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 After we decided to visit Kagari-san’s house, me and Arc-san decided to chop wood as he asked us to.

 Amako seemed to be following Rinka who was crying after Kagari-san’s sermon, so it was just me, Arc-san, and Nea at the back of the house where we were chopping wood.




 I swung down the axe I held lightly and split the standing wood in half.

 The sound of the wood splitting with a nice bang made me feel good.


“Well, it’s been a long time since I chopped wood.”

“Me too!”


 Arc-san was also chopping firewood at the base of another tree trunk.

 After wiping the sweat from his forehead, Arc-san piles up the broken wood with a fresh smile and looks back at us.


“Knights who live in quarters basically cook for themselves, so I’ve been doing a lot of chopping wood to start a fire.”

“Oh, I see. The rescue squad was the same way.”


 We chopped wood steadily while talking about other things.

 For now, I’m going to chop as much wood as Kagari-san instructed, but at this pace, it won’t take much time.

 As I swung the axe down again, Nea who was sitting in a nearby field watching me chop wood, puffed out her cheeks in boredom.


“…… Somehow this is too ordinary and boring.”

“Hmm? What’s so normal about it? Nea.”

“You. I came here to see you chopping wood, thinking you’d do something funny as usual, but you’re just chopping wood like normal.”

“I’m just chopping firewood, what do you expect me to do?”


 As I made a subtle expression, Nea crossed her arms and held up her index finger with a puffy, cheerful expression.


“That’s right. Why don’t you try splitting the wood in half with just your arm strength? Or how about cutting it in half with a hand sword, or, uh, smashing it with your fists?”

“It’s not impossible. But I’ll do it if I replace the wood to you.”

“I’m sorry for the joke!”


 When I suggested this with a big smile, Nea turned pale and apologized.

 In fact, I could do it if I wanted to.

 I’ve never tried it, but I’m sure I could. But I won’t do it because it’s too pointless.

 If I’m going to do it, I prefer something directly related to training. …… Hmm?


“Ah, yes. Nea, if you’re free, you can help me train.”

“……Just out of curiosity, what’re you going to do?”


 When Nea looks at me with quizzical eyes, I explain my training method that I’ve been thinking about for a while.


“You’re going to cast a restraining spell on me.”


“I’ll move.”


“Of course, it’s hard to move your body when you’re restrained.”

“Yeah. …… What’s the point of that?”

“You’ll get a workout.”

“You’re an idiot, aren’t you?”


 I gave a supremely concise explanation, but Nea cursed me out.

 I wondered what was wrong about it.

 As I tilted my head, Nea’s face twitched.


“Your magic strengthens my body. What’s wrong about that?”

“A lot of things are wrong about it! Magic isn’t meant to train your body! There isn’t even a precedent for it!”

“Then you and I are the leading experts.”

“You can’t just throw me in there!”


 The image was of chopping wood with a training cast on my body.

 Now I can chop wood just fine, but I’m sure that restraining my body and putting a heavy load on it will give my body a good workout.


“Come on, let’s give it a try.”

“Sigh, why do I have to do this ……?”


 Grudgingly, Nea transforms into her owl form and moves to my shoulder.


“This is kind of disgusting, so I’m going to pour a restraining spell on just the upper half of your body.”

“Heh. That’s what I want.”


 A restraining spell is cast on me from Nea.

 The purple pattern covered only the upper half of my body, and I couldn’t move as if my body was tied down.

 I look at my palms in a slow motion and grin at the load on my body.


“……Tssuu! You’re doing good, Nea ……!”

“T-This is just wrong. I’m sure I’m more proficient and more restrained than before, so why can you move normally ……?”


 I was once subjected to a restraining spell that Nea had concocted over the course of six hours, and now my body is still restricted by the same level of restraint.

 The restraints are limited, but I guess that means Nea is also growing up on this trip.



“Your face is getting scary, too. Are you okay? If it’s too hard to move, I’ll stop, okay?”

“No need. Keep going. ……!”


 I knew I had the right idea.

 If I used this, I would be able to take another step forward.

 I let my excitement get the better of me and raised the axe I was holding tightly.

 My upper body creaked and screamed, but I healed it with a thin layer of healing magic.

 I put all my strength into wielding the axe, not just with my arms, but with my entire body, and I stared at the wood standing below me.




 —–I swung the axe down with all my strength.

 At the moment, the restraining spell on my upper body shattered, and the axe shattered the firewood as it burst apart.

 Still, the momentum of the axe was not diminished, and with a roar, it plunged deep into the trunk of the foundation tree, carving a large crack into the ground.

