Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 128

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 Hinomoto, the land of beasts.

 We were welcomed by Hayate-san, the assistant chief, and were walking up a dimly lit hill while being watched by beasts.

 A gentle ascent on a path that passes between houses.

 It may sound like we’re trying to avoid being seen, but if you look at it another way, it’s like we’re being taken somewhere. Hayate-san, who is leading the way, doesn’t seem like someone who would want to trap us, but after being tricked by Fegnis in Samaria, it’s dangerous to trust someone you’ve only just met.

 To be honest, being deceived by someone you trusted can be quite intimidating.

 Before I knew it, Bluerin, who had been standing next to me, looked up at me, as if he had seen my expression getting stronger.



“…… Are you worried about me?”


 I pat Bluerin on the head.

 …… This isn’t the time to be regretting my previous mistake.

 As I regained my composure and turned to face forward, I saw a bright open area at the end of a dark road. Apparently, this back road ends there.

 I headed for the lighted area, wondering what I would find there and found myself in a wide open space, different from the path I had just taken. In addition, there was a large building in front of me that I had to look up at.

 Hayate-san looked back at us.


“This is the most important building for us beastman tribe. Would it be easier to describe it as a castle for you guys?”


 The building is clearly different from other houses, and is carefully constructed.

 The white exterior and the angular shape gave it a different kind of power than a castle.

 As our eyes were drawn to the white building, Hayate-san, with a proud smile on her face, continued with her words.


“Please take a look behind you.”



 When I turned around after being told that, there was a view that allowed me to see Hinomoto from above.

 Spread out below me were many buildings and a few people.

 The view from the castle in the Kingdom of Ringle was western, but the view from here was like going back in time to old Japan.

 I’ve heard that the beastman race has developed a culture different from that of humans, and looking at the entire country like this, it’s no wonder.

 When I think that all the people I can see now are beastman people, it makes me realize that I have finally arrived here.


“I’ve missed it…….”

“So you’ve been here before, Amako?”

“Yes, I’ve been here many times with my mom …….”


 The expression on Amako’s face is somewhat anxious as she speaks in a small whisper.

 If you casually look sideways at Hayate-san, he is awkwardly putting his hand on his neck.

 …… Is there something you’re guilty of? Or are you simply feeling sorry for her? ……


“Now, let me lead you on. First, let’s leave the horse and the blue grizzly with you. The owl on your shoulder is …….”

“Oh, she’s my familiar, is it okay to let her inside ……?”



 Nea tilts her head with a squeal, and Hayate-san looks a little distressed, but soon turns his head towards us.


“…… It is fine. But please do not let it leave your side.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. She’s very quiet.”


 Nea nodded her head in agreement.

 The truth is, she’s far from quiet. In fact, I’d say she’s a bundle of curiosity.

 Linka, who knows that Nea can turn into a human form, has a dubious look on her face, but it soon returns, as if it is of no concern to her.

 What about Hayate-san? If he can’t let her in, she’ll have to stay with Bluerin and the horses. ……


“That’s okay then. Then please follow me. We’ll take care of your luggage here.”


 With one nod, he motioned for us to follow him.

 As I followed him, I looked again at the white building that was high enough to look up at.




 I wouldn’t go so far as to say that everything around us is full of enemies ……, but I’m pretty sure that the beastman race doesn’t have a good impression of me.

 At worst, they might swear at me or make unreasonable accusations against me.

 In response to this, I should be as emotionally stable as possible, especially if it’s a grudge against them for the way they’ve been mistreated by the beastmen.


“…… What’s in store for us.”


 Beastman tribe, Chief.

 I walked forward with some trepidation, knowing that I was about to meet the highest-ranking person in the beast race.



 After leaving Bluerin and the horse at the stables, we were invited into the building.

 Only Linka was separated from us. Well, I was the one who was going to talk to the chief, so I couldn’t take Linka who had nothing to do with this to the important meeting.

 But as soon as I walked in, I was surprised to see that they made me take off my shoes.

 I had been living in this world until now, and it was common sense for me to wear shoes inside buildings, so I was honestly surprised that I had to take my shoes off to go upstairs.

 How much knowledge did the hero give to the beastmen? The culture is so similar that it’s hard to know what to make of it.


“First of all, I’d like to take your weapon.”



 I handed the two swords that Ark-san was holding to the soldier.

 The gauntlets are more protective gear than …… weapons, so I guess they’re okay. For now, I’ll also leave the blades and other things I use for cooking.




 I suddenly noticed a square object at the entrance that looked out of place against the Japanese-style interior.

 Casually, I turn my gaze to observe it.

 It was about two meters in diameter. It was a strange object made up of various black plates that formed a square shape.

 From the looks of it, it’s a similar structure to the magic tools we saw in the open air in Samaria.


“…… Magic tool?”


 Nea tilts her head at my words. The way she looked at me, she seemed confused.

 Doesn’t Nea understand? I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like it as a design, or if it’s because I don’t think it has anything to do with magic.

