… we need at least one friend right now, you know.”


 Hayate-san’s eyes seemed to be preparing for something as he muttered that.

 Indeed, thinking about the future, I want at least one companion.

 When I put my hand on my chin and was troubled, Hayate-san continued to speak in a bit of a panic.


“Oh, and don’t worry about the HootBird. The one I’m about to call isn’t a regular Hootbird, but one for troops only, so no one but my subordinates should be able to find out about it.”

“Usato, you decide.”

“…… I understand. But please be very careful.”


 It’s dangerous in some ways, but it’s also beneficial for us. At the rendezvous point, where there’s a danger of ambush, Bluerin and I can follow Hayate-san.

 Hayate-san nodded at my words and whistled with his fingers in his mouth.

 Now all we had to do was wait for Hayate-san’s HootBird, and I would use the time to talk to Nea.



“I know, I know. Let me take care of Amako.”

“Thanks. And ……, you know how to help Amako’s mother, don’t you?”

“I can’t say for sure. But it’s worth a try. …… The only problem is, we’ll have to wait for them to finish this ‘Towa’ thing.”

“Wait for it to be finished? …… So that’s why Amako is still here?”



 If “Towa” is included in the condition to save Amako’s mother, then it must be paired with it. But “Towa” will not be paired without Amako.

 That’s why Amako stayed behind on her own.


“Amako is also reckless. ……”

“You’re always doing such reckless things, though. Do you understand? That’s how we feel all the time.”


 Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for that, isn’t there?

 When you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, you feel ashamed that you can’t do anything.

 …… Now is not the time to get sentimental. Even though we haven’t caused any trouble, we are in the middle of enemy territory. We can’t afford to be complacent.


“Also, I’ll tell you what I found out about Jinya’s precognitive magic.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Jinya’s precognition magic is weaker than Amako’s.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes. He heard Amako’s prediction of the future and didn’t say anything. The range of prediction in normal times is probably less than ten seconds.”

“How do you know all that?”


 Nea smiled wickedly at the continued question.


“Because the move to catch you was too careless. He probably thought you were just a human being and was setting a trap for you. You were going to do something when you stopped him, weren’t you? And now that you’ve succeeded, they must’ve been distraught.”

“…… I see.”

“In other words, if he can see the future and can only take measures like that, then Jinya’s precognition magic is not that great.”


 I’m not sure if I feel like I’m being treated like an outsider, but let’s leave it at that.

 In other words, according to Amako and Nea, Jinya’s precognitive magic is backward compatible with Amako’s. Well, I can’t say it’s a weak magic either way, but this is a good detail.


“Also, and I know this is after the fact, but …… is it okay to use my ability here?”

“…… your ability, huh?”


 In this case, she’s not talking about magic, but the vampire charm and the ability to manipulate people that she just used. The power to deceive people, which until now, I have forbidden to use for physical reasons.

 It’s an ability that has been kept from me until now because I didn’t want to use it to manipulate people, but there’s no way I’m not going to use it in this situation.

 Rather, if I’m being mocked this much, I’ll do it to my heart’s content.


“How many people can you get on your side?”

“I myself have a limited time to act, and with Jinya having precognitive magic, I have to move with extreme caution. In addition, because of the problem of magic power, …… I think I can get about a third …… quarter of the soldiers here in three days.”

“Can’t you control Jinya-san directly? Or bother him with charms or something.”

“That’s impossible. It’s too risky against precognitive magic, and in case you’re wondering, charms don’t work on everyone. It almost never works on someone like Usato, who has an unusually strong mind.”


 So it doesn’t work on people with strong minds.

 And the ability to manipulate people is useless if you don’t take advantage of their weaknesses because you have to bite them.

 They say that every useful thing has its drawbacks, and Nea’s ability is no exception.


“It’s almost impossible to target him in his sleep in a limited time because he’s heavily guarded. That guy, when he’s unconscious, he’s thoroughly protecting himself.”

“I guess that’s natural in a way.”


 Jinya-san probably has total faith in precognitive magic. It would be strange if he didn’t take any measures at bedtime, his only weak point.

 He seems to have a lot of faith in his precognitive magic, but that can be a weakness.


“…… Okay, I get it. Just don’t move as suspiciously as possible.”

“I know. I’ve ruled a village for three hundred years without anyone noticing, you know? There’s no way I’d screw that up.”

“It’s not something to be proud of, though.”


 I chuckled at Nea’s words, but I was reassured by her confidence now.


“Well then, I’m going back to Amako’s place. Oh, yeah, Usato.”


“I have a message for you from Amako.”


 A message? I wonder what it is.

 As I braced myself for something important, Nea said, somewhat dismissively.


“It says, [Be sure to come save me.]” (TL: That’s just so sweet!!!)



