Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 117

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The “cane” created by Falga-sama changed into an “axe” in the hands of Karon.

It gave Karon a powerful cold air power.

It was the biggest threat to us, freezing the surroundings and releasing non-standard magic.




My gauntlet and Karon’s axe collided, and a high-pitched metallic sound echoed in the barrier.

The axe was parried by my gauntlet diagonally, but Karon swung up with all his power and tried to hit me again. One hit from him would be fatal, so I have to seriously deal with his attacks.



“Oh no you don’t!”


Karon tries to grab the collar of my uniform, but I lean to the side and dodged.

Instead of receiving his attacks head on, I tried to avoid attacks that can be avoided with minimum effort, and if there is an opportunity, I take the chance to punch there and break Karon’s pace.


“I can still go on!”


It was thanks to the training that I was able to fight, but the addition of Falga-sama’s gauntlets is also great.

Even being attacked by Karon’s axe head on wasn’t a big deal.


“I don’t want to do this anymore, I want to go home! Why am I in such a place, mouuu!”

“That’s because you’re needed in this battle!”


Neah was crying and kneading her ears, but she’s still maintaining her magic.

A tremendous amount of cold air is being emitted from Karon’s axe. With horns and a tail and a further awakening, he has awakened even further than before.

Currently I am protected from the cold by Neah’s magic, but Leona-san and Arc-san can’t do so without resistance to cold.

Hence pulling the axe away from him is my first priority.



“U-Usato! This guy’s making an ice rock!”

“… Tsk, he can even do that with such a distance?”


Blocking the axe with my right hand, a number of ice pebbles were formed behind Karon.

He’s really crazy to be able to use this much magic without any preliminary movements ……!

I’ll have no choice but to back off if it were to launch at extreme speed, however, all the ice gravel were drowned out by the flames emitted by Arc-san on the side.


“I won’t let you!”

“Guu, ga!”

“Your opponent is me!”


Arc-san struck Karon holding the fire sword with both hands.

With that sudden blow, his position wobbled for a moment, and with that one moment, I took advantage of it and struck.

Normally he should have been blown away by my fist, but he had his legs frozen.

Looking behind, Leona-san is activating magic with one hand on the ground.


“Usato, now!”

“Thank you!!”


Karon’s feet are stuck to the ground with ice, and tries to swing his axe in a confusing manner and generate ice, but all of this is handled accurately by Arc-san, and Leona-san’s didn’t allow him to be free whilst creating ice constantly on his feet.



“Mu !?”


Karon shook the axe that he was swinging around to me.

He attacked from a weird position.

Immediately reacting to his behavior, I took the axe with my right palm without hesitation.

A heavy impact on my palm——but it’s not enough to crush me with my gauntlets.



“You can’t crush me with such a rough attack!”

“I don’t think you needed to take his attacks head on though!?”


I apologized inwardly to Neah’s voice, which was about to start crying. I firmly grasped the axe’s blade with my gauntlet and squeezed my left fist powerfully.

Arc-san and Leona-san were holding him still, and I held his axe to stop him from moving.


“Neah! Can you use your restraint magic !?”

“It’s more than enough!”

“Alright! Let’s do it!”



Until now, I haven’t dared to use restraint magic.

Restraint magic would work if I could deal some blows to him, but that would only temporarily block Karon’s movements.

Therefore, I and Neah changed our way of thinking.

Restraint should be restricted, not stopped.

A purple pattern emerged from Neah on my fist.


“Aim at that shoulder!”


My fist slammed into his shoulder joint which was holding the axe.

His body is very hard.

That’s because his skin and muscles have changed to a dragon, but he’s still a human being. Though I can release force by passing an impact through his joints and restrict the movement of his shoulders with restraint magic.

The time during his weakness and restraint magic were moments——–




For me, that momentary gap is enough!

At the same time as his hand was weakened, I kicked his right hand up from below. The kick hit Karon’s wrist directly and kicked his axe upwards.


“Now you can’t use the power of Falga-sama’s armor!”


The axe flies up while rotating and the blade part disappears. changing into a handle-only shape.

Probably, that is the original shape of the armor made by Falga-sama as a “cane”.


“Gaaaaaaaaaaa !!”

“I’m sorry! I can’t hold it anymore !!”


