Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 131

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 I’ve been angry about a lot of things on this trip so far.

 I’ve been angry at Meena for torturing Nack, at Fegnis for trying to use the word “sacrifice” to describe Eva in Samaria.

 I was angry at Leona who was willing to risk her life without regard for her own.

 My anger right now is at the level I was at with Fegnis-san in Samaria.

 But the only difference was that I kept my cool and didn’t show my anger.

 I was surprised at myself, but it seems that when I get angry beyond words, I become calm.


“So, what sort of method is Jinya-san thinking of using to extract the magic from Amako?”

“It should be the same as it was with Kanoko. Probably, Jinya is trying to extract the precognition magic using ‘Towa’.”

“I see, so we just have to destroy it.”

“Well…… yeah, that’s not a given, but ……”

“Usato-dono, please calm down.”


 I was rebuked by Arc-san.

 Even though I was able to maintain my composure, I thought of solving the problem by force as I had been doing.

 I coughed to fool Hayate-san, who was pulling away lightly and asked him what was bothering him.


“Ehem. So anyways, what does this ‘Towa’ magic tool look like?”

“It looks like a black box, but it’s bigger than a normal tool. I think it’s roughly the size of two …… huts.”


 It’s a black box, but it’s huge.

 It’s foreign to me, considering the magic tools I’ve seen so far.


“It’s that big? Then it’s going to be quite noticeable.”

“No, it was disassembled after the Kanoko incident. But the disassembled parts are also part of the results of our research, so they haven’t been disposed of. One of them is the one you guys saw at the entrance of the building.”


 Was that the one I saw before my audience with Jinya-san?

 …… It makes a lot more sense now that they’re keeping it in the beastman tribe’s headquarters.

 Nodding nearby, Arc-san asks Hayate-san a question.


“If it’s disassembled, does that mean it will take some time to assemble?”

“Yes. They have to gather the parts, so it should take at least three days. In the meantime, soldiers are guarding it closely.”


 …… I could just ram it in, hit it with all the punches with my gauntlet, and be done with it.

 Obvioulsy I’m not saying these out loud because there are beastmen on guard here.

 But doesn’t Hayate-san’s story make you think anything of it? I looked at the guard casually and he was looking at me with a pensive look in his eyes.


“…… Is something the matter?”


“Oh, no, it’s nothing.”


 I’ll think about the soldier’s reaction later now.

 Anyway, for now, I need to get as much information as I can out of Hayate-san.


“How has Amako been?”

“Right now she’s in a private room and …… good, she’s locked up. The owl is your familiar, but it’s been deemed a particularly harmless creature, and it’s staying with Amako. Oh, and the blue grizzly you brought with you is with the horses.”

“I see. ……”


 Nea must have been able to successfully become an owl. Thank goodness she didn’t hoot in a stupid “ho ho ho” kind of voice.

 It’s great news for us that we were able to get Nea inside the beastman tribe.

 Bluerin is …… yeah, I’m sure he’s coasting as usual.

 With Amako locked up, it is unlikely that she will be able to reach us. If they do, it will probably be through Nea, or when Jinya-san has some sort of plan to bring us together.


“Should we move now? No, we should wait a little longer. ……”


 Even though they have at least three days to finish reassembling the Towa, we can’t afford to wait too long.

 I’m not sure what to do.

 Or should I wait for Amako and Nea to contact me? ……

 No, I can’t decide. In the first place, how can I, a basic muscle for brains make such a decision?


“No, rather, isn’t this where my well-trained body will come into play?”


 I knew the average arm strength of the beastman tribe from arm wrestling in the hidden village, and I had already confirmed their movements in a game of tag with Linka. I can at least subdue a beastman soldier with a healing punch.

 I don’t know how far into the future Jinya-san can see, but if we grab Amako and Kanoko quickly, we can destroy his plans.

 As I was thinking about how to move forward, Arc-san tapped me on the shoulder with his shackled hand.


“Usato-dono, I’ll say it again. Please calm down.”

“…… Ah, yes. Excuse me.”


