Chiyu Mahou: Chapter 113

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It’s just a tough gauntlet.

The completed weapon was too simple of a performance.

It is neither a weapon that causes widespread destruction nor a weapon that gives a lethal blow to the opponent; it’s just a protective armor.

It makes me feel sorry for the previous hero that his weapon has become like this, but I liked this gauntlet.

The morning after Falga-sama gave me the gauntlet, I was having a mock battle with Arc-san using it. A mock battle where he uses his flames.

Moreover, this time he’s using an iron sword instead of a wooden sword.

He’s what I call a natural enemy as he can demonstrate the technical way of fighting with a sword coated in flames, similar to Leona-san’s fighting style.


“Fuh …!”


Instead of grasping him, I pushed forward the sword that was swung with his right arm.

He swung down his sword as I guarded it.

The gauntlet has a tingly sensation, but no pain or heat was transmitted. In this case, I would be able to fight against an opponent who uses fire.


“So this is this guy’s performance!”


Which means my left fist should be ready to punch, and my right arm should be used for defense.

In this mock combat, this has become my new way of fighting.


“It really is tough …!”

“I’m surprised too!”


Arc-san-san seems to be surprised at the hardness of the gauntlet.

Of course, I can feel the burn from other places besides the right arm, but I can tolerate it because it’s not directly exposed to the flame.


“You’re doing great! Usato-dono!”

“Arc-san !!”


However unlike before, he is fighting in a state where he can demonstrate his true abilities without being manipulated by anyone.

Trying to punch him with the gauntlet, he dodged and tried to get into my blindspot, I hesitated and pulled back before the sword slashed forward.

Arc-san-san was surprised at how skillful I was when I didn’t step in more than necessary.


“Can you avoid this then!”



Arc-san-san generated multiple magic bullets in his palm, threw them all at once.

Is this a wide range of magic bullets used by Mina in Lukvis!? It was not surprising that Arc-san could also use it, but he’s trying to use it in such a short distance?


“But! I have this guy!”


The characteristics of this gauntlet are not only hard.

Thanks to this gauntlet that assists me in using magic, a new technique has been added to my healing magic.

I gathered magic in my right palm and pointed it at the magical bullets that were approaching.



“What !?”


The magical power compressed from my palm explodes, detonating all the magical bullets released by Arc-san.

This is a new technique, Healing Magic Burst Palm.

As a part of strengthening my power and many trial and error as to whether or not the outburst of magical power could be used, it became a technique that combines avoiding and defense at a short distance.

There were various problems and I couldn’t use it until now, but thanks to this gauntlet, I can finally use it in actual battles.


“I’m coming Arc-san”

“Wh-Wh-wh-wh-what are you doing, Usato !?”

“Wow !? Leona-san !?”


When I was fanning away the smoked sand with my right hand and continuing the mock combat, Leona-san jumped from the side and grabbed my shoulders.

Arc-san was also stunned while holding his sword, but Leona-san lifted my right arm and checked for any injuries.


“That’s a dangerous way to use magic!? That’s not how you use system strengthening!?”

“Ah yeah. I’m fine. My right arm is intact because I have the gauntlet.”

“You’re seriously …”


Aah, did Leona-san, who can use system strengthening, notice the principle of healing magic burst palm that I did …?

Arc-san approached Leona-san, who looked confused because was angry at my words.


“Oh, Leona-san. What did Usato-dono do earlier? It seemed to me that he had released magical power from his palm with tremendous force …”

“Usato literally combusted his magic. He intended to explode the magical power, which is a drawback of system strengthening … It’s an insane act for those who can use system strengthening …”


Yes, the reason why the healing magic burst palm could not be used is because it is a technique that intentionally explodes magical power.

Before, when I did it without a gauntlet, my palm was full of blood and it was difficult to use. What’s more, it took time to put in magical power, so I thought that it could not be used in actual battles, but this gauntlet solved the problem.

However, Leona-san, who had a sense of crisis about my actions, strengthened her ability to grab my shoulders and brought her face closer to me.


“E-V-E-N S-T-I-L-L, why are you trying to use such a dangerous thing? No matter how many gauntlets you have, there are times when things happen! Falga-sama’s weapons aren’t perfect. It may be possible that the magical power that has lost its place will flow backwards !? “


While being overwhelmed by the critical remarks of Leona-san, I nodded.

It made me feel a little tired because of that.


“Usato, tell us next time you do this … it’s bad not only for you, but for my heart. System strengthening is a really dangerous technique.”

“So- I’m sorry.I’ll be more careful next time.”


Before, Welsey-san also stabbed me with a nail …

‥ …… I got angry, but for the time being, I knew that this technique was a fully usable technique.

The effect itself is simply to explode the magical power compressed on the palm, and the power itself is only lightly blown away, also the range is about 1 or 2 meters.

However, it can be used as a healing magic bullet, such as throwing it on the ground to heal my body, using it in a state where I can’t move, or hitting it against the opponent.

That’s right … Is it an advantage that the whole body of an injured person can be healed in an instant?


“But when I tried it before, it was hard because my hands were full of scratches, but now that I have a gauntlet, I can use it in actual battles. You see, magical power can be accumulated in an instant! “

“What led you to come up with the idea of ​​using the outburst of magical power …”


Leona-san dropped her shoulder and released her hand off my shoulder.


“Usato, Arc-san, I’m sorry to disturb the mock combat.”

“It doesn’t matter. I was about to get fired up with Usato-dono. I’m glad you stopped.”


