Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 114

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I was called by Falga-sama as we headed to the hall with the throne.

It was a hall where Norn-sama would normally be, but there was no one at this time.

Walking to the center of the hall and thinking how am I supposed to get to the basement where Falga-sama is, the scaffolding sank to the floor by itself.

Maybe Falga-sama moved it remotely, but it seems that there is no doubt that he personally called me over.


“Does he not want anyone else to hear about this? No, but it’s him we’re talking about?”

“I don’t know either. The Dragon God is a monster of the same family as the Wicked dragon. We possibly can’t fathom what he’s thinking. The monster that eats a year is cunning, nasty, and smart, so it’s really annoying. “

“You really do have a point …”


I was being struck by a boomerang…

From the perspective of Neah, Falga-sama is old enough, but from the perspective of a human being, Neah has lived long enough for 300 years …

I won’t say it for the sake of her.

We arrived in the basement while having a friendly conversation, and found Falga-sama appearing from the fountain. When he notices that I’ve arrived, he slowly looks up and looks at Neah on my shoulder.


“So you have followed as well?”

“Can’t I?”

“No, it doesn’t matter”


Falga-sama answered to Neah who seemed to be in a bad mood, turned his eyes to me.


“There is a purpose in calling Usato this time.”

“A purpose?”


Falga-sama nodded to my words.

What happened that he needed to call me right after yesterday?


“The battle with Karon is near. You who faced my fragment will inevitably be forced to fight head-on with him.”

“I agree with that……”


No matter what the strategy for today is decided, it will be my role to hold down Karon.

But what about it?


“I’m afraid that you and Charon may fight to the death.”

“…Wait what !?”

“There is no clear difference between you and Karon in a close-range battle. It sounds scary, but to be able to battle against someone who has awakened to a dragon with your physical body and a gauntlet is a huge feat. “


I feel like I was treated as a monster.

But fighting to the death … I don’t like that ending, but Falga-sama says it’s possible.


“I don’t think it’s possible for this special living prod—being to die …?”

“Neah … We’re talking about something important right now, this is not the time to be joking.”

“I’m not kidding at all … What’s with that expression you’re giving me!”


I don’t want you to water down the story.

I turned my conversation back to Falga-sama.


“So you didn’t call me here just for advice?”

“Yes. Just keep that word in mind. I also called you here to see your memory.”

“My memory?”


What for?

Maybe he wants to know the knowledge of another world like Neah?

Falga-sama continued as I was tilting my head.


“What I want to see is the current heroes.”

“Inugami senpai and Kazuki … the hero of Lingle Kingdom?”

“Yes. I probably won’t be meeting the heroes of Lingle Kingdom in person. Before you go to battle, I want to at least know who the heroes are.”


Inugami-senpai and Kazuki.

I don’t know everything about them, but what will Falga-sama do when he knows them?

Unlike Neah, this person does not seem to look into my memory in order to satisfy his desire for knowledge.

In the first place, wouldn’t this person be able to grasp Inugami senpai and Kazuki who are far away?


“The reason for knowing the figure of the heroes is also to determine if they are worth making my armor for.”

“That’s a very important thing, are you sure you’re alright with my memories?”


If Falga-sama created a weapon for the two, it would be called a genuine “hero’s weapon”.


“It doesn’t make sense if it isn’t you. There is no better qualified person than you who would be most trusted.”

“……I understand”


Being said that much, I have no choice but to nod.

However, my memories of Kazuki and Inugami senpai huh.

Kazuki has the impression that he is a close friend overall, but Inugami senpai…

The appearance of senpai being super hyper, senpai throwing work away and doing whatever she likes, running away because of her desire …….



“… Falga-sama, as I said in advance, one of the heroes is a very strange person. But she is a good person! Please understand that and look at my memory …!”

“Uh, okay?”

“If you say that with a bitter expression, he’ll think you only have bad memories of her …. Is the hero Usato knows such a weirdo …?”