 It would have been nice if Nea and Amako had been here at a time like this. ……

 Whenever I was struggling with something similar, either Amako or Nea was always there to give me advice and help me out. I can rely on Arc-san enough, but I still feel sad that the two people I should be are not there.

 I’ve been relying on them more than I thought I would…


“……Hm, someone’s coming down.”


 The sound of someone’s footsteps coming down the stairs echoed from upstairs. I’m sure he didn’t bring anyone with him like Hayate-san did. …… Could it be Jinya-san himself?

 As I watched the stairs, bracing myself to see who would come, I was surprised to see an unexpected person coming down from the upper floor.

 A man with silver hair dressed in black and a woman with fiery red hair.

 If that were all, they would be ordinary people, but the two had one feature in common.


“So, the captured humans are here?”

“I don’t know. But we did find one that looks like it.”


 Brown skin, horns on his head.

 The two men, who shared the same species characteristics as Ferme, looked at me wide-eyed in the prison.

 The man who spotted us came closer to the cage.

 Naturally, the beastman soldier on guard tried to stop him, but when he saw the two men, he froze in fear.

 No doubt, these two are …….



“Yeah, that’s right.”


 The demon man affirmed the words I muttered to myself, and crouched down to make eye contact with me, who was sitting on my haunch.

 The moment our eyes met, I remembered a familiar feeling and understood it instantly.

 I knew immediately who was spying on me when I came to the land of the beastmen.


“Nice to meet you? No, it’s been a while for me? No, I guess it doesn’t matter either way.”

“That’s quite a pompous greeting. Is that a popular thing to do here?”

“…… haha.”


 The demon man, who looked puzzled for a moment, smiled even more, looking somewhat amused.


“Well, I did it out of spontaneity. The guy behind me got mad at me later, so forgive me. See?”

“That’s why the beastman soldiers were so scared of me, though.”

“That’s your fault, isn’t it?”


 The demon man smiled cheerfully.

 What’s this guy doing here? Maybe this man and the woman in front of him are not ordinary. The more you look at them, the stronger and more dangerous they look.

 Both Arc-san and Hayate-san are aware of this, expressing caution.


“It looks like you’ve been through a lot.”

“Did you guys instigate Jinya?”


 When Hayate-san mentioned this, the man shook his head.


“No, no. All we’ve done is negotiate.”

“…… Oi, mind your words.”

“It’s fine. And I’d hate for them to think that this whole thing is our fault.”


 The woman behind him tried to stop him, but the man refused.


“It’s not your place to hold a grudge against us here, okay? We’re just here to ask for your help. We have no part in what the bigwigs here are doing, or what they’re doing to you.”

“So he’s …… trying to antagonize the humans of his own volition? …… What in the …….”


 Maybe Hayate-san still believes in Jinya-san.

 Being a childhood friend, it can’t be a shallow relationship.


“Beastmen have been oppressed by humans, you know. Wouldn’t it be strange if they weren’t hostile?”

“Yeah, it’s not strange. But you see, many innocent compatriots were killed in the past battles between humans and demons! Our ancestors tried to live a peaceful life in the deep forest so that the beastmen would not fight anymore! And yet, …… all the people of the beastman race are now involved in this war!”


 The man scratched his head, looking bummed out by Hayate-san’s words.


“That hurts my ears. But hey, we only asked for your cooperation. Of course, we prepared an option to refuse, but it was your chief who accepted it, of all people.”

“Yeah, I know. I know that what I just said is nothing more than an attempt to take it out on you. ……! But I can’t help but say it, can I? We’re going to get caught up in your war!”


 Although Hayate-san is not aware of it, the brunt of his words is directed at me as well.

 No matter how much of a pretext it was to visit the beastman country, the fact that I showed the letter to Jinya-san is a fact that cannot be excused.


“Ah, I’m sorry about that. But just like you guys have your own circumstances, we have our own circumstances too. …… Well, ……”


 The man shifted his gaze from the indignant Hayate-san to me.


“I heard from the guys here. You’re a healing magician from the Kingdom of Lingle, right?”

“…… Are you here to kill me?”