 Either way, I don’t mind it as a design.


“That was here before I left, you know.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, it’s been here since I can remember.”


 So this is just some kind of ornament then?


“She’s right, this is just like an ornament.”

“Heh …….”


 Perhaps having heard our conversation, Hayate-san agrees with Amako’s words.

 However, there was a part of Hayate-san’s words that bothered me a little.


“So, by ‘like’ you mean it wasn’t originally an ornament?”

“…… Yes, it was originally a magical tool, but no one used it and it was no longer needed. It was originally intended to be discarded, but since this is a slightly special magic tool, it has been left in this form.”

“I see. ……”


 So it was originally a magic tool, and now it’s just an object with no power.

 I see. I thought it was reasonably shaped like a magic tool.


“…… Although I doubt this will ever be used again.”


“Well, that’s enough talk, let’s move on. The chief is waiting for you.”

“Ah, yes.”


 …… Hayate-san muttered something quietly, but I couldn’t make it out.

 After regaining consciousness from the black box, I regained my composure, deposited my luggage and followed Hayate-san as he proceeded to the back. The rooms inside are divided by sliding doors, and from the inside it seems to be a moderately spacious structure.


“I’ll tell you something while we’re here.”



 Hayate-san suddenly spoke to me as we walked.

 Without looking at us, he spoke in a rather heavy tone.


“Our chief does not have a favorable opinion of you, more specifically, humans.”

“…… No, we were the ones who suddenly barged in, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t think favorably of us.”


 In fact, there was no way they would look favorably on us, who had suddenly entered a place where no human had ever set foot before.


“As for me, I’d like to end my talk with you guys peacefully. So I’m going to try to make an effort to take the place as much as possible.”

“Thank you for your help.”


 When it came to meeting the head of the beast tribe, everything was different from before.

 Dean Gladys of Lukvis Academy.

 Lucas-sama of the Samaria Kingdom.

 Norn-sama of the water city of Mia Rak.

 All three of them are ordinary …… normal ……




 I’m not sure what to make of this. …… No, Gladys-san was a normal woman, but Lucas-sama acted unexpectedly, like asking me to succeed him, and Norn-sama was drowning in potions when we first met, and to put it mildly, she was not a normal person.

 But the one thing that all three of them had in common was that they didn’t have any ill feelings towards us.

 Lost in thought, I walked down the corridor where I could see the outside scenery clearly.

 Then, I saw a wide sliding door where a beast soldier with a spear was standing.

 When the beast soldier saw me and Arc-san, he looked nervous and put his strength into the spear in his hand, but when Hayate-san stood in front of the sliding door, he moved to the side to make way for us.


“Chief, I’ve brought Amako and the humans with me.”


 He said the words in front of the sliding doors, and–


“Come in.”


 – and a low, cold voice.

 The beast soldier who nodded opened the sliding door.

 In the room behind the sliding doors, a beast man was sitting upright on a cushion. Behind him stood two beastly women who seemed to be his attendants, but I was more surprised to see the beastly man sitting in front of me than to grasp the situation in the room.

 He had rounded brown ears that reminded me of a bear and a build that was muscular enough to be recognizable. He doesn’t even have to stand up to see it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I’ve never seen someone so big in my life.

 Prompted by Hayate-san, I sat down in seiza on the cushions that had been prepared in advance and introduced myself, which I had prepared in advance.


“My name is Usato from the Lingle Kingdom, a rescue squad. Thank you for inviting me this time–“

“I’m Jinya, Chief of the Beastman Tribe.”



 As if to interrupt me, he briefly mentioned his own identity and name, and Jinya-san was silent.

 …… Yeah, I’m not annoyed at the slightest. But I hope you’ll at least hear me out on the words I’ve tried so hard to come up with.

 Jinya-san, who wore a black kimono and brownish-black hair reminiscent of a mane, looked around at us, then finally at Amako, and let out a small sigh.


“I never thought Kanoko’s daughter who had been missing would come to us like this. And that she would bring a human with her. ……”


 He then shifted his gaze to me.

 He stared at me blankly, and when I was confused, not knowing what to do, he blinked.


“You look so poor that I can’t believe you’ve even made it this far. Did you really travel all the way here?”

“What ……?”

“Ho-, hoot.”


 I let out a dusky voice with a smile, but came back to myself at the sound of Nea’s whine on my shoulder.

 No, no, no, the other party is the highest authority in the country. I must not be rude. In fact, he might even be trying to make me angry.

 Jinya-san, who had given me a boring reaction when I held back my smile, now looked at Amako.


“So, Amako. Why did you come back here after all this time?”

“…… after all this time?”

“Two years have passed since you disappeared. During that time, we have done everything in our power to find you ……, but it has all been a failure. Some people thought you were either trapped by humans or already dead.”


 If that’s the case, then Amako’s return here may have caused no small amount of confusion. Besides, it’s no wonder Hayate-san was so happy when he met Amako.