Falga-sama and Neah are prying a little.

Senpai has a lot of strange parts, but she’s not a bad person. She is rather a very nice person.

There’s an article which has been circulating around the continent about senpai and I. But I don’t look down on her so much that I hate her.

‥ …… I’ll get revenge after I get home!


“… Then, let me see your memory.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Just think of it. Not as a hero, but as a friend of yours.”


A magical pattern appears in Falga-sama’s eyes.

It’s different from yesterday’s, so it’s probably for looking into my memory.

I knew there was no danger, so I closed my eyes and thought of them as Falga-sama has said.

‥ …… The first thing I remember is …… That’s right.

Let’s remember from the day when I, who was an ordinary high school student, first met them on that rainy day.



Falga-sama was looking at my memory for about 30 minutes.

For me, I was in a mysterious-like daydream, so I thought it had been a long time. When I opened my eyes, Neah was yawning, and Falga-sama was sighing deeply.


“You seem to have been blessed with ties.”

“Yes, it’s a waste for me.”

“Needless to say, the heroes you know have the qualities to receive my fragments.”


 That’s good to hear.

Because senpai is different from general heroes, I wasn’t told that she wasn’t suitable for receiving his armor …….

I was relieved to hear that Kazuki and Inugami senpai could take my armor.


“The rest is just to create and entrust my core.”



Is it entrusted to me?

I still remember Norn-sama flustering when he changed the hero’s sword to mine.

To create powerful armor, Falga-sama uses a part of his body. With the exception of mine, if you look at the performance of other weapons, he’s not just separating it from his body.

As far as the strength of the weapons of Karon and the predecessor hero is seen, it may be that the power itself is separated.

Norn-sama was in such a hurry because he was afraid that Falga-sama’s actions would have a great impact on his body …


“……No but.”


No matter what I say, I can’t stop Falga-sama.

This person is aware of this and is trying to leave the armor to them. It is this person who supported Norn-sama, who continued to maintain the barrier alone, in the shadow.

I can’t read the speculation, but I can say that Falga-sama is definitely on the side of humankind.

He even separated his own body and cooperated with us humans.


“Falga-sama likes humans, doesn’t he?”


It may sound rude, but I said it anyway.

Falga-sama opened his eyes to my words. After about ten seconds of silence, he opened his mouth heavily.


“I have to tell you.”


“It’s about where the dragon factor that sleeps in Karon came from.”


The source of Karon’s dragon power ……!?

It wasn’t Norn-sama or Leona-san, and I didn’t expect that Falga-sama himself would reveal it.


“In conclusion, Karon is like my offspring.”

“Huh !?”


Neah was astonished.

Falga smiled happily when he saw the reaction of Neah.


“In that respect, he’s similar to you. A mixed race of human and a dragon. The blood of a dragon is infinitely thin, but his potential is inherited without fading.”


Certainly, there is something close to Neah who’s half vampire and half necromancer.

However, I didn’t think it was surprising.

As long as he had a dragon factor, I thought he had some kind of blood mixed in with him. … I just didn’t think it belonged to Falga-sama.


“Why is your power in Karon’s body?”


Falga-sama made her voice a little low when she asked, who seemed to be skeptical.


“The reason goes back to when the Demon King was overthrown and sealed by the previous hero.”

“Isn’t the Demon King’s seal a story hundreds of years ago?”

“That’s it”


Does it go back to that point?

This may be a more difficult problem than I think.


“After the Demon King was sealed, I didn’t understand the value of being a human being. For me, the Dragon God who governs harmony and peace, isn’t human being an evil that disturbs it? Was it right to help the human beings who betray their relatives, oppress different races, and cause meaningless destruction? At that time, I even questioned my actions. I lost sight of myself. “

“Are you …”

“The battle between the Demon King’s army and humans was so fierce.”


Falga-sama, the Dragon God, is so confused that he doubts humans … I don’t want to imagine it.


“So what happened?”

