Level 1 Guy: Chapter 443 – Yet the drop is still the same

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    “What does this mean……?” (Yuki)

    “Yuki’s ability is being added to mine, is that it?” (Ryouta)

    “Is that how it is?” (Yuki)


     Yuki looked surprised.

     I shook my head.


    “I don’t know, but I’m guessing that’s what’s going on. …… Let’s go back.” (Ryouta)

    “You’re going back?” (Yuki)

    “Yeah, I want to check if this ‘SSS’ is just here or if it’s a normal in the K-I-A board system. I’ve already used up the portable K-I-A board I brought with me.” (Ryouta)

    “I see, I understand.” (Yuki)


     We nodded, left the room and headed back to the ninth floor.

     We walked back the way we came and used the transfer room on the first basement floor to return to the mansion —— Vanadium Dungeon.


     I turned to Yuki and Vanadium.


    “Yuki, go to my test room first. How about you Vanadium?” (Ryouta)

    “…… (Squeeze).” (Vanadium)


     The young girl remained her usual silent self, but squeezed Yuki’s hand.


    “You’re going to stay with her, then go ahead.” (Ryouta)

    “…… (Nod nod).” (Vanadium)


     Vanadium nodded.

     The spirit and slime went to their room together, like good sisters.


     The back of their heads made me smile, if nothing else, it made me want to stare at it for a while.


    “Oops, can’t forget what I’m here for.” (Ryouta)


     I went into town and bought a portable K-I-A board from a tool store.


     Unlike other items, I don’t usually use it that much.

     In this world, adventurers go around endlessly for production every day, and it’s normal to find that you’ve reached your maximum level.


     In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to use it for a lot of things.

     When I took all of them to the Nihonium earlier, they were all used up and gone.


     So I ran to the tool shop and bought up all the portable K-I-A boards they had, which they also had very few of for the same reason.


     When I got back to the house, I went into the testing room.


     Vanadium was sitting on the floor, with Yuki —– in slime —–on her lap, in a room that had been made even bigger than the basement of the previous house, because the test was a big deal.


     It made me smile again, and I thought for a moment that I might not care about the test today.


    “Oh, welcome back.” (Yuki)


     Noticing me, Yuki jumped down from Vanadium’s lap and returned to her human form.


    “You’re dressed as Dexterity S, aren’t you?” (Ryouta)

    “Yes.” (Yuki)

    “I’ll check then. Yuki, stay where you are.” (Ryouta)

    “Okay, papa.” (Yuki)



    Level: 1/1

    HP SS

    MP SS

    Strength SS

    Stamina SS

    Intelligence SS

    Mental SS

    Speed SS

    dexterity SSS

    Luck SS




    Plant S

    Animal S

    Mineral S

    Magic S

    Special Item S



    “Oh!” (Ryouta)


     I shouted.


     I could see it on the portable K-I-A board.

     The word “Dexterity” is really SSS.


     Moreover, this …… is a slightly different notation than the others.


     It’s no secret that Yuki’s influence has helped her rise.


     But it’s different from any previous rise ——- or even change in status due to external forces.


    Quicksilver, potions and even debuffs from the Vanadium dungeon.


     Those are the ones where you can put a “+” or a “-” after the number.


     There is no such thing.

     Just “SSS”.


    “It’s amazing, it’s really gone up.” (Yuki)

    “You should try the other form.” (Ryouta)

    “Okay!” (Yuki)


     Yuki was so enthusiastic that she transformed one after another.

     Each time she did, I would check on my portable K-I-A board, and in response to Yuki’s “S”, the same stats for me would become SSS.


     It’s as if Yuki’s very existence is buffing me up.


    “I see. But it’s still strange.” (Ryouta)

    “Is that so?” (Yuki)

    “Yes. Vanadium, why don’t you try lowering my abilities?” (Ryouta)

    “…… (Nod nod).” (Vanadium)


     Vanadium nodded in her usual way, held up her hands and summoned a cotton wool.

     Vanadium dungeon monster, it has lowered my ability.



    Level: 1/1

    HP S (-1)

    MP S (-1)

    Strength S(-1)

    Stamina S(-1)

    Intelligence S(-1)

    Spirit S(-1)

    Speed S(-1)

    Dexterity SS(-1)

    Luck S(-1)




    Plant S(-1)

    Animal S(-1)

    Minerals S(-1)

    Magic S(-1)

    Trait S(-1)



     I checked the portable K-I-A board and this time I saw a familiar notation.

     All of them were marked with “(-1)”, and the ones that had been raised by seeds had been dropped, while the drop S, which had already been there when I arrived in this world, remained exactly the same.


     I showed Yuki a copy of this.


    “Normally, when it goes up, it gets a ‘+’, and when it goes down, it gets a ‘-‘. But with Yuki’s, there’s nothing. It’s a bit strange.” (Ryouta)

    “I see.” (Yuki)

    “What would happen if we took …… for Yuki?” (Ryouta)

    “What would happen?” (Yuki)


     Yuki tilted her head, genuinely questioning.


     I think for a moment and say to Vanadium again.


    “Let’s have my powers back. And, this time, try lowering Yuki’s.” (Ryouta)

    “…… (Nod nod nod).” (Vanadium)


     Vanadium nodded, first holding out her hand to me, then summoning a wad of fluff to fly to Yuki.


     I did this just before Yuki did, so she accepted the fluff.


     And then the portable K-I-A board to Yuki.



    Level: 1/1

    HP F (-1)

    MP F (-1)

    Strength F (-1)

    Stamina F(-1)

    Intelligence F(-1)

    Spirit F(-1)

    Speed F(-1)

    Dexterity A(-1)

    Luck F(-1)




    Plant F(-1)

    Animal F(-1)

    Minerals F(-1)

    Magic F(-1)

    Traits F(-1)



    “It’s gone down.” (Yuki)

    “It’s gone down. …… And mine.” (Ryouta)



    Level: 1/1

    HP SS

    MP SS

    Strength SS

    Stamina SS

    Intelligence SS

    Mental SS

    Speed SS

    Dexterity SS

    Luck SS




    Plant S

    Animal S

    Mineral S

    Magic S

    Traits S



     When I use the K-I-A Board on myself, the ability is the one I’ve been used to seeing for a while now, after I’ve “completely conquered” Nihonium.


    “So when it becomes A, then it doesn’t work anymore?” (Ryouta)

    “I guess so.” (Yuki)

    “I’m not sure what to make of that. I see.” (Ryouta)

    “I wonder what would happen if you lowered it further.” (Yuki)

    “Let’s try it. Vanadium, Yuki, all F.” (Ryouta)

    “…… (Nod nod nod)” (Vanadium)


     Vanadium called out one fluff after another and hit Yuki with them.


     A to B, B to C, C to D, D to E. ……


     I checked each time, but nothing changed.

     But as soon as it was all F.





    Level: 1/1

    HP SSS

    MP SSS

    Strength SSS

    Stamina SSS

    Intelligence SSS

    Mental SSS

    Speed SSS

    Dexterity SS

    Luck SSS




    Plant S

    Animal S

    Mineral S

    Magic S

    Traits S



     My abilities have gone one step further and I’m now all SSS.

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