Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 116

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The day of battle with Karon.

We were preparing for battle in front of the gate of Mia Rak.

Preparing doesn’t mean doing anything huge, but just checking on our physical condition and the condition of the gauntlet, which is the key to this fight.


“But to prepare something like this …”

“I heard that Norn-sama was the one who arranged it, but I’m also surprised she could make such a thing in such a short period of time.”


I was impressed by the shoes I was wearing.

They weren’t the ones I always wear, but ones with slip protection on the soles of my feet.

Norn-sama prepared shoes for us to fight on icy ground.

My feet size was checked before Iknew it, and it was a perfect fit to both sides.


“I’ll be able to fight Karon with a stable foothold.”


I was slightly worried about fighting on ice, but with these shoes it would be okay.

‥…… The scaffolding problem has been solved, but we still have another problem.


“Leona-san hasn’t arrived yet …”


Only Leona-san hasn’t appeared yet.

According to the maid, she would be a little late, but … I think I might have done something to Leona-san because of what I said yesterday.


“What’s this~ To show a bitter face before the fight. It’s not like you.”


Neah said to me who had a dark expression.


“No, if Leona-san isn’t coming——-“

“That’s not the case. She wouldn’t be scared anymore since she’s throwing her life for this fight. Though I’m not sure why she’s late.”


Certainly, Leona-san wouldn’t back out right now.

‥…… No matter what she chooses, she will come here.


“You care too much about her …”


‥…… I may be weak spirited even before the fight with Karon.

Let’s change the topic here to dispel the tension.


“By the way. I thought about my gauntlet yesterday.”

“… What about? Is it … a way to give pain without injuring?”

“Hou, ain’t that interesting? So you can actually start fighting back now?”

“It’s just a joke! So stop rattling the gauntlets around my ears!”


No, this too is just a joke.

Neah frantically apologizes with all her might while her body is trembling in fear.

You don’t have to be too scared….Is that her true face … Well, let’s get back to the story for the time being.


“I thought of a name for this gauntlet.”

“… Heh— I see.”


I don’t like her reaction, but well whatever.

After all, when it comes to my own armour, I think it needs a name or something. I couldn’t call it the silver gauntlet forever, so I thought of a proper name.

For me only.

A gauntlet that fits in my right hand.

As a result of combining these two elements, the name of the gauntlet was decided.

And that name is——,


“I name it…..Heal Gauntlet!”

“Uwwah, so lame.”



Can you not spill your true intentions so honestly?

I feel like I suffered the most damage even before fighting with Karon.


“Or rather, it’s just a gauntlet, so why do you need a name for it?”



Saying something so true, I can’t muster any words.

Amako approached together with Bluerin, probably because she was listening to us.

Amako, you can see the straight coolness of this name–


“I honestly think……that Heal gauntlet doesn’t suit it.”


I was shocked by Amako’s words, and on the corner of my eyes, Arc-san was laughing out loud. From that reaction, I realized that the name of the gauntlet was horrible, and my shoulders dropped.

However while being depressed, I raised my face to the figure that appeared at the gate of Mia Rak.

It was Leona-san who wore the same armor as when we first met. Perhaps because she has removed the helmet I noticed that she was staring straight at me.




Leona-san walked up to me with a serious expression, wondering what she would say to me, and when she stood in front of me, she bowed her head vigorously.

I was taken aback by her sudden behavior.


“Ehhh, uhmmm, Leona-san?”

“I’ve been thinking about it ever since. My resolution and your words.”


With her face up, she pulls out a vial of spring water from a jute bag attached to her armor, and she stares at it and continues.


“You didn’t take this water away from me because you respected my resolve.”


There were no wicked feelings anymore, but a firm determination.

The idea was that she shouldn’t drink the water, and ignore her resolve.

‥ …… But that was like my self-satisfaction.


“The water’s easy to use … but it’s harder than anything to overcome the fear of losing and fighting …. It’s impossible for someone weak-willed like me. I’m sure I’ll break along the way—-” 


Leona-san’s gaze was directed to Arc-san, Amako, Bluerin, and Neah in that order, and finally returned to me.