“I almost lost sight of my existence, and once again transformed into a human figure to determine the value of human beings and entered a city. Not as Falga of the God Dragon, but the Falga of a human being. “


So you became a human to know humans?

Rather, did he become a human figure like Neah? I thought that Neah’s transformation was peculiar to vampires, but did Falga-sama transform into something magical?


“The city, where the scars of the battle with the Demon King remain, was terrible. It was full of injured people and the food was unsatisfactory, but the humans there still did not give up without despair. They lived every day. “


People who live without losing despair.

For Falga-sama, who was losing sight of himself, the scene may have been indescribable.


“When I was watching these people, one person called out to me. That was my encounter with her.”

“She? Maybe that person is Karon-san …?”



Falga-sama’s tone when she said “she” was kind.

Perhaps he remembers a long time ago, he slightly distorted the edge of his mouth and continued.


“Through my encounter with her, I became more aware of the existence of human beings, which was fun for me to live for a long time, because human life was a series of surprises.”



I don’t know how long he has lived.

I don’t know, but I felt some weight in the word “human life” that he talked about. It was not a bad meaning, but a word that made me feel the preciousness of life.


“I started seeing her more often and forgot about my status as a Dragon God and enjoyed the life of a person. After spending decades as a child, a parent, and after taking care of her death, she … became a dragon god to protect her hometown, Mia Rak. “

“… It’s similar to me.”



When she heard Falga-sama’s words, Neah muttered that.

She quickly turned her face away to deceive, but I heard the words she muttered.

‥ …… The words reminded me of the village where she was.

In that village, Neah continued to play the inhabitants of the village for over 200 years. I haven’t heard the reason in detail, but her muttering made me understand her feelings.

Falga-sama watched over the place where people lived.

Neah probably spent time with her in the village where her villagers lived, pretending to be herself.

Certainly, it is similar.


“… Originally, I could’ve stopped Karon before he went berserk.”

“What !?”


I was indulged in my thoughts, and I was upset by the unexpected words of Falga-sama who muttered.

Does that mean that Mia Rak wouldn’t have to result in this state?


“Even if the power of the dragon is about to awaken, he’s still a human being. If I was just awake, I could hold my breath with magic … but I couldn’t.”

“Falga …”

“Karon can be a trump card against the Demon King. If he completely owns my power, the armor I created, he will be powerful and unrivaled. And there’s you and the other two heroes from another world. If you cooperate with them and confront, you can defeat the Demon King. “


The power to defeat the Demon King.

If he inherits the power of Falga-sama, his power is equal to that of Hero Kazuki and Inugami senpai… No, it may be more than that.

In fact, he was as strong as I was in physical strength.


“But that’s just the beginning.”



The beginning……?


“No matter how much I told myself, I still couldn’t kill Karon. I couldn’t decide. I can’t kill Karon, my offspring.”

“……That is!”


Isn’t that something that can’t be helped …!?

It is impossible to make a decision in a situation where you have to kill someone who is equivalent to your son.


“I knew that my relatives would come to know of this. And knowing that “this person” did not do what was right …. But I couldn’t be ruthless, because, no matter how many generations, Karon still has her vestiges, and that alone shakes my determination over and over again. “


I can’t say anything to Falga-sama, who turned his eyes down and said in regret.

There is no way he could kill a human being, the Mia Rak people who have watched over him, and his own descendants.


“The reason Karon stays here is probably to kill me.”

“T-To Falga-sama !?”

“He’s trying to kill the source of my power and free himself from my instincts, which could turn him into the second Wicked dragon and destroy everything in sight.”

“The Second Wicked Dragon !?”


I was wondering why Karon stayed here, but it’s because of Falga-sama !?

In other words, if he’s killed, Karon will be released from Mia Rak …! If Karon is in such a state of rampage, it’ll be a huge deal!

Falga-sama saw the impatience of me and Neah and turned his sight down.


