Level 1 Guy: Chapter 437 – Another Unique Monster

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“Sorry for the wait, let’s go home!” (Ryouta)


I came to pick up Carbon in the evening.

Carbon summoned a monster and it transformed into a duplicate of her.

A monster that has the ability of the spirit.


I stare at the monster = Carbon for a while.


“What is it? Is there something wrong with that?” (Carbon)

“Hmm, when I look at that, something seems to inspire me.” (Ryouta)

“Inspire? Eh? What is it? Tell me! Tell me!” (Carbon)


Carbon suddenly became excited.

It is clear that she responded to the word “inspire”.


It means she’s expecting something from me, so I squeezed my brain and tried to scoop up the inspiration from the sea of ​​thoughts in my head.


“Ryouta-sama, are we not going back home?” (Mike)


Mike who was waiting said so.

Carbon, Aurum, Nihonium.

These three spirits go home——-that is, in order to leave their dungeon, Mike is required as a unique monster.

Therefore, Mike is the busiest in the morning and evening.


“… Mike” (Ryouta)

“Yes, what is it?” (Mike)

“You are a unique monster.” (Ryouta)

“Yes, that is right Ryouta-sama … Is there something that matters?” (Mike)

“……Carbon” (Ryouta)

“What? Did you find out what it is?” (Carbon)

“Yeah, please cooperate with the test for a moment.” (Ryouta)

“Alright!” (Carbon)


Carbon nodded with high tension.



Outside Vanadium dungeon.

The night has descended, and the city is beginning to show a different kind of bustle compared to the day.


There, I was alone with Carbon.

The garden of the mansion, including the newly bought land outside of Vanadium.


“What should I do?” (Carbon)

“First of all, I’ll make a rogue monster.” (Ryouta)


I said and put the bean sprouts on the ground.


I placed it on the floor and beckoned Carbon to take a distance together.

After waiting for a while, the bean sprouts hatched into a Slime.


I shot a restraint bullet at the Slime.

The slightly vicious rogue monster Slime that had just hatched was bound by a restraint bullet and could not move at all.


“Alright, then I’ll leave the next step to you.” (Ryouta)

“I just have to do exactly what you said.” (Carbon)

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Alright!” (Carbon)


Carbon said and summoned a monster beside the restrained slime.

The black lump monster looks almost the same before transformation, which is peculiar to Carbon’s dungeon.


She summoned 8.

It surrounded the Slime in a circle.


Immediately after, the black lumps began to transform all at once.

After moving around, all eight bodies became my figure.


“What’s next? Will you beat it? But isn’t it overkill?” (Carbon)

“We don’t have to defeat it. Just surrounding it is okay.” (Ryouta)

“Is that all?” (Carbon)

“Yes.” (Ryouta)

“Okay, leave it to me” (Carbon)


Carbon happily hits her chest.

The eight bodies of me did not move at all.


The monster in Carbon dungeon transforms into a human figure, but even if it transforms into the same human, its ability differs depending on the original monster.

Even if they transform into me, there are some who are weaker than me, some who are almost as strong as me, and some who use the power of my friends while looking like me.


A wide variety of me are available.


Meanwhile, I asked Carbon for that monster that is used in her spirit room, “only for the sake of being there”.

Make the target me and surround the Slime.


Wait for a while, there is no change.


“Let’s increase it a little more” (Ryouta)

“Okay, then I shall double it.” (Carbon)


Carbon that summons eight more of my copy.


It was a ridiculous sight when viewed from the side.


A total of 16 monsters in the shape of me.

It surrounded the restrained Slime without making it a tremor.


The monster may not move at all under the control of Carbon, there are 16 of my wax figures seen from the side.

It looked like a horror movie.


However, that was the trigger.


The Slime that had been restrained and left unattended shined for a moment, and when settled, it became a completely different figure.


Although it looks the same, it has a more charming face.


“This is? I … why? Hya! What’s this, what’s this! It’s scary!”


The Slime who became able to speak looked around himself and was shocked.


“Is this okay?” (Carbon)

“Yeap, seems like it was a success.” (Ryouta)


Unique monster.


Originally, a monster changes if you have been together with the rogue monster for many years and continue to receive the vibrations of that human being.


What I learned before when ​​Cerberus became my dog together with Claymen and others.

My vibration is apparently stronger than other humans.


If I had the same number of monsters that Carbon would copy for my spirit room, wouldn’t it be easy to create a unique monster? ――I was inspired.


It succeeded and a unique slime monster was born in front of us.


“This is the first collaboration!” (Carbon)


Because of the success, Carbon was in a good mood.

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