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Karon really deserves my respect.

He is strong, kind, and loved by everyone, and is someone who embodies the ideals of a knight.


“Leona, you have a very annoying personality.”


Such a man once said something quite rude to me.

Shortly before he was swallowed by the dragon factor and ran amok, when I was appointed to be the hero, the words he said to me were enough to upset me.

I know he’s not being sarcastic. And that made me even more annoyed because those were his true words, though I suppressed my desires to argue with him.


“Oh well, but if you were to be chosen as a hero~ I wouldn’t have to be one since you would’ve been better~”


First, I will not be chosen as a hero.

Although I was mentioned as a candidate, it was already decided that Karon would get the title of a hero.

Karon had a disgusted look when I said that.


“The title of hero is certainly an honor, and you take that title too seriously. To me, it’s just a name. What’s important is what to do after being recognized as a hero. “


I couldn’t agree with Karon’s words.

I can’t think flexibly like that, and I can’t take the name of a hero so lightly.

It was my childhood dream to be a symbol of hope to save people.

In the end, the conversation ended without me replying to him.

Now I can’t ask him what he meant after he ran amok.



“U … gh.”


I woke up with the coldness of the ice and felt a stinging pain on the side of my stomach.

When I looked at my own body, the armour was greatly dented from where the pain was at.

I was surprised that even my sturdy armour was in ruins, so I took off the upper body of the armour. Finally, I threw the helmet to the ground and held my head down.


“Why am I … in a place like this …”


My memory is foggy perhaps because I was hit in the head.

I wanted to complain about the terrible pain I’m having right now.

Why am I injured? Why am I outside of Mia Rak——–No wait.

As the hazy thoughts became clearer, I remember myself fighting with Usato and others.


“Yes, Karon!”


Immediately before fainting, I saw Usato slammed into the ground by Karon’s tail.

I was struck by Karon’s tail trying to help him and fainted.


“What about Usato !?”


When I looked around, I found Amako with Ark-san, who had fainted on Bluerin’s back.

Standing up while healing my aching flank with healing magic and trying to talk to Amako, I noticed that she was looking up with a worried expression.




When I looked in the same direction as she was looking, I saw a blue mass flying in the sky.

Although not visible from a distance, it looked like a big bird seemingly flying around in the barrier.


“Is that Karon?”


The blue mass fell head-on to the ground, but changed direction just before hitting the ice ground by changing the direction of its flight so as to glide on the ground.

Finally, I was able to see the figure, and I was so surprised that I was lost for words.


“Can you just stop with your nonsenseeeeeeeeeee !!”

“Gagyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!”

“Kyaaaaah! The sky and ground are reverseeeed !? I’ll be the first to fall at this rate!”

“… Eh, eh …”


Usato was clinging to Karon gliding over the ice ground and Neah was screaming on his shoulder. I was stunned at that current appearance.

…… Huh, he looks livelier than ever …….

However, Usato clothes were grabbed by Karon and was thrown. Usato maneuvered and landed on the ground, put healing magic in his right hand and shook his fist at Karon who was pursuing him — but he pulled his fist just before hitting Karon.


“Oh, this is no good either!”

“Usato …?”


What the hell is he trying to do?

Is he trying to use system enhancer with the magic into his right hand? However, his system enhancer must not have been completed yet.

…… In the first place, why is he doing that to Karon?

Is he still trying to save Karon?


“It can’t be……”


I also heard Falga-sama’s words.

His body is out of control and is on the verge of ruin.

As evidence, when Usato hit his body, his body shattered despite Usato using healing magic.

Usato should know that he could not help Karon while watching his body collapse up close. Even after knowing, he never gives up and confronts Karon’s fierce attack, full of wounds.

Even if there is a magic called healing magic that has powerful resilience, there is a limit.

Still, Usato isn’t giving up trying to complete the incomplete system enhancer in the middle of the battle.

Why is he going that far?

Is it because of the rescue squad?

That he can do his best …


“Stop it …”


I muttered to him who was getting hurt.

I also want to help Karon.

However, he’s broken to the point where he can’t be help.


“You don’t have to go that far …”


My voice did not reach him.

Even if I wanted to stop them, my aching flank prevents me from doing so.

Without this injury I could still fight, but now I can only look from afar with my finger covering my mouth.

I can’t do anything, I feel sorry for myself, and eventually, tears come up.

When I was overwhelmed by despair, the vial fell to the ground, probably because there was a hole in the bag attached to my waist from the previous attack.