Leona-san released her hand on the ground when Karon was going on a rampage.

Before the restraint on his leg is completely broken, I kick him in the opposite direction of the axe’s flight so he can’t use his weapon anymore.





Arc-san set the flame on the ice ground between Karon and us, generating a large amount of water vapor mist, blocking his view.

I take a deep breath to calm down seeing a faint image of Karon at the tip of the fog.


“We’ve suppressed Karon, created a place to fight, and let go of his weapon …”


The only means of combat left for him who gave up Falga-sama’s weapon was hand-to-hand combat.

In addition, there is no strong cold air that keeps my friends away.


“There is nothing to protect him now! If we fight all at once, we can win …!”


In my words, Neah and Leona-san and Arc-san who approached just behind me nodded.

The third stage of the operation.

It is to deprive Karon of consciousness.

It’s a dangerous strategy that even we don’t know if it will succeed, but now that we’ve come this far, we have no choice but to complete it!

Once I calmed down and took a deep breath, I raised my voice so that Karon, who was in the fog, could hear me.


“I’m here! Come on, I’ll deal with you as much as you want!”


Karon, who is at the end of the fog, screamed.

He screamed ferociously to threaten me, and jumped at me with his instinct.


Insane rush.

If you are too reliant on your instincts, it will be easy to handle you no matter how strong you are.


“He looks like how I used to be …!”


I don’t like it, but I understand why the wicked dragon used a similar tactic.

I just thrust and punch. I didn’t understand my own weakness, and I was full of gaps.



“I’m different now!”


I calmly avoided his attack by stepping sideways and went around behind, hitting him with a full kick.


“Giaaaaaaa !!”


The attack on his back wasn’t much as he stabbed his arm into the icy ground and forcibly turned his body.

I know full well that my kick didn’t work.

In the first place, I was luring him to a place.

For the final stage, I was just a “decoy”.


“—–Strengthening system”


At the moment when a dignified voice was heard from in front of Karon, an ice wall created by Leona-san using strengthening appears directly in front of him.

Karon couldn’t react to the sudden appearance of the ice wall and slammed into the wall head first.

He collided with the momentum of which he was jumping together with the force of my kick, it seemed to be painful. That might’ve been me a few days ago if I hadn’t stopped. I’m still cold sweating, and I instructed Neah to put a restraint spell on his palm.


“Gu, Ga, Gi …!”




In response to Leona-san’s voice, I placed my palm with restraint magic on Karon’s back as he tried to stand up with a voice of agony, and tied his body.

The other arm holds down his body, which he tried to turn around.


“Sorry to say this but, I’m not the one who would be defeating you.”


I have the power to fight Karon, but I don’t have the power to defeat him.

Leona’s system strengthening is not used for attacks either.

Neah’s restraint magic can only stop him for a few seconds.

But he is different.

His flame sword, which even cut the bell of Samaria easily, can hurt Karon’s body, who has not yet completely awakened to the dragon!


“Now! Arc-san! I will heal his injuries!”


When the ice wall created by Leona-san collapses, Arc-san holds his sword that shines brightly red.

Everything is a stepping stone to give this greatest blow.

With a strong will, he swung down the flame sword which was held upright.


“Haaaaaaaah !!”


The flame sword that drew a red trajectory cut through Karon’s body.



It was my physical ability and the magic of Arc-san’s flame that cut through the scales of the wicked dragon.

Although the wicked dragon had deteriorated after hundreds of years, the scales covering its body boasted certain strength.

Karon’s skin, awakened as a dragon, also had the strength of a dragon scale. However, even the scales of a newly born dragon aren’t as strong as the wicked dragon.


“—– Agu”


The air in front of me was torn apart, and the intense heat was affecting me as I was holding onto Karon.

I closed my eyes involuntarily, but I did not let go of his body, though the entire weight of his body weakens.

I supported him in a hurry, and laid him down on the ground with only his upper body raised.




Looking at his body with his eyes closed, there are cuts from his shoulders to his thighs.

The reason why the blood did not come out so much was probably because it was cut with a sword of fire, but even still, his wound was shallow.


“What’s more……”


The horns and tail that grew on Karon’s head are gradually cracking.