 Finally, the handle of the axe couldn’t take it anymore and snapped from the middle.

 Silence reigned over the scene.

 I looked at the broken handle and looked at Nea on my shoulder with a straight face.


“Nea, I don’t think I can chop wood with this training method.”

“You should have known that before you did it! Damn it, Arc! Say something to this monster!”


 When Nea turned to look at Arc-san, he was looking at a different place than us, and his face was slightly pale.

 It’s not often that Arc-san’s face turns pale. With a bad premonition, I turned my gaze to the direction where Arc-san was looking, and—




 Five beastman children poked their heads out of the bushes and looked at me in astonishment.

 I looked again at the devastation I had created.

 Shattered wood.

 A tree trunk smashed in half.

 Cracks running into the ground.

 Oh no!

 If I don’t hurry up and explain the situation to the kids, my impression of them will be fixed as a monster. ……!


“Um, you guys–“

“Hiiii! Don’t eat me!”

“Let’s get out of here, guys!”

“Oh, don’t leave me here!”

“What kind of creatures are humans?”



 The beastman children ran away from the scene like rabbits.

 I let out a sigh and shrugged my shoulders after being dumbfounded for a while by the children who had disappeared in the blink of an eye.


I let out a sigh and coughed, “I don’t know what to think. Right, Nea?”

“Isn’t it because of you that people’s impressions are fixed in the wrong direction?”

“Haha, I know of those who can do this.”

“No one I know can do this, though.”



 What should I do?

 I tried to keep the mood of relief, but the situation was at its worst.

 If I don’t do something, I’m going to be their benchmark for the rest of humanity. No matter how good I am at escaping reality, I understand that this is a very bad idea.


“Also, I have to tell Kagari-san that I broke this place. ……”


 The ground was heavily cracked, and the tree trunk was smashed in half.

 I’m afraid to even imagine what kind of reaction I’ll get, but I guess I’ll just have to be honest with him.


I’ll have to be honest.




When I reported to Kagari-san that I had broken the foundation of the wood chopper, he unexpectedly forgave me.

 However, when I came back after seeing the wood chopping site, he asked me with an indescribable expression, “Oh, how did you do this? He asked me.

 When I answered the question truthfully, he ran upstairs to Amako and Rinka, shouting “Rinka’s words were true!” He then asked her to forgive him for not trusting his granddaughter. Kagari-san’s voice echoed in the room as she begged for Rinka’s forgiveness.

 …… Well, I’m glad to see that the cracks in the family have been mended.


“Is it a party?”

“Yes, Amako has returned to this land after being missing for two years. I thought we should have at least one thing to celebrate.”


 When the sun had set and the surroundings were dark, Kagari-san, who had sent Huberd to the Beastmen Country, told us that a party would be held at the hidden village.

 Apparently, the event was to celebrate Amako’s return to her homeland.


“I said it was fine. ……”


 Amako looked annoyed.

 Kagari-san put his hand on his chin.


“What do you mean? When shall we rejoice in the return of our Lord, the poet of time, if not now?”

“Everyone just wants to make a scene, don’t they?”

“Hahaha, that’s half of it.”


 …… Do the beastmen like to party?

 From what I’ve heard, it’s a banquet-like affair.


“Not me, but basically, beastmen love festivals and banquets.”

“Heh, I see.”


 I let out a dismayed voice at Amako who said that in a low voice.

 Hmm? If the beasts like such events, shouldn’t we humans not go to the banquet? I don’t want the atmosphere to be bad because of us.


“It’s better if the human me and Arc-san don’t go, isn’t it?”

“No, I’ve already talked to the people in the village. I don’t want to force you to come, but I would like you to come as well, in the sense of exchange between humans and beasts.”


 If that’s the case …….

 After getting Arc-san’s approval, I’ll tell Kagari-san that I’ll be attending the banquet with him.

 A banquet of beasts. …… What in the world is this all about?

 We waited for the night to fall, secretly excited about the banquet, which was different from our previous trips.



We waited for night to fall.


 After that, Kagari-san and Rinka took us to the center of the hidden village. Even at night, it was not so dark here, as the houses and streets were lit up, and it even seemed brighter.

 Among them, there was one place that shone with a particularly bright light.

 It was crowded with most of the beastmen living in the hidden village. The party itself had not yet started, or perhaps the food and drinks had not yet been touched.

 When the beastmen noticed us, accompanied by Kagari-san, they all looked at us.

 Telling us to stop, Kagari-san moved to the center of the group and shouted loudly, unimaginably loud from the outside.


