Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 115

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Leona-san has taken out water from the Kureha fountain.

A poison that, once drunk, gives the user tremendous power and in return erodes her body.


“If you really desire the greed in your heart, be prepared for your body to decay in pain.”


The words I heard from Norn-sama.

I know she didn’t try to use the Kureha fountain with such malicious intent.

Leona-san must have asked Falga-sama with that in mind.

…..Honestly, I don’t know what to say to Leona-san.

Would I be able to stop her knowing her resolution?

Would I hit her out of anger as she tries to trade blows with Karon and force her to stop?

I can’t say anything about this unless I talk to her more.


“Then, we will start fighting Karon tomorrow noon.”


After talking with Falga-sama, a strategy meeting was held at night for the battle with Karon.

The people who gathered were me, Amako, Arc-san, Neah, Norn-sama, and Leona-san.

It was a rough strategy for the battle to be held tomorrow noon, but the tactic is to suppress Karon with me and Neah, then Leona-san and Arc-san will support us from behind.

The first thing we have to do to deal with Karon is to pull the ax made by Falga-sama away from him.

It is a measure to block the nonstandard ice, which is one of the factors that make him a threat.

After pulling the ax apart, hunt him down until he becomes incapacitated. It would be very difficult to get that Karon out of combat, but if we work together, that’s not impossible.

And it is Norn-sama, Amako, and Bluerin who will support us in battle.

Norn-sama has the role of creating a barrier so that the battle between us and Karon will not be disturbed by wild monsters, and Amako will predict Karon-san’s movements against us from outside the barrier. I got the role of communicating.

Bluerin is entrusted as Amako’s escort.

We thought that Bluerin would get in the way if we worked together with Arc-san and Leona-san.


“What happened? Usato?”


Leona-san noticed my gaze and tilted her head as we returned to our rooms after the strategy meeting.

As usual, her expression was that of a caring person as I hurriedly shook my face, and holding my mouth and giving an awkward smile


“Haha it’s nothing”

“……I see.”


I don’t know how to answer her right now.

Rather, I can’t talk to her when Norn-sama is still here.

I managed to deceive Leona-san, so I had no choice but to leave the room to escape.



I got out of the room and went to the training ground.

The dArcened training ground was illuminated by the moonlight and the light of magic tools leaking from the castle, and I sat near the edge of the training ground in the chilly night breeze.




Falga-sama asked me to save Leona-san.

However, I don’t know how to stop her.

It is not just a matter of confiscating the water brought out from Kureha’s fountain from Leona-san. If I did that, she would be in despair.

However, if we continue to fight Karon, she will definitely use the water to fight Karon without hesitation.


“This is tough.”


 Maybe if I were to just answer her truthfully, she’ll give up! Is what I want to say, but it’s also my fault for not noticing until this situation happened.




I clenched my fist strongly at my own helplessness.

I couldn’t forgive myself because I was training with her so much, I knew her troubles, yet I couldn’t comprehend it.


“Usato, are you okay?”



Looking back at the voice from behind, there was Leona-san.

Unlike during her training, she took off her armor and was dressed in a long black skirt which looked impressive, looking down at my face as she turned around.


“Why are you here …”

“You acted a little strange just now. I was worried and came to see you.”


Leona-san laughs with a shy smile.

It doesn’t look like she has already prepared for her death tomorrow.


“What really happened? Are you really that worried about tomorrow—–“

“I heard from Falga-sama that you brought out the water from the Kureha fountain.”



I went straight to the point, stood up and approached Leona-san who was behind me.

As I approached her awkwardly looking down, I continued to speak.


“Leona-san. Are you really going to trade your life against Karon?”

“… I thought Norn-sama would come to stop me … I guess Falga-sama chose you?”


Leona-san showed another self-deprecating smile.

‥ …… I haven’t put it into words, but from her attitude, it seems that Falga-sama’s words were true.

Only he knew that it wasn’t a lie, but I wanted it to be a lie.


“He really knows me well. That the person I didn’t want to know the most ……”

“The person you don’t want to know the most …?”

“You’re always so straightforward with your feelings, and knowing and trying to do what’s right without hesitation is too dazzling for me. When I was with you, I was envious of you. Every time I see you, I get the urge to throw away this water … “


What she took out of her skirt pocket was a clear liquid in a vial.

Water drawn from the Kureha fountain. Although the amount was quite small, the vial had a strange presence.


