Level 1 Guy: Chapter 429 – Copy weapon

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“Then … I’m going desu!” (Emily)

“Okay.” (Ryouta)


In the empty space of the salon, I was facing Emily while all my friends were watching.

Emily took a deep breath, she brought out a hammer that she wouldn’t normally bring to the salon, and she slammed it at me.


I crossed my arms and caught the hammer above me.

It’s a very heavy blow.


Emily has Strength A, but her attack from the hammer is of high quality, and she has a higher destructive power than other humans with the same strength.

The shock pierces the whole body from my arm.


In reaction, Emily jumped back spinning her hammer, landing cleanly.


“Yoda-san, are you okay desu?” (Emily)

“Yeah Emily, it’s pretty effective.” (Ryouta)

“Is this okay nodesu?” (Emily)

“Well …” (Ryouta)


I nodded, but turned around and looked at Carbon staring at me from behind her.

The eye-catching Carbon nodded clearly.


“Okay, let’s try it …” (Ryouta)


I take a deep breath and rub my arm for a moment, sticking out my right hand.


“” Oh !? “”


The next moment, a beautifully overlapping voice of admiration echoed in the salon.


The same hammer as Emily was held in my hand.


“Emily” (Ryouta)

“Yes desu!” (Emily)


Nodding to each other, at the same time she swung her hammer sideways at full swing.


Bang! !! Cling!


Emily’s hammer and mine had a tremendous roar and shock wave.

Due to the shock wave, the windowpanes of the salon shattered all at once.


“Oh, that’s amazing”

“That’s what happens when Ryouta-san and Emily hit each other with a hammer.” (Elza)

“Right. Let’s fix the window.” (Alice)


Alice casually said, Vanadium nodded, jumped down and ran, fixing the shattered window panes.


The window glass that originally existed in Vanadium dungeon just for the sake of appearance.

When Vanadium held her hand over, the broken glass disappeared and the window glass was restored cleanly.


Almost at the same time——


“Oh, Yoda-san’s hammer has disappeared desu.” (Emily)

“It did. What is this?” (Ryouta)


I turn around again and ask Carbon.

What we are testing with the cooperation of Emily is the ability that Carbon has given us.


Most of the spirits here are helping me in some way.


Needless to say, Vanadium uses this dungeon itself as the home of the family.

Aurum will drop additional gold dust when I defeat a monster if I wish, and Nihonium will have seeds for improving abilities, Repetition, and the little dungeon master.


When Carbon heard that, she also answered, “I want to as well!”, as she gave me an ability.

And that is——


“Yeah! I’ve made it possible to use the last attack of a weapon only once.” (Carbon)

“I see” (Ryouta)


Carbon’s ability is an extension of the ability of the Carbon dungeon monsters and, by extension, the Dungeon Master.


With any weapon, you can reproduce what you get hit (including guarding) once.


“It’s a pretty great ability, but I wonder if it doesn’t make much sense for Ryouta.” (Celeste)


Celeste said such a thing.


“No, that’s not the case.” (Ryouta)

“Really?” (Celeste)

“Yeah, for example—-” (Ryouta)


I pulled out my revolver and shot the pre-loaded bullets at me.

I then guarded the bullets I fired on my own and prevented them from deviating from the trajectory.


And the ability is activated.

Another revolver came out——-I pulled out a bullet from that revolver.


Furthermore, I pull out the bullet from the original revolver and show it to my friends.


“I’m able to do this for example.” (Ryouta)

“Oh, there are two Eri-cchi’s bullets” (Alice)


Alice was the first to notice.


“Yes, I can copy only one Vanadium bullet. I was wondering if it was possible, but it seems that I can do it properly.” (Ryouta)

“It’s amazing! I think it would be very useful desu!” (Emily)


Emily rejoices as if it was her achievement.



“Thank you, carbon” (Ryouta)

“Y-Yeah, that’s good.” (Carbon)


Carbon was also happy with a feeling that she was not used to.

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