 Amako looked at me as Jinya-san spoke, and I nodded my head. Rather than me explaining the situation, it would be better to let Amako handle it.


“I came here to save my mother.”

“Hmm, a good reason. Your mother hasn’t woken up for two years now. During that time, we tried everything we could to cure her, but all of our attempts failed. The fact that you’re back here now means that you’ve found a way to save her, right?”


 Amako nodded in response to his questioning words.


“I’ve brought a healing magician with me. Healing magic, the highest level of recovery magic, may be able to heal my mother.”

“…… I see. If that’s the case, then that man is the healing magician, right?”


 He looks at me again, but his eyes are dismissive, as if to say, “Your magic is as poor as it looks.”

 I’m used to it from Rose, but if it were a normal person, I’d be pissed.

 I don’t know why he’s being so overbearing.


“We hadn’t tried using healing magic to heal ourselves. In the first place, it was impossible for us to use the healing magic that only humans can handle, but …… I see, if you brought him as a collaborator, the possibility of saving her is not low.”


 Jinya-san nodded as if he was convinced.


“All right. I’ll take that healing magician over there to see your mother.”

“Huh, is that okay?”

“I think I understand the difficulty of a beast child living in the human realm. For your resolve, I’ll allow you to let that healing magician heal her.”


 Amako was surprised to see that her request had been approved unexpectedly easily.

 I thought it would be more complicated too, but …….


“…… Now, Mom is …….”

“She’s alive, though she hasn’t woken up in the last two years.”


 …… Why had Amako’s mother stopped waking up?

 It’s not like that can happen without knowing why, so it’s like she did something to cause it. Well, I guess I’ll find out when I see her in person.


“Whether he can save your mother or not—-are you willing to stay here?”



 Amako shuts down at the heavy, low words.

 After a few seconds of silence, her gaze wanders as if she is lost and then she opens her mouth with determination.


“No, I do not intend to remain here.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know the mission of the Time Wing?”

“Of course, I understand it. But I’m not …… going to stay here. ……”


 She can’t live a normal life.

 Amako stammered that out, and Jinya-san let out a disappointed sigh.


“…… I see. If that’s the case, then you can disappear wherever you are when you’re done. Although it would have been better if something other than you had awakened to precognitive magic, …… you are a disgrace to the family.”

“…… ! Chief”

“Our country doesn’t need anyone who wants to abandon the mission of composing time.”

“Jinya! You can’t talk to her like that! The reason this child had to leave the country—-“


 Hayate-san raised her voice at Jinya-san’s harsh words.

 Jinya-san gave him a cold stare.


“You should know your place. Don’t talk back to me like an aide.”

“But ……!”

“No matter how much of a daughter she is, she’s useless. I don’t know what she’s been doing for two years, but I didn’t expect …… a beastman who lived in the outside world to turn so useless.”


 Hayate-san was about to retort, but he stifled his anger, as if he was trying to control it with reason.

 I myself was a little angry at Jinya-san for looking down on Amako and mocking her, but I tried to keep my composure and not show it.

 In a way, this was a good thing, because he was insulting me.

 If she obeyed his words, Amako would not be forced to live in the land of the beasts, but would be taken back to the Kingdom of Lingle. Amako knew this, and accepted his words with a blank expression.


“No matter. We will leave this country as soon as we have healed my mother.”

“I’ll let you do that.”


 Jinya-san sat up, as if he was trying to end the conversation there.

 Amako’s story is over, but I haven’t told mine yet, so I hurriedly open my mouth to stop him.


“I’m sorry, but I have something to tell you as well.”


“The Kingdom of Lingle, I have a letter from Lloyd Bluegust Lingle-sama.”


 Saying that, I take out the letter and show it to Jinya-san.

 I know it’s impossible for me to do this, but since I’m here as an emissary of the Lingle Kingdom, I have to talk to him.

 He grumpily let his attendant receive the letter, and looked it over.


“Demon King huh …… I refuse. I have no reason to cooperate.”



 I knew it.

 Well, it can’t be helped.


“In the first place, from our point of view, the battle between demons and humans is of no importance. Even if we were to meet a demon and a paragon, it would only be after the demise of the humans.”

“…… I will report to the king that way.”


 It’s a good thing that I was able to inform the beastman tribe of the imminent threat of the Demon King’s army.

 When he saw that I didn’t say anything more, Jinya-san stood up this time.


“I have a guest waiting for me, apart from you. You can take over, Hayate-san.”

“Very well, sir.”


 With that, Jinya-san stood up and walked out of the room, taking his attendants with him.

 He remained stern from start to finish.

 It’s like he was acting like he didn’t want us to see any opportunity.



“Finally, huh?”


 It was the beginning of our journey and our ultimate goal to meet Amako’s mother.

 I know what that means.

 The end of our journey is near, that’s all that matters.


Author’s Note


I paid a little more attention to Jinya’s character this time.

I think this might be the first time I’ve had a character who feels so badly about Usato.

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