“Some of you may have been worried by our unexpected visitors today. …… Don’t worry about that! They are brave men and women who have come here from distant lands to protect and support their people! Today’s banquet is a celebration of the return of the heir to the time poem to our land, and a chance to interact with the humans who have kept their distance until now!”


 The reaction of the beasts to Kagari-san’s voice was thin.

 Some applauded sparsely, while others looked troubled, as if they didn’t know how to respond.

 After a few moments of silence, Kagari-san let out a sigh, took a deep breath, and raised his voice again.


“In other words, we should eat, drink, and get along!”



 Is that alright?!?!

 The beastmen turned from silence and started to party.

 When he came back this way, Kagari-san held his forehead with a tired expression.


“A-are you alright?”

“Yeah, I just had a bit of a headache from the flippancy of the villagers. Usato, you’re going to enjoy this feast to the fullest.”


 Nodding at his words, Kagari-san smiled softly and walked away from us.

 Enjoy, huh?

 That’s also true. …… I’ve been taking breaks when I can, but I’ve never ruffled feathers and had fun.

 Besides, Amako finally got to see her friends back home.

 Let’s get into the beastmen’s country and let them enjoy the time they have now before things get too noisy.


“Amako, why don’t you go and have dinner with Rinka?”

“…… Usato and the others?”

“Sure, we’ll eat too. But it’s not often you get a chance like this, so you might as well eat with friends you haven’t seen in a while.”


 Amako looked at Rinka and me in turn, annoyed.

 Anticipating her reaction, I call out to Rinka, who is surprised by my suggestion.



“Heh, what’s …… what is troubling you?”


 Why are you using honorifics? I push Amako away from me and let her go ahead of me.


“Take care of this girl, okay?”

“Wait a minute, Usato, I’m not a child to be worried about–“



 Rinka smiled at my words and pulled away from the disgruntled Amako, heading towards the table with the food.


“So, do you want us to sit down at a suitable place and eat?”

“There’s a table that’s just empty, let’s sit there.”


 After confirming that we could sit at the place that Arc-san had pointed out, we approached the place that was crowded with the beasts of the village to get drinks and food.

 But what a variety of dishes there are.

 Fish dishes and meat dishes were being served and cut up on a platter.


“I wonder if I can get a small portion to take back to Bluerin.”


 I muttered to myself as I took a drink from a wooden cup and looked at the food on the table.

 As most of the beastmen in the village had gathered for the banquet, there were many dishes on the table.

 Moreover, I was surprised to see that there were still more dishes being prepared.





 I put my hand on my chin and was wondering which one I should eat when a voice called out from next to me.

 I look over to see a large man, one head taller than me.

 With its yellow and black tail, it looks like a tiger beast. The fierce atmosphere gives me the impression of a tiger.


“This is the first time a human being has come here. I’ve heard stories from the village chief, but you’re not bad guys, right?”

“I don’t think I’m a bad person if I do say so myself.”


 I replied to his words of confirmation, and he laughed boldly next to me.


“Haha, sorry, sorry. Well, it’s just a confirmation. …… But you’re as nice a guy as you look. Are you sure you’re the healing magician?”

“Yes, I am. And you are?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Daitetsu. I’m one of the hunters in this village.”

“I’m Usato. I’m a healing magician who came with Amako.”


 After we introduced ourselves to each other, Daitetsu-san tilted his head at the contents of the cup I was holding.

 I haven’t sipped it yet, but the contents look like squeezed fruit juice, not alcohol or something. …… Is there something wrong with it?


“What the hell, you don’t drink alcohol?”

“Oh, alcohol. Haha, I’m still too young to drink. ……”

“You can’t drink? …… You’re seventeen or so, right? What kind of place did you grow up in that you can’t drink?”

“Well, ……. It’s a place …… far from here?”


 It’s another world, though, so it’s as far away as it sounds.

 But if you were to ask me if I could drink or not, I’d say I couldn’t drink at all.

 I don’t know if it’s genetic, but neither of my parents are very good at drinking.

 ”I guess humans and us have different perceptions,” muttered Daitetsu-san, sipping the alcohol in his hand, and as I chuckled, something that sounded like a cheer went up behind me.


“What, are you surprised ……?”


 I turned around and saw that there was a crowd of people, and in the center of the crowd, two beastly men had their shoulders and elbows on the table and were grabbing each other’s right hands – like arm wrestling.

 Curious, I decided to ask a question to Daitetsu-san, who was also looking in my direction.


