Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 123

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TL Note: Changed Neah > Nea because of the Wiki Fandom.


 The wolf beastman, Rinka.

 The girl with the triangular ears and shoulder-length gray hair was a friend of mine before I left the beastman land.

 It was the first time I had seen my friend in two years.

 It had been triggered by the arrow that Rinka had fired at Usato.

 I knew at once that she did not intend to kill him.

 It was just two arrows to wound and distract him. While Usato was in a panic and everyone was in confusion, she must have been trying to take me out using her agile legs as a wolf beast.

 But unfortunately, the person that Rinka targeted was not normal.

 Even if I don’t tell him about my prediction, he has such extraordinary reflexes that he can just barely sense it and avoid the arrow. Basically he could easily grab the arrow.

 I’m not so much surprised as I am dismayed that we’ve finally made it this far ……, but from the point of view of Rinka, who doesn’t know anything about it, it really doesn’t make sense.

 When Usato counterattacked her with a healing magic bullet and heard her scream in fear and realized that the attacker was Rinka, I immediately understood that it was for me that she attacked Usato.

 I knew I should tArc to her right away and clear up the misunderstanding, so I asked Usato to capture her.

 I did that……, but–


“A-Amako ……, are you sure you’re okay?”


 It seems that Usato has been trying too hard, more than I had thought.

 After that self-introduction, we were on our way to the hidden village where she lived, guided by Rinka.

 In fact, we could have gone directly to the country where my mother lived, but she decided it would be better to go to the hidden village first and gather some information.


“I’m human okay. And I’m a healing magician, you know? I don’t have any physical abilities, but I don’t have any dangerous abilities.”

“Can a healing magician throw magic bullets! W-What’s more, which healer can also split up and shoot gold-bound things to tie me up. …… In the first place, how were you able to catch up to me. It’s like magic. ……”



 Splitting up and being tied up in gold? What’s that? I don’t know about that.

 Usato, did you make another new move?


“Sigh. ……”


 I asked him to do it, believing that Usato could catch the wolf beastmen running through the forest. …… I didn’t expect her to be so traumatized.

 But in this case, it’s Rinka’s fault.


“But you’re not going to attack me out of the blue, are you Rinka? I don’t think I look like I’m being held captive from the outside.”

“T-That’s because I can’t think of any reason for a human to be working with a beastman other than being caught. ……”


 Indeed, Rinka was also right.

 The only reason I can think of for humans and beastmen to be working together is a bad one.

 And moreover, this was beastman territory, and from Rinka’s point of view, it might have looked like she was forcing him to lead her all the way to beastman country.


“But …….”


 I casually glanced behind me and looked at Usato and the others who were following behind me and Rinka.

 Arc-san was still pulling his horse, but Usato had Nea on his shoulder and was tArcing to Bluerin.


“Bluerin, hey, should I show more kindness?”


“Haha, you have a funny way of saying things.”


“Hey look I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to care for you lately.”


 It’s a pity that Usato is so devastated that he can’t have a natural conversation with Bluerin.

 Bluerin looks slightly annoyed, but happy.


“H-He’s having a conversation with a blue grizzly………!?”


 But this is giving an opposite effect. ……

 …… No, I don’t want Usato to be misunderstood either.


“I’ve been looking for a healing magician who can help my mom ever since we left the beastman country.”

“……Is that right?”

“Yes. I feel bad that I left without telling you. But I didn’t have time to take it easy.”


 After Mom collapsed, it was obvious that the situation around me was about to change.

 I sensed something odd about it, and I left the beast country. Of course, I had the goal of finding a healing magician who could help my mother, but I also had the goal of protecting myself.


“I was still small, so I didn’t understand, but …… those adults were a little scary. I can understand why they panicked because Amako was gone. In fact, I panicked a lot too. …… But I didn’t think there were even people who were angry.”



 Maybe something was about to happen at that moment when Mom collapsed.

 I was almost caught up in it, but I managed not to be. In that sense, it was probably the right decision for me to leave the beastman country.


“I’ve seen a lot of places since I left the beastman country. I didn’t have any happy memories, but I did make some beastman friends. And the last place I visited, the Kingdom of Lingle, was full of people who were nice to me as a beastman.”


 Satsuki with her siblings Kiriha and Kyou, who became good friends in Lukvis.

 In the Lingle Kingdom, Sarla-san and many others who let me live there for two years.

 The journey from the Land of Beasts was a series of hard times, but the encounters I had after I drifted to Lingle Kingdom were the most precious memories for me.


“That’s where I met Usato.”

“With that guy?”

“A lot has happened since then.”


 I showed Usato the future where Suzune and Kazuki would die, and averted the worst of the future.

