Level 1 Guy: Chapter 431 – Ryouta’s Trial

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I used the transportation room to enter Carbon via the first floor of Selenium in the evening.


As soon as I exited the dungeon, a crowd of adventurers were coming in and out of Carbon.

The air around the dungeon changed completely.


The walls and ground that emit pale pale light which if you do not look around you, it feels like a dead dungeon.


Inside the dungeon, a monster is always defeated somewhere and something is dropped.

And the moment the item drops, the rogue monster progresses, going around 99% or 98% until the adventurer collects it.


I became more sensitive to my abilities and indirectly realized that if there’s no adventurer, then the progress bar wouldn’t be there.

Soon after thinking, a monster appeared.

The next moment it appeared as a black object, it transformed into Elza.


“Hmm.” (Ryouta)


As soon as the transformation occurred, something that looked like a counter appeared, and her ‘boing boing’ chest was placed on top of the counter with a smile on her face.


It didn’t attack whatsoever.


In a sense, this is harder to fight compared to Celeste or Emily.

However, a monster is still a monster, so I pulled out my revolver——and I noticed something.


There was no revolver.

Grand Eater was empty.


My four revolvers, my ton of bullets, and other useful items.

Everything is gone.


“So that’s how you want to play?” (Ryouta)


I understood.


This is Carbon.

This dungeon is different from normal Carbon which is to test me.

In other words, another Carbon.


Probably the moment I entered here, all my equipment was being taken away.


“I’m sorry!” (Ryouta)


It’s not necessary but I felt that I had to apologize to Elza before punching the monster.


The monster in the shape of Elza was blown away and bouncing on the ground.

It hit the wall and stopped———-and disappeared.


The counter disappeared along with the monster.

Another question came to mind about which one was the main body.


Though another question was answered.

Even though my items are gone, my stats remain the same.


My Strength and Speed felt SS.

The rest of my stats were the same too.


And the drop was a normal bullet.

The counter that disappeared——-Are you kidding me!


When I picked up the bullet that had fallen from where the counter used to be, it was a normal bullet that I was always using.


It’s only bullets——No wait.

It’s still good that the bullets dropped first.


Except that all the drops are from the dungeon, there are many things that are in line with the knowledge I have that are related to games.


When all my items were confiscated when entering, the monsters would drop the items that were taken away from me.


From my experiences so far, I basically have to defeat monsters and regain my items one at a time.

I put the normal bullet in my pocket and proceed further.


A monster appeared again, and this time it transformed into Ena.


Ena came in with her usual sex appeal pose, with 30% teasing and 70% being serious.


Compared to Elza earlier, she seemed more dangerous, which made me reach my hands out.


“Repetition” (Ryouta)


I cast magic.

The magic seems to remain the same.

Repetition worked, and the fake Ena pops and blows away.


This time, healing bullets dropped.


“Let’s see… maybe I should preserve my magic until I have my revolver with the healing bullets?” (Ryouta)


Worst case, I encounter a Dungeon Master which requires my entire mana to defeat it.

In preparation for that, MP should be preserved.


I dived deeper into the dungeon.

Defeating monsters that transform to my friends.

There were so many things that I had seen that didn’t follow any rules.


“Ugh!” (Ryouta)


After defeating the fake Neptune, I wondered why it didn’t drop anything until I noticed that all the items I had in my Grand Eater pocket were gone.


So something like this would happen as well….

This is also something I’ve seen before based on my knowledge.


In the process of collecting, you may lose everything.


Fortunately, my stats didn’t change while I tested my strength while shadow boxing.

Still, thinking that there is a possibility that my stats will decline due to something made me more cautious as I entered deeper.



“Oh, this is.” (Ryouta)



The place I arrived at was Carbon’s room.

As soon as I entered there, she was even happier than me who had cleared, and hugged me with the momentum to tackle me.


“I saw it, it’s amazing! My destined person cleared my trials that easily.” (Carbon)


After that, Carbon was very happy up until Mike used the transportation room to pick us up.

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