Chiyu Mahou: Introduction of Volume 5’s characters

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As requested, I’ve created a character introduction for every volume.


I recommend that you don’t look at them if you haven’t read Volume 5, as it would be a spoiler.


Name: Leona

Attribute: Ice


A hero from the water city of Mia Rak.

She is a skilled user of ice, but has a low self-esteem.

She believes that she is not worthy of being a hero and that Karon is the one who deserves to be a hero.

However, when you are 20 years old and you can handle systemic enhancing, you can say that Leona is also qualified to be a hero of Mia Rak.

In this Volume, a strong sense of responsibility and a low self-esteem caused her to fall into desperation, and she reached out to the fountain that turns life into power, and was about to launch a suicide attack on the berserk Karon.

For a while, she tried to drink the water from the spring again for the sake of Mia rRk, but when she saw Usato and the others fighting without giving up, she chose to fight not as a “hero who sacrifices herself to save others” but as a “knight who fights with her friends”.

Acknowledging her determination, the hero’s staff changed its form into a spear and was thrown onto the battlefield as nine arrows of light to save Usato and Karon.


After the battle with Karon, she admitted that she’s a hero and decided to find her own way to be one, instead of trying to be the ideal and imagined hero.


Name: Norn Elad Mia Rak

Attribute: Not yet published


Queen of Mia Rak.


A woman who has had the misfortune of having Karon run amok in the early days of her accession to the position of Queen. She has been given a staff by the divine dragon god Falga, which allows her to create a powerful ward within a limited area.

As Queen of Mia Rak, she spends her sleep defending her country and saving her people, but her inability to get a good night’s sleep has led her to reach for a calming potion.

Frustrated and anxious, she was about to fall into a state of mental instability when Usato and his friends came to visit.


Now that she’s queen, Norn had to take on the responsibility of protecting her country and her people.

Even though she was tormented by anxiety, she continued to protect Mia Rak, believing in another day, which was truly an act worthy of a queen.


Name: Falga

Race Dragon

A divine dragon god that lives beneath Mia Rak.


He is the one who gave the armor to the previous heroes, and like the wicked dragon, he was born with supernatural power. Normally, the Dragon resides in the Kureha Fountain deep beneath Mia Rak, quietly watching over the earth and sometimes giving advice to the rulers of Mia Rak to keep them on the right path.


While the wicked dragon has poison and evil powers, Falga has innate wisdom and a wide variety of magic. In addition, he can detach his body to create powerful armour, but the toll on his body is immense, as he has to detach his own power.


After witnessing the battle between the Demon King and the previous generation of heroes a long time ago, he almost lost sight of the value of humanity for a time, but after meeting a woman in Mia Rak and learning about the greatness of humanity, he later became the divine dragon of Mia Rak, watching over the world.


Name Karon

Race Human / Dragon

Attribute Ice


A knight of Mia Rak.


He is the most powerful knight in Mia Rak, and is trusted by all those around him, but the power of the dragon within him causes him to lose control and run wild.

In this state, he is driven by the same destructive impulses as the wicked dragon, and he stays around Mia Rak in order to kill Falga, the source of his power.

In reality, he is a good-natured young man who likes to make fun of people and gives advice to Leona, who tends to be overwhelmed by things.


After he woke up from his outburst, he was unable to formulate his magic due to the aftereffects of the accident, and was unable to walk properly without a cane, but he doesn’t mind that much, for he is glad that he did not lose his place in Mia Rak and his beloved wife to his own hands.

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