 Then, in exchange, I asked Usato to help me save my mother. …… It came to pass, and we set out on our journey.

 And then from there on, it’s a bit rough, but I told Rinka, so I don’t really need to explain, but there’s a lot going on.


“But this way, I was able to return to my hometown where my mother is.”


 With Usato, he might be able to heal Mom.

 Moreover, his healing magic had awakened to a systematic enhancement after the battle in Mia Rak.

 If it is due to injury or illness, he can almost certainly heal ………




“My mom’s alright? …… she’s alive, right?”


 Two years seems like a long time, but it’s not.

 If she is under the protection of the beasts, I can assure you that she will be fine, but there is no guarantee that nothing unforeseen will happen.

 If something were to happen to my mother, if she were to die, …… I would have no reason to be here.

 This is a topic that I have unconsciously avoided asking about.

 When I looked at her, she smiled reassuringly at my self-consciously anxious expression.


“Don’t worry! Amako’s mother is alive! Though she hasn’t woken up yet. ……”

“…… That’s all I need to know.”


 Good. I’m really glad …….

 What I had done, and my journey with Usato, was not pointless.


“You’ve had a tough two years, Amako!”

“How was it with Rinka?”


 The conversation got a little dark, so let’s change the subject.

 What had Rinka been doing while I was gone?


“Hmm? I was told by my father to move from my home country to the hidden village to practice hunting in earnest. In my home country, people are very noisy. They told me to be polite, and that I should be gorgeous because I’m a girl.”

“Gorgeous is the least suitable thing for Rinka.”

“Oh, shut up! I know that too!”


 I laughed as her face turned red.

 So, Rinka is living in the hidden village now.

 I’ve only seen her father a few times, but I remember that he was close to my mother.

 I have no recollection of what he was like, though.


“Speaking of which, Amako hasn’t changed her height or anything at all!”


“Sorry, I’m sorry …….”


 I glared at her when she mentioned my own complex.

 Two years ago, we were almost the same height. And yet, in just two years, this girl has grown by a head.

 What is the absurdity of this, when I have barely grown at all?

 Where did my growth spurt go?


“Amako, you’ve got a very scary look in your eyes. You’ve been glaring at me.”

“I think it’s probably due to Usato’s influence.”

“Isn’t that a bad influence ……?”


 Rinka looks at Usato with frightened eyes.

 Usato meets her gaze and drops her shoulders with a bitter smile.

 I’m sorry, Usato. Instead of clearing up the misunderstanding, I made it worse.


“Ah, we should be arriving at the hidden village soon. For now, I’ll tArc to the elders, so wait outside!”


 When I looked up, I saw a deep thicket in front of me and a narrow beast path that I couldn’t recognize unless I trained my eyes.

 Apparently, we had reached the vicinity of the hidden village where Rinka lived while we were tArcing.

 The question is whether the beasts living in the hidden village will accept Usato and his friends.



With Rinka’s guidance, we made our way.


 With Rinka’s guidance, we were taken to a forest where trees were growing thickly.

 The forest was so deep that it didn’t look like a village to the casual observer, but after Rinka instructed us to wait here, she wArced off into the forest on her own.


“Speaking of the hidden village ……, I heard that Kiriha and the others are from the hidden village, right?”

“Yeah. Yes, they are. But I don’t think they live here? I heard there are many hidden villages.”


 Kiriha, Kyou, and Satsuki.

 Kiriha, Kyou, and Satsuki, the beastman sister and brother who had taken care of us in Lukvis, and a girl.

 It’s only been a little while, but I wonder if the three of them are doing well.


“Kiriha? Who’s that?”

“They’re the beastmen who took care of me at Lukvis, where I went before I met you.”

“Hmm, beastmen at the magic academy huh. Well, normally I’d be surprised, but considering it’s Usato, I’m not that surprised.”


 What do you think I am?

 Well, I did put you on your guard a bit when we first met, but I think we got along pretty well in the end. I think I’ll go back to Lingle Kingdom and try to see him again after I get settled.


“Amako, how was your first conversation with your friend after a while?”

“It’s fine as usual.”


 Rinka, the girl who was Amako’s friend before she ran away from the beastman country.

 It seems that he had tArced with that girl on the way here, and I’m glad that they seem to be on good terms.

 …… Although I don’t know why I feel like she got a bad impression of me when she did.


“From the back, you looked like sisters.”

“……Do you mean to say that I’m smaller than her?”


 I’m sorry, I stepped on a landmine.

 I was going to say that they seemed to be so close that they looked like sisters, but …….

