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Author’s Note: This will be the epilogue of volume 5.


After safely helping Karon and healing the injuries of Leona-san and Ark-san, we returned to the castle of Mia Rak and took a rest.

Normally, we should report about the situation to Norn-sama, but … She learnt about it and has fallen asleep with a relieved smile. ..

Keeping the barrier up for countless nights, we who understood that decided to wait for her to wake up.


“I’m sorry. After a sense of relief has fallen down, I can’t resist the intense drowsiness …”

“We also took that chance to take a rest, so please do not mind it.”


Two days later, when we heard the news that Norn-sama had awakened, we were called to the basement where Kureha’s fountain with Falga-sama resides.

The two people (?), Norn-sama and Falga-sama, were waiting for us at the fountain.


“Thanks to your help, Mia Rak has been saved, and I can only utter words of gratitude for helping Karon’s life.”

“I would like to thank you too. Without you, I couldn’t stop Karon.”

“Well, uh … I’m really glad that we didn’t sacrifice anyone!”


I shyly answered Norn-sama and Falga-sama’s genuine gratitude.

Looking back, I think I acted quite crazy as well.

Even in a collapsed state, Karon could definitely kill me. I wouldn’t be here by now without the help of Leona-san, Ark-san, Amako, and Neah.

We were able to handle this problem without any issues … I could never do it alone.


“By the way, can the citizens of Mia Rak return?”

“Yeah. Yesterday I sent the news to the neighbouring country where they were taking care of the people. They’ll be back here in two weeks.”

“So they can finally return … that’s good …”


It would be painful not to be able to go home for nearly a month.

Norn-sama smiled at me with a relief expression, took out a piece of paper from her pocket and showed it to me.

It was a familiar letter that we gave her when we visited Mia Rak.


“Initially I put the answer to the letter on hold, but now I can’t refuse you guys who have done so much for this country. I, Norn Erad Mia Rak, as Queen, shall receive the contents of this letter.”

“That … are you sure about it?”


Norn-sama’s words made me feel confused more than joy.

I’m happy she received the letter, but I was wondering if it would be easy to receive the letter in the current situation of Mia Rak.

Falga-sama, who was beside Norn-sama, slowly opened his mouth perhaps due to my uncertainty.


“The Demon King is a mighty being. You have to unite to confront him. Now that the crisis of Mia Rak is over, there is no reason to decline the letter.”


Does Falga-sama think that they should receive the contents of the letter because he knows the strength of the Demon King who once fought against the former hero?

‥ …… How strong is the Demon King?

It is certain that he was at least as strong as his predecessor, who had tremendous strength.


“You don’t have to worry. It will take some time as the ice around the city is melting as Karon’s power is suppressed, but rest assured that Mia Rak can return to its original vibrant appearance.. “

“If that’s the case …”


I raised my face to regain my mind, bowed to Norn-sama and Falga-sama and expressed my gratitude for receiving the letter.

It was the third time after Lukvis and Samaria, but it was still kind of embarrassing.

Behind me, Neah was saying, “Uwah, that doesn’t suit you in the slightest”, but I’ll put up with it for now and get back at her later.


“That is done with the letter, but Usato, I have something else to tell you.”

“What would that be?”

“About your friend, the armor of the two heroes.”



Is it about the two armor that Falga-sama will make for Inugami senpai and Kazuki?


“As soon as Mia Rak recovers, I shall start working on the armor, but unlike your gauntlet, it’ll take a considerable amount of time to make it from scratch.”

“I understand, Falga-sama, please don’t push yourself.”


The armor created by Falga-sama is a division of his power.

In other words, every time he creates an armor, it puts a burden on himself, so I don’t want him to overdo it.

Perhaps seeing Norn-sama’s anxious gaze, Falga-sama distorted the edge of his mouth and smiled.


“Huh, don’t worry. I won’t die just because I’ve been weakened. I’ll stay here for the rest of the time. Didn’t I say that? I’ll watch over your fate with my fragments. At least I won’t die until I see your fate. “


Eh, is he really serious about that …

What should I do, does it mean that Falga-sama is paying attention to my every move? Or is he paying attention to my future actions?

Both are scary.


“You can pay attention to Usato’s irregular life.”

“Says the person.”

“You’re not normal, right? The fox there.”


A quarrel is about to occur behind me, but I’m in trouble because there are too many things that come to my mind in Neah’s words.