“This is……”


The contents of the vial are the water drawn from the Kureha fountain.

The water that I decided not to use after Usato convinced me to fight as a friend.


“… If I drink this water. Then Karon will …”


I pick up the vial with my trembling hand and stare at it.

If I use the power of this water, I can fight Karon without worrying about any injuries. In exchange, I’ll die and Karon gets killed.

However, I can help Usato and restore peace to Mia Rak.

Usato no longer has to get his hands dirty.

It’s more than enough for me to exchange this life of mine for such a condition.




I’m prepared.

Everyone can be saved at the expense of me.

I can help him who saved my heart.

“Do not drink this water as long as I’m alive”. I’m about to betray those words, but I don’t want him to die.

I open the lid of the vial and bring it close to my lips.

If I swallow this water, I would no longer be a “person”.


“There is a limit to what you can do alone. So instead of shouldering all the burdens, you can ask someone around you for help. “


When the vial touched my lips, Usato’s words last night came to mind and made me stop tilting the vial.




He tried to stop me, who was trying to sacrifice her own life.

We fought together.

Someone who is merciless, clumsy, and awkward … he relied on someone like me.

And that someone is choosing to betray him——




I throw away the vial.

The vial struck the icey ground broke into pieces, and all the water inside had spilled.

I couldn’t do it.

Until yesterday, I could drink the water without hesitation for my mission. But now Usato is still fighting.

In a desperate situation that seemed to break my heart, I could never betray his words in front of him who kept looking forward with those honest eyes.

Abandoning the vial is equivalent to abandoning my role as a hero and the best way to protect this city.


“From now on, I will stop fighting as a hero of Mia Rak.”


I’m sorry, Norn-sama, Falga-sama.

If I were to fulfill my responsibilities as a hero, I would have to defeat Karon and bring peace to Mia Rak with the expense of my life, but that is no longer possible.

Now, the person who cared for me and tried to save me is in danger.


“As a knight, I will fight for my dear friend who is fighting now.”


My resolve has delayed me, but it should still be in time.

Usato is still fighting and has not given up.

Then even I, who decided to fight with him, cannot give up.


“I should still be able to do something …!”


I can still stand on two feet and use magic.

Without looking at the crushed vial, I slowly start walking in the direction of Usato and Karon.

At that time, something shined in the immediate vicinity of where I was standing.




It was stuck in the ice ground, at first glance it looked like just an iron rod, but it was the “cane” that Karon used as an axe.

The “cane” flickers repeatedly as if inviting me, shining faintly.

The supreme armour that can only bring out the true power to those who are recognized.


“Are you calling out to me?”


The closer I get, the stronger the light resonates.

‥ …… I never thought that I, who abandoned fighting as a hero, would be qualified to handle Falga-sama’s armour. I thought it was an ironic story, but on the other hand, I was made to understand how much I was bound by the word “hero”.


“Is this what you wanted to say … Karon?”


I was bound by the name of the hero, and I was trying to stray further away from what a hero truly is.

What do you do with power?

Instead of chasing the shadow of the hero who I was longing for, I moved according to my own will.

I forgot the pain in my flank and clasped the cane with both hands and took a deep breath slowly.


“Shards of the Dragon God. Put my thoughts into shape.”


The cane gives off the same beautiful shine as Usato’s gauntlet.

I don’t want a powerful weapon that can kill Karon.

What I want is the same armor to save and protect as him.


“Those are my feeling”


It was a spear.

The appearance of the cane is the same, but a spear with a simple shape with a transparent blade like ice on the tip was formed.

I hold it in hand and squeeze it firmly.


――― …… Leona.

“Falga-sama, I finally found the answer. I will fight——-with Usato, and not because of my mission as a hero.”


Falga-sama, who echoes in my mind, expresses my current feelings.

Falga-sama was breathing in silence and spoke to me with a gentle voice.


――― …… If you can come up with an answer, follow it. The spear is an ice god spear that holds everything together. Unleash the spear with your former hesitation and lead this battle to an end.




I pulled my body back to prepare for throwing.

The aim is Karon who is flying in the sky and trying to attack Usato. In front of him, Usato is still trying to use system enhancing but still fails.


“Now I can understand why your system enhancing is incomplete.”


Like me, who was too obsessed with the name of a hero, he was too tied up with the word system enhancing.


