Level 1 Guy: Chapter 421 – The weakest ability and the strongest weapon

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The next day.

Instead of going to a dungeon, I continued the test.

Also, I requested something from Vanadium.


――― 1/2 ―――


Level: 1/1

HP F (-7)

MP F (-7)

Strength F (-7)

Stamina F (-7)

Intelligence F (-7)

Mentality F (-7)

Speed ​​F (-7)

Dexterity F (-7)

Luck F (-7)




――― 2/2 ―――


Plant S (-7)

Animal S (-7)

Mineral S (-7)

Magic S (-7)

Special Item S (-7)




I had my ability reduced to its limit.

In order to test the effect of the gun, my ability was lowered to the same level as when I came to this world.


I could lower my stats I got from the seeds, but Drop S did not go down even if I tried to lower it.

In such a state, I pile up various drop items that were collected overnight, and then wait at a distance.

A series of monster drop items that have been defeated so far—–most of them are lined up here except for pumpkins.

The things that were piled up randomly, the reduction of percentage of rogue monsters were slightly different.

In addition to individual differences, different drops decrease at a different pace.

Meanwhile, it was potatoes—–The parent-child slime that first hatched in rogue monster at 0%.


Parent-child slime.

A monster consisting of one “parent” and multiple “children”.

Although it is called a parent and child, it is actually a slime that is one in a “group”, and it will not drop unless the “parent” is defeated.

The difficulty of the parent-child Slime has the characteristic that the more the child is defeated, the stronger it becomes.

It was a coincidence, but it hatched at the nicest timing.


First of all, I wipe out the child slime with continuous fire.

After that, I put a normal bullet in the revolver +10 and shot the parent slime that should have hardened to its limit——–it popped.

The hardest parent-child slime, which could never be defeated with normal bullets, was able to be shot with just one normal bullet.

After that, I tried defeating other monsters.

Teruru Slime type, Nihonium undead type, Selenium small devil type, etc.

I shot normal bullets and I was able to defeat them all with a single blow.

In the end, even dungeon masters such as Bicorn, Grand Eater, and Satanachia can be defeated with a single blow.


“This +10 revolver is strong.” (Ryouta)


It was too strong that I couldn’t help but smile.

At the same time, I doubted the effectiveness of the test.


I don’t know how strong it was with a single blow.

I don’t want to confirm that it’s “strong”, but I want to know how strong it is.

I want to accurately grasp the performance of the items I have.

There is a difference in the ability to respond when something happens depending on whether it can be done or not.


Is there any other way?

Should I equip the monsters with an Absolute Rock?

Right, it may be possible to ask Alice.

Alice’s fellow monsters that can be re-summoned even if they fall down, if you give them an Absolute Rock stone and try it with increased defense power——–Ughh!

The shock came from my side, and the front of my eyes was flickering.

When I turned around, it was Neptune’s Doppelganger.


Among the monsters, the one who is troublesome, the monster of Tennessine.

I still don’t know why it’s Neptune, I can’t afford to think because I was beaten while having a headache.

First of all, I jumped back and took a distance while waving my hand to the side.

I threw the revolver and it landed on Neptune’s doppelganger——it melted.

It’s my first time feeling this since coming to this world.

The response was not perfect. The moment the revolver hit, it melted like butter.


“…” (Ryouta)


Stunned, I looked down and stared at the gun.

A certain imagination came to my mind.


+10 Revolver not only increases the amount of bullets it launches, but also increases its own attack power as a blunt equipment?


To confirm this, I hit the wall with the barrel.


It feels a little weaker than when being shot by the bullet?

This one seemed to be easier to test.

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