Level 1 Guy: Chapter 448 – Headhunting

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“Thank you, thank you for taking the time to do this.”


 In the city of Shikuro, I walked with Cliff to the dungeon.


 Cliff is one of the members of a party I met shortly after I came to this world.

 It was a party where the captain of the party was a black businessman who encouraged his employees to dream and grow, and then used his subordinates.


 Cliff was there and I helped him out.

 Since then, he’s been working independently under the Ryouta family, the Cliff family —– it’s like a secondary organization.


“It’s fine. It’s more unusual for you to come all the way to invite me to go to the dungeon with you. Is something wrong?” (Ryouta)

“You’ll find out after looking at the situation…” (Cliff)

“I see.” (Ryouta)


 Cliff slurred his words, but from the way he said it, I can imagine it was a big deal.

 So I decided to do as he said and not ask him.


 After a while, we came to Silicon dungeon.


 The dungeon was quite busy during the day.


 There are adventurers coming in and out of the dungeon, and stalls selling tools and equipment for going around the dungeon.

 It’s not a bad idea to buy a few things from the shops just outside the dungeon, but considering the distance you have to travel to get back to the tool shop in the centre of town, many adventurers are willing to pay a premium.


 In the original world, most adventurers were sole proprietors.


 There is a large percentage of adventurers who believe that money buys time.


 When we got there, Cliff stopped in his tracks.

 Don’t you want to go into the dungeon? I was about to ask him, but I didn’t say anything and waited.

 So I waited and waited until I saw something that I knew at first sight was going to happen.


 And it was the right thing to do.


“Too late!!” 


 I heard a shout that echoed around me.

 I looked towards the shouting and saw a group of adventurers.


 There was one man who seemed to be the leader, and about ten other armed adventurers in total.

 One of them was shouted at and became puny.


“How dare you be late!”

“I’m sorry! Tha- my wife has suddenly—-” 

“It doesn’t matter! Reflect on your actions!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good! Then I’ll give you a chance to make up for it.”


 In an instant, I “got it” and my brows knitted together so tightly I could have sworn they were together.


“You’re going to do the shouting today.” 

“Yes, sir!”


 The angry man responded, and the adventurers formed a circle.


“Today! I’ll be the first one to hunt!”


 The late man shouted, and the other adventurers lit up and started shouting one after another.


“No! It’s me!”

“No, it’s my turn!”

“I’m the best!”


“No me!”

“No I can do it!”

“No I’ll do it!”


 One after the other, they say “I am” and raise their hands in the air.


 It looked like a religious cult to us, but they did it without question.


 Then they formed a circle and entered the dungeon one by one.

 After the leader had left, the late man slumped to the floor.


“So that’s it.” (Cliff)


 Cliff spoke up after all was said and done.

 I nodded back.


“Yeah, I know it when I see it.” (Ryouta)

“That’s why you’ll understand once you see it.” (Cliff)


 Cliff bitterly smiled.


“That’s the same treatment to us right?” (Cliff)

“Yeah, same thing. They push you to the limit, brainwash you, and then make you say it out loud, so you think it’s your will.” (Ryouta)


 I bitterly smiled too.

 It was one of the patterns I’d seen so often when I was in my previous world.


“That’s right. That guy, by the way. He’s not very good at brainwashing people, but he’s recently married, so he can’t really quit.” (Cliff)

“That’s one thing that’s not funny.” (Ryouta)

“And that’s why.” (Cliff)


 Cliff cut the story off again there and then, and cut to the chase.


“I think I’m going to scout and headhunt for them individually.” (Cliff)

“You’re going to pull them out?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. I’m proud to say that we’re a better family than that one, at the very least.” (Cliff)

“Right.” (Ryouta)


 Cliff is an ex-victim who has escaped brainwashing.

 It’s not “at least” in the sense that he doesn’t want people to feel the way he did.

 He would have made a far better environment than that.


“So I want you to lend me your name, Ryouta-san.” (Cliff)

“My name?” (Ryouta)

“Yes. Just by having Ryouta-san as a backer, I can pull it off.” (Cliff)

“Is that all you want? If it’s just that, I’ll help you all the way.” (Ryouta)


 I was more than willing to help.

 But Cliff shook his head.


“No, this is the best I can do for now. It’s best if Ryouta-san stays in the background and says, ‘Next time, Ryouta Satou will come out.’ I don’t want to beat him up, I want to pull him out and help them.” (Cliff)

“Right, okay. I’ll leave you to it. I’ll do whatever you need me to do, just let me know.” (Ryouta)

“Yes!” (Cliff)


 Cliff nodded and went straight to the man who was slumped over.


 A few days later, I heard that the adventurers who had formed the circle had been successfully pulled out, and that the party had effectively been dissolved.

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