“I want to help you too. So—–“


I firmly determined my aim and put all my magic I have now into the spear. Then, eight ice spears formed by magic are generated around me.

The spear I hold also transforms into a shining spear.




I raised my voice and threw the spear at Karon as hard as I can.

Nine shining spears.


It emitted a beautiful and powerful light toward Karon.



The battle between me and Karon had shifted to a battle of stamina.

Me who seeks a breakthrough with healing magic and system enhancing, and Karon who is trying to kill me with his wounded body.

The battle while shaving each other was enough to shake my intention to save Karon.

He was attacked and hurt and I healed his right shoulder with healing magic, and I looked up at Karon flying in the sky and sighed.


“That hurts … It’s really annoying to fly to that point. Neah, can’t you just grab me and throw me there?”

“Don’t be crazy. You’re heavier than you look, so I can’t lift you.”



While having a casual talk with Neah, I was just finding an excuse to escape from reality.

The advantage of being able to fly in the sky is more severe than I expected. While he’s flying, we just have to wait for him to attack.

I tried to cling to Karon once and drag him into the ground, but honestly I don’t want to do that again.


“U-Usato, look at that!”

“Tsk, he’s coming towards us !?”


Neah hurriedly turned her wings into the sky.

While holding my fist in a hurry I looked up at the sky and nine shining things were rushing through the sky.

It rushes to Karon who flies around the sky endlessly.


“Oh! Kaaaaa !!”


Karon immediately sensed the existence of the light and flapped his wings to avoid it. However, the nine lights turned to the place where Karon escaped as if it had a will.

The light pierced Karon’s wings who was still trying to escape. Then the light turned into a spear with a transparent tip, knocking him down to the ground and sewing it to the ice ground.

The eight lights then fell down in succession, piercing the ice ground so as to block Karon’s movement and hold his body down, turning into a spear made of ice different from the first one.


“Gi, gaaaaaaaaah!”

“Wow, even Karon’s strength can’t break it …”


What surprised me was the strength of the spear that completely contained Karon’s power.

I was familiar with the handle of the spear stuck in Karon’s wings.

The handle of the spear, which has a simple shape and is different from the ice spear as a whole, had the same pattern as the one used by Karon’s axe.


“This spear was used by Karon … and this ice !!”


There is only one person who can produce ice of this strength.

I turned in the direction of the light and confidently called the person’s name.



“Usato! I blocked Karon’s movement! Save him with your power !!”


Leona-san was breathing on her shoulders and kneeling.

Her words made me look bitter when I saw my hand.


“The system enhancer was not successful …! I can’t help Karon anymore …!”

“No, no! Your system enhancement has already been completed !!”


Completed !?

In other words, does it mean that my current system enhancer has been completed?


“If so, why couldn’t I still save him …”

“You are too particular about succeeding in your system enhancer! What you should see is not your own magic!”


She cut her words and took a deep breath, and raised her voice to reach me firmly.


“What you should see is the one who’s suffering now !?”

“What !?”


Don’t focus on my magic.

From her own quivering hands, she looks at Karon, who is struggling to be restrained.

 So that’s it.

I was trying to enhance so much that I didn’t see the “people” that I needed to cure.


“I’m so stupid! I’ve really become a muscle for brain because of too much training!”

“Ehhh, why now !?”

“Yeah, I finally get it Neah! I forgot the most important thing I set out to do !!”


I can’t complain even if Rose hit me for not noticing this. No, I even want to hit for being so stupid not realising such a natural thing.

I didn’t face him who is suffering now, I was just thinking about succeeding in enhancing my own system.


“It’s natural that I can’t do it, because all I thought of was I should cure him, I didn’t even think about how to cure him.”


Enhancing my healing magic system is the highest level of healing magic that heals even illnesses.

When Olga-sama was seen at the clinic in Lingle Kingdom, he was facing the patient head-on and applying healing magic.

The doctor and the healing magicians are the same.

If you don’t face each other, you won’t know how to cure them.

I forgot the most important thing as a rescue squad as someone who heals people.


“Then you know what to do?”

“Yeahh, I was reminded by Leona-san. I’ll never forget it.”


I saw Karon from the front again.

His body is crushing, suffering from pain. There is a “human” in front of me that I should heal.

As I walk up to him in captivity, I create a system enhancer on my left hand.

What I lacked was to be aware of what to cure.

I have to look at the other person and imagine how I want to heal them.




At that time, something that had been lacking in system enhancing up to now was firmly understood.

