Chiyu Mahou Side Story: After the Reunion / In the Neighboring Country

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Side Story: Aftermath of Ferme


I wake up in the morning as is my habit, Rose makes me run until I collapse during the day, and I write in my diary at night and fall asleep.

That’s my daily life as a rescue squad.

In the midst of this daily routine, I was being abused by Rose as usual, but the next moment I opened my eyes, Usato was in front of me.

It seemed awfully real, but I concluded that it was just a dream.

He should be on a journey to deliver a letter or something so there was no way he could just appear in front of me without warning.

I concluded that and punched Usato in the face.

If it was in my dream, I would have been able to beat him to a pulp…… but for some reason he knocked me unconscious.


“How long are you planning to sleep.”



I received a tremendous shock on my forehead which woke me up.

I guess I should say it forced me up writhing in pain, but I already knew who woke me up.

In front of me was Rose with her fingers at the ready and Nack peering into my face.


“Looks like you’ve been talking to Usato over there.”

“Over there? Eh who, Usato ……?”

“Go take a short 10 minute break……. Take this opportunity to rest.”


Rest!?!? This non-bleeding non-crying bit—-!. Was what I would want to say but I just nodded.

After nodding, Nack tilted his head and called out to Rose, who turned to walk towards the dormitory.


“Are you going somewhere, Rose-san?”

“I have to go to the castle. I’m sure you’ll be fine, but if you dare skip training ……you know what I’m talking about right?”


Like me, Nack seems to shake his head in confusion.

It’s not hard to see that this woman, even if she’s not looking she can detect if we skip.

Despite being suspicious of her behavior, I saw Rose off and sat down on the ground with my shoulders relaxed.


“Phew………Ferme-san, how was Usato-san?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Eh? Didn’t that magic call you just now?”


 …… Hmm?

 I don’t understand what Nack is asking.

 Tilting my head, Nack explained to me what exactly happened.

 According to Nack, I was being called by some magic to where Usato was before being brought back.



“That wasn’t a dream?!”

“…… Are you actually stupid, Ferme-san?”

“Shut up!”


I yell at Nack, who looks dumbfounded, and is reminded again with the exchange I had with Usato.

At the end….I was being flicked on the forehead…


“This means that I’ve been beaten and knocked unconscious by him all over again. ……! Damn it! What does he mean by “You’ve done your best” !!!! I’m not the least happy with your praise at all!”


As I stomp on the ground to relieve my frustration, I notice Nack looking at me with a smile on his face.


“What’s that? Looking at me with that creepy smile. ……”

“I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m pretty sure …… you’re just like me after all.”

“Haaah? What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not going to tell you because you’ll deny it anyway. It’s time to start training again. I’m afraid of what might happen if I don’t.”



What’s with him? Speaking things that don’t make sense again.

I’m not going to get into that kind of speculation, so I’m going to go back to training quietly. I don’t wanna slack off and be beaten up by Rose yet again…

 …… Speaking of which–


“……I wonder what that was…”


When I touched the armor made with my magic, I felt like something strange happened …….

I’m not sure what to make of this.

In the first place, it is strange that my armor changes its shape against my will. That was never the case when I was in the Demon King’s army.


“Not like worrying about it would help. I’m sure it’s some magic seal or something along those lines.”


The magical tool on my neck that I thought was removed has returned to me.

Now that magic cannot be used, there is no point in thinking about escaping.


“The next time I meet him, I’ll show you something …!”

“What are you muttering from a while ago? Let’s go back to training.”

“I know alright!”

“Alright, don’t lag behind me okay!”


While yelling at Nack, he started running.

Don’t you forget, you monster with human skin. The next time I meet, I’ll make you say I’m stronger than before …!

I yelled deep in me and focused on training.



Side story: Suzune in a neighboring country


Glarial Kingdom.

That is the third country we visited to deliver the letter.

It was surprisingly easy to hand over the letter. But instead, we were asked by the King of Glarial.


“So you want to save the crisis of Mia Rak?”


Mia Rak, a city located next to the Kingdom of Glarial.

By the time we came to the Kingdom of Glarial, there was already a problem in that city.

That a knight belonging to Mia Rak went berserk, freezing the water around Mia Rak and trying to destroy the city.

And the people of Mia Rak are currently evacuating to the Kingdom of Glarial.

Even though it is a city, the number of people living in Mia Rak is not small. The Kingdom of Glarial is rationing their supplies with the people of Mia Rak, but not for long.

At this rate, the people of Mia Rak must be abandoned.

At that time when we had to make a ruthless decision, we appeared in front of King Glarial.


“Usato-kun …”


The castle of Mia Rak is still in contact using HootBird.

By the time we arrived, Usato-kun had already arrived at Mia Rak and seemed to be working to stop the knight.

‥ …… When I heard the contents of the contact, I was relieved that the knight who was running out of control alone was set up in a close-ranged battle and nothing changed.