“I’m a fool. For whatever reason, I reached for the forbidden fountain. At that point I was fascinated by power.”


 That’s not right.

I wanted to say that, but that word didn’t come out.

As she said, it was none other than her who reached out to the fountain for whatever reason. She made her decision.

No words of comfort would be able to help.


“Can you rethink this? You do not need to throw your life away. Haven’t we been training all day for tomorrow?”


“But you’re throwing your own life to beat Karon …..Are you trying to say that the training we’ve been doing with Arc-san to this day was in vail?”


I’m being a bit harsh, but it can’t be helped at this time.

Even if it is, she must know what kind of intention she has made.

Leona-san, who was silent in my words, smiled as if she had given up.


“Really … I envy the strength of your heart.”


“The days of training with you weren’t wasted. In fact, you grew up surprisingly fast and strong enough to fight Karon. If you and I really fought now, you will definitely win. “


“But that’s not enough. No matter how much you can fight Karon, if he gets stronger in the middle of the fight, you can’t beat him.”


I can’t say that it’s impossible.

Actually, when I fought Karon for the first time, he awoke even though he still had some grace, and showed a dragon scale, overwhelming me and Leona-san.

There is no guarantee that the same thing will not happen tomorrow.


“And even though I’m able to fight Karon, I’m still unlikely to beat him. If we don’t have a “decisive factor” in tomorrow’s strategy, I have no choice …”

“So, you’re saying you will use the power of the Kureha fountain …?”

“That’s it”


My guess was correct.

Certainly, I have the power to fight evenly with Karon, but there is no decisive hit that can defeat him.


“It’s not that I didn’t have hope. There were times when I thought I might be able to beat Karon with you, but considering the worst possible … my feet naturally headed towards the fountain.”

“… Leona-san, you are …”

“Usato, you must not die here. Given the threat of the Demon King, a big battle is inevitable. In that battle, you who can save many people shouldn’t die in a place like this.”


I can only see it before, I’m just a daredevil.

However, Leona-san doesn’t think so.

My words did not reach before her firm will.



“Usato. Please understand. I’m … a hero …!”


The moment I tried to give her words of restraint, she grabbed my collar and pulled me towards herself.

Leona-san’s line of sight matches me, who closed her mouth because of my surprise.

Until a while ago, tears were flowing down which were hidden by her bangs.


“Don’t say anything anymore … Every time I hear your words, my decision will be shaken …!”

“Why must you go that far …”

“As a hero of this country, I have to protect it! Mia Rak, a place for everyone to return! For that, Karon must be killed!”

“But you’re not fighting alone !?”


I also argued against her words.


“Yes, that’s right … But there’s no guarantee that we’ll win just because we’re together! No matter how strong you are, you’re human! If you get slashed, you’ll die!”

“Then I won’t be slashed!”

“That’s not the problem!”

“Then what kind of problem is it! There is no reason why being a hero, you must give up your life!”


I can see that I’m getting heated.

I am angry with this person.

For this person who gives priority only to others and never thinks about herself.

I am the same, but this person has no intention of living. That’s unbearable for me.


“I’m a hero! I have to protect the place where everyone returns! Norn-sama and Falga-sama … So I don’t want you to die!”

“I feel the same too! But you’re not alone with wanting, “a place where everyone returns” ! Isn’t that just too sad of a thought !?”



What is it meant to be a hero?

Falga-sama and Norn-sama did not choose you as a hero to force such a thing.

Leona-san became silent to my complaint. She looks upset, but her teary eyes seem to have a stubborn determination.

This person will not bend her mind no matter what.


“You, if you can kill and stop Karon in exchange for her own life, you’ll do it …?”

“I do not mind.”

“Even if there are people waiting for Karon to return?”


Karon’s wife who she talked about before.

I still remember her nostalgia. I’m sure it’s an important memory for her.

However, Leona-san distorts her mouth and looks down a little.




The moment I heard the reply, my expression disappeared.

It was a different feeling of anger that filled my heart that was empty for a moment.


“Don’t fuck with me.”


“Don’t say as if you don’t mind that!!”


Forgetting even the honorifics, I yell at her.

I know I shouldn’t impose my thoughts. I know, but if she says that with that look, I can’t keep silent about it …!

I know that expression. A girl who was cursed by Samaria showed the same expression to me.

Leona-san has exactly the same look as Eva, trying to suppress her emotions and force herself to accept her destiny.


“I know you’re scared and you can’t bear with it! You want to run away! And yet, you …! You think that killing Karon will ease this!”