This is … Is it okay to think that his power as a dragon is disappearing?

I saw the remnants of his dragon shattering like candy, and I asked Neah to check it for the time being.


“Neah, is Karon alright?”

“……There’s nothing wrong with his life. He’s breathing and his heart is moving, so he’s still alive. Though his own magic power is returning to normal.”


I was relieved by Neah’s words looking around Karon’s body.


“Usato, is Karon okay !?”


Leona-san and Arc-san came up to me.

While applying healing to his wounds, I looked at her.


“It’s okay, he’s alive”

“Is it, really … that’s really good.”


Leona-san is relieved that Karon is alive.

I was relieved and turned to Arc-san.


“Thanks to Arc-san, the wounds are not so bad. It seems that he will be healed soon.”

“I’m surprised I could adjust. After all, you want to deal more damage than suppress it “


He smiled refreshingly, and I also smiled.

The tension was released and the tiredness struck my body, but it was good we were able to finish the battle with Karon in the best possible way with some spare capacity left.


“… This settles one case.”


Although it was a short time, it was a tough battle.

There was no bad person in this turmoil.

Karon has exhausted the power of the dragon that sleeps inside him. There is no intention of him there, and he who has become an incarnation of a dragon who wields violence around him can be said to be a “disaster”.

Therefore, it was really good to be able to help him without any issue.

After this, I completely heal his wounds――,



“What !?”


Karon desperately grabs the collar of my uniform.

My fist was instinctively ready, but I felt a clear intention in his eyes looking up at me, and lowered my fist.

He spoke to me with a painful expression.


“–R–… un. The monster in me … is still …”

“Karon, your consciousness …!”


“… Amako. What’s wrong …”


I turned my gaze to Amako who was on Bluerin’s back when Karon was saying intermittently.


“Get away from him!”


“It’s not over yet! The dragon in him is still awake!”

“… No way!”

“Usato! Karon’s magic power has swelled!”


The moment after hearing Neah’s voice in a hurry, the collar held by him was pulled by an abnormal force.

Immediately I turned to Karon, who had his eyes red and engorged, trying to slam his fist on my face.

Ain’t this bad …!?


“Gua !?”

“Kya !?”


Trying to protect Neah who was on my shoulder with both my arms, but I was still blown away.

―――― What is this power ……! It’s not the same as before !?

Even when defending with the gauntlet, my fist was shaken off.

Confused by his strength, he stood up, and was suffering and scratching his body.


“Gu, guaaaaaah !!”


Leona-san and Arc-san tried to help me but became rigid due to the painful and sorrowful cry.

I myself can’t hide my confusion in his unusual appearance that is different from the past.

Falga-sama’s voice echoed in my head.


――This is …


“Falga-sama !? What the hell is going on!”


―― He intends to make the next awakening. He’s trying to forcibly amplify the power that should be released to the outside by collecting it from within.


Forcibly, can Karon’s body endure such a thing?

Every time he scratches his body, cracks run through his entire body.

However, on the contrary, the horns and tail that were crushing change to a stronger shape.


“The power that is released to the outside is inside … That’s the magical power that Karon released when he awakened !? The human body can’t withstand such a large amount of magical power in the body!”

“If he can’t withstand that with his body!?”


In a hurry, I turned my gaze back toward Karon, but his appearance was very different from before.

His appearance was closer to a dragon.

Rhagades like broken glass ran all over his body, making a painful figure.

The horns turned into a longer and twisted shape, the tail moved longer and more powerfully, and the most eye-catching was the two “wings” on his back.

A large wing that could cover his body was growing from his back.




His appearance had changed so much that I had no choice but to express it.

Falga-sama speaks to me and Neah in our head with a voice that seems to be looking at something painful.


—-The power of a pure dragon is too strong for humans. Therefore, Karon was accustomed to the power by slowly awakening. But this is … too violent of an awakening.


“What will happen to Karon …?”


―― Karon’s body cannot keep up with the dragon factor which would make his own body …….


Falga-sama hesitated to put it into words.

But he killed his emotions and put it into words.




Author’s Note:

A battle to save Karon and Mia Rak.

The abnormal situation that happened to Karon during the time that made him desperate to survive.

In the next chapter, VS Karon’s final form.

This is the end of today’s update.

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