Arc-san laughs refreshingly at Leona-san who looks apologetic.

Don’t say scary things with a cool face.

But in the case of Arc-san, it seems that he will really get serious. That flame that he showed when being manipulated by Neah. His original magic that he usually suppresses, not system strengthening.

If Arc-san, who keeps his sanity, uses that flame, I must go at him seriously, but his power is the most reliable in fighting Karon who manipulates ice.


“How was your first impression when using the gauntlet, Usato-dono?”

“I was surprised.”


I nod with satisfaction to Arc-san’s words.

Because it was my first battle using a gauntlet, I was worried whether I could handle well at the beginning, but this gauntlet was incorporated into my fighting style as if it had existed from the beginning.

As expected, it feels like a gauntlet made for me.


“I thought I needed to get used to it, but it may not be necessary either.”


My new way of fighting.

It is a close combat that balances avoiding and defense.

Making full use of healing magic bullets and healing magic burst palm, I can poke the opponent by surprise and deal the biggest blow.

‥ …… Isn’t it the same as before? I can’t really deny that …….

With that in mind, Leona-san, who was listening to the conversation between me and Arc-san, put her hand on her chin.


“So, are you ready to fight Karon?”



Arc-san and I nodded to Leona-san’s words.

Avoiding technique that eliminates waste of movement.

Defense using gauntlets.

It also gives resistance to ice and resistance to magic.

With these three, the conditions for fighting Karon head-on were finally met.


“Norn-sama is nearing her limit in maintaining the barrier … Usato, Arc-san, let’s think about a strategy to fight Karon tonight.”

“… Is Norn-sama all right?”

“She’s pretending to show a calm face, but she’s close to her limit.”


Yesterday, I healed her fatigue, but I couldn’t heal her exhausted mind.

Even before we came, she tried to maintain the barrier without sleep, and considering that she continued to do so until today … It is not strange that Norn-sama may collapse at any time.

Now that my weapon(armour) is complete and ready, the next action to take has been decided.


“Okay, let’s think about the strategy tonight.”


The battle with Karon is near.

When I was conscious of that, the hand in which the gauntlet was fitted naturally gripped tightly.



After completing all the training, I left the training ground while staring at my gauntlet.

Around the time I entered the castle from the training ground, a black owl, Neah, jumped at me.


“Hmm? Neah? Were you watching this whole time?”

“… Yeah. It was boring, but I was watching.”


I smiled at Neah who said that in a bad mood, and said, “return” when the gauntlet on my right arm changed to an iron bracelet.

I was wondering how to take it off yesterday so it would be convenient to bring it out whenever I want.

I could even equip it on my left arm, and it’s pretty good that I don’t have to carry it around with a gauntlet.

Also, it’s cool.

When I return to the Kingdom of Lingle, I would like to show my senpais the scene of me wearing a gauntlet and them showing a stunned face.


“How was my new gauntlet, Neah?”

“Isn’t it perfect for you?”


When I asked Neha about the gauntlet while imagining the reaction of senpai, she replied without much.


“I don’t know, I wasn’t there, okay !!”


Strengthening the end, I was amazed at Neah who glared at me and sighed.

Neah is angry that I didn’t wake her up when my gauntlet was completed last night.

She pouted in anger and hit me with her wings a few times, saying she was made an outcast, and wanted to see the moment when my gauntlets were made, and so on.


“Haven’t I already apologized to you.”

“I didn’t feel an ounce of regret from you at all. Rather, why did you leave me out of your group?”

“Well, because you didn’t wake up.”

“Then try harder in waking me up! I wanted to see the hero’s sword turn into a gauntlet!”


But I did though.

Should I just flick her forehead? …… But I’m just complaining to myself.


“Originally, I thought you went to bed early because you are living a healthy life in human terms, but it was the total opposite, right?”

“Well, that’s….. because… I have no one to talk to at night …”


“It’s nothing!”


She muttered sloppily and became angry as she turned bright red.

But it’s my fault that I didn’t wake her up, so let’s apologize again.


“Well, it was really my bad.”

“….Good that you know.”

“But I didn’t think the reason you went to bed early was because you were lonely.”

“~~~~~ !!”


If you muttered in front of my ear, even I could hear it even if you didn’t like it. Surprisingly, Neah also has such a childish part.

It made me smile at Neah as she hit my head with her wings while I walked in the castle.

I’m used to walking in the castle, and I’m going down the passage to my room without hesitation. However, a sudden ringing in my ears made me stop.




――― I have something to talk to you about.

The voice that sounded like having tinnitus was Falga-sama’s voice.

Neah called out to me when she saw that I held my head and stopped.


“Usato, what have you done just now? Your magical power was disturbed for a moment.”

“… Ah. Falga-sama’s voice is directly in my head … I think he has something to talk about.”


Is it about today’s strategy meeting?

In that case, he should talk to Norn-sama instead of me …….

Or is he calling me directly because he doesn’t want to tell anyone?


“Neah, I’m going to meet Falga-sama …”

“I’m going too. You left me out yesterday, so I’ll follow you today.”


She’s still angry at me huh.

If I tried to return to the room, would she forcibly follow me? Well, Falga-sama will forgive me even if Neah is with me.

With a bitter smile, I turned back to the original path and headed for the hall where Falga-sama would be.


Author’s Note:

The battle with Karon is just around the corner …

Book 4 was released today, and at that time I wrote something like a serious announcement (?) In the activity report.

If you are interested, please take a look at the activity report.

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