“No, that’s not …!”

“Just kill Karon in exchange for my death, that’s all I have to do! Then I would bear the responsibility for killing him! If that happens, peace will return to Mia Rak, isn’t that what you’re thinking?”


I grabbed Leona-san’s hand which was grabbing my collar.

She looked at me in surprise, and I was even more prepared to spit out words.


“No matter how much you accept your death, I won’t accept that. I will never let you die in front of me!”


“Look at me in the eyes!”


Leona-san’s eyes shake.

I did not allow her to look away.

Once I held her down, I took a deep breath and calmed myself before saying.


“Leona-san … I didn’t get to Mia Rak alone.”


“It’s the same when I went into my first battlefield, when I fought against the Wicked dragon, and when I struggled to break the curse in Samaria. Someone helped me to move forward.”


Rose helped me when I was about to be killed by a snake in the Lingle Forest.

A knight who helped me when a soldier of the Demon King’s army was about to stop me.

Friends who helped me to fight the wicked dragon and break the curse of Samaria.

Without them, I might have died somewhere now.


“There is a limit to what you can do alone, that’s why you can ask someone around you for help instead of carrying everything on your own.”


I released the hand that was still holding my chest, I reached out to Leona-san, who had just sat down.


“Norn-sama, the maid … everyone in the castle, we’re here to help. If you ask for help, everyone would answer you. So you too will reach out to them. All you need to do is stretch out your hands. “

“……My hand?”


She looked up at me and stared at her hand in a daze.

She pulled her hand and lifted it to the height of my shoulders, wondering if she could grab it.


“Can I ask for help …?”

“Yes, rely on it to your heart’s content.”


I grab Leona-san’s trembling hand.

A little surprised by her cold hands, I looked at her shedding tears, staring at our hands.

‥…… Was I able to change her mind?

Rather, the feeling of guilt that made an older woman cry is now in my heart.


“Leona-san, can you stand?”


She wiped her eyes and nodded silently as she stood up, and I glanced at the vial she was holding.

….‥ Honestly, I should just confiscate it here or break the vial, but it doesn’t make sense since she can just draw the water from the spring again.


“You can have that water, but promise me you will never use it as long as I’m alive. Even if my limbs are broken or my body is broken, I’ll stop Karon for you.”

“Why are you …… that much …”


You’re seriously a very kind but clumsy person.

There are many different aspects, but I know people who are similar in that part. A violent, unreasonable, devilishly scary person, but like that person, they have a certain kindness.


“That’s all I want to say. I have nothing more to say to you. Then … think for yourself and give me an answer.”


I didn’t wait for her to answer as I turned my back on Leona-san who was looking at me in a confused manner and left the place.

I don’t know how the exchange tonight will affect tomorrow.

If my words didn’t get to her, Leona-san would drink the spring water tomorrow. When that happens, she turns into a monster that can be swayed by her own power.

But if she changes her mind, she will fight Karon without drinking the spring water. If she relies on us to fight at that time, she will be a very encouraging ally.

In the end, what I was able to do was not to save her, but to give her a choice.


“… Ahhh I wish I could’ve word things better …”


As I left the training ground and entered the entrance to the castle, I held my forehead and slaughtered my complaints.

In the end, I left it to her emotions and spouted my own complaints, which made her cry.

Instead of persuading her I might have cornered her on the contrary.

When I think about it, I get sick of my emotional self.


“It’s more like you to not say strangely good things.”



When I fell into self-loathing, a figure appeared from the shadow near the entrance.

When I focus my eyes, the figure of Amako with the owl Neah on her head.


“It sounded like a tantrum, but it’s exactly what Neah says.”

“Hey, what tantrum are you talking about? Don’t you have the same opinion as me? If so, you’re the same.”

“Shut up, hairball.”

“Ke, hairball !? I’m a cute owl, and you treat me like a hairball !?”


I don’t know why she had Neah on her head, but I somehow figured out why they were here.

‥ …… They were worried again.

I smiled inwardly, I opened my mouth to the two who started the quarrel.


“What about Arc-san?”

“He was here until a while ago, but after seeing the exchange between Leona and Usato, he returned to my room with peace of mind.”

“Probably he has read the air? Usato, you had a really worried face.”

“I’m just being taken care of by Arc-san ain’t I …”


He’s really a wasteful travel companion for me.

‥…… I’m not alone…?

It was the word I said myself, but it is certainly true.

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