 The healing magicians of the Lingle Kingdom should be hated by the Demon King’s army to the point of being the enemy of their eyes.

 It is not surprising that they would try to eliminate me, Rose’s subordinate and disciple.

 In fact, the demon woman with distinctive red hair behind the man is glaring at me with tremendous eyesight.

 However, unlike what I expected, the man shook his head in a funny way.


“No thanks. I’m not under such orders, and now that you’re trapped in the Land of Beasts, I can’t touch you.”

“Then why have you contacted us?”

“Because I was curious about the healing magician who captured Ferme, who is being held captive in the Lingle Kingdom. …… Apparently, from the look on your face, I’m pretty sure it’s you.”


 Oh shit, I was caught off guard by my own upset.

 I was taken aback when Ferme’s name was mentioned.


“The real one was different than I thought. As far as I’m concerned, I thought he’d be weaker, but you ……, you’re a lot more blunt than you look. It’s no wonder Ferme didn’t come back.”


 I’m not sure how rude that was, but it was.

 Why do I have to be told this by someone I’ve never met before?


“In the first place, you and I are supposed to be enemies. Why would you want to know anything about me?”

“I’m taking a personal interest in you.”



 I have a bad feeling that you’re interested in me.

 Even though I’m just overwhelmed by the current situation, it’s too troublesome to be interested in a demon race’s …… moreover a person of considerable power.


“That’s enough. There’s no need to say anymore.”


 The red-haired woman behind the man said this as they fell silent to each other.

 The man grumbled, but reluctantly stood up when the red-haired woman glared at him.


“If you’re my subordinate, I wouldn’t mind a little flexibility.”

“I’m your temporary subordinate. I didn’t come here to curry favour with you.”

“Hahaha, okay. See you later, healing magician. I’ll look forward to seeing you again.”


 As for me, I don’t want to see you again. ……

 I’m relieved that he’s finally gone, but I notice the red-haired woman looking at me, and I tighten my loosened grip.


“You have the same eyes.”


“Eyes filled with a strong will. I see, it seems to be true that you are his subordinate. …… Maybe there was a bit of a point to coming here.”


 The way she talks, she sounds like she knows Rose personally. Is there a connection?

 The red-haired woman took one last look at my face and then followed the man to the stairs.

 However, we and the demon men and women looked towards the stairs as someone else came down from the other end.


“…… Why are you here?”


 It was Jinya-san who came after the demon race.

 He had a surprised look on his face when he saw the two demons trying to climb the stairs.


“I had some free time, so I came to see what kind of people came here. Was that a bad idea?”

“I don’t like it when you act on your own.”

“Haha, my bad. Well then, let’s just say that outsiders should stay back quietly.”

“…… I’m more on the side of stopping them, though. ……”


 The man and woman from the demon tribe walked upstairs, passing Jinya-san.

 After seeing them off and letting out a sigh, Jinya-san turns around and walks to the front of the cage.

 Looking closely, there’s someone behind him.




“…… Usato.”


 Amako looks down.

 Jinya-san silently shifts to the side, letting her advance to the front of the cage.

 …… Nea is gone.

 What do you mean? What was the purpose of Jinya-san bringing Amako here?


“Amako, where’s Nea?”

“I left her in her room. If you want to talk about it, I’m the only one who can. ……”


 Her expression was unreadable because she was lying on her face.

 What’s wrong, Amako? What’s going on?

 Arc-san is also looking at her with concern.


“Usato. Don’t come to …… save me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw the premonition!”


 Amako interrupted my voice, her shoulders shaking loudly as she spoke.


“All my precious friends …… Usato, Arc-san, all of you are going to die …….”


 When she looked up so that only I could see her, her expression was far from sad, it was full of determination.


Author’s Note:

Amako’s words at the end might make you go “Hmm? at the end.


I’m going to update this story as soon as I can, because I’m too stressed to finish it here.

The update will be made early tomorrow morning, at exactly six o’clock.


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Thanks for the chapter! That’s fine, take your time to release the next one. No pressure chief! I wonder how many more “Usato, your going to die” is gonna be coming from Amako. Hope you feel better! No need to stress yourself out

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