Level 1 Guy: Chapter 426 – Three Ryoutas

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I listened attentively to the owner of the voice.


She’s a petite but mature girl with semi-long hair tied to a ponytail.

She’s now surprised at me, but I think she’s a pretty girl who usually has the energy of Alice but is a little more mature.




She quickly disappeared from the scene after her face turned red and mumbled something.

Instead, a monster appeared.


It’s the same monster in Carbon dungeon, a black-like spirit transforming. 


It’s similar.


My spine froze.

This atmosphere I’m feeling——-It’s a dungeon master!


I instinctively pulled out my revolver and shot a bullet.

I first fired Growth bullets, then flameless bullets, but all the bullets slipped through the black spirit.


“–!” (Ryouta)


I quickly switched to the +10 revolver and shot a Homing Bullet—–this also slipped through the black spirit without homing onto its enemy.


“This is a miss too … Hopefully it’s not invincible after its transformation.” (Ryouta)


While sighing, I prepared all kinds of items.


Everything was ready to be taken out from the Grand Eater’s pocket.


Eventually———-I appeared.


“It’s coming——wait what!” (Ryouta)


Because I have fought many times against my fake-self, at first glance I thought that, “Oh it’s this again”, but I was immediately taken aback.


The dungeon master held its hand over and took a hammer out of an empty space.

It’s the all familiar Emily’s Hammer.

It jumped like Emily while spinning a hammer over its head.


“Tsk!” (Ryouta)


I cross my arms over my head to block the blow.

Many creaking sounds of bones were heard from the depths of my body.


The Dungeon Master’s attack was not a monkey’s imitation.

The appearance and quality were completely Emily’s hammer itself, and almost at the same time as I received it, it made a full turn and swung the second time before I could react.


“Guu!” (Ryouta)


And——–the third swing.


Emily’s specialty is her triple-strike rotating hammer.

The Dungeon Master was using that with my body.


The strength is similar to Emily than it is to me.

My body is in pain and my knees are about to collapse.


At that moment, hot air came in.


Fireballs fly from all directions.

When I saw it, a bicorn horn without thread surrounded me and fired many fireballs.

I took a few deep breaths and pulled out my dual revolver and inserted a Freezing bullet to intercept the fireball.

The two hit each other, popped and both disappeared.


A large amount of water vapor was generated in the process, and the Dungeon Master who looked like me rushed from the other side of the water smokescreen.

The hammer was swinging its way towards me.


“……It’s slow?” (Ryouta)


The movement of the hammer was even slower than Emily when I first met her which made me frown.


However, I’m glad I can just guard it normally.

As soon as the hammer was swung down and hit my crossed arm, countless shocks rushed in like waves.


This is Eve’s!


Eve’s Excalibur.

The Dungeon Master reproduces the chop of that phenomenon, which looks too early and too late with a hammer.


I kicked the ground and jumped behind, escaping into the air and letting the impact escape from my body.

The Dungeon Master chased me down with the slower hammer.


I shot an iron wall bullet.

The Excalibur hammer hit the iron wall bullet and made a roaring bomb-like sound.


Finally, I was able to grasp the situation after overcoming the onslaught of attacks.

The dungeon master who masqueraded as me has used the special skills of my friends.


Emily’s hammer, Celeste’s bicorn horn operation, and Eve’s Excalibur.

And finally, it’s using my SS stats.


It’s my worst opponent.


Wondering how to defeat it, the Dungeon master did a hero pose.

It looks like Alice’s——-Oh no!?


“It” appeared after the biggest chills of the day ran up my spine.


Ryo-chin appeared from the rift in space!


Oh no oh god this is bad, it’s absolutely dangerous.

I have to deal with two enemies with the same ability as me at the same time.

This is not the time to fuss, I can never win.


If it’s like this, I would have to come back another time.

Ryo-chin takes out the revolver from his pocket, processes the bullet, loads it, and points the muzzle at himself.


“This is bad!” (Ryouta)


I immediately thrust my hand into my pocket——Please make it!


The next moment, countless bullets—–at least five to six hundred bullets hit my body all at once, making me lose energy and fall to the ground.

The moment I realized my back was soaked in sweat.


I don’t know what just happened, but I understand that what I expected was happening.

Ryo-chin shot a Double Speed Up bullet at himself with a +10 Revolver and stopped time completely.


During that time, Ryo-chin attacked me.


Originally, this should have ended.


With the same ability as me, a +10 Double Speed Up bullet that stopped time.


It was the end no matter what, but I had a last resort before Ryo-chin accelerated.


While making a series of reincarnated items, this item was branded as “unusable”.


Absolute Rock +10.


Absolute Rock reincarnation increases the defense power as the number of times increases.

Instead, the effect time decreases at an accelerating rate.


With Absolute Rock +10, the effect time was as short as 1 / 10,000 second as measured using the Speed Up bullet.


Normally it is useless, but I adjusted it to Ryo-chin using the Speed Up Bullet.

Time does not advance during the time stop.

Absolute Rock stone +10 that exerted its effect continues to exert its effect endlessly during that time.

That completely prevented Ryo-chin’s attack.


“Now it’s my turn.” (Ryouta)


Immediately after preventing the attack, I was already moving.

Like Ryo-chin, I used a +10 Double Speed Up bullet.


Complete time stop.


Dungeon Master and Ryo-chin stopped.


Victory is confirmed.

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