Rather, it seems that most of the people I have met so far are somewhat unusual.

…… Or maybe there’s still quite a few common sense people such as Kazuki and Ark-san?


“Are you guys leaving here today?”

“Yes. we got a reply from the letter and had a good rest, so we will go to the next destination as soon as we pack up our luggage.”

“Sorry. I wanted to thank you in various ways …”


Norn-sama seems to be disappointed at my words.

Although Karon’s runaway subsided and peace returned to Mia Rak, not everything was restored. They have to rebuild the interior of the city that has been devastated by the disappearance of people.

Even if we stayed longer, it would only be a nuisance.


“The next destination is the Beastman’s Land, correct?”

“That is right.”


I nodded to Falga-sama’s words.

The ultimate goal of our journey, why Amako asked me for help — the beastman’s land.


“Be careful. Something strange is about to happen in that place.”

“What would that be?”

“I don’t know what the beastmen are doing, but one thing I can say is that many beastmen still hate the existence of humans. You should be fine, but you should still seek precaution. “


Something strange?

Is it something to do with the mysterious behaviour of the beastmen that Norn-sama said?

It’s okay if it’s not a bad thing … but for the time being, I should head there and see.

To help Amako’s mother, going to the Beastman’s Country was already a decision.


“I shall keep that in mind.”



He nodded to my words and opened his beautiful blue eyes.


“Usato. The end of your journey around the continent is near, but your adventure in this world is not over yet. In the process, you may suffer and encounter worries, but you tried to save Karon without giving up until the end. I’m convinced that if you have that heart, you won’t break. “


If we went to the Beastman’s Country, our journey would end.

After finishing the role of handing over the letter and saving Amako’s mother, we’ll return to the kingdom of Lingle.

Falga-sama continued speak regardless of me who had thought a little.


“There used to be a man who suffered between hope and despair.”


‥ …… Somehow, I think I knew who the man Falga-sama said.

The former hero who defeated the Demon King; a human who has been betrayed by his people.

I listen to his words silently.


“The man who was betrayed by his people and continued to fight while his heart was about to break, had hope for the future instead of the present.”

“Even if it’s the worst now, the future is different …? It’s too vague …”

“The situation in which the man was placed was so bad that he realized it was correct.”


 ……That’s probably right.

The true identity of the curse that was eroding the royal family in Samaria was the souls of those who were once saved by the hero in the battle with the wicked dragon.

The person I helped was killed because of me.

Although that alone should be tragic enough, it is not strange that there was something worse considering the situation surrounding the former hero.


“In despair, the man entrusted his hope to the future, but for him, that hope is—–“


Falga-sama cut his words and left it stagnating there; sadly closing his eyes.

The next word he said when he opened his eyes was not about the hero, but at me.


“Usato, believe in the “people” until the end. No matter how angry or disappointed you may be, never fall into the darkness with hatred.”



I can’t imagine having hatred, but let’s keep Falga-sama’s words to heart.

Satisfied with my reply, Falga-sama let out a sigh to relieve his tension and turned his gaze from me to Norn-sama.


“Um. I have nothing to say. Norn.”

“Okay, since you’re leaving here today, so at the very least let us thank you, I’ll give you what you need for your future trip.”

“Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated.”


Food and water are indispensable for traveling.

It seems that we’re a little far from the country of beastmen, so let’s get what we can get.


“And when you return to the Kingdom of Lingle, I’ll arrange a ship. By the time you come, the ice would’ve melted and I can ship you down the river to bring you closer to the Kingdom of Lingle.”


Oh, so it’s easier to go home? That would be good, but first we have to get to the Beastman’s country.

Even so, it was a really long week.

However, what I learnt here was not in vain. How to fight, the gauntlets made by Falga-sama, and the acquisition of the system enhancement of healing magic.

Besides, Leona-san was able to go on her own path as a hero.


“Speaking of which, where is Leona-san?”


Norn-sama answered my question as I tilted my head while looking around.


“I asked Leona-san to see you off here.”



So she’ll see me off?

That’s good. At least we could see each other off before leaving.

I wanted to thank her again for making me aware of what was important as a healer.

Fortunately, I was relieved to have the opportunity, and after sending goodbye to Norn-sama and Falga-sama, I returned to the ground to prepare for the trip.



We were ready to head to the Beastman country, and after bringing Bluerin who was hungry for sleeping in the stable near the castle, we said our goodbyes to the maid who had taken care of us until today, and left the castle.

