Level 1 Guy: Chapter 423 – + 10 Double iron wall bullet

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Towards the front of Carbon dungeon’s closed entrance, I used my newly obtained revolver to fire the Double iron wall bullets at the four corners and forcibly opened the entrance.


“Fu, thanks for the help.”

“Thank you!”

“I had a hard time”


Adventurers trapped in the dungeon escaped one after another.


Looking at the adventurers escaping, they pass in front of a signboard with a note placed next to the entrance to the dungeon——–my statue set up by Cell.


The note clearly states that the entrance to the dungeon will close when you turn back.


However, when I woke up this morning, an adventurer came running to me and asked for help.

Should we add another rule? I thought.


“Uhmm … Satou-san.”

“Hmm?” (Ryouta)


I heard my name being called as I turned around.

Three adventurers were facing me.


The woman who called out to me and the two men behind her.

In terms of equipment, it feels like a standard party where the woman is a magician and two are in close quarters battle with a sword.


“Sorry, because of us …”

“Oh” (Ryouta)


I was thinking of listening to the story to understand the situation, but he came from the other side.


“Did you turn back?” (Ryouta)

“Um … that … what should we do?”


The female magician turned around and sent her eyes to ask her two friends for help.


“Isn’t it better to start from the beginning?”

“Yeah yeah, there’s probably dungeon traps too.”

“Oh, that’s right.”


The magician turned to me again after receiving the advice of the two.


“Well, our magic cart is full, so we tried to return.” 

“RIght.” (Ryouta)

“So, when we went up the stairs, I suddenly heard Karl’s voice from behind. When I turned around, Karl stumbled and fell down the steps.”

“So you went downstairs from there?” (Ryouta)


I look at the two men.

Karl is surely one of the two.

It seems to be true, one of the two answered.


“No, I was in front of Mina at that time, just enough to touch her back.”

“Hmm? Which means… so you were in front the entire time and suddenly you fell behind before you knew it?” (Ryouta)

“That’s it” (Karl)


Karl said, and the three nodded one after another.


“I was at a loss for a moment, but I thought this was a trap, so I ignored it and went up the stairs. Then Karl that had fallen behind disappeared.”

“Fumu.” (Ryouta)

“And then a wall has appeared. In front of us.”

“A wall?” (Ryouta)

“Yes, I couldn’t move forward because I was blocked in front of the stairs.”

“We thought we shouldn’t have ignored Karl, so we just took a step back.”

“I heard screams and yells at the entrance.”


Hearing the story, I nodded.

The screams are probably the reactions of the adventurers who were nearby at the moment when the entrance to the dungeon was closed.

The reason why it was mixed with angry words was probably because it was a “Not again” moment that happened many times.


“After that, another adventurer came from above through the wall. Only then did I realize that it was a wall that I could only see.”

“A trap huh.” (Ryouta)


The three nodded all at once.


But … Now I get the picture.

At least I understood.


They were caught in a double trap.

If the situation was the same, I would have been caught, and other adventurers would have been caught.


It turned out that these three people could not be blamed.


“I understand the situation. Don’t worry too much about it.” (Ryouta)

“Thank you”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be more careful next time.”

“I won’t be a burden again.”


The three people said so and quickly left the place.

I looked at the entrance.


From the entrance where the Double iron wall bullet opened, all adventurers have come out to evacuate once.


Once it closes, it’ll remain closed until all of them come out.


It is a remedy from the experience of being closed several times so far that everyone goes out once to restore it.


“Hmmm.” (Ryouta)


The Double iron wall bullet was about to disappear, I hurriedly approached and tried to shoot an additional bullet.


I suddenly stopped and looked at my revolver.

The adventurer who was about to come out just stopped at the other side of the entrance with a smile, maybe he had seen what I was doing, and I stopped taking action.


Suddenly, an idea flashed.

I took out the Double iron wall bullet from the revolver and put it in Grand Eater, and took out the +10 revolver instead.


I loaded the Double iron wall bullet in it and shot.

The Double iron wall bullets shot at the four corners of the entrance, which maintained the entrance.


The adventurer came out after seeing the treatment was over.


Adventurers escaped one after another, and when they became the last one, the entrance returned to its original state.

The Double iron wall bullet did not disappear and remained in the four corners of the entrance.


As the adventurers returned to the depths of Carbon one after another, I stared at them while standing there.


The distance was shortened by the Double iron wall bullet, and the effect time became longer.

If I shoot it at +10 …?


I was addicted, I watched closely.


The bullets remained forever, there was no sign of disappearing.

Even after waiting until night, it continued to remain, and according to an acquaintance adventurer who I asked to observe, it disappeared the next morning.


It means that it continued to exist for the whole day.

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