Level 1 Guy: Chapter 424 – A Clue

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“I have no choice but to have Satou-sama do something about it.”


Carbon dungeon.

The chairman of Shikuro Dungeon’s Association, Cell came after hearing about the story and said while looking into the back of the dungeon from the entrance.


The entrance has been restored, but a new problem has been discovered, so veteran adventurers were interested in the dungeon again and watched over me and Cell from afar.


“That’s true, if we don’t do something quickly, everyone can’t have peace of mind. It will hinder everyone’s life in the city.” (Ryouta)


The dungeon in this world is a lifeline.

Not only rice, vegetables, meat, but also daily necessities.

Lots of things are made up of dungeon drops, even air and water.


If left without moderation, the lives of people will be put under pressure.


To prevent this from happening, we must conquer Carbon as soon as possible.


“But it’s a mean dungeon.” (Cell)

“Even if it’s the case … it’s strange to say.” (Ryouta)

“Thanks to Satou-sama, we learned a lot about Tennessine. I think the spirit is also strongly involved here.” (Cell)

“That guess is … yeah, maybe you’re right.” (Ryouta)




In one word, it’s a tsundere spirit who is lonely but does not admit it.


There was a gimmick in Tennessine dungeon that trapped people who entered the dungeon and prevented them from leaving because of his loneliness.


Knowing that, I proposed to create a small village on each level in the dungeon, and asked Cell to execute it.


The tsundere’s Tennessine said, “Hmmph! It’s so messy, it’s a hassle!”, he said but his face was grinning.

Partly because of that, Tennessine is now extremely busy, and spirits and people coexist well.


The same is true for others.

If you think about Nihonium, Vanadium, and Arsenic, they’re the same.

The character of the spirit has a great influence on the characteristics of the dungeon.


If you turn back further, the exit will be blocked, and there are a lot of tricks to guide it.

There is no doubt that the will and personality of the spirits are strongly reflected.


“In that case, I can only ask Satou-sama to handle this.” (Cell)

“I’ll do something about it” (Ryouta)


With that said, I entered Carbon dungeon alone.


Vanadium was in the mansion——Vanadium Dungeon.

The magical storm is blowing today.


I left Vanadium there partly because Celeste was resting in the mansion.


Vanadium that is gradually opening her heart.

With my friends, it became okay to be with them.


Exploring the dungeon alone for the first time in a long time, I slowly proceed through the dungeon while thinking.

When a monster appears, it will be defeated before the transformation is over.


This situation where the entrance to the dungeon is closed, there are two possible measures to solve it.


One is, of course, to meet the spirit.

Most of the problems thus far have been solved by meeting the spirits.

Even if you don’t go directly to the solution, you can get some clues from them.

However, that is difficult now.


It would be quick if I was summoned like back with lonely Tennessine, but there is no such thing so far.

When it comes to it, it’s normal to go straight to the bottom layer, but Carbon is a huge dungeon that exceeds the 100th floor.


Going through all levels to the bottom level.

Considering the difficulty, we have that put it off.


The 2nd way is to find clues from the moment the dungeon entrance closes.


This can be done between the first and second floors.


In order, first from here.

I came up to the stairs and went downstairs normally.

Then go up the stairs and stop on the way.


From here.


If you turn around here, the entrance will close.


I take out Vanadium bullets and pack two Speed Up bullets.

I shot Double Speed Up bullet at myself.


Beyond the acceleration, we entered a world where time was almost stopped.


With that prepared, I turn around and go down one step.


“Hmm” (Ryouta)


With my new ability, a radar-like ability to understand the structure of the dungeon.


Now, in this moment.

The entrance was closed again.


It was really just a moment.

Even inside a world where time had almost stopped, the entrance closed in a blink of an eye.


I climb the stairs and return to the entrance in the shortest distance.

The entrance was astonishingly closed.


There is nothing else.

There is nothing unusual.


I guess there’s no choice but to go to the lowest floor and actually meet the spirit.

Thinking so, I waited for the Double Speed Up bullet to expire, shot an iron wall bullet to open the entrance and went outside to reset the dungeon.


And when I tried to enter again, I saw that the normal iron wall bullet had disappeared.


“…” (Ryouta)


The normal iron wall bullets disappear immediately.


I waited for the double iron wall bullet for a while.


And remembered.


If you shoot a Double iron wall bullet with a +10 revolver, it will last for a day.


I entered Carbon again and went straight to the stairs.

After getting down to the second floor, I pull back to the middle of the stairs.


Then, shoot the Double Speed Up bullet at myself with the +10 revolver.


“Oh?” (Ryouta)


It should be said that I knew what was happening, no, I understood it clearly because I shot myself.

This is completely different.


It is even more different than a Double Speed Up bullet.


I turned back.


“Oh!” (Ryouta)


The radar in my head grasped that the entrance was not closed.

It is not closed even if I go down to the second floor, and even when I go back up to the first floor and go down to the second floor.


“This is……” (Ryouta)


I ran up to the first floor and returned to the entrance in the shortest distance.


Then, I saw an empty entrance and a shining vortex diagonally above it.


At the moment, the acceleration ends.


The glowing vortex disappeared and the entrance closed.


“I found it” (Ryouta)


I made a small guts pose.

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