According to the maid, Leona-san is waiting at the castle gate.

As soon as we saw the castle gate, I noticed that there were two figures on the door inside the gate.

I thought that only Leona-san would come to see me off, but is there somebody else?

As I approached while wondering, I could clearly see Leona-san and another person.




Next to Leona was a man who supported his body with a cane.

The man was familiar. Rather, it was Karon who we just fought a deadly battle the other day.


“Oh! You finally come! “


Karon, a man who had his hair cut short, turned to us and waved his hand.

Leona-san looked at him and held her forehead and sighed.


“Karon, don’t overdo it. You just woke up today.”

“It’s okay. I know.”


Karon looked at Leona-san with a refreshing atmosphere unlike when he was out of control.

When he turned his eyes to us who arrived at the gate, he had a friendly smile.


“As you already know, I’m Karon. I was a knight of Mia Rak. I’m really sorry for this time. Also I should thank you, without you, I would destroy my hometown with my own hands.”

“Well, uh … how’s your body?”


I was flustered when Karon bowed deeply, and I asked him if there was anything wrong with his body.

After all, I’m not used to being thanked face-to-face.


“Thanks to your healing magic, I wasn’t injured badly. I didn’t think I would be hit by healing magic. Haha.”

“Did you remember the whole fight?”


While being upset by Karon, who remembers hitting him in the process of helping, check if he has any memory.

He nodded to my question.


“Yeah, it was blurry, but I remember. I remember the damage to the people of Mia Tak, the battle with Leona … and you who tried to save me in a desperate manner.”

“… I didn’t do much. Leona-san and my friends saved my life many times, and I alone wouldn’t have been able to save you.”

“You have friends who can help you even if you’re crazy, that’s great.”


Somehow, he has a pleasant personality.

Now I understand why Leona-san is the ideal knight.

After talking to him, it feels rather pleasing to talk to him.


“What will Karon do from now on?”

“That’s right … First of all, I have to atone for my sins. Even though the power of the dragon that sleeps in me has run away, it is none other than myself who has put Mia Rak in danger. I will receive the appropriate punishment after the reconstruction. “


The crisis of Mia Rak is gone, but Karon is blaming himself.

Norn-sama and Falga-sama seemed to be convenient because of the reason …


“And I can’t be a knight anymore.”



You can’t be a knight …?

Karon shows me the cane in his hand as he leans his head.


“I haven’t been able to develop my magic. Because of that, I can’t walk properly without a cane. Well, it shouldn’t be too painful to live normally, but my body became too fragile to fight as a knight. “


“… Did that temporary awakening put a tremendous burden on Karon’s body …? Even at the stage where the enhancement of Usato’s healing cannot be healed …”


Neah mutters behind me.

If I had helped him earlier, I might not have been able to do this. It may be arrogant, but I thought so.


“It’s not your fault. From the beginning, it was a ridiculous story that a person became a dragon. After that change, I lost the power to handle magic, that’s it …. and even without me, there are people I can rely on, such as the serious female knight next to me. “

“Don’t call me with a strange name”


Leona-san glared at Karon.

He turned his gaze back here to escape from that gaze and put his hand on my shoulder.


“That’s why you don’t have to worry. What you did is not wrong.”

“……I see”

“Alright! That sobbing story is over! Leona. Did you have something to say to them?”

“I was originally entrusted with seeing you all off …”


Karon took his hand off my shoulder and looked at Leona-san who had fallen back, proceeded in front of us as if to replace her.





“… Um”


Why is it silent …?

Maybe she was nervous in front of us, her line of sight that was looking straight at me gradually moved downwards.



“… I’m sorry! The words I was thinking of disappeared in my head …!”

“Hey Leona. That’s not it.”

“Ugh, you’re so noisy Karon !!”


Leona-san’s face turns red as she yells at Karon.

I smiled at her and talked to her to dispel her tension.


“That spear. It looks great.”

“Eh !? Is that so?”

“Yes, it’s very cool.”


A weapon that has been transformed into a spear shape by Leona-san’s hand.

The coolness is incomparable to my gauntlet, which is too simple.

‥ …… If my armor was a spear instead of a gauntlet …… No, don’t think about it.

There is only an image of turning around by force.


“S-so it’s cool …”

“Is it not good if it’s cool for a woman …?”