“Are you worried?”

“… Yeah. Obviously I would be.”


Outside the gates of Glarial, Kurumia came next to me watching the Mia Rak people resting in a tent.


“I heard that the knight would have been given the title of hero. Such a person is rampaging while turning into a dragon … and I’m worried about what would happen to Usato-kun … “


I don’t even know what’s happening in Mia Rak.

However, hearing the knight that is turning into a dragon and rampaging, one can imagine how serious the situation is.

The existence of a dragon is depicted as a strong existence in any story. It’s no exception in this world.


“And, what is your true intention?”

“I’m so embarrassed that I don’t wanna meet him now.”


Hiding her face in the words of Kurumia with her hand, she writhes in shame.

I caused so much trouble since coming here ……!

Moreover, the rumors have been spreading, and it has become a lot of trouble …!


“Usato-sama is also having it hard. Because of the peculiarity of being a healing magician, the rumor has warped into many different reviation..”

“Uuuuuh …”

“It’s basically that. Hitting a monster with his bare hands, blinded yourself with healing magic, and lastly, those who were beaten by Usato-kun got stuck as if they were tied up with gold … Those were some of the rumours. “



In the last few months, Usato-kun has been treated like a superhuman.

He’s supposed to be a magician … Healing magic isn’t blinding, Usato-kun shouldn’t be able to do that …


“Actually, I know that Usato-kun is okay …! But I don’t know what kind of face I should make when I meet him. Maybe, surely, no, Usato-kun is definitely trying to get revenge on me. Yes …. No, I’d like that, but I’m too embarrassed to meet first, so I can’t decide … “

“… You’re troublesome”

“So terrible !?”


Although I am aware that it is troublesome, it hurts the most to be told face to face !?

In my words, Kurumia gives up her shoulders as if she was aware.


“I don’t know a maiden’s heart. So can’t we just leave it as we’re heading to Usato-sama’s help??”

“Gugugu, my servant is too strict …”

“And there are those who are suffering now. You can’t pretend not to see it. Right?”

“… I know, so I think I’m ready to leave.”

“For that reason, you want to escape from here.”

“Uh, that’s …”


This child really pokes in all sorts of painful places.

However, they’re still true. There is no option from the beginning not to go to Mia Rak because I don’t have a face to meet Usato-kun.

Now, in front of me are the people of Mia Rak who cannot go home, and behind me are the people of the Kingdom of Glarial who are doing their best for them.

First of all, we have to disregard individual feelings and solve the problem of Mia Rak―,


“Hero-sama —!”



As I was determined and trying to signal my companions to leave for Mia Rak, a knight from the castle rushed here.

I asked the knight who is out of breath, wondering why her expression is full of joy.


“What happened? I was thinking of leaving for Mia Rak …”

“There is no need for that …! The crisis in Mia Rak is gone today !!”


“Please take a look at this!”


The knight presented a letter that would have been sent by Hoot Bird from Mia Rak.

While wondering, I opened the letter and read it —– there was news that Usato-kun and his friends had succeeded in stopping the knight who was rampaging in Mia Rak.


“Well, so Usato-kun has saved him? That’s my Usato-kun.”

“I’m afraid, he’s beyond our imagination. I knew I should’ve followed Usato-sama…”

“Can you stop saying things in front of me !? I’m easily hurt, you know !?”


As Kurumia returns, she drops her shoulders and looks at the news.

‥ …… If the crisis of Mia Rak is over, I don’t have to go. I’m a little lonely because I couldn’t meet Usato-kun, but I’m really glad that Mia Rak was saved.

With half joy and half regret, I read the news and noticed a sentence.


“Hmm? Silvery right arm? The Healing Magician Usato-kun running on the ice with a black familiar …?”


Hmm? …… Hmm?

Oh, Ehh? What is going on? Did he have silver equipment on his right arm? And running on ice with a black familiar … Is it Bluerin? But that child is blue …

The person who sent the contact tried to make the news credible, and attached a handwritten picture for easy understanding.

Looking at it, I can see Usato-kun and his friends, who are the same as when they left at Lukvis.

However, to say the least, his right arm was fitted with a too cool gauntlet.

In addition, there was an owl that was too cute on his right shoulder.



“Really, as expected of him. He managed to do something without us going, right Suzune-san …. Eh, Suzune-san?”

“… H-How sly!”



Kurumia was confused.

However, I didn’t pay any attention to her as my shoulders were trembling.

Aside from the gauntlets that I didn’t see in Lukuvis, it’s sly of Usato-kun to have an owl, a cute creature on his shoulder, despite the presence of Bluerin …! Even I wanted a familiar. How envious …!


“Somehow Usato-kun, are you sure you’re traveling the same world as me !?”


Usato-kun, what kind of trip are you going on …!

I’m scared to imagine how much you have grown…….


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