 As I was getting uncomfortable with Amako looking at me, Nea, who was on my shoulder, pointed her wings at Amako and started laughing.


“Pupu! You’re fourteen years old, aren’t you? You’re a bit short for that!”


“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but you’re still small! Well, just wait a little longer and you’ll have a growth spurt, right? I can’t guarantee it will grow, though!”



 Amako’s eyes are fixed, will she be okay?

 No but then, Nea has gone too far.

 Nea is captured by Amako’s outstretched hand as she leaps to her feet, having successfully taken the brunt of her anger.



“I’ll never, never forgive you.”

“W-Wait a sec, Usato, help me, Kyaaaaaah!”


 Oh, the expressionless Amako grabbed Nea and started swinging her around.

 I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m sure it’s not my fault.

 While the two of them are getting along (?) Or I guess the two of them are having a good time, I tArc to Arc-san about the future.


“Arc-san. If we can’t get into the hidden village, do we have to stay outside?”

“That would be the case. Considering the relationship between beastmen and humans, it can’t be helped if that happens.”


 If that’s the case, then at the very least, let’s have Amako alone in the hidden village.

 If possible, it would be better if Nea went with her.

 …… I’m worried that I might start a fight, like the one that’s going on right now in front of me, but there’s a chance that me and Arc-san might not be able to get in, so I’ll have to be patient.


“…… Here, the positions of Amako and us are reversed, aren’t they?”



 Just as in the realm where humans live, the beastmen have to bear the brunt of their shoulders, in the realm where the beastmen live, the humans have to feel the same way.

 I hadn’t got involved with the beastmen living here in earnest yet, but I was feeling oddly uncomfortable.


“…… I guess I understand a little more about Amako’s feelings.”


 I wondered how lonely and painful she had been, having advanced through the human realm alone.

 I don’t fully understand all of it yet, but I feel like I know part of that suffering.




 As I was thinking about things, Amako who was wielding Nea, called out my name.

 At the sound of her voice, me and Arc-san sensed something strange around us.


“We’re surrounded ……, aren’t we?”

“Yes, there are quite a few of them, but please don’t turn hostile.”


 Before I knew it, there were multiple signs surrounding us.

 They were probably aiming at us with arrows or something, but they kept a certain distance and didn’t approach us.

 There is a possibility that they will attack us without question, what should we do?

 If it’s just a bow and arrow, me and Arc-san can intercept it, but what action should we take after that?

 Should I use a healing punch to incapacitate everyone and get them to a state where they can talk?

 Or do I distract them with a healing magic barrage and then run away?


“What are we going to do, Usato? If we don’t, they’ll attack us one way or the other.”

“I know, but. Let’s wait and see what they do first.”


 Nea, who has somehow returned to my shoulder, casually casts a restraining spell on my fist.

 Just as I was getting ready to intercept them, two figures appeared from the depths of the forest where Rinka had disappeared.

 One of the figures was Rinka, who had just left for the hidden village.

 The other was a bearded beast of a man of early years.


“Sorry for the rough welcome. After all, this is an unprecedented situation. As a precaution, I’ve taken up arms.”


 The old man glanced at each of us who hadn’t let our guard down, and finally rolled his eyes at Amako.


“Apparently, what Rinka said is true. I didn’t believe it for a second, but ……”

“You didn’t believe it!”


 Rinka was shocked by the old man’s words, almost onomatopoeic as he gobbled.


“What kind of person would immediately believe it when they are suddenly told that Amako has returned with a human and a blue grizzly? I thought it was just another prank against me.”

“I told you it was different this time!”

“How many times have I been deceived by your words? It’s no laughing matter to have your heart stopped by your cute granddaughter!”


 So you’re saying that Rinka was a wolf girl, not a wolf boy?

 The old man turned his head towards us again, and instructed those surrounding us to put down their weapons.


“I have not seen you since we were children, Amako. I am Cagalli, the head of this hidden village and grandfather of this uninhibited girl.”


 Rinka’s grandfather, if you look closely, his ears and tail resemble those of a wolf, just like Rinka’s.


“I have many questions to ask you, but first, let me show you to where we live.”

“Uh, how about Usato and the rest …….”

“Of course, we’ll invite the humans there as well.”


 Cagalli smiled softly, as if to reassure the anxious-looking Amako.

 …… For the time being, it was good that we could avoid unnecessary conflict.

 With relief at the current situation, we were invited to the hidden village where the beastmen live, under the guidance of Cagalli and Rinka.


Author’s Note:

This time, we finally get to engage with the beastmen in earnest.

I’m really sorry for the two-week gap.

It’s a week late, but I’ve written an activity report about the Volume 5 store bonus and the first episode of the comicalization.

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