“Daitetsu-san, what are they doing with that?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s like a contest of strength between the men of the village. On feast days like this, everyone competes to see who has the best arm.”



 In front of my eyes, I saw two beastman men arm-wrestling in a desperate manner.

 It looks like a normal arm-wrestling match, but it looks interesting.

 Since it doesn’t look like a fight, is it okay if I join in?


“Would it be okay if I joined in?”


 I asked, and Daitetsu-san, who rolled his eyes, laughed in amusement.

 The beastman men laughed just like Daitetsu-san, and the beastman women told me that I shouldn’t do it, as if they were worried about my safety.

 Daitetsuu-san shook his head in response to the voice urging him to stop.


“If he wants to try it, why don’t you let him try it? He’s a man, he’s probably interested in this kind of power competition.”


 He crossed his arms and nodded his head in agreement, while the others around him let out their disgust.

 In fact, it was because he was interested in a power comparison that he said that. …… Was it a little too light-hearted?


“Well then, Usato. I’ll just explain the rules to you.”

“Dad, no!”

“Hey, what’s up? Kotetsu.”


 A child stopped Daitetsu-san from turning to me to explain the rules.

 I looked at the child, wondering if he was his son, and my face twitched.

 This was the same kid who had witnessed the whole mess I had caused during the day.


“T-Those people are so bad! Especially that Nii-chan!”

“…… Hahaha, sorry Usato. When I was putting this guy to bed, I was telling him that bad kids get kidnapped by humans, so he’s weirdly scared.”

“Oh, really?”


 What’s with that monster under your bed treatment?

 But it seems like it would work great on a young child. The kid in front of me is probably scared of me for other reasons, though.


“You know, even Dad might lose, …….”

“Oh come on, who do you think I am? I’m your dad, remember? And don’t you forget, I can match strength with an ogre. I’m not that bad.”


 Daitetsu-san gently placed his hand on the child’s head.

 He smiled at the child, who had turned over with an anxious look on his face, and then looked at me with a troubled smile.


“Don’t worry. …… Well, I’ll go easy on you, okay? There are some quirky species differences, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah, …….”


 …… This is tough.

 What is this, I have to compete with a father who has declared victory over his son, and the way things are going, I’m not supposed to win.

 It’s not that I’m proud of my power, but I’m confident enough to compete with the beast.


“Hmm, wait, …….”


 No, on second thought, I don’t have to take it that seriously right?

 If I can show that I’m a normal human being here, losing without competing badly, I can dispel the misunderstanding with the kids during the day.


“Well, no matter how fast he is, he’s no match for you in strength. Right, Amako.”

“…… Not good.”

“Oh, what’s bad? Eh, Amako?”


 Before I knew it, I heard Rinka’s voice talking to Amako who was behind me, but she didn’t answer and silently tugged at the hem of my uniform.


“What is it, Amako? If it’s about the match, don’t worry about it, don’t be so serious—-“

“Usato, be serious.”



 I couldn’t help but be taken aback by Amako who said that to me with a miffed expression.

 What did you just say, ……?


“Beastmen are tough, so don’t worry if Usato is serious.”

“Eh, no, but for real–“

“It would be rude to go easy on him.”

“Oh, okay.”


 I nodded at her words as she saw through my thoughts.

 Did she see a future where I would be mocked by the beasts with her precognition magic? If I had offended them, I would feel very bad.

 I don’t like being treated like a monster, but I’d hate it even more if I make Amako feel uncomfortable.


“…… Aite, can’t be helped. Let’s do it.”


 After leaving my undressed uniform with Amako, I went up to the stage where the arm-wrestling was to take place.

 If we’re going to have a serious arm-wrestling match, I’m curious to see how strong Daitetsu-san is, who has mentioned that he’s as strong as an ogre.


“Daitetsu-san. I’m going to with my full strength.”

“Huh? But… ……”


 Daitetsu-san rolled his eyes when he saw my short-sleeved arms, but he seemed to be hesitating whether he should be serious or not.

 The beasts around him threw a wild look at him.


“Isn’t that fine, Daitetsu-san? He seems to be serious too…”

“It’d be unmanly of you to go easy on him here.”

“You’re going to show your son a good time, aren’t you?”

“Yeah! I know what you mean! I don’t care if you get hurt!


 Daitetsu-san who had gone up to the stage like me, put his right elbow on the table with a thump.

 Taking a small deep breath, I grab his right hand and get ready.


“I’m a healing magician. Wounds and broken bones I can heal in no time. So I’ll say it again. Daitetsu-san—–please be serious.”



 The second time I said it, the grip on my right hand became stronger, as if I was ready to do so.