“No! I’m glad you said that, but it feels kinda complicated …”



Should I have said it straight that it looked beautiful? But that disgusting phrase that doesn’t suit me—–also, I would be embarrassed later.

Leona-san clears her throat.

The tension seemed to be released, and she opened her mouth with a bit of shakiness on her tone.


“Well, I wanted to talk to you guys at the end.”


Nodding to that word, Leona-san looked around us one by one.


“… When I first met you, I was in a mess. A human like me is not a hero, but I have to protect Mia Rak as a hero. A dead end everywhere … In that situation, I met you. “


“It was shocking. Your way of fighting that overturns conventional wisdom, the strength of your heart.”

“So it’s a roundabout way of calling him a weirdo !?”

“Neah, there are times when you can say good and bad things, okay?”


A healing magic bullet was generated on the index finger, and a smile was held on my forehead and nodded.

She appealed to Leona with her teary eyes, “Hey, this seems to make you feel at home !?” and smiled.


“Looking at you, I had a selfish idea and tried to take care of myself. I didn’t want to let you get involved in the fight with Karon and die. Norn-sama and Falga-sama, I didn’t want the people who remained in the castle to be hurt either … I thought I’d defeat Karon in exchange for my own life. “


In response to Leona-san’s words, Karon behind him put a sad expression on his hand holding his cane.


“You were the one who made up your mind and stopped me from dying. Ask someone, not just one. I didn’t realize that it was that easy, but now it’s different. Usato, you tell me to rely on you. If you can’t do it alone, you can rely on someone next to you. If anyone is suffering, you can reach out. I’m standing here for you now. Thanks to your words and actions. “

“That’s —“

“That’s not the case, is what you wanted to say right? Don’t try to be humble”


Before saying that wasn’t the case, Leona-san stabbed me with a nail.

‥ …… Why did you understand my words? Do I have such an easy-to-understand personality?

Leona-san smiled when she saw me in silence.


“You’re easy to understand.”

“Wait a minute, am I that easy? Amako, is it that easy that it appears on my face?”

“Yeah. You’re becoming more and more like a demon.”


It’s not easy to appear on the face, it’s a mistake that it’s suddenly changed.

Rather, I wonder if it’s really my face.

Amako continued to spit facts at me who was soberly shocked.


“Hmm, I’m kidding, but it’s easy to understand what Usato is thinking.”

“That’s right from Amako’s point of view …”

“Haha, Usato is very expressive.”


A-Ark-san, not you too …

I thought I was good at making facial expressions myself, but it seems that it is not so in normal times.


“Sigh, I’m lonely not being able to see your interactions, but … it’s time to say goodbye.”

“I agree”


I nodded at Leona-san’s words.

I can’t talk here all the time.

Besides, when I return to the Kingdom of Lingle, I will come here again, so it’s not a long farewell.


“I know you’re on a steep road … I know that, but I still hope your journey is a success.”

“Please do your best, Leona-san. How about you, Karon?”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing you next time.”


We exchanged goodbye words with Leona-san and Karon, and walked out of Mia Rak away from them.


“Oh, that’s right.”

“What’s wrong, Usato”

“I still forgot to tell Leona-san.”


I stopped, looked back and saw Leona-san who was seeing me off.

Regardless of Leona-san, who seemed confused by me who suddenly turned to her back, I threw her words that I was thinking of telling her.


“Leona-san is also a hero to me!”

“… !?”

“Well then, bye!”


Yesterday, I thought about Leona-san’s words.

However, without thinking, the answer came out immediately. An important friend to me … In other words, that’s what it is.

In her words, Leona looked down to hide her face with her bangs after having been surprised. At the very end, I just wanted to say this, and instead of waiting for her reply, I turned back and started walking.


“After all Usato is unaware”

“I’m afraid, but I have to agree as well. Such is his fate.”

“Why are you two so in sync right now!?”


I felt unreasonable at the words of Amako and Neah who became friends only in such a case, I dropped my shoulders.

The incarnation of the dragon that was rampaging in Mia Rak was calmed down, and peace was restored.

After that, the people of Mia Rak are back and waiting for reconstruction.

However, our journey is not over yet. After completing our missions in Lukvis, Samaria, and Mia Rak, the next place we are heading to is a place where it is difficult for humans to set foot — the beastmen country.

We proceeded to the final destination in order to hand over the letter and to save Amako’s mother.


Author’s Note:

This is the end of Volume 5.

After updating a few side stories, I would like to start volume 6

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