“A dragon is a creature that is more fragile than you can imagine as a human being. No matter how strong or wise we are, it does not mean that our mental spirit is also good. We can turn into a monster that only destroys and kills in a blink of an eye … We’re a weak creature that easily tilts. “

“Are you the same?”

“Yes, I was trapped in my emotions and misjudged. If I thought about the future of humans, I should have killed Karon at that time.”



Neah interrupted Falga-sama’s words.

With her surprise, looking at her on my shoulders, she stared at Falga-sama with her eyes, which showed some strong will.


“That’s not the case. If you do that, you won’t be able to live with it. You don’t want to kill him, so you can’t regret it.”

“Neah …?”

“I think part of the cause I’m saying is wrong, but you’re regretting it too early. Karon is still alive, Mia Rak isn’t dead, we’re alive too.”


Falga-sama became silent in Neah’s words.


“I regret what I did and I feel like dying. I was so stupid that I almost lost something important, but thanks to this kindness, it didn’t happen. ……. So there is still hope. “


‥ …… Does that mean that Neah has changed during this trip?

Although it was only a month, the change was not small.


“Like what Neah says”


I look up at Falga-sama like her.

Yes, there is no way I can give up while there is still the possibility of helping Karon.

Although I intended to help him from the beginning, now that I have heard the story of Leona-san and Falga-sama, that feeling is unwavering.


“We are here. We will not give birth to a second wicked dragon, and we will help Karon.”

“… Are you going to do it even if I say that it’s impossible?”

“I’m from the rescue squad. I’ve been through more crazier things.”


I’ve always been unreasonable.

This time too, that doesn’t change.

There are people who are waiting for Karon to return, and there are people who do not want to let him die.

That’s enough reason I want to help.


“… You really are a strong person. That is why you must move forward in a straightforward manner.”


Falga-sama muttered which made his expression calm and looked down at me and Neah.


“You have qualities as a hero, but you are different. You are the one who fights and wins the hero, and you are the one who fights and saves for others. That is why it is fortunate for us that you, not the hero, visited.”

“Y-You don’t have to go that far …”


Ughhhh, I was suddenly praised and my whole body became itchy.

Falga-sama closed his eyes and opened his mouth to me, who was a little embarrassed.


“I have nothing to hide anymore. On top of that, I have something to ask you.”

“What is it that you want to ask?”

“I want you to save someone.”


I want you to save someone… It’s strange to be told that again in the flow of this story.


“Do you mean Karon?”

“It’s not Karon, because I know in the previous words that I don’t have to hope so.”


I tilt my head to his words that seem strange.

Certainly, I have decided to help Karon even if he doesn’t say anything.

If so, who is Falga-sama saying …?


“She is carrying a mission and trying to solve everything by herself. She continues to drag herself without shaking off even the hesitation that afflicts herself, and even thinking of doing the worst possible thing. “

“Worst meaning?”

“With a scoop of the forbidden fountain, she’s trying to trade with those who threaten the city.”



In that word, I look at the fountain at Falga-sama’s feet.


“Kureha Fountain”

Water that makes people go crazy.

A poison that turns life into power.

Falga-sama’s “she” who took the water of the spring that would ruin and make those go insane who seek power.


“Don’t tell me…!?”


Was that what she looked like yesterday!

Finally, I noticed the true nature of her discomfort that I had with her … No, I did notice!


As Amako said, I’m so insensitive!

If you think about it for a moment, you should immediately know how much she was mentally cornered!



“I can’t reach her, nor Norn. To her, she was trapped in her mission and decided to hold that responsibility alone, but your words should still reach her.”


Even today, she was worried about me.

Don’t overdo it.

Don’t worry about it.

She was kind enough to care for me, who was crazy, and I couldn’t imagine she was going that far.


“Usato, save Leona. This can only be done by you who didn’t want to be a hero.”


She is going to die.

She’s trying to stop Karon by throwing her own life.


Author’s Note:

This time, we talked about the origin of Karon (?) And the anguish hidden in Falga.

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