 I can sense his seriousness and he also put more strength into my hand.

 The beastman man, who was the referee, judged that the preparations were complete when he and I fell silent, and placed his hand on the right hand that we had both grasped — signaling the beginning.





 Strong ……!

 I’m sure he’s an experienced fighter, and he put a lot of strength into his arm at the same time as I did, and he tried to knock my arm down with an unusual amount of force—-but I’m trained enough not to be beaten that easily.

 I clenched my teeth and fought back.


“———–Hmph, this is……!”

“Hey, Daitetsu-san. Are you taking it easy on me?”

“I-It’s not moving at all.”


 The beasts around me rustled, as if they sensed something was wrong.

 No matter how much effort he put into it, he couldn’t push it any further, and Daitetsu-san looked astonished.

 He’s strong, certainly as strong as the ogre that attacked us before we entered Mia Rak.

 But still—


“Wha—-You kidding me!”



 It’s not even close to the strongest enemy I’ve ever fought. ……!

 I held my breath and slammed his arm down on the table with all my strength.




 Stunned, I huffed at the sound of the referee’s voice announcing my victory, and looked around to see that the party that had been so lively earlier was now as silent as midnight.

 The silence hurt.

 The stares hurt, too.

 I can’t help but feel like I’ve done something wrong.

 When I looked at Nea, who was sitting watching me, she was looking at me with an expression that said, “I told you so.”

 When I looked at Daitetsu-san in front of me, he gave a small shake of his shoulders.


“Ya, I guess I fucked up. ……”


 I’m not sure if it was a good idea to beat him in front of his child.

 No, in the first place, it was too insane for a normal human (emphasis added) to win against a beastman.

 Either way, the fact remains that I’ve done something wrong.

 As I was dreading Daitetsu-san’s reaction, I noticed that he was muttering something.


“Damn it, …….”


“Interesting! Let’s play again! Usato!”



 Daitetsu-san’s pupils narrowed vertically as if he had just found his prey.

 It was not long before he was overwhelmed by his belligerence, and as if inspired by him, the beastman men around him were also boiling with the will to fight.


“There are some strong people out there!”

“Next time, it’ll be with me!”

“No, I’ll take this one!”


 The beasts were challenging me to a fight.

 They’re all too big and too hot for me. ……!

 I don’t know what to do, so I ask Arc-san for help.


“A-Arc-san! Wait, help–“

“Could it be that this sour flavoring is Kuki fruit?”

“Oh, you know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s ground kuki nuts mixed into the soup. I know it’s not what you’re used to, but how does it taste?”

“Yes, it’s very good.”

“Oh, um, you can have some of this, too…”


 He’s having a conversation with the beastwomen while enjoying the food?!?!

 Normally Arc-san would help me, but he’s too busy taste testing to notice me!

 So, then, Nea…


“Listen here okay? I’m not like that guy, I’m normal.”

“But you turned into an owl, didn’t you?”

“You have animal ears and a tail. It’s the same thing.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

“The owl is cute.”

“Owl, change form.”

“Yes, yes, I get it. I’m tired of talking to kids.”


 Nea, surrounded by children and with an expression on her face, exclaims as she transforms into an owl.

 She is clearing up the children’s misunderstandings (only those against her). ……!

 You’re deviating a lot from your true nature as a partner who helps their master, oi!


“Usato, don’t worry. I’ll be watching you.”


 Amako, I don’t know what to be relieved about in this situation.

 In fact, why are you smiling like you’ve accomplished so much?

 A little further away, Amako is sitting in a chair next to the pale face of Rinka, looking at me.

 There was only one choice I could make.

 I had to do something.

 If I’m going to be rejected either way, I’m going to go all the way.


“I don’t care if they treat me like a freak! I’ll beat them all!”


 With a thump, I slammed my arm on the table and got into an arm wrestling match with the beasts who were burning with fighting spirit.



 In the end, after all the arm-wrestling I had done, I was perceived by the beast children and women as a monster in human form, while the beast men saw me as a human being with extraordinary strength.

 …… As a side note, Arc-san and Nea seemed to have made a good impression on both the children and the women.

 I don’t know why, I should know why, but I feel very uncomfortable.


Author’s Note:

If Usato had intentionally lost the arm-wrestling match, the beasts’ favorability ratings would have been the opposite.

So that’s a clever fine play by …… Amako.


Since it was pointed out in the feedback section, I decided to proofread the text again from the first chapter.

I’m going to fix it little by little.

Currently, I’ve revised up to chapter 18.

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