 The words startle me for a moment, but I quickly smile.


“Yeah, of course. Tell her I’ll definitely help her.”

“Yes, I will definitely tell her that.”


 With a poof, she transformed into an owl, nodded, and flew away as if melting into the darkness of the night.

 I took a deep breath, made up my mind, and then turned around to look at Arc-san and the others.



 After parting ways with Nea, Hayate-san sent the HootBird to his men and took us with him as he attempted to escape from the Land of Beasts.

 Even though we were trying to escape, it was now the time of day when everyone was asleep. Except for the soldiers on guard, no one is walking around outside, so getting around itself is not that difficult.


“I knew I was right to wait for Nea, didn’t I?”

“Yes, it was. If we had caused a commotion at that place, it might have been difficult to escape.”


 In the worst case scenario, me and Bluerin could have carried everyone and escaped, but that would have been too dangerous, so it was a last resort.

 So I’m really glad we were able to escape without anyone noticing.


“But I wanted to bring my horse with me, too.”

“It’s easy to take Bluerin around, but taking a horse would be a problem for us to get around in the dark. …… We can just get them back later once we save Amako-dono.”


 The horses that have walked the long road with us are also our friends.

 That’s why I wanted to take them with me without abandoning them, but …… I had no choice but to leave them behind for now.



“Are you still mad me, Linka?”


 Linka, walking next to me, looked up at me with a musing expression.


“Of course not. If I heard that Amako got caught for such a super stupid reason, I’d have this look on my face.”


 I told Linka why Amako had been captured.

 I probably shouldn’t really talk about it, but I decided that since this girl was Amako’s friend, I should explain it properly.

 When Linka heard the story, she became so angry that her face turned red.


“What did Amako do to them……? For such a selfish reason, Amako’s mother was taken away from her, and now her freedom is being taken away as well. …… That’s just too crazy.”

“……Yes, I think so too.”


 I agreed with Linka’s words, stifling my emotions.

 Perhaps curious about my situation, Linka looked up at me with some doubt.


“Aren’t you mad at them, Usato? You haven’t shown any signs of anger since a while ago.”

“Me? I’m not angry at …….”

“You’re lying.”


 Surprised by the immediate reply, Linka looked somewhat confident.


“Usato, you’re actually very angry, aren’t you? Because that was really unnatural. You didn’t have a smile in your eyes at all, and it looked normal, but it wasn’t normal at all.”

“…… I guess I have a tendency to show it on my face.”


 As a matter of fact, I have been suppressing my anger.

 But the reason I didn’t explode it in the cage was because my anger wasn’t good for Amako.


“Honestly, how can I not be angry? My friends are about to get hurt. But now is not the time to let my anger take precedence, so I’m trying to keep my cool.”


 This is a problem that can’t be solved by raging out of control.

 I have to save Amako and save Kanoko-san’s life.

 To do that, I have to suppress my anger and hold back for now.


“But if I explode, I might be in big trouble. Hahaha.”

“It might get really tough. Usato’s legs and strength are beyond that of a beast.”


 Linka finally smiled at my joke.


“But what’s really going to happen? Is he going to run around like a big monster?”

“That’s not going to happen…”


 Just as I was about to say “no,” Bluerin looked up as if he had noticed something, and I switched my attention.


“Hey, you guys!”


 At the same time, a voice from behind.

 I turned around before anyone else and saw two beastmen holding lights and readying their weapons at a distance of more than 20 meters.

 As soon as I recognized them, I kicked the ground hard and approached the two beastmen in one breath, right under their noses.




“I’m sorry.”


 Muttering softly, I slam a healing punch into each of their abdomens.

 I went easy on them, but I hit them with enough force to stun them for sure, so they wouldn’t wake up until dawn.

 After checking that the two beastmen were not injured, I wiped my forehead and turned back to Arc-san and the others.


“Whew, thank goodness they were knocked out before we were found out. …… Hmm?”



 Looking behind me, I see two parents and their children, their faces pale and stunned.

 Near them is Arc-san who is smiling bitterly, and Bluerin who is absent-minded.

 Once again, I look at the unconscious soldier and return with a sullen look on my face.


“It’s not life-threatening, they’ll be fine.”

“”That’s a lie!””


 I guess parents and children are alike.

 I couldn’t help but give them a twitchy smile as they both dexterously stifled their voices.


Author’s Note:


When Usato stuns an opponent, he hits them (mercilessly) because he is not clever enough to use a neck ‘ton’ technique they use in animes.


Usato is the one who should not be angered the most.

However, the person you should not make enemies with the most is Nea.

The next episode will be updated at exactly 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, just like the previous update.


I have written an activity report about the sixth volume of “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic”.

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