Level 1 Guy: Chapter 427 – Carbon

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There was no postpone.

I approached the Dungeon Master who looked like me without hesitation, and shot countless bullets into his whole body at zero distance.


I have no idea what hits or where it hits.

Normal bullets, Freezing bullets, Flame bullets, Homing bullets, Growth bullets――.


I shot every bullet everywhere.

And time starts to move.


Various bullets that had stopped on the surface of its body during the timestop started to move all at once, pierced the Dungeon Master, burned, and crushed.


It was overkill.


The Dungeon Master was shot with all the aggressive bullets and flew away.

The air returns to its original state. I’m relieved that I was able to beat it.


By the way, Ryo-chin also disappeared.


A ring had fallen on the ground where the Dungeon Master was.

I thought it was a drop item and tried to pick it up, but the girl just appeared as if her transparency had run out.


“What’s up with you!”


The girl holds her hand up, screaming as usual with a tantrum-like scream.

The Dungeon Master appears again.


“Repetition!” (Ryouta)


As expected, I can’t afford to fight again with that opponent.

I chanted Repetition with haste.


Although the Dungeon Master was invincible during the transformation, Repetition seems to work.

The black mass before transformation popped off. Though there was no drop this time.


Using Repetition against the Dungeon Master made me feel dizzy as my MP became empty with one shot, but it is much better than dealing with the troublesome dungeon master.

My revolver was packed with infinite recovery bullets and shot at myself.




Meanwhile, the girl’s voice leaked.

The girl rubbed her eyes as I defeated her dependable dungeon master ahead of her before she disappeared again.

After a while, the girl suddenly changed her expression, perhaps finally swallowing the situation.


“What the? What is that? How did you do it?”


She struck a friendly curiosity as if her personality had changed.

Although I was confused, I decided to answer because there was no malice or hostility.


“Well, it’s a magic called Repetition.” (Ryouta)


“Do you not know about it? It’s a magic that can unconditionally defeat a monster that has been defeated once.” (Ryouta)

“Wow! Is that so?”

“Well, the downside is the stronger the enemy, the higher the MP consumption.” (Ryouta)



Is it a disadvantage or a price to pay?

I tried to explain that too, but she didn’t hear it at all, and it just made her eyes shine more and more.


“I finally met the one!”

“What?” (Ryouta)

“You are my destined person!”

“……Excuse me?” (Ryouta)


This time it was me who was surprised.

What’s with her all of a sudden? I’m her destined person?


“Uhmm … is that a metaphorical expression–” (Ryouta)

“Stay with me forever!”

“—-No wait, can you listen to me for a second?” (Ryouta)


The girl hugged me.

Compared to before, she looks like an innocent and pure girl.


Is this for real?

What the heck is going on.


Combining the two, I was a little troubled.


“Well, I can’t stay here all the time.” (Ryouta)


“My friends are waiting at home. I have to go back by night.” (Ryouta)

“No! I finally found my destined one. I finally found the only one that overcame all the hardships that ‘he’ told me!”


Who is ‘he’ … The mystery has deepened.


“Um … I can’t stay here all the time, but will you come to us instead?” (Ryouta)

“Your house?”

“Yeah.” (Ryouta)

“Isn’t that impossible. I’m a spirit.”

“Ah, so you are a spirit. Are you perhaps Carbon?” (Ryouta)


The girl——Carbon nodded clearly.

She has a clear body language, as well as her language and facial expressions.


“I can do it though.” (Ryouta)

“Lies!” (Carbon)

“… Isn’t that another hardship? What if I could overcome it?” (Ryouta)

“Really !? How!” (Carbon)


………… Aren’t you…..a little too easy?

No no, there’s just something special about that phrase, yeah that’s it.


“Can you bring me back to where I was?” (Ryouta)

“I’ll do that!” (Carbon)


After all, when I thought that it was a little bit, I was surrounded by white light in front of me and came back to the stairs on the second floor of Carbon dungeon.


Did I use the gate? It can’t be helped.

I left the dungeon.

I left the dungeon and dashed toward Shikuro at full speed.

Along the way my breath was irregular and I shot a recovery bullet at myself and ran while maintaining speed.

It was around evening when I arrived at Shikuro, I went straight back to the mansion and rushed into Vanadium dungeon.


“I’m back!” (Ryouta)

“Welcome home nanodesu.” (Emily)


It was in the kitchen where I heard Emily’s voice.

When I went there, I saw Emily preparing the food and Vanadium helping out.


“I’m home. I’m sorry Emily! Vanadium, can you come with me for a while?” (Ryouta)

“… (Nods)” (Vanadium)


Vanadium nodded instantly, stopped helping immediately and approached me and squeezed my sleeves.


Emily hasn’t said a word yet, but now it’s good.


“Sorry Emily, I’ll be out for a little longer.” (Ryouta)

“Alright desu, I’ll wait for you while I prepare dinner nanodesu.” (Ryout)

“See you!” (Ryouta)


Bringing Vanadium along, I set Carbon’s spirit room as my location in the transportation room, and go through the gate.



“You’re here again! !? What !? How are you here? You’re not in the dungeon though!?” (Carbon)


Carbon was surprised when I reappeared.


“And that child … Erythronium … is it? She looks slightly different, Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh !?” (Carbon)


Now she was surprised to see Vanadium this time.


“Vanadium, catch her and take her home.” (Ryouta)

“… (Nod)” (Vanadium)


Just as Carbon knows vanadium as a spirit, vanadium also knows that Carbon is the same asher.


Vanadium hates humans but never refuses to bring spirits back to her dungeon.

Walking that with a pitter patter sound, she grabbed Carbon’s hand and pulled her.


“Alright, let’s go.” (Ryouta)


We went through the gate with Vanadium and Carbon and returned to the mansion.


“……Where is this?” (Carbon)

“Our house, well, more specifically it’s Vanadium dungeon.” (Ryouta)

“What!? Another dungeon? And what’s more I can get out? Why? Why?” (Carbon)

“I’m home~” (Aurum)

“I’m back” (Nihonium)


Where Carbon was completely confused, Aurum and Nihonium came back with Mike using the transfer room.


“What is Nihonium and Aurum doing here as well? What’s going on?” (Carbon)

“Eh? A new face?” (Aurum)

“Rather, it seems she’s a familiar one.” (Nihonium)


It seems that both Aurum and Nihonium soon learned about Carbon.


In a series of surprises, Carbon opened her mouth wide and turned to me with awkwardness like a rusty hinge.


“Maybe … you’re a really amazing person?” (Carbon)


Is that your conclusion?

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SFcipher · 24th February 2021 at 2:11 AM

Error: Carbon is the same asher. -> Carbon is the same as her.

Maybe … you’re a really amazing person? Duh

Thanks for the treat.

    spare · 24th February 2021 at 3:20 AM

    Not really (…….) just living with his “friends” 4 that are spirits and 4 that are top ranking adventurers while basically having ownership of three dungeons as well as being the strongest known adventurer

spare · 24th February 2021 at 3:21 AM

The harem(spirit) grows larger

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