Although it was of a small amount of magic, it gave off a certain dark green shine.

This is the true image of my system enhancing.

A beautiful deep blue color similar to Olga.

I grasped the light of system enhancing that overflowed from my left hand and made a fist, and I held it on my waist.


“I will help you. For everyone who wishes for your safety … !!”


With my left foot, I stepped forward and released my left fist, which gained momentum as my hips rotated onto Karon’s torso.

The fist that was drawn out in the green trajectory of system enhancing was struck in his chest with a wind noise.


“— Gaaa, a”


As my fist digs into him, a large crack runs throughout the body, but the enhanced healing magic instantly heals the cracks in the whole body at a speed that is incomparable to conventional healing magic.


“… Karon-san?”


The question now is whether he would lose consciousness.

The system was successfully enhanced, but it’s still unknown whether Karon was able to faint completely.

I call out to him after receiving my fist.

At that moment, the horns, wings, and tail that were characteristic of Karon’s dragon shattered into pieces and returned to human form.


“Leona-san! Release the restraint !!”

“Got it!”


When Leona-san came closer, she pulled out the spear stuck beside Karon, and all the ice spears that were restraining him shattered at once.

I hurriedly supported him who was about to fall to the ground, I asked Nea to check if there was anything wrong with his body.


“—–He’s fine. There’s no magical disturbance, and the dragon factor in him seems to be completely silent.”

“… Well, that’s good.”

“Then again, even after learning how to use system enhancing, it looks really different compared to your normal healing.”


Is it a new technique that combines the enhancement of healing magic and the fist?

It would be difficult to incorporate system enhancing into healing magic bullets, but this is the best technique for me as a healing magician.


“This is a miracle technique that combines system enhancing and my fist. I dub it the essential mystery, a one-point concentrated healing magic fist, or maybe a simpler term, essential fist, healing punch?”

“I’ve been thinking about this since before, but you miraculously don’t have a naming sense. Well, I guess it’s okay since the childish part of yours is charming?”



Is it childish?

Her reaction seems to think it isn’t a stylistic beauty anymore.

I don’t have time to be sober … The battle is over and I’m getting tired, but my role isn’t over yet.

When I saw Amako running to me with Bluerin carrying Ark-san, I waved and turned to Leona-san, who was standing beside with her spear as a support.


“Leona-san, you seem to be injured, so I’ll heal you now.”

“Eh, oh, aah. Please do.”


I touched Leona-san’s hand that extended to apply healing magic.

Her facial expression gradually eased up.


“The spear is the cane that Karon used, right?”

“Yes. Apparently, I was chosen like Karon.”


With a bitter smile, Leona-san looked at the spear she had in one hand and gave a deep emotional expression.


“I stopped chasing the shadow of the hero I had longed for.”


“A hero who abandons herself and fights for the sake of her mission. That was who I longed for as a hero … but fighting with you changed that idea.”


A hero who abandons himself and fights.

When I heard the words, I remembered Leona-san last night.

What she was trying to do was not a mistake. It may have been the best solution in terms of protecting Mia Rak.

But as the rescue squad, I couldn’t comply with her actions.


“From now on, I will go on my path as hero Leona with my will, not tied down by anyone.”


Did Leona-san finally find her path?

I don’t know what change she made to her by fighting with me, but it’s certainly not a bad thing.


“By the way Usato. What does it mean to be a hero?”

“Eh? As a hero?”


I don’t know the intent of the question, but the heroes for me are … Inugami senpai and Kazuki.

The two are friends who we promised to meet again …… It’s a little bit difficult to convey? It’s a little embarrassing, but let’s just say it honestly.


“An important friend, I guess?”

“… Fufufu, I see. It wasn’t the answer I expected, but this is also good.”


Leona-san was surprised by my words, but soon she smiled.


“I also want to be a hero for you.”

“What does that mean—?”

“Uuuh, aah! The barrier will be lifted! Usato !!”


When I tried to ask Leona-san who’s smiling, Neah suddenly shouted.

When we looked at the barriers around us, they were informed that we were able to rescue Karon safely, and the barriers were lifted.

And with that, we saved Mia Rak and helped Karon.

Although we were also tattered, it was a pleasure that none of us survived without miseries.


Author’s Note:

This is the end of Karon’s fight.

Usato’s magic has been enhanced, and Karon’s armor has also become Leona’s.

In the next chapter, Volume 5 Epilogue.

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