“I want you to fight with me. I feel it’s cowardly that I was hiding from you and made plans behind your backs. Still, I want to fight to protect this place.”


Leona-san bowed her head deeper than before.

There is no need to think about it, and it is not necessary to ask a friend for confirmation.


“Let’s fight. Together, including you.”

“Usato …!”

“Didn’t I say this before? Please rely on me.”


If you reach out to us, we will always reach out for her.

Leona-san decided to fight with us instead of by herself.

After that, all we have to do is join forces to fight Karon and win.



With the addition of Leona-san, we got ready and stepped out of the ice-covered Mia Rak out of the castle gate.

Outside the city covered by Norn-sama’s barrier, there is Karon who has his eyes closed as if he were dead. He will wake up immediately and be ready for battle if he feels any changes in his surroundings.


…… The strategy was decided when Norn-sama recreated the barrier.

We stop Karon from attacking the unprotected city while Norn-sama creates a barrier between Karon and us.

This is the first stage of the operation.

So that’s our first challenge.


“Well then.”


Seeing the bracelet fitted to my right arm, I deploy the gauntlet.

The elbow and tip are wrapped in silver, making a squeaking sound. After checking the condition of my right arm, I ask Neah to cast a resistant spell.


“Neah, cold resistance”

“Yeah, I got it.”


From above the shoulders, cold resistance is given to my entire body.

With this, the cold air emitted from Karon’s axe can be nullified.


“Usato, I don’t have to tell you this, but be careful not to hit me because I’m not sturdy unlike you.”

“I know. I won’t hit you, at least until I let go of that cold axe.”


It will be me who will actively fight Karon.

It is quite dangerous to be attacked by him head-on, but I haven’t been playing for the past week.

I’ve been training to eliminate my wasteful movement.

It sounds simple, but it has made a big difference in my movements … I think.


——It looks like you’re ready.


“…! This voice is”


Falga-sama’s voice is echoing in my head.

If you look around, it seems that everyone other than me can hear it. ,


——I will be watching your battle. I can’t reach outside the city, but I can at least talk to you like this.

——Karon is strong. From the point of view of you human species, his power is just a nonstandard word. But that doesn’t mean you’re inferior.


Falga-sama’s words resonate deeply in the heart.

However, only at this time, his voice felt very reliable.


——-Work together, that is the strength of human beings.

——-If you can do that, you will be able to defeat even a Dragon God.




I respond strongly to the voice that echoes in the head.

It is endorsed by a Dragon God, who created the weapon of the hero. There is no reason why I can’t do my best after being told so far!


——Norn, temporarily break the barrier.


Ripples appear and sway in the barrier that separated the city of Mia Rak from the outside world in front of me.

Perhaps he sensed that, Karon, who hadn’t moved until now, raised his face vigorously and turned his sharp eyes toward us.




Leona-san called my name and turned to it.


“I’ll tell you now. No matter what the outcome is, I’m still grateful to you. I’m here now because I was saved by your words.”

“……. Don’t say that we did not do anything thus far.”

“Fufu, that’s true. I guess I’m still a little weak willed.”


With a soft smile, she wore the helmet hanging on her side.

I also turned to the front and focused my consciousness on Karon. The swaying barrier disappears as particles from above.




Mia Rak, a city without people.

Karon, a dragon who threatens the city.

Falga-sama, a dragon god who watches over people from deep underground.

And the disaster left by the wicked dragon.

If you think about it, the wicked dragon was involved in our trips so far.

Since the battle in the village where Neah lives, the battle between the hero and the dragon caused the curse of Samaria to be created. And this time, under the influence of the wicked dragon, Karon was forced to awaken the dragon factor of Dragon God Falga-sama and went out of control.


“I have to settle this …”


Cut off the connection with the wicked dragon.

And both Karon and Mia Rak will be saved.




At the same time as the barrier disappeared, Karon swung up his axe and jumped out at us screaming.

Responding first to his movements, I squeeze my fist and kick the icy ground like him.

The first stage of the operation, creating a battleground between him and us ……!

For that reason, what I’ll do is——


“Hold you down!”


Karon shoots a large icicle that he showed when he first fought me running on the ice ground.

When fighting with him the first time, I had to avoid his attack. It’s still the same, but now I’m not fighting alone.

The icicle that was about to hit me was thawed by the fan-shaped flame that flew from behind and turned into water vapor and drowned out.


“I’ll handle the ice magic!”


Ark-san can offset the ice.

Nodding to that, I glared at Karon who was 10 steps away. He’s already trying to swing his axe down, but I squeeze my right fist.

Karon, who is awakened as a dragon, has more power than me. If I take him head-on, no matter how hard my gauntlet is, it will be crushed.



“Right here!”


I stopped just barely and firmly cut off the axe that was swung down, put my fist on the side of the blade and directed it diagonally. My left fist struck into Karon’s torso with his right arm wide open due to the impact from the side, and he leans back.

Having succeeded in giving the first hit, I keep an eye on him and squeeze my left fist and take a stance and show my right fist to the opponent.


“Uuu …! Uuu !!”


Karon glares at me and growls angrily, attacks me again, but I repel the axe with my gauntlet and fight back with my left fist.

However, maybe learning from the previous attack, he stepped on the side and hit without his axe.


“I’ve seen through that!”


Hiding my fist on my left cheek, I slammed my left fist into Karon’s unprotected chin.

At the moment his body wobbles, I punched my right hand to his unprotected abdomen.


“Healing magic burst palm …!”


The impact of magic power is emitted from the right palm, and this time Karon’s body is blown away.

Looking at him, who was not passive and rolled around on the icy ground, I kept an eye on him and in a radius of 100 meters centered on me and his place, Norn-sama created a new circular transparency—-a barrier is created.


“Phew … we’ve made a place for us to fight. For the time being, the first stage of operation has been cleared.”


With this, there is no need to worry about Karon escaping.

Besides, I was able to prove that I can fight against Karon.

Isn’t this week’s training proven useful?


“T-That’s so scary! How are you fighting like that!”



Neah, who had been silent until now, started making noise near my ear.

I kept my eye on Karon while talking to her.


“No but, it’s not like it was effective?”

“From my point of view, his fist almost passed through me!”


Sure, when I avoided the attack, his fist passed through the left side of my face, but Neah was on my right shoulder. I thought about her and avoided it, but she still didn’t like it.

‥ …… If possible, I wish I could pull the axe away from Karon during our fight, but I couldn’t go that far. Even though I foresaw his movement and counterattacked, he was stronger. If I become too greedy, I risk getting an irreparable blow.

While holding my head and watching Karon who stood up slowly, Ark-san and Leona-san arrived from behind.


“Usato, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m doing fine somehow.”


From here on out, the real show starts.

I am the only one fighting him endlessly, but if Ark-san and Leona-san support me, the situation will shift here.


“Usato, as you might expect, his axe is releasing ridiculous cold air. Leona and Ark might not be able to get close.”

“It’s that strong …”

“If you get close without magic, you won’t be able to move properly.”


I didn’t notice it with my resistance, but it seems that the axe is emitting more cold air than I expected.

Currently, I am the only one who can get closer to Karon.


“Ark-san, Leona-san. It seems that there is no choice but to pull the axe away from Karon as planned.”

“Looks like it”

“It’s so cold at this distance. It’s no longer possible to prevent it with my armor.”


‥ …… Karon-san is about to start moving.

Taking a step forward, I stood in front of them and held my fists, and I called out to them.


“Ark-san should deal with the ice, Leona-san should limit Karon’s movements. I will pull his axe apart.”


“Leave it to me. You don’t do anything crazy too.”


The two responded to my words.

When I heard that voice firmly, I kicked the ice ground and jumped forward to launch an attack on Mr. Karon.


Author’s Note:

This story was about Usato, who turned into a melee demon, parrying a big attack with a gauntlet.


Sorry for the late update.

I was late because I thought about the battle description and wrote the good points.

Regarding the next